Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 917

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“Impossible, doesn’t it mean that there is only one universe in chaos? How can a new universe be born if the old universe is not destroyed?”

Ye Yang can’t believe it.

Seriously recall all the information you got.

Basically, only one fact is shown-only one universe exists in the vast Chaos World.

Chaos is wrapped outside the universe.

When this universe is destroyed, the next universe will be born.

This universe is not extinct, and no other universe will be born nearby.

According to Yuan Hao, after the destruction of the universe, Chaos Controller will passively suck up all Primal Chaos Qi until it cannot be compressed and cannot be controlled, and the whole explodes into a new universe. Or Chaos Controller actively opens up chaos to form a new universe.

However, if you actively open up chaos, it will lead to chaos backlash. There will be chaos suppression. You must use your own body to resist the convergence of chaos, and resist all kinds of laws to recombine into chaos. When it is stable and a new universe is formed, the old Chaos Controller will also die.

Based on these facts, we can also speculate that the probability of the existence of the second universe is extremely low.

If the second universe exists, there will be no Chaos Controller engulfing all chaos uncontrollably. To devour will also devour the 2nd universe together. Or self-cultivation base, hiding in the second universe.

“So, the information obtained by Soul Search…may be just fake and deceptive? Or…have they all been deceived themselves?”

Ye Yang can only make such a guess.

thoughts move, searching in this galaxy void, but no trace of other gods can be found.

All that could be found was caught by Ye Yang.

In the entire galaxy, only one god, Ye Yang, exists, and the other gods either go away or die or are caught.

As for the Transmission Great Array formed by the entire stars, it is not at all useful now, and it cannot be adjusted back to its original state.

If Ye Yang is willing, many stars in this galaxy can be built into dozens of different formations with only minor adjustments. Can constitute 3 different Transmission Array, the transmission location can point to several millions 100000000 100000000 different space-time coordinates. Even if it points out of the universe, there are at least over 100 different directions. The distance cannot be guaranteed, and the maximum distance must be determined according to the bearing capacity of the position here.

If the adjustment range is larger, the stars of this galaxy can form more positions.

“It’s difficult …”

Ye Yang is so interested in the second universe.

It’s just that I haven’t found any clue now…

So, Ye Yang quickly flew towards the edge of the indestructible land.

Converge all Divine Items on your body, and try your best to converge.

Come outside the wall of the indestructible land.

Observed, the gods are still fighting chaotically here.

Ye Yang didn’t directly help which side, but only silently observed.

In an instant, in the sky Divine Item flew up piece by piece.

Many Divine Items constitute different positions for each and everyone.

A ray of purple light shone down.

The gods who are fighting in chaos are stunned. When they look back, they see the situation released by Ye Yang, and they see behind them a ray of causal thread that leads to somehow.

Ye Yang saw it, laughed.

These are the clues.

Purple light again, the whereabouts of the strands of causal thread, although not shown in front of the gods, but Ye Yang has already felt it.

Specific directions, approximate distance.

In an instant, Ye Yang’s many incarnations flew out.

Each incarnation does not have much strength, rushing to a different place is just for positioning.

“Not good, it’s that trench!”

“Quick, quick withdrawal… No, it is to cut off the connection between incarnation and the body!”

In an instant, each and everyone god incarnation scattered ashes and dispersed smoke, boom~ boom~ to Self-destruction.

The gods killed in the indestructible land, each and everyone go backwards.

All directions brought together gods who wanted to break into that indestructible land, and each and everyone retreated, looking only at the gods who guarded the wall each and everyone Self-destruction.

“What’s happening here?”

“Surely the wall that was built, is that unnecessary?”

“It seems that a god came here just now to look at it, and they were scared backwards?”

“Should it be that god? Use a large amount of Divine Item and fight to consume the divine item’s prestige and beat that one… What is the era skeleton? The god who defeated the era skeleton.”

“It turns out to be him? Hmm… it is indeed amazing. It is not that his own cultivation base is strong, but that Divine Item has too much wealth. This kind of battle strength, if it is against the enemy, can really make the other party uneasy. But even if his trenches and financial strength are astonishing and the battle strength is exaggerated, will it not scare these gods to ignore the walls here?”

“Yes, they built the walls here, why? It’s not that we don’t let the gods from outside of us, and don’t let the rulers of the outside come out to blend in? It must be a big plot in the universe. , Now abandoned this wall… Ah, the deity understands it!!”

Many deities are particularly savvy, and stupidity is only a small part.

The gods suddenly guessed something.

“It must be more important to let them evacuate than the wall here.”

“What is more important than this wall?”

“Thinking carefully, it should be that their big plan was discovered. And, it is likely that the trench with a large number of Divine Item is not satisfied with their big plan. Or, they don’t want to let that trench Add a kick.”

“So… this is an opportunity for us? According to the direction of the causal threads manifested by these deities before, can they also find their nest?”

“It must be! It must be that they did not want too powerful people to join their plan. So before they blocked the rule of the rulers. Now it is found that there is a battle strength that can carry the powerful existence of the era skeleton, and we also try to block it. Then we What to do is…”

“Let’s go see it too!”

a The gods are tempted.

Many foreign gods, each and everyone flew into the indestructible land.

Overwhelming majority is directly onto the ancient palace.

The reputation of the ancient palace in the early days is now very loud, and its reputation is also outstanding. The prestige is not necessarily comparable to the rule of law, but the credibility is higher than the rule of the rules.

Therefore, each and everyone were moved towards the ancient palace and flew away.

But at the same time, their incarnation is divided into each and everyone.

Together with other gods incarnations flying out of the indestructible land, moved towards the depths of the universe.

There is a god emperor incarnation here, there is Divine King incarnation here, there are laws governing incarnation here, and it is estimated that the body of the wall builders is probably located.

There was no chance before, time of Great War was chaotic and it was difficult to calculate cause and effect. The enemy is not there after the war.

But before they were irradiated by Ye Yang with a cause-and-effect direction, at this moment, with the strength of the rules dominated by the laws, with a little cooperation, it is not difficult to guide their specific location.

So, each and everyone moved quickly towards where they were pointing.

At the same time, in the vast universe, each and everyone mortal kingdom, each and everyone galaxy, a large number of aircraft, from war fortress and super battleship, to the interstellar aircraft of the ordinary rich, all flew here.

The game “Universal Adventure” is still in operation, but it has been greatly impacted and greatly affected. However, many creatures can still contact with gods or creatures in other places through this game to learn about the situation in some places.

Each and everyone knows that the universe is in great crisis, and the safest place today is the so-called indestructible land.

There are well-informed, and even understood, there are many emperors and Divine Emperor blocked the indestructible land, in order to secretly engage in major events. And a “shin trench” has gone to participate.

There are even rumors that the Divine Emperor, the gods who secretly engage in major events, the brand from the previous Chaos Controller and the gods affected by the Great Dao Mark, are creating new refuges, which are more powerful than the indestructible. . So many gods incarnation rushed to see it.

However, how many people believe these rumors is not easy to say.

Moreover, in the process of rushing to the indestructible land, many creatures also encountered those era skeletons, chaotic undead, or Canggu flying stiffness.

Naturally, the end will not be good. Most of them are scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Only a few of them survived as undead creatures. But this is one of the very few lucky ones.

At this time, another galaxy deep in the universe is covered by the same nebula.

This is a newly born galaxy that is less than 10,000,000 light years away from the edge of the universe.

10,000,000 light-years is far away for mortals. But for the universe, this area may not have existed as long as a few million years ago.

The expansion of the universe is faster than the speed of light. Stopping expansion is only a matter of recent time. It has been expanding before.

Therefore, this galaxy is less than 10,000,000 years old, and most of the inner nebula has not condensed into stars.

Only the most central area forms a glowing hole.

As soon as Ye Yang landed here, 10,008 100 Divine Items flew up and hung in the void, reflecting the power that covered all galaxies. Stuck.

Overwhelming majority Matter is nothing more than mortal, it can be fixed easily, Ordinary Law’s power can be fixed. Although it takes up a lot of space, it only needs to resonate with the law.

What really needs to be suppressed is the deities inside.

Ye Yang moved towards the core area of ​​the galaxy like a vortex, and a god rushed towards this side.

“You courting death!!”

With a wave of Ye Yang’s hand, 100000000 10000 sword light blooms, and the void twists and cracks.

Many pieces of Divine Item are transformed into each and everyone big runes, and the strokes are like the body of Divine Dragon, even showing Dragon Transformation phoenix illusory shadow, pounce on these gods.

each and everyone rune Hold the void and easily suppress all creatures below Divinity Sovereign Level.

But suddenly, a bell rang loudly, and the countless runes around them shattered.

“Primal Chaos Divine Artifact… Primal Chaos Bell? No, not the most famous Primal Chaos Bell, but another Primal Chaos Divine Artifact?”

Ye Yang was quite surprised.

Divine Item was born in chaos. Not only are there few, but the specifications are almost not repeated.

For example, if there is a sword-shaped Divine Item, another sword-shaped Divine Item will not be born.

Unless… it is a Divine Item created by gods deliberately in chaos.

Chaos does not naturally produce such a Divine Item, but Chaos Deity can nourish or create such a Divine Item.

This clock is also equivalent to the chaotic god clock made by the gods, or may be called the chaotic acquired clock.

Chaos should be in Before Innate, but artificially created, can only be called acquired.

Ye Yang thoughts move, many Divine Items are suppressed by the bell-shaped Divine Item.

An arrow fired at a rapid speed.

when! !!

A shield blocked the front, but the arrow easily broke through the shield, 2 sides 3 4 5 6 7 8 Aegis, all were shot, and finally strikes on a brick Divine Item in front of Ye Yang.

But there was a disturbing force that struck over.

Ye Yang feel ill at ease.

“The power of the curse?”

Ye Yang’s spirit willpower is powerful, not inferior to that of the God Emperor, and the restrained baptism branded by Chaos Controller is now only worse than the rule of cream of the crop. The power of the curse is similar to spirit strength, and has little effect on him.

But here is incarnation, do not want to expose the body.

There was a piece of Divine Item spinning around, a mirror shining light shrouded him, a bell sounded crisp, and the sound of jade chimes, drums.

Sound vibrating.

Some are issued by a one-time Divine Item, and some are issued by a one-time Divine Item combined into formation, which is simulated by the powerful Divine Item.

The surrounding gods explode under the shock of this powerful force, or they stay in the void, and the power of the curse is easily expelled by these Divine Item blessings. They not only strengthen the will of Ye Yang incarnation and form a spiritual guardian, but also cause a spiritual impact on the enemy gods.

Ye Yang’s body flew, nearby pieces of Divine Item flipped over, one by one exploded, and rolled Primal Chaos Qi Before being suppressed to lose its effectiveness, the Divine Soul of a god around him was suppressed, tied, or hit gosh.

After a while, Ye Yang rushed to the huge star vortex.

Regardless of whether it is dangerous, boldness of execution stems from superb skill, and just an incarnation, directly broke into it.

I just felt that I was like a small insect that was thrown into the washing machine and turned around. The endless power around them washed away.

Ye Yang finally fixed this incarnation figure, but was suddenly thrown out.

“Have you passed through the space vortex?”

Ye Yang, happy.

The second joy is that the connection between incarnation and ontology is not cut off, which is a good thing.

But the next moment, complexion sank.

Nearby, there is a strange starry sky.

But even stranger, Ye Yang also recognized that this is still the original universe, not the second universe, nor Yuwai Chaos World.

But He saw that there were so many gods that evoked the divine force and pulled one after another star. There are also huge tracts of land pulling towards this side.

“This is…” Ye Yang vaguely guessed what.

A glance at the divine sense reveals that quite a few of these stars have been transformed, and many are compressed substances. The density is not inferior to white dwarfs. But unlike white dwarfs, the structure of matter is not completely destroyed and can still be recovered.

Apart from this, there are also various gods, carrying many resources that were common in ancient palaces and rare in the outside world.

There are even a lot of mortals, many of the protozoa of Star Domain, some are directly in the battleship, and some are packed in huge containers.

Many gods, together with these things, moved towards a huge dark hole in the depths of this starry sky.

There, there are strands of Primal Chaos Qi overflowing.

The black hole looks familiar, similar to the cosmic cracks I saw before.

“This is a Transmission Array… Teleport to the outside of the universe! Even if it is not directly to the so-called second universe, it will also be the outer world Chaos World, and then transfer there again, you can go to the so-called second universe!”

What these gods are carrying should be the materials to be transferred to the second universe.

According to the information obtained by Ye Yang, the second universe is just a small one that has not yet expanded and grown, but as long as there are enough materials to pile up, it is possible to expand or develop. Of course, it is hard to say whether the news is accurate.

But this news can explain what the gods are doing.

Moreover, Ye Yang also knows how difficult it is to open a stable passage to the outside of the universe.

This route, absolutely impossible, will be easily abandoned.

The secondary route can be destroyed at will, but there may be only one such real path to the so-called second universe.

“Oh, I finally got caught by the deity!”

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