Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 918

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Ye Yang quickly flew over there.

In an instant, there were many gods attacking around.

Ye Yang just twisted the Divine Item around to block all attacks.

“Don’t force the deity to kill!” Ye Yang coldly said.

It’s no use catching these gods. Rather than grabbing and searching for souls, it is better to travel directly through space to reach the so-called second universe.

This incarnation is not afraid of downfall, and its strength is strong enough. If it delays time, it may become variable. For example, what means are used to forcefully close the Transmission Array, etc.

So, to block the attacks of the gods a little, to prevent their attacks from causing deviations, Ye Yang instantly moved towards the dark cave and flew in.

However, Ye Yang only entered a phantom body, the real incarnation is invisible and a little later. Just to see, after flying in, will there be other gods who will quickly reverse and change the operation of that dark cave.

In this way, there was a delay of less than 1/10000th of a second, and no one had intentionally interfered with the black hole.

With a grasp of both hands, a god threw in the past, and at the same time he flew by.

Before Ye Yang entered, there were always gods and various materials in and out, plus he flew in with other gods, so as to minimize the variables.

However, after the next moment, Ye Yang suddenly discovered that he appeared in a strange void.

Not Chaos World outside the universe, but an unknown corner in the universe.

There are no other gods nearby, but there are Divine Item and Divine Item pieces.

There are many stars flying around. But all these stars have been transformed.

In the sky, all the god-class battleships are suspended, and the huge muzzle mouth has gathered powerful energy, and it will be bombarded at any time.


Ye Yang’s pupils contracted sharply.


Why was it sent here?

Before He entered the dark hole, other gods flew over. There are also some gods who come in with him.

But what about these gods?

What kind of goods did He send in one step?

Why can’t you see it?

Obviously they entered the same space entrance, but they arrived at different locations?

In a flash, Ye Yang thought a lot.

However, before he could understand the situation, the various attacks around him had fallen.

Various battleships bombarded, various divine force strikes, and the blazing energy instantly flooded Ye Yang completely.

However, His body was enveloped in a dark golden energy shield. When a lot of energy scours here, it “slips” through the protective cover, like a water flow scours a grease-coated crystal ball, and most of the impact is removed.

Then, one by one Divine Item flew out, a ray of intense glow emerged.

The war broke out instantly.

With the strength of Ye Yang, sweeping the surrounding hostile forces, there is no problem at all.

Within half a minute before and after, all the god-level battleships and all the Divine Item that attacked him were destroyed.

Including the robots in the battleship, biochemical puppets, and even god-level puppets, all of them were killed.

Without Divine Soul, even if there is, in the fierce battle, I am afraid it cannot be retained.

There is no particularly important information on the battleship. Some are just how to control the battleship automatic attack each and everyone intelligent system, and some data of war weapons.

Regarding what the second universe, the intentions of the gods and the data collected from the resources, etc., were not found.

Here, it is a pure trap. All information and data are only related to combat.


Ye Yang complexion is gloomy, a piece of Divine Item turned into a sword light to cut the surrounding void.

When I flew out, I found myself just near a small galaxy.

Part of that galaxy was transformed into a trap.

Mind slightly moving, Divine Item whirls in the void, one piece of Divine Item explodes, and energy burns. Formed a huge magic book, which has a light film, showing some image information data.

At first glance, it shows some galaxies nearby.

Ye Yang flew over and took a look. Among those galaxies, traps were laid out separately. It is similar to the previous trap, except that the attack strength is not so strong. But it is still possible to kill a god emperor. Even if the God Emperor only came incarnation, they might encounter the power of the curse system to trace the cause and effect and hurt the body.

However, this kind of attack is not enough to trace the cause and effect to really kill Killing Divine Sovereign, unless Divinity Sovereign Level deity itself comes here.

“There are so many traps like this? So, it wasn’t aimed at me deliberately. Instead, there was a layout early, and a large number of similar traps were laid in advance. I was just caught in one of the traps by random transmission?”

Ye Yang calculated it, and calculated the traps based on the causal prediction method. The traps he found only consumed a lot of resources.

“It’s really great generosity.”

thoughts move, moved towards the dark hole I found before flew away.

There are still a few deities incarnation that have not left, and there are still a few materials that have not been transferred away, each and everyone huge containers float in the sky.

That huge dark space hole is still here.

It was not destroyed, nor was it banned.

Ye Yang thoughts move, the letter hand grabbed the gods who had not escaped nearby, each and everyone. But it is found that they are all incarnation, the body is not here, and Divine Soul is not here.

Through their incarnation, read the ideas in their hearts, extract their memories, the information obtained is very vague, very little, and even dare not guarantee whether this information is true or false.

“It’s really cunning…”

Ye Yang slammed all these captives with one palm.

The divine sense spreads out and extends beyond this Star Domain, and many gods gather outside. But they are all deities in the indestructible land, or gods who have just moved into the indestructible land from outside. Basically it has nothing to do with this black hole.

They all want to know the homes of Divine Emperor, the “wall-building” emperors, and want to come together and revenge one 2. In other words, I want to fight against the gods of Ye Yang and work on the gods who block the indestructible land.

Therefore, it is useless to catch them.

Ye Yang flew forward and stood in front of the dark and deep void.

Primarily Chaos Qi, spilled from it.

Ye Yang stood staring for a long time.

Then, a woman with soft white light approached. There is also a man shrouded in darkness, a Divine Dragon with yellow rays of light, and other gods in various forms.

Incarnation dominated by the law.

Here, their battle strength is severely suppressed, and the applicable laws are also difficult to adjust. The battle strength is insufficient, but the knowledge is strong enough.

“This is a password Transmission Array, a natural cave disguised.” Incarnation dominated by the light.

Ye Yang glanced at the woman with white light and asked, “Password Transmission Array?”

“When entering the Transmission Array, different passwords will be sent to different places. This is the original password of the Transmission Array. However, now that technology has changed, the gods who entered the Transmission Array must release the corresponding power fluctuations. If the power fluctuation is accurate, it will be transmitted to a certain direction, and the transmission fluctuation is another, it will be transmitted to another place. If the power fluctuation is not correct, it may throw random transmission to a corner of the universe, or not Bounce back to the teleport, or teleport into a pre-arranged trap, perform 2 identifications, and attack if you can’t pass. Wait.” The woman explained.

“so that’s how it is.”

Ye Yang finally understood why he followed other gods, incarnation, and large piles of goods into the opening of the space, but the result was sent to different places.

“This void hole may have been natural, but after transformation, with the help of this natural space-time hole, combined with acquired means, the password Transmission Array was formed. However, after disguising, the general deity will think that this is just a natural formation The space-time channel will rush into it in a hurry. The naturally-formed space-time channel is either a random and constantly changing transmission position, which is difficult to predict and calculate, or it is constantly fixed and leads to somewhere. Like a mountain tunnel in Mortal World, one-way Pass. This is very deceptive. In fact, if you don’t understand the password, once you enter, you can’t successfully send it to the real destination.” The bright master of the woman’s image said again.

“Is there a way to crack this password?” Ye Yang asked.

The bright master shook his head.

There are no other masters.

Password, equivalent to a variant of space-time coordinates. If you don’t know the spatiotemporal coordinates of the place you want to send, you will get an error.

But if the understood wants the spatiotemporal coordinates of the place to be sent, what is the password? With the strength and means of Ye Yang or the powerhouses present, you can reach the destination smoothly without this space hole or this Transmission Array.

“They hide so deeply…” Ye Yang said.

“Yeah, it is claimed to be the 2nd universe. Wouldn’t such important information be concealed deeper?” Bright dominated incarnation.

Ye Yang was slightly surprised.

The bright master said: “We also captured some gods and searched for memories. It’s not strange to hear this term. It’s just that the 2nd universe… does it really exist?”

Ye Yang said: “Even if it is not the second universe, it is also a rare mysterious refuge.”

Brightly dominates slightly nodded: “It’s heart-pounding, it’s embarrassing.”

Heartbeat is, of course, wanting to go to the mysterious refuge, or the place called the second universe.

If it can really be called the real second universe, then it is considered that this universe is destroyed, or three and a half steps into a Daoist recovery, sweeping the universe, or those creatures in the void prison run out and destroy them, then Not afraid.

There is a second universe hiding place, very safe. How not to be emotional?

As for anxiety…

Ye Yang speculates that these laws dominate and must be in this universe in order to exert their greatest strength.

If you change to another universe, it’s hard to say.

The power controlled by ordinary gods will weaken in another universe, but it can adapt to new laws. But rule domination is not necessary.

To make a simple analogy, if the avenue of this World, the equivalent to the parliament of this universe, is in control of the highest authority, then the rule of one bit below dominates, it is equivalent to the officials of each and everyone, or it is a special management Financial, specialized in the military, specialized in the management of officers ~ ~, and so on.

In this universe, it is not necessary to have authority and put it in another universe.

Can the Ministry of Industry, Shangshu, and Warriors in one country be placed in another country? Thinking about it all feels impossible.

In contrast, the following deities that do not rule the level of the rule, are not only equivalent to officials or members of a certain level, but also equivalent to merchants. Going to another country may weaken the power of authority, but still rely on it.

“If there is a second universe, the avenue there, and the rules there? What are the rules here that rulers will go to, will they be seriously weakened?”

This is not easy to guess.

But even if it is weakened, it is estimated that it is still strong. Otherwise, those Divine Emperor, there is no need to lay a strong wall to block the indestructible land.

It is estimated that in addition to not wanting those rulers to interfere to prevent them from collecting resources, they also do not want these rulers to go to the “second universe”.

Of course, their fear of Ye Yang is probably stronger.

Because, Ye Yang’s battle strength is based on many Divine Items, which can temporarily form arrays to simulate various Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts and simulate various laws.

“They must be pulled out. The 2nd universe, the deity also wants to see!”

When you get there, your strength will certainly be weakened, but Ye Yang’s strongest is in Chaos World, which is also weakened in this universe. What are you afraid of going to another universe?

It’s just that it’s hard to say whether there is a second universe.

After that, Ye Yang and the gods were scattered, and each calculated and pursued separately.

Find traces of those who built the wall elsewhere.

However, as powerful as Ye Yang, they will avoid it early, or leave some bait to attract attention and delay time. Encountered by the rule of the rule of being weakened and suppressed, or other gods that are not strong enough, they directly shot and killed, or even took away the body.

In today’s universe, the laws of the people dominate, and beyond the indestructible land, they do not exert as much power as the God Emperor.

The powerhouse of Divinity Sovereign Level outside the indestructible place seems to be united.

At least, most of them have joined forces.

Including certain gods that inherited the branding of the Great Dao Mark and the previous Chaos Controller, all united.

This leads to the fact that, in addition to the incarnation of Ye Yang, the other gods and the weak incarnation ruled by the law can’t compete with those gods.

“The significance of building a wall is clearly revealed.”

The gods were furious and turned back to strikes the wall.

But the wall-keeper reappears.

Ye Yang flew back, attacked the wall-keepers, and then traced their whereabouts, but unfortunately, they were still empty.

Instead, many powerhouses joined forces to make a gap in the wall of the indestructible land.

But it was useless. As soon as Ye Yang left, God Emperor Level incarnation flew away, exploding the gods incarnation. The incarnation ruled by the law rushed to the side of the wall is also weak and can not beat. On the other side of the wall, the incarnation of the rulers is extremely powerful, and those who built the walls dare not pass it.

So, Ye Yang flew back and guarded the wall.

“The deity is sitting here to see who dares to defend the wall?”

Ye Yang didn’t want to mix things up with this wall, but now his strength has grown so much that he isn’t afraid to get involved in the struggle as he used to.

Moreover, it is a good thing to search for the second universe by yourself, but if you can’t do it by yourself, you will naturally have to use the strength of other gods.

Breaking the wall here is not enough to liberate the rulers here, but at least make their incarnation stronger than before.

“But still not enough… The rulers are weakened, the key is not the wall, but the three and a half steps into Daoist.”

While whispering, Ye Yang saw that there were 2 familiar silhouettes, flying from the void, standing not far away, smiling at him with a smile.

“The god of cause and effect… the god of chaos…” Ye Yang said.

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