Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 919

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Ye Yang glanced a little, the god on the left, majestic appearance, very handsome young man, dressed like a noble in the most decent black dress, hair and body decoration, meticulous. The expression is serious, giving people an old-fashioned feeling.

It makes people unimaginable, this god of chaos.

The one on the right is a figure of Goddess, with a figure floating, like a fairy coming out of the sky, as if it does not touch the 10000 things and laws of this world, as if it is transcendent and pure.

It is also unimaginable, a god of cause and effect.

The image of 2 people is quite different from what Ye Yang saw at the beginning, but the power fluctuations in them, especially the corresponding Law Power, make Ye Yang feel “familiar” at first glance, plus The magic of the above prophecy is slightly calculated, and their identity is judged at the second eye.

Of course, if they are disguised by other powerful deities, this is also possible. But it is incredible to pretend to be like this, or in today’s so complex and complex universe.

If you want to hide your identity, it’s not difficult, just mutate, Ye Yang can do it too. But if you want to become a god who really exists and is familiar to everyone, you can’t see the weak spot, and you can’t judge the authenticity by the prophecy system.

Ye Yang is now unsure of completely disguising herself as the image of another deity without being discovered. It is only by grasping the disguise that most gods cannot recognize themselves.

“Yes, it’s us… didn’t expect, Your Majesty, you can see through our true identity at a glance, it’s amazing.” The chaos of the handsome man’s image.

The god of cause and effect said: “Dare to ask, what should we call Your Majesty?”

Ye Yang slightly smiled: “The deity’s name is… Lord.”

2 gods started, the god of cause and effect: “We come with sincerity, why should Your Majesty behave so badly, to tease us?”

If you let them call Ye Yang Lord or Lord Majesty and so on, it would be short. It’s as if a mortal gave himself a name called “grandfather”, or “taigong”, “Qian ~ dad”, “great aunt”, it would be too offend the person.

“Well, what the deity is called Chaos God Lord.” Ye Yang changed his name casually.

“So casual?” The god of cause and effect was surprised.

“It’s just a title.” Ye Yang said.

It’s just a good name. They are not familiar with them and will not reveal their true identity.

“Oh, I will come from the true face and come from my true identity. The Lord of Chaos Your Majesty has no sincerity.” Chaos God Road.

“It’s not that the deity let you come.” Ye Yang said.

“Dare to ask, what is the relationship between Your Majesty and Your Majesty, who is known as Chaos Controller? Or is it the same person?” the god of cause and effect asked.

“The deity doesn’t seem to be so familiar with the 2 people. The deity didn’t inquire about your business. Are you asking about the deity’s business?” Ye Yang said with displeasure.

2 people quickly apologized.

Ye Yang also said: “As far as the deity knows, the god of chaos is the strength of Chaos. The god of cause and effect, the law of palm cause and effect, is good at tracing the cause and effect. How, looking at the image of the two, it is a bit unpredictable.”

Sacred Word of Cause and Effect: “Only those who are detached from the cause and effect cannot be trapped in the cause and effect. If this is the case, they can truly control the cause and effect. If a mortal is playing with water, no matter how good the fire is, no matter how good the water is, and he is not immune to water and fire, then one day, if it is not self-burning, he will drown.

Chaos God’s Word: “How can the chaotic will truly control the law of chaos? Only those who are calm and rational, and control the chaos, will not be hurt by the chaos backlash. Those who are above the chaos, the order is also. Make chaos, make chaos reasonable, chaotic and righteous. Don’t let chaos collide, or backlash.

Ye Yang stroked and said, “It makes sense!”

Then I asked again: “Which of the two came here would not want to talk to the deity about the doctrine?”

The God of Cause and Effect: “I wait for a major event to discuss with Your Majesty, Lord of Chaos.”

“But it seems inconvenient here?” The god of confusion looked around.

Sure enough, there are many gods listening to each other.

Although there are many power barriers and vacuum isolation, for the gods, even if they see a ray of light, they can calculate and analyze the sound waves from the light and can directly hear it.

Therefore, Ye Yang laid out multiple twisted junctions at random, that is, the data contained in the light and various fluctuations scattered here, after being disturbed, merged and mutated with other information, and the analysis methods can no longer be analyzed.

This is not encryption, but messing up the information. I had never thought about letting the outside world decrypt the information, so this kind of messy information cannot be analyzed with the correct result. Only by “encrypting” and considering “decryption” can such information be calculated by strong analytical capabilities.

“The deity will not easily leave here. If you want to lured the tiger away from the mountain and lead away the deity so that other deities can come here to destroy the walls here, you are wrong.” Ye Yang said.

“Your Majesty, Lord of Chaos, you misunderstood, we are not for this purpose.”

“Then say something here.”

“Okay, let’s declare first that we are not with the gods who built the walls.”

“Uh huh?”

“Ashamed, we have considered uniting with them and joining forces with them. It’s just… they won’t accept us. They don’t want us to go to their… universe 2.”

“You know the 2nd universe?”

“This deity is also a god of cause and effect. Coupled with the power of the god of chaos, it is not difficult to trace some of their information. Well, the Lord of Chaos Your Majesty captured some Divine Soul fragments, extracted information, and knew that the second universe Is that right? Do you believe there is this place?”

“Let the letter be suspicious.”

“That would be interesting, let’s go to the 2nd universe with us? See if it’s true.”

“Well… The deity has a question, let you answer it first.”

“What question?”

“Why did they refuse to accept 2 people?”

“This, I don’t know.”

“Unclear?” Ye Yang raised an eyebrow, unbelieving.

“They said that the deity is the god of chaos and only brings chaos, so the deity is not welcome. But the deity said that the will of the deity is absolutely sensible, so that the chaos can be truly controlled. So it can ensure that the power of chaos does not hurt. Their own. But they don’t accept, don’t believe, and the deity can’t do it.” Chaos Shinto.

“They also said that this god of cause and effect is too good at conspiracy and plot against, affecting their unity and simplicity, so they are not welcome.” God of cause and effect.

Ye Yang burst into laughter.

“Your Majesty doesn’t believe it?” the god of cause and effect asked.

Ye Yang pondered for a while.

I thought to myself: “If those gods really have a second universe, or just a super refuge. Then, what they want is definitely Absolute Control power, and they don’t want to interfere with the influence of external forces. So, block the power of the rule of you. Also Prevent the gods and other particularly powerful deities from joining.

“But the gods of chaos and gods of cause and effect, although powerful, can’t be suppressed with the assurance of Divine Emperor, their gods?”

After thinking about it, I thought it was really possible.

God of Chaos, who knows which day suddenly made the gods confused? Although it is known as absolute reason, it may be that today’s reason is mad tomorrow and the reason is wise again. This is also a kind of confusion, and it is also possible.

Even if you do not actively control the chaotic power, the power fluctuations that spontaneously overflow will make other gods uneasy.

For example, the powerful gods, the radiation of power, mortals cannot stand beside them. Otherwise, the god will not move Evil Thought, and mortals will be oppressed to death by this force. Even if it is deliberately protected by the deity, it cannot be fully protected. It can be kept for a while, but impossible always pays close attention. There must be a priest to guard the side, not to recruit mortals.

The God of Chaos, what level of strength was originally, is not easy to say. But the universe has been chaotic for so long, the law of chaos has been extremely strengthened, and even if there is no transformation or promotion, the power of this chaotic god will rise. Even if the law of chaos is weakened along with other laws today, the god of chaos is still much stronger than his deity.

Strong, as long as it is stronger than the ordinary Divine Emperor, it is easy to get out of control. Moreover, the more chaos is beneficial to this chaotic god, the ghost knows whether he will affect the so-called second universe?

All restless and dangerous gods are unsuitable for acceptance.

As for the god of cause and effect, he is really good at conspiracy. Manipulating the conspiracy means is more slippery than the god of conspiracy.

The cause-effect bondage between the gods, whether it is deepening of goodwill or maliciousness, whether it is to strengthen order management and control, or to deepen chaos, will make the power of the god of cause and effect stronger.

The same is not easy to control.

The Divine Emperor, although they can also control some of the chaotic laws and causal laws, how can they compare with these two?

“In this way, they are not accepted by those guys, and probability is also there.”

Thinking of this, Ye Yang asked: “The purpose of the two people here is to cooperate with the deity?”

“Yes, it must have been seen by Your Majesty, the Lord of Chaos. We are just looking at your battle strength. I want to join forces with you. The deity is good at causality and has the ability to trace back to their specific location. Even if they hide it no matter how good they are , Hide it deeper. On some surfaces, there seems to be no information at all, no traces or even where the cause and effect silk exists, the deity may find useful information. The deity can help you find their specific location “” Shinto of cause and effect.

Ye Yang said: “With your strength, I found it, but I’m not sure about going in?”

“Yes, I have been there, but I was intercepted and returned back halfway. And they lost their traces temporarily. But I was not sure to force them to their homes, and I was not sure to hide their perceptions and find theirs. The location of the old nest, so you can only find the powerhouse to help you. In the current universe, except for those ancient corpses from the prison of the void, only you can still exert strong battle strength everywhere in the universe. It is our first choice for cooperation Goal.” The god of cause and effect took a flattery.

Ye Yang is not surprised that he actually knew that it was called the Void Prisoner, and it was not surprising how he knew that the identities of the epoch skeletons were ancient corpses.

Just turned to stare at the god of chaos: “So, what about you? What’s the use?”

The divine ability of cause and effect traces the clues, Ye Yang’s battle strength is super strong. Then, the god of cause and effect will join forces with Ye Yang. Does the God of Chaos still have to join?

There is absolutely no need for one more.

The god of cause and effect joined hands with the god of chaos first? As long as Ye Yang takes the shot, the god of chaos will not be accepted.

Without these numerous one-time Divine Items, no new tactics, and no means of simulating Supreme Treasure and the Prisoner of the Void, Ye Yang would not dare to say that he would fight the god of chaos by incarnation. But with all of the above, Ye Yang dared to be proud of the current universe and be able to overlook any deity beyond the indestructible land.

“There are 3 reasons.” Chaos Shinto.

Ye Yang said: “Say.”

“One, sometimes, chaos will cause clues to appear. It is called fish in troubled waters. It is called error in chaos. One chaos, sometimes, there will be clues in places that are hidden very well. Some are completely covered and completely clear. The place where the cause and effect is lost. Guided by the power of chaos, there may be various kinds of information that cannot be seen normally, and the cause and effect that cannot be seen. The ordinary gods can also control chaos, but is it as exquisite as the deity? In order to lock the target more easily and accurately.

Ye Yang nodded.

“2. Harmful hearts are indispensable, and defensive gods are indispensable. We believe that the Lord of Chaos, Your Majesty, will not fully trust us. The reverse is also true. Your strength is too strong, Your Majesty, the god of cause and effect I trust you completely. If there is a deity to help you, although you can’t compete with you, but there is really a time of 10000 one, at least not to struggle alone, and there is a life-saving retreat.” Chaos Shinto.

Ye Yang burst into laughter: “It’s enough to have a vow to guarantee it.”

“God’s oath, sometimes Hou can be torn. As long as the benefits are large enough. We are worried that the benefits encountered are too large.” God of cause and effect.

He is also inclined to join hands with the god of confusion, 3 people.

Ye Yang indifferent expression.

The God of Chaos again said: “The third reason, although the deity is not as good as Your Majesty, but it is not weak. Sometimes, one more helper is always better. How can one helper be like two helpers? Enemy, you need to deal with it. The god of cause and effect needs to be clear and calm, and then the deity is needed. At this time, you need to be 3 minds and 2 minds against the enemy, so that the god of cause and effect must be distracted and estimate.”

Ye Yang said: “There is a fourth reason… The deity can defeat you, but there is no guarantee that the Divine Soul and the origin can be traced back and forth to kill you. You can pull other gods together to make trouble. But if the deity joins you , You will keep secret. The god of cause and effect will cut off many causes and effects, try not to let other gods know the core information, and the god of chaos can also disturb the cause and effect to disturb the clues, and will actively hide the secrets and will not be easily revealed. Right? “

The god of cause and effect laughed: “There is this reason, but it is not embarrassing.”

Ye Yang said: “Well, since that’s the case, how can the two join forces? How are you going to find those gods’ nests? How can you keep the confidential information out of your mind for a while?”

Soon, the three gods negotiated.

Take the oath.

The god of cause and effect and the god of chaos left.

On the surface, Ye Yang incarnation is still here, but the real incarnation has been hidden, with the god of cause and effect and the god of chaos left.

They are responsible for concealment, plus Ye Yang’s own means are enough to make any other gods see no anomalies. As long as the ruler does not touch the phantom body left by Ye Yang, he will not find any abnormalities.

“Let’s leave first for layout. Then, Your Majesty Chaos Lord Your Majesty can leave on your side. At that time, there is no god to prevent the wall from being demolished, or to rebuild the wall, it doesn’t matter.

“However, it is better to be the illusion body on this side. The wall guarding this side will be demolished without being demolished, so leave quickly to keep the fighting here.”

The god of chaos had a bad idea.

But Ye Yang thought about it for a while, and felt that it wouldn’t hurt even if it didn’t have much benefit. 10000 If this strategy is feasible, it can attract the gods to be confused again, which is also good for him.

As a result, the gods here are not allowed to go out for the time being, which interferes with Ye Yang and the god of cause and effect searching for enemies. 2 Come, according to the traces of the gods who came here to build walls, you can trace the true location of their old nest.

Before, Ye Yang wanted to release all the gods here, and let the gods go together to find the real nest of the wall builders. Now there is a god of cause and effect working with the god of chaos, but the idea has changed again.

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