Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 920

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If the gods are temporarily restrained here, it is not in his interest to disturb Ye Yang’s plan.

Soon, following the god of cause and effect and the god of chaos, he wandered between each and everyone galaxies in search of whereabouts.

Occasionally, chaotic undead came from shuttling through the void.

At this time, Ye Yang started.

Without Ye Yang, the gods of chaos and cause and effect could only wait and dare not go inside to explore clues. But Ye Yang is here, just one move, to scare away the chaotic undead.

However, Ye Yang also discovered that these Chaos Undead, like the skeletons of the previous era, possess a characteristic that is almost “immortal.”

For example, when they are blown into the void, their powder particles are still suppressed by the Law Power of the universe, but the suppression is different. And the residual will contained in their particles, even the weakest, is still resisting.

For example, even if they are swallowed by the epoch skeleton, they become weaker and the epoch skeleton becomes stronger. Conversely, if the epoch skeleton is swallowed by other creatures, the epoch skeleton becomes weaker and other void prisoner creatures also become stronger.

As if they had a trait in them, this trait would not be wiped away from one void prisoner creature to another void prisoner creature. Crushed and still scattered among the particles.

They will be destroyed, but that kind of trait seems not to be destroyed, as if it were truly “Inextinguishable Immortal”.

However, that kind of quality is also suppressed and rejected by the Universe Principle. And rebelled against the Universe Principle.

Many gods are interested in this trait. I collected the powder of the epoch skeleton before. It’s just that it’s hard to say whether something has been researched.

Ye Yang only knows that even if these chaotic undeads are chopped into countless pieces, if they do not collect the crackdown seals carefully, they may slowly close together and recover.

This immortal character makes Ye Yang less interested in killing them.

At least, there is no interest for the moment, just scare them away.

And just as Ye Yang traveled through the universe, some unexpected accidents happened at the edge of the universe.

I only saw a zombie exuding black breath all over the body, waving its claws continuously at the edge of the universe.

It has no long black hairs on its body, and it looks like a living human, except that there are 6 dark wings on the back. Moreover, it is like black iron. It is like iron casting, but it is polished to have a metallic luster, but it is slightly black.

With a claw paw, the void continued to make strange noises, and Space Crack continued to be torn apart.

There was a ray of chaos, pouring in from Chaos World.

It saw chaos, saw the crack, and howled, sounding a little happy and excited.

The two claws penetrated deeply into the chaotic crack, and suddenly tore apart.

The cracks on the edge of the universe did not propagate much, but there was a stream of chaos penetrating into the opposite side.

It sucked suddenly.

Pieces of chaos were drawn into it within the body.

It is like a smoker who has been addicted to cigarettes and has been unable to smoke for a long time. Suddenly he can take a deep smoke.

Just like a drunkard who drinks every day without alcohol and unhappy, if he doesn’t drink for a few days, his body is uncomfortable.

The soothing expression appeared on his half-black face. The strange and refreshing sound came from his throat.

The movement here attracted the attention of Chaos Creature. Pieces of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure flew nearby and watched in chaos outside the universe. It seemed as if I would be ready to attack at any time.

The dark zombie ignored it, still tearing the void hard, closing it again and slamming hard.


An angry voice came.

Suddenly, a huge black hand, enveloped by billowing black smoke, seemed to be a billowing black hand, and grabbed the dark zombie with a hand.


He made a sharp voice like a monkey being pinched and struggled desperately, but could hardly move.

“Want to open up Yujiang and invite chaos? Stupid, damn it!!!”

A vast and loud ancient voice came.

As you can see, a silhouette of Wei An, whose height is almost one foot, manifests.

It looks like a middle-aged man, his whole body is shrouded in black mist, and his long hair moves in the wind. A black robe and leather wind, follow the wind hunting.

He looks like a handsome middle age person, but his skin is a bit like wood.

However, the black gas emanating from him showed that this was not a living creature, not a deity. No divinity, no divine force fluctuations.

This is also a creature coming out of the prison of the void.

“Congenital Zombie? And is a congenital Zombie who may possess the blood of Yuan Divine corpse?”

Yuan Hao said so suddenly.

“Congenital zombie? What is it?” Ye Yang incarnation asked.

“Born innately, the universe was initially formed without being formed, and the Chaos Divine Demon has fallen. It is in the universe. Its corpse is transformed into life in the universe, but it is turned into a stiffness, and it is psychic. This is what Congenital zombie ancestor. Yuanshi divine corpse is said to be the origin of all chaotic corpses. A drop of blood can create an ancient dead spiritual object that can suppress countless epochs. There are also legends that it is a collection of Yulong Paragon before several cosmic epochs. Divine corpse after the collapse of the super powerhouse of the Grand Dao Law in one body.” Yuan Hao said.

Ye Yang brows slightly raise.

The inborn zombie in the distance, outside the cosmic barriers not far away, a piece of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure buzzed, and it seemed unsatisfied that the inborn zombie killed the zombie who had cut the edge barrier of the universe .

Outside Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure blooming killing intent piece by piece.


He drank with a sigh of noise, and across the cosmic barrier of 1000 100 light-years, the pieces of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure outside stopped unexpectedly, and several of them scared back.

Ye Yang’s incarnation appeared: “Great, Senior means amazing.”

The eyes of the inborn zombies burst into red light in an instant, faintly with gold, and stared at Ye Yang: “Is it you?”

Ye Yang This incarnation is surrounded by Divine Item, shaped like each and everyone.

This image is already quite famous in the universe.

As everyone knows, this powerhouse once fought against the Skeletons of the Era and won.


Ye Yang was about to speak, but the congenital Zombie suddenly shot this side with a palm.

In an instant, multiple Divine Items were blocked in the front, all of which were instantly smashed, but more Divine Item Self-destruction, and all kinds of Law Power turned into a giant sword in front of them.

when! !! !!

Congenital zombie ancestors bent the law giant sword, but suddenly a strong force bounced back, making him slightly sway. Moreover, the divine force that blooms fluctuates and ignores the spatial distance, so that the gods who are far away from 1000000 to 10000000 light years can hear it.

Ye Yang’s murderous intention burst into his eyes, and the giant sword suddenly lifted fiercely and fell.

The congenital zombie ancestry had a horizontal shape, and actually avoided the lock of the giant sword, a finger pointed, knocked on the side of the giant sword. When an unusual energy wave is emitted, the giant sword explodes, but it turns into countless thin swords flying around.

At the same time, other Divine Items also flew. Countless thin swords are like a huge array of sky, densely packed sword shadow, respectively, red light yellow light blue light green light purple light, all kinds of different lights, all kinds of Law Power condensed, thorns To that inborn zombie.

“Come on slowly.”

There was a gray breath around the congenital zombie ancestor. Ye Yang pierced many rules Flying Sword, which was quickly corrupted, forming a Law Fragment to explode.

This made his eyes narrow.

To be inflexible with this congenital ancestor, I am afraid it will cost a lot.

Don’t look at Ye Yang’s one-off Divine Item, which is so numerous that it can run across the universe, but it has a great weakness…continuous combat capability is insufficient.

It’s easy to send a little hairy god, but if you continue to fight with high intensity, Divine Item will soon be consumed, and the battle strength will drop significantly.

Like the hard bones in front of you, you can chew and fight. But there were many losses after the war. The key point is that the victory, the benefits gained, may not be able to make up for the lost benefits.

Really want to fight, not afraid, but if you can not fight, you can also not fight and save effort.

At the moment, the attack is suspended.

The congenital zombie did not take the opportunity to escape away, but stood in the sky and stared at Ye Yang, saying: “The deity is not weak, you are qualified to conspire with me. You may accept the deity’s solicitation and share the deity with the deity. Strong, dominate one side?”

Ye Yang astonished: “Do you want to recruit the deity?”

“Exactly.” Congenital zigzag said.

Ye Yang burst into laughter.

This congenital zombie ancestor cannot afford to be attracted.

Ye Yang certainly agreed.

But, he is very curious.

So, there was no promise or rejection, just asked: “Why?”

“Mortal people say that there are 3 gangs of one hero. Although the deity is strong, it is also a good thing to have the powerhouse to help? One friend is always better than one enemy. Your strength is not bad, why does the deity not solicit cooperation?” Zombie as it should be by rights authentic.

Ye Yang said: “The deity is the god in this universe. You are alien creatures, or alien space-time creatures, suppressed and confined in the prison of the void, which are incompatible with the rules of this universe. The power controlled by the deity is the power controlled by you. , Completely different. To you, the deity is alien, and to the deity, you are alien.”

“What about that?” Congenital Zombie said: “As long as the interests are connected, they can join forces. Humans and dogs, humans and ghosts, tigers and pylons are all different. Although they are not their kind, their hearts must be different. But their interests are common. His ambitions can also be connected temporarily.”

Ye Yang said: “What do you want to do to attract the deity?”

“Don’t you say? Dominate one side of the universe.”

“The deity is not interested in the universe,” Ye Yang said.

“You said this too early, and it won’t be like this in the future.”

“Hehe ……” Ye Yang laughed and suddenly asked: “What will happen in the future, enough for the deity to change his mind?”

The congenital zombie took a deep look at Ye Yang, laughed, and said nothing.

It doesn’t seem to want to reveal secrets.

However, it can be expected that there will be major changes in the universe in the future.

Ye Yang said again: “Other void prisoners seem to be unable to communicate, but you understand the language of this universe?”

“How do you know they can’t communicate?” said the inborn zigzag.

Ye Yang is dumb.

Yes, the era skeleton can only roar, and so are the Chaos Undead and Canggu Feijin.

However, it does not mean that they cannot communicate.

Perhaps, you just don’t want to communicate with Ye Yang, you just don’t want to communicate with Ye Yang?

“There is a doubt, wish for Senior can solve the doubt.” Ye Yang changed the subject.

“You speak.”

“Why did the former creature tear the universe void? And why did Senior stop it?” Ye Yang asked.

“Chaos, for us, is also a good thing. However, just as wine is for humans, it is not a good thing if there is too much wine.” That divine sense sound transmission.

However, his divine sense is full of immeasurable evil, various negative emotions and various negative wills, which makes Ye Yang frown.

“The deity answers your questions and reveals the secret to you. So, you owe it to the deity.”

The congenital zombie said, ignoring Ye Yang, and flew away.

Did not say how to let Ye Yang return this relationship.

Nor did it say that Ye Yang did not want to return his favor, what would happen.

Perhaps, it is really just a good relationship. If among the many void prison creatures, all creatures and Ye Yang are evil and innocent, then even if he and Ye Yang are only small favors and small benefits, no matter how small the goodwill is, it is much better than other void prison creatures.

“Like Primal Chaos Qi. If wine is for humans, it’s not a good thing if more…”

Ye Yang whispered in his heart, recalling what the inborn ancestor said before.

Divine light flashed in my heart.

Prison creatures in the void are suppressed. But according to Yuan Hao, like Chaos Undead, like the Epoch Skeleton, they were all nurtured in Primal Chaos Qi. It is not necessarily in Chaos World. It is possible that Primal Chaos Qi was introduced into other spaces. The chaotic undead of these epochs are trapped and nurtured in it.

Therefore, the power of chaos has a powerful effect on nourishing these creatures.

It may also be nourished by Primal Chaos Qi’s very long and long time before the era skeleton can produce spiritual wisdom, which can become active from a skeleton and be excluded from the rules of this universe.

This is not difficult to infer. Chaos is good for Epoch Skeleton, Chaos Undead, and Canggu FeiJian.

Moreover, from before, many gods didn’t seem to notice a problem.

Universe Rule has been suppressing them, and they are everywhere. Like a mortal wearing an oxygen cylinder walking under the quicksand.

Why, then, did these era skeletons not try to break the barrier of the universe and enter Chaos World?

is it possible that, everything in this universe is of great benefit to them? This benefit is worth them to endure the pain caused by all kinds of suppression and rejection, rather than tossing in this universe and not entering the universe?

Now, when you think about it, there are indeed strange things.

“Like wine to humans… Therefore, if the Epoch Skeleton enters Chaos World, it may be nourished, the injury will recover, and its strength will slowly increase. But…it may be like this. Forced to fall asleep in chaos?”

Ye Yang guessed. But not sure.

If it is so easy to let these things sleep, then there is no need to make a void prisoner to suppress the seal.

How good is it to send them directly into Chaos World?

“Find an opportunity, give it a try…” Ye Yang pupil light blooms.

At this moment, the god of cause and effect flew over: “Your Majesty, Lord of Chaos, what happened? That old zombie, what did you say?”

“Nothing.” Ye Yang smiled and said nothing.

“We found another suspicious place. There are a lot of’remaining information’ re-extracted there. They are likely to be from there, leaving the universe, and going to the so-called second universe.” Cause and effect Shinto.

“Oh? Take this deity to see.” Ye Yang said.

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