Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 921


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The two gods took Ye Yang and quickly reached a corner of the universe.

I sensed that in the vast universe, there seemed to be a pair of evil eyes, cold eyes, sweeping towards this side.

The invisible line of sight, with the spiritual level Spiritual Fluctuation, does not sense errors.

The vastness of the spirits, the weak spirit, and after millions of light years, the gods may not feel it, just like ordinary people will not pay attention to a dust around them. But the deity-level gaze immediately aroused Ye Yang’s alertness.

Suddenly turning his head, he realized that his sight was swept near the wall outside the indestructible land.

There are still others, which are located in many galaxies. Different gods are quietly observing Ye Yang’s actions to see what he wants to do.

It’s just that some galaxies can see here directly, but some galaxies, because of the weakening of the Universe Principle, coupled with the law of chaos, which caused a lot of energy disorders, and various ice crystal walls and the blocking of the Leiyuan River, Can’t see here.

“God of cause and effect?”

Ye Yang called out.

The god of cause and effect: “It’s those guys, but their sight is actually projected after several space shuttles. The deity can’t trace the source of the cold sight just now.”

Ye Yang slightly nodded.

He knew that although there were many sights on this side, the hateful sight must be related to those who built walls.

What makes him strange is that those era skeletons and chaotic undead are not very interested in this place? He didn’t stare at Ye Yang all the time.

Only know that they began to attack each other.

At the exit of the Void Prison, more strange creatures come out. There were skeletons from the previous era, chaotic undead, Canggu flying zombies, and strange creatures that looked similar to the inborn zombie.

In addition, there are all kinds of things with special images.

It looks like various monster images seen in mortal dreams, and then cut and put together. If you want to hunt for strange things, you have to hunt for strange things.

Of course, there are also some beautiful and pretty creatures.

They have moved towards different galaxies. Some attacked each other, and even saw them devouring each other.

They didn’t seem to notice the gods in the universe, or found the gods in the universe but didn’t pay attention.

“I feel like a deity… It seems that mortals have discovered the New World, ignoring local indigenous people, or ignoring local animals.”

This universe is equivalent to a “new continent” and “New World” for those prisoners of the void, and there may be abundant resources for them. So eager to fence each other, but also attack and swallow each other.

The power of many gods in the vast universe has been suppressed and weakened. Compared with them, they are simply weaker than they can be described.

Compared with the original Native Person and the humans with fire and medicine weapons, the gap is even greater.

Unless these gods have a lot of power that threatens the creatures of the empty prisoners, they may be afraid and valued.

“This is a bad thing and a good thing… The gods in the universe will have a little more living space and more time to think about how to deal with this kind of thing. However, they continuously walk out of the void . I don’t know how many. Can this universe be preserved?”

What makes Ye Yang wonder is that the previous inborn zombie once mentioned that this universe is also very important for the prisoners of the void. They cannot fully enter Chaos World, then they must exist in dependence on this universe.

It shouldn’t be thinking about the destruction of the entire universe. But now all kinds of actions are destroying the universe.

“Can’t figure it out, is it their wisdom ~ ~ barrier?”

Ye Yang turned his head and carefully observed the power barrier at the edge of the universe.

Invisible and phaseless, no huge crystal walls are located here.

However, reach out and gather energy in the palm to form a giant palm, you can sense the invisible repulsion.

If you continue to stretch forward, there will be various twisting laws that tear the energy giant palm, or forcefully suck in to crush the energy like a black hole, or seem to be repulsed by a powerful force.

The edge of the universe is quite dangerous for other gods, but for the existence of a series like Ye Yang, it is nothing.

Incarnation gathers the giant palm, flying forward while grasping the various power fragments of the void here.

Continuously adjust the direction, and then stand in one place: “It should be here.”

“Consistent with the judgment of the deity. Is it the same as what the hero sees?” Cause and effect Shinto.

Ye Yang looked at the present female figure of the god of cause and effect and secretly pouted.

Hero? Become a male figure again.

At present, most of them are heroines.

“They did not go directly from here, but directly shuttled in an unknown direction in the universe. That place is not too far from the edge of the universe. Moreover, there is a barrier on the edge of the universe. The barrier definitely contains time and Space Power.

“The power of their shuttle transmission is even more powerful, even if it does not deliberately pass around here, it will also be blocked and affected by the space-time power at the edge of the universe, so there are traces left here.” Ye Yang said.

“Not bad.” The god of cause and effect is nodded.

They don’t pass by directly from here, but shuttles from the universe to the outside of the universe will definitely cause some kind of impact and collision to the barrier on the edge of the universe. It is possible that this impact will be quickly covered by various energy fluctuations, leaving no trace. It is also possible that a lot of traces will remain and will exist for a long time.

“Can you lock your position through these causes and effects?” Ye Yang asked.

“Hehe, this is the value of the existence of the deity.” The cause and effect of Shinto.

Let Ye Yang and the god of chaos protect the law, the god of cause and effect sit cross-legged here, divine sense is placed outside, a ray of Law Power, from the illusory and present form,

The law is invisible and phaseless, but it manifests itself through energy or matter.

The strands of law surrounding the chain of laws are actually the fusion of Law Power and particles of energy or matter. It’s just that the particles of energy and matter will be affected by the law to produce different forms and produce different trajectories. Including internal trajectory and external trajectory, as well as seismic frequency, frequency change law, and other information, are all different.

When the god of cause and effect calculated, Ye Yang sensed many malicious eyes.

The god of chaos fiercely glared back.

Ye Yang did not pay attention.

As long as there is no god to kill, just ignore it.

The malicious person dared to come over, and he dared to kill back, and traced back to the other party by means of the god of cause and effect, and killed the other party.

At this time, I just stared at the action of the god of cause and effect, and memorized the operation of various laws.

“Maybe, in the future, the deity can use Divine Item to simulate this method? Then, without using the power of the god of cause and effect, we can calculate and calculate a lot of information, and directly find out other gods. Even if we hide deeper , Can also be pulled out.”

Ye Yang is very easy to learn.

It’s just that the means of the god of cause and effect is not so easy to learn.

“If you can cover him with my power and let each of his powers have a corresponding impact with my enveloping power, you will be able to see through the secrets inside. Unfortunately, it’s just observation, you can’t see .”

Divine sense is impenetrable and will disturb the god of cause and effect.

It’s like someone focusing on solving a problem, and someone next to me zhi zhi crooked.

divine sense induction is the same as divine sense sound transmission.


The god of cause and effect suddenly opened eyes, saying: “The two coordinates are actually active, not fixed, which is really amazing.”

With a wave of his hand, in the void in front of him, a large cloud-like thing manifested.

Look closely, it is actually the Starry-Sky Diagram of the half universe.

Each fog particle in the cloud and mist represents a star in the universe.

The trillions of large galaxies in the universe, each large galaxy has nearly 100 billion to hundreds of billions of constant screens.

It can be seen that the cloud in front of you, even if it is just a Starry-Sky Diagram that simulates part of the universe, contains a lot of particles. It is even more difficult to place these particles in positions that correspond exactly to Universe Starry Sky.

Because every planet in the universe is always running. The particles here are also slightly changing from time to time.

This is an unimaginable method for mortals who are not too high-tech.

“Here… there is a two-dimensional to nine-dimensional space-time, and a higher-dimensional dimension space-time, which cannot be incorporated here.

“In four dimensions, the gods are not adapted, and the impact of dimensionality reduction has no effect on the god’s Law Power. At least this is the case in the universe. In the four-dimensional and five-dimensional space-time interlayers, there are A three-dimensional parallel space.

“Inside, it is a node that leads to the outside of the universe!

“This node is where those who build walls go to the so-called Space-Time Transmission Array of the Second Universe.

“It’s just that this parallel space-time, like a sailboat drifting along the water in rivers and lakes, keeps moving. This three-dimensional parallel space-time also floats randomly in the flat layers of the four-dimensional and five-dimensional space-time, and is not easy to lock. .”

The myth of cause and effect has not fallen, and the god of chaos said: “No matter how hard it is to lock, we have to find it.”

The god of cause and effect: “The method of locking, the deity has found it. But if we rush over, they may block or even destroy this node, and then try to rebuild it later. Even more how, there may be Like the previous Transmission Array, the password must be transmitted accurately, otherwise random transmission will be sent out. So, there is no need to go here for the time being.

“This is what we are going to do!”

The direction of her fingers made Ye Yang and the god of cause and effect condense his eyes.

The location is a hundred kilometers away from the Universe Starry Sky map she created temporarily.

There is something blooming there, and there is light forming an arrow.

The Starry-Sky Diagram in front of me looks only over fifty meters in size.

It is not impossible to make it bigger, but for the deity, such a large Starry-Sky Diagram, every star layout in it can be clearly seen.

A Starry-Sky Diagram, more than fifty meters. The goal is one hundred kilometers away from Starry-Sky Diagram.

“Beyond the universe, Chaos World?” the god of chaos asked.

“The second universe must be outside the universe!” Cause and effect Shinto.

“Is the estimated position accurate? Are you sure?”

“You are questioning the deity’s ability.”

“Sorry, because it’s too important, not to believe you, but to ask questions subconsciously. Well, so, the Second Universe… is far away.”

“Yes, the Starry-Sky Diagram here is 50 meters in size, but only shows a part of the universe. The complete Starry-Sky Diagram has a diameter of more than 300 meters. So, one hundred kilometers is equivalent to the diameter of the universe More than three hundred times the distance!” Shinto of cause and effect.

Three hundred and thirty times…

The diameter of this universe is about 120 light-years to 150 light-years. The edges are blurry and difficult to define. But in the direction occupied by the starry sky, the present universe is 120 light years.

Then, to travel to the Second Universe, you must enter Chaos World and travel the distance of 4 trillion light years.

“If there is a second universe, this is already close.

“It can be considered that the normal distance between two stars in the universe is many times the diameter of the stars? It is more than a thousand times to a million times. Especially the distance between stars. The distance between the stars is not the center of the galaxy. The stars are far away from each other.

“If this second universe exists, it must be far away from the universe in which we live.” Cause and effect Shinto.

The god of chaos suddenly said: “The location is also active?”

He saw that the cursor was moving.

The god of cause and effect is nodded: “Yes.”

Ye Yang was silent for a while: “The deity has a little hunch.”

“What premonition?” the two gods asked quickly.

Ye Yang said: “If there is really a second universe, will it be so close?”

It looks quite a long distance, 4 trillion light years, very long and distant. However, if judged according to the distance between the stars in the universe, if the interference between the two universes is not too strong, the impossible is only so far away.

“It is possible that the Second Universe is too small. Does it depend on the existence of the First Universe? It hasn’t been completely detached? It’s like a small artificial satellite in the high altitude of a planet.” Cause and effect Shinto.

Ye Yang shook his head.

He still felt that it was a little closer.

“In addition, what is strange is that at such a long distance, why can they send it directly? What energy and energy are used?” Ye Yang said.

Yes, it feels far away now.

According to the distance between the stars, to calculate the distance between the universe, you will feel that 4 trillion light years are near.

But based on the normal deity’s ability to shuttle, 4 trillion light-years is too far away.

Like mortals would feel that their land is too small, but if they do not take good transportation, in the underdeveloped era, it will take months or longer to walk from one side of the land to the other. It feels far away.

“As long as we find the second universe, it’s clear, guess what to do so much?” Chaos Shinto.

Ye Yang nodded.

But in my heart, I have a different idea.

“A lot of resources are constantly being sent out, and a lot of ordinary gods are constantly shuttled. Can they afford the delivery fee? If it is a one-way ticket, the delivery will not come back in the past, and it is barely passable. But come and go , Continuously sending out various containers and materials, the resources consumed by this transmission will be huge and unimaginable.

“The farther the distance of a one-time transmission, the energy consumption will increase by a geometric multiple. Therefore, most gods rush to the road, in the universe, they are transmitted separately, rather than once too far.

“However, with 4 trillion light years of transmission, this consumes…”

Ye Yang remembered his experience easily.

Who can afford such a huge amount of energy?

Chaotic Emperor?

An ancient chaotic emperor? Own your own territory? And it took a very long time to accumulate and compress the very chaotic compressed fluid, so it is enough to support such actions.

But will it be Chaos God?

Ye Yang feels that guessing can be bolder.

“It is possible…the remains of the previous generation Chaos Controller?!!!”

Chaos Controller may turn into a new universe.

However, is it possible that it will not fall into a new universe and die?

In the universe, there is the brand of Chaos Controller, leaving the cracks of the universe, without knowing where to go. Suspicion of merging with certain gods, allowing some gods to gain inheritance.

So, many Ancient God Sovereign, get this information, understood route, first go to the indestructible wall to blockade. Then spend resources, consume Law Power in the universe, and communicate with Primal Chaos Abyss.

Law Power in the universe accelerates to weaken, not just for the prison of the void.

Besides 4 trillion light years, it is possible that… it is the demise of the previous Chaos Controller. Or… just the ruins of “Primal Chaos Domain” left over from the previous Chaos Controller?

After construction, transformation, such ruins, such legacy collars…


Ye Yang feels that he vaguely touched the corner of the truth.

At the same time, it also seemed to smell a conspiracy breath.

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