Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 922


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“Your Majesty, Lord of Chaos, did you think of something?” The God of Chaos suddenly asked.

Ye Yang said: “It’s nothing. I just had a hint of inspiration, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it for a while. But in short, there must be something weird in the Second Universe, we must pay attention.”

The god of cause and effect and the god of chaos are slightly nodded.

“Then next, are we going to go straight from here, or go to the random moving point in the universe?” the god of cause and effect asked.

Ye Yang said: “Try breakthrough from here first. If not, go to the random point in the universe.”

The god of cause and effect and the god of confusion were silent.

If you start from here, there will be endless chaos outside.

For them, it is quite dangerous.

Normal deities are difficult to survive in Chaos World for a long time.

Of course, they are as powerful as they are, and it’s no problem to enter Chaos World and come out for a while. Unless staying inside for a long time.

Enter Chaos World, just like chaotic creatures enter this universe, all forces will be suppressed and weakened.

After entering Chaos World, how much strength will they retain? Feeling insecure.

Of course, in the universe today, they are also suppressed in their strength, and their true strength can not be achieved, nor can they reach their peak level. After all, it is safer than the universe.

They prefer to directly search for the randomly moving teleport center in the universe.

But their reason also tells them that if they go to that teleport center, they will probably get nothing.

The reason was also analyzed before.

So, going out from here and going to the second universe is a more reliable behavior.

“Fortunately, the deity was prepared before, but the incarnation came and the ontology stayed elsewhere in the universe, and once this incarnation completely separated from the ontology, once a separate thought and consciousness were generated, it would explode directly and become a fly Ash, no longer exists. So, don’t worry about the demise of the body, and don’t worry about the incarnation getting out of control.

“However, such a super incarnation is not cheap to create. The strength is infinitely close to that of the body, but it is not so easy to create.”

The god of cause and effect and Divine Heart of Chaos flash.

On the surface, it is quiet.

“Since this is the case, you have to rely on the Lord of Chaos Your Majesty to protect us a lot.” The god of cause and effect and the god of chaos.

Ye Yang said: “Yes, we are allies.”

There is a pledge of God.

Of course, they are still not at ease.

Therefore, the god of cause and effect: “The deity speculates that the so-called second universe is not fixed in one place, but is continuously moving its position, and along the way, the deity will calculate the position of the second universe from time to time. We are guaranteed that we will not go wrong and get lost. Moreover, when we return, we can easily return to the universe without going wrong.”

Going out of this universe, if you are too deep into the chaos, and you want to fly back to this universe again, you may not be able to return successfully, and you may get lost.

After all, the universe is too small compared to the entire Chaos World.

Moreover, chaos is different from normal void in that it blocks light, blocks divine force fluctuations, blocks divine sense, blocks cause and effect, and blocks all kinds of perception.

Moreover, in chaos, there are no fixed references.

For example, Ye Yang’s territory.

The name is Territory, it should be in a fixed position, and it will not migrate.

But in fact, it really moves.

For example, a mortal lord on planet, occupying a great plain, how many troops are there to protect this territory. The entire territory seems fixed and inactive. But in the view of Boundless Starry Sky, the entire territory will rotate with the planet.

And it’s more serious in chaos. One area, the rootless duckweed, wanders with chaos.

Of course, there are rules.

Not too close to the realm of other Chaos Gods. It can be sensed when it is close to a certain distance, and if it does not want to conflict, it will leave a little.

In addition, it can also be locked with this universe, that is, it can only move within a certain range around this universe, and will not go too far.

Many of the chaos in the universe is converging towards the edge of the universe. The velocity is not fast, but the directional flow, like the ocean current, can be detected.

Then, the so-called second universe, whose position is not fixed, is normal. Although there may be a regular trajectory, is it not calculated now?

“The god of cause and effect said this deliberately…I hope I will protect her more seriously, without leaving her halfway?” Ye Yang’s thought flashed.

“Since this is the case, then, along the way, the deity is responsible for straightening out the chaos.” The god of chaos: “Chaos is chaos, the deity cleans up the chaotic factors, and we can also extract our useful Law Fragment. And reduce Some interference with Your Majesty, the god of cause and effect, is more convenient to calculate.”

The God of Chaos is also expressing his own value so as not to be left behind by Ye Yang.

Although they are bound by God’s oath, they dare not make a promise. The oath can also be broken. As long as there are sufficient interests and not afraid of the price to be paid for breaking the oath, it is possible to break it.

“So, do you want to start?” Ye Yang said.

“Wait, let’s prepare a little bit.”

“Then hurry up, lest you have a long night.”

The two deities spent a few minutes preparing, and the time was not long, and they did not know what they had prepared.

Ye Yang thought for a while and then gave a few pieces of one-time Divine Item a little modification and threw it to them.

“This Divine Item, you use to set up a divine sense induction to continue the situation, you can increase your divine sense induction, and echo with the body in the universe. The incarnation can be assured without leaving the body control.” Ye Yang said.

They accepted it gratefully.

However, after sweeping the divine sense, I found that this Divine Item has been transformed to be similar to the cheap Divine Item sold in the ancient palace in the early days. It is not uncommon, and it is impossible to spy on the found mystery and Ye Yang’s disposable Divine Item. Mystery.

Of course, it’s not true if you don’t find it at all. They found that the material of this Divine Item is relatively simple. Only that.

The position is arranged on this incarnation, Ye Yang said: “The deity will provide you with some energy along the way to keep your induction position running.”

Maintaining the connection between incarnation and ontology requires energy. Such a situation, or corresponding talisman or reel, a lot, the technology is not difficult. However, energy needs to be consumed. In chaos, this kind of energy that is regular and related to Divine Law is not easy to obtain.

“Okay, let’s go!”

Ye Yang waved his hand, and the vast divine force attracted the surrounding energy and matter to create a huge cosmic battleship out of nowhere.

It looks like a giant fish, but it is only 300 metres in length, which is much smaller than the battleship of many mortals.

It’s just that the densely packed inside are all kinds of shockproof and absorption positions. In addition to the battleship, Ye Yang’s 3,600 Divine Item was instantly inserted.

Three thousand six hundred Divine Item forms a protective position, only protecting a small battleship 300 meters long, the safety is high enough. When the layout is reasonable, the more Divine Item, the less the protection scope, the better the effect.

Soon, the three stood in this battleship, whizzing through the breakthrough universe barrier and breaking into Chaos World.

Like a fish, it enters the filthy ocean and shuttles rapidly.

“Speed ​​up…30,000,000 kilometers per second…40 million per second, 50,000,000…60 Million…”

The battleship also includes a simple smart computer made by Ye Yang with divine force, which is about to report some simple data.

Before and after, the speed of battleship broke through to 100 million kilometers per second, then 200 million, 300 million… to 1 billion, 2 billion, 3,000,000,000…

The speed keeps rising. Moreover, the acceleration is constantly soaring. This increase process will continue for some time.

Until fast enough. Otherwise, if you want to cross 4 trillion light years, I don’t know how many years it takes.

The current acceleration is far from the extreme speed of battleship, but it slowly accelerates so that the protective position here can adapt to the pressure of chaos.

The power of battleship is also the battle within the battleship.

The god of cause and effect sensed it a little and exclaimed: “Your Majesty, the god of chaos, is indeed able to use the power of chaos.”

They guessed that the one who claimed to be the Lord of Chaos might have been the powerhouse who had attacked the Eastern League. Both are powerhouses that control Primal Chaos Law.

And at this moment, the intelligent computer in the battleship made a woman’s voice: “Prepare for the chaos shuttle… The first cross space jump test in Chaos World, the countdown…”

Ye Yang can easily shuttle here, but with two gods and such a battleship shell, this shuttle still needs to be tested. After all, this incarnation completely relies on Divine Item, not just the power to control Primal Chaos Law.

However, the female voice was just about to count down, but suddenly changed her voice and became sharp and urgent: “Emergency warning! Emergency warning! There are powerful hostile creatures approaching, there is a strong divine force wave…”

The words fell, and the battleship abruptly accelerated forward.

I sensed that a vast sword of prestige came.

Behind the battleship, there is a huge sword mark of 3 billion billion kilometers. That is about thirty light years in length. The width of the sword mark is actually 5 trillion kilometers in length.

“This is… Duan Yujian?”

The god of cause and effect is horrified.

I saw a piece of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, split open space, flew close, and intercepted the front, back, left, and right of this battleship.

The speed of the battleship drops abruptly, without going straight ahead, because there are already multiple Divine Item strikes coming over.

“Interesting… It was actually something that flew out of the universe. Very good, this strange battleship, we levied. Including Divine Item above.” A Primal Chaos Divine Artifact like a jade mirror Make a clear voice, like a woman.

“Yes, the gods inside, if you don’t want to be bombed and destroyed by us together, just fly out from the inside and hand over this Divine Item.” Another voice came, but it was a broken stone mill.

In Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, there is a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure known as the World Extinction Mill, which is said to crush the universe into fly ash. I don’t know if this legend is true. Fortunately, it was just broken. Moreover, the stone mill is divided into two halves, where there are only half, there is no grinding disc, and it can’t be moved.

“Don’t worry, peace is yours. This battleship falls into our hands and we may not be able to control it well. Moreover, if the gods inside are too strong and want to resist, then in case this battleship It’s broken, it’s not good.” A gentle voice came. It is a thing that looks like a scabbard, and it looks quite broken. Listen to the sound like a gentle old man.

“Yes, this is the gods in the battleship. It’s not this battleship. You stop us, what do you want to do?” The god of cause and effect released the divine sense in a panic and asked Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure outside.

There is only one piece and two pieces, not afraid. But now, too much has come.

If he is in the universe, he does not dare to say that he can win with certainty, then he can withdraw with confidence. But now, in Chaos World, I have encountered so many Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and I can’t beat it. Can He not panic?

The Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure with Artifact Spirit, even if it is broken, is not easy to deal with.

“We don’t have many requirements, just send us into the universe,” Duan Yujian’s voice came.

“Yes, since you can get out of Yu Nei, you have figured out how to return. We will ask you to send me to enter Yu Yu. I hope you can understand the current affairs, but don’t think about it for a while. For the rebels, We have never been soft-hearted!” A broken knife made a sound.

The god of cause and effect looks towards Ye Yang at the same time.

“How? We send them into the universe first, and then we go to the destination?”

“As long as they enter the universe, they will either find trouble with other gods, or those with prisoners in the void, and will not come to entangle with us again. And they will no longer run into chaos in chaos. , Lest it be difficult to return.”

The two gods persuaded.

Ye Yang grinned: “Is it so easy?”

Shendao of cause and effect: “This is not counseling, but knowing to advance and retreat.”

“Yes.” Chaos Shinto.

“If they enter the universe, will it cause great damage?” Ye Yang said.

“Dead Fellow Daoist does not die Poor Daoist. The sky is falling and there are tall people on top, what are you afraid of? And, we have the second universe as a retreat, as long as they do not find the second universe, even if they are in the first universe. Don’t be afraid of messing up in China.” Chaos Shinto.

Ye Yang faintly sighed, shaking his head.

The two gods incarnation change color: “Aren’t you trying to refuse?”

Ye Yang said: “You think, sending them back to the universe, they will make us come out so easily? Most likely they will want to trap us, so that in case they are in danger and have to return to chaos, Can hold us. With us in hand, we can continue to return to the universe. Such good things, they will not let go easily, and will not give up easily. Even more how, they are rejected by the universe, are they not Wouldn’t you be excluded if you go back in this battleship?

“The battleship of this deity has only a shell, and that situation only protects us from being crushed by chaos. How could it be possible for them to withstand the pressure of three and a half steps into Daoist’s pressure and enter the universe? Once they cannot return to the universe Medium, it is also very likely to turn his face.”

The two gods were taken aback.

Because Ye Yang’s words make sense, she was worried, “What should I do?”

These two incarnations are precious, and they are not willing to give up easily.

The voice of Artifact Spirit from Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, such as Duan Yujian, came in due time: “How do you think about it?”

“If you don’t answer, you will resist!” said another voice.

Ye Yang removes the temporary one-way sound insulation array around him. He can hear the sound from outside, and can also sense the fluctuation of the divine force here.

He only laughed heartily: “The deity has waited for this opportunity for a long time.”

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure outside “en?” is slightly surprised.

“The deity is now powerful and runs invincible in the universe. I always want to try. With the power of the deity, can I compete with the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? With the 108,000 Divine Item of the deity, in the chaos outside the universe, Is it enough to compete with a group of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure?”

The words fell… No 108,000 Divine Item emerged, but 36,000 Divine Item appeared suddenly. Piece by piece scattered around, surrounded by battleship, like flowers blooming, clothed into layers of Divine Item large array, and then constitute a super large array.

The vast chaos suddenly rushed from all directions, converging into the formation, forming a super strong super huge chaotic vortex in Chaos World.

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