Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 923


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“He can actually control Primal Chaos Qi?!”

“He can control Primal Chaos Law!!!”

“This is a Chaos Divine Demon no doubt!”

Many Artifact Spirits of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact screamed out.

“Chaos Divine Demon in Chaos World, the strength will be stronger than in the universe, but I, Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, are also more capable of playing in chaos. This person relies on some low-level Divine Item, in Chaos, thought it could compete with so many of our Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure? It’s arrogant!”

“Fuck Him!!”

each and everyone Artifact Spirit roared.

However, most of the Artifact Spirit of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure is quite treacherous, just roaring loudly, but not rushing forward.

Only Duan Yujian sneered, and the sword was cut first.

Before he had shot, and had already offended, why fear this? Cut out the sword energy again.

At the same time, the huge grinding disc shot at Ye Yang’s huge chaotic vortex, and the other Primal Chaos Divine Artifact quickly released various attacks in the distance. They did not come near, but remotely chopped blade light sword energy, one after another strongly turbulent sound waves, a bunch of glowing lights, one after another violent and disordered Law Power, washed towards this side.

bang!! !

Primal Chaos Qi near Ye Yang was blown up, and the huge vortex that had just absorbed the chaos was shattered.

It’s just that the chaos that Ye Yang has just engulfed has formed a huge crystalline wall, condensed around the battleship and blocked all kinds of attacks. Then it burst out.

Thousands of Divine Item, under the impact of just now, also burst apart.

Sword-shaped, knife-shaped, gun-shaped, drum-shaped, bell-shaped, bell-shaped, pen-shaped, ink-shaped, rope-shaped… etc., Divine Items in shape are broken one after another.

However, these broken Divine Item turned into Primal Chaos Qi and overflowed.

Then, under the control of the powerful divine sense released by Ye Yang, the unbroken Divine Item manifests from the void.

They just blocked the temporarily created parallel time and space after the attack. Chaos World has no parallel time and space, but was created temporarily by these Divine Items.

They build each and everyone into a horn-like weird magnification Divine Item, which instantly magnifies Ye Yang’s fine divine sense. There is also a piece of Divine Item that constitutes each and everyone like an ancient well. There is a chaotic fluid condensed into a liquid surface like well water, but it is extremely calm and reflects everything around.

Subsequently, pieces of broken Divine Item fragments and a large number of Primal Chaos Qi around them disappeared out of thin air, and another piece of intact Divine Item emerged from the surface of the ancient well and recovered as before.

The low-level Divine Item broken material formed by these Divine Item fragments is actually merged with Primal Chaos Qi, and it has changed into Divine Item form again, and formed a new large formation around Ye Yang.

“This… actually broken and recovered?”

“This guy’s control of Primal Chaos Law is very powerful!”

“The Divine Item is broken, the material is not completely crushed, and it has the original part of the shape, so it can absorb the chaos and recover quickly. I don’t need to be too surprised. I can completely crush his Divine Item. .”


In a flash, many Divine Item phantoms rushed over.

Not an ontology, these Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts can actually differentiate into incarnation.

It’s just that they suck up the chaos around them, and then compress Primal Chaos Qi into a transformed image of Divine Item, and then they came here.

Ye Yang looked at it, Divine Item held his battleship and backed with him.


The boom of boom~ boom~ continues.

Ye Yang’s empty space was bombarded by Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

His thoughts move, the formation of his many Divine Items, formed a huge barrier, but only blocked some of the strikes of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, if there were more, it would cause the entire protective barrier to break.

Once the protective barrier is broken, the 36,000 Divine Items that constitute this Defensive Array will explode together.

There are few Divine Items that have exploded before, so you can use the Divine Item that has not exploded to build a repair class to repair, but if 36,000 Divine Items explode together, it is difficult to repair.

So Ye Yang retreats again and again, and only allows his protective barrier to withstand most of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact’s attacks while avoiding the impact of another Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

“As long as you don’t endure the strikes of all Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts here at the same time, they will not be broken. However, if you are accidentally struck by the power of these Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts at the same time, then it’s really going to die…”

Ye Yang’s complexion.

Because, he found that his Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, the level is too low, in the face of these Peak’s Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and the powerful Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, they will be hidden from the crowd, and some powers can’t be exerted. come out.

Something like a cow and a horse meets a tiger, like a small animal that encounters a giant dragon, it will automatically produce a sense of fear.

“There is still such a situation…No, it is one of these Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts that has a special ability that can restrain its various low-level Divine Item. Facing the gods or other high-level ones Divine Item does not work, but the restraint on my Divine Item is greater.

“It must be so…but which Primal Chaos Divine Artifact works?”

Ye Yang stared at it carefully, but for a while he could not see it.


Thinking about it, one after another in the distance is crushed by a great force.

Ye Yang retreated abruptly, and then laughed, with 10,008 Divine Items around him, and exploded at the same time!

The Divine Item collapsed near one third.

However, the destruction of these 10,008 hundred Divine Items instantly created three intense sword lights.

From a distance, it looks like there are three Duanyu swords. Each Sword of Sword Yu bursts out with immense and powerful imposing manner, which is not inferior to the real Sword of Sword Yu, even better.

It’s just that these three broken swords, every sword, were cut out and immediately exhausted their strength.


In the Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, Artifact Spirit roared.

However, the sword energy slashed, and the pieces of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure were easily slashed. Some failed to reach the Supreme Treasure level, or even cut in half.

“really strong!!!”

The real Duanyu sword cuts out a sword energy, and against this side, it is actually unable to withstand it, but it is weaker than the wind.

“This deity, how to say it is also the power of more than three thousand Divine Item, converged into a sword energy. It is comparable to the might of a single sword released by the burning of his own source. You, the broken sword, don’t I am willing to burn the source and use all my strength, just an ordinary attack. How can I resist the sword energy here?”

Ye Yang sneered. In an instant, there were 10,008 more Divine Items converging in the void, arranged in a line, Divine Item bombarded and shattered, turning into a rolling Primal Chaos Qi.

Terrifying, the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi has also been brought together. Therefore, the formidable power of these 10,008 hundred Divine Item is comparable to more than 50,000 divine item’s prestige in the universe. If there is enough time to accumulate power, it may be stronger.

How strong will the sword energy condensed from these Divine Items be?

At this moment, three huge Duanyu swords manifested in the void, Zhan Zhan divine might, and Haohao shone everywhere.

Many Primal Chaos Divine Artifact were frightened and flew to the Quartet.

Although these Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts are strong, after all, there are few that are comparable to Duan Yujian. Duan Yujian is known as the most powerful Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, and it’s not a slapstick. Even if it is broken, the attack can not be blocked by these Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

Most Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure can’t stop Duanyu Sword, let alone those Primal Chaos Divine Artifact that can’t be called Supreme Treasure?

For a time, Primal Chaos Divine Artifact retreated.

However, at this time, in Chaos Void, the intense rays of light bloomed, and I saw that new pieces of Divine Item were re-formed and manifested in the sky.

“This is…”


The Artifact Spirits of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact are stunned.

“The three powerful sword energies that were cut out for the first time just now are real. But the 10,008 hundred pieces of Divine Item, not at all Self-destruction that emerged the second time! The picture of Self-destruction is fake , The phantasmagorized sword is fake!

“At most there are only one or two thousand Sword God phantoms created at the expense of destruction. With the help of this Chaos World’s Primal Chaos Qi, we actually deceived us. Then, two or four thousand Divine Items constitute a repair situation, will The 10,008 hundred Divine Item repaired for the first time before exploding…”

“Damn, Damn!!”

each and everyone Artifact Spirit hates.

This is Chaos World, Primal Chaos Qi is endless here, Ye Yang can take it endlessly. If you only need enough Primal Chaos Qi, plus the Divine Item basic materials that have not been completely smashed and destroyed, and you can repair it with the repairing situation, what a fart?

Is actually a beautiful and alluring woman wearing gray yarn, with gray yarn on her face, floating from a distance. But this person’s upper body is humanoid, but the lower body is fish-shaped, and the tail section is extremely long, and it also has fish scales and dragon scales.

“The new Chaos God Emperor is both gratifying and congratulatory, how to be cut?” Another voice came out, but it was a crustacean.

It looks like an Insect transformed into a human form with a full carapace, but two huge bat wings and a demon tail growing on the back. Humanoid creatures like insects and insects.

This is also a chaotic emperor.

The woman said: “A Chaos Divine Emperor, want to be born, why is it difficult? In recent millions of years, it seems that there is only a new Chaos Divine Emperor……”

“The Smelly Brat that made us lose money? The new chaotic god emperor who disrespected his predecessors?”

“Yes, it must be Him.”

“Well, there is a new Chaos God Emperor, which is naturally gratifying, but since it is that guy, it is to be cut.”

The four chaotic emperors, whose murderous intentions were fierce, came not far and far away, and stared at Ye Yang so coldly, so billions of kilometers apart.

“Your identity is exposed.” A pen-shaped Primal Chaos Divine Artifact’s Artifact Spirit is authentic.

Ye Yang swept coldly and was about to speak. The Artifact Spirit of Divine Item said again: “You can’t deny it.”

Ye Yang coldly snorted: “You guys, seem to have opinions on this deity?”

“What do you say?” Chaos God Sovereign Dao.

Behind them, there are more Chaos Divine Demon, each and everyone gradually emerges, and the army is behind.

The Chaos Divine Demon sucks the surrounding voids, swallows the chaos, and lays a space-time barrier to prevent Ye Yang incarnation here from crossing the space-time summon Primal Chaos Qi in the distance.

“Well, since I have an opinion on the deity, why not go to the realm of the deity? You dare not break into the realm of the deity, but dare to come and find the little incarnation of the deity? I’m not afraid of being said to be nothing Are you guts?” Ye Yang said.

“Shut up! How dare you ridicule us?” The Chaos God Sovereign Dao in the Insect Devil form.

Ye Yang said: “You have all come to siege the deity shamelessly, and you dare not dare to attack the unremarkable incarnation of the deity, but you are so shameless, are you afraid of the deity?”

“You!!!” Insect Devil was furious.

The chaotic god emperor of the whale form laughed heartily: “If your incarnation is unremarkable and unimportant, you won’t be so nervous anymore. Instead, you clamor with me directly. Junior, no matter whether your incarnation is important or not, Eradicate your incarnation and the tens of thousands of Divine Item you carry. I can breathe a bad breath and make you uncomfortable. I will be happy when I wait.”

“Okay, everyone, why talk nonsense with Him? Come on!” another chaotic god Sovereign Dao.

“This is not his body, and we can’t cut weeds and eliminate the roots. It can only make us happy. Therefore, it is no problem to learn to play with cats and mice and tease him more.” Chaos God in the form of a giant whale Sovereign Dao.

Ye Yang complexion sank, then sneered: “A group of courageless bandits, even in this case, are still the main body staying in the territory, only dare to incarnation out? Just rely on your incarnation, plus these broken Broken Primal Chaos Divine Artifact…Oh, who gives you the confidence that you will win? The one to emerge victorious, not yet known!”

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