Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 924


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“hmph, brave, brave!!! I hope you can still be so hard-mouthed!”

Many chaotic emperors stared at Ye Yang with cold eyes.

After that, the surrounding voids were distorted, and Primal Chaos Qi here was extracted in large quantities.

The connection between the outside and here was temporarily cut off, and many Chaos Divine Demons were formed to block the inside and outside. Many Chaos Gods also began to draw Primal Chaos Qi here, and Ye Yang to rob Chaos. It caused the nearby Primal Chaos Qi to become thin in an instant.

At the same time, the big stock Primal Chaos Qi is shrinking outside. a Chaos Divine Demon array control Primal Chaos Qi Compressed and condensed flying spears and flying knives, each of which contains extremely terrifying power, not inferior to Primal Chaos Divine Artifact full strength attack.

Smiles appeared on the faces of Chaos Gods.

Primal Chaos Divine Artifact is very proud.

Although Ye Yang is strong, it relies only on these Divine Items. Without these Divine Items, Ye Yang’s own strength can only be as strong as the incarnation of a chaotic emperor.

But the ordinary Chaos Divine Demon outside, each one, is not as good as a piece of Ye Yang’s junk ~~ junk Divine Item?

So many Chaos Divine Demon add up, is it possible that it is not as good as Ye Yang’s low-level Divine Item?

Many Chaos Divine Demon sets up, is it not as good as Ye Yang’s Divine Item?

Ye Yang’s Divine Item is cleverly used, but haven’t the gods been in control of the Divine Item for so many years? Not as good as Ye Yang?

They felt that Ye Yang had lost this time, and impossible was fighting against so many powerhouses.

In the battleship where Ye Yang is located, the god of cause and effect and the god of chaos are faceless.

“Bitter too!”

“I thought it was a strong backer, and following him could avoid many dangers. When danger came, he stood up, and we can reach the destination safely and smoothly. But absolutely didn’t expect…”

“Oh, indeed didn’t expect, this is actually a super big trouble to follow him into Chaos World, which is more dangerous than crossing the chaos causiously by ourselves.”

“What should I do? Escape?”

“All got into the thief ship, how to escape? Run out and tell them that we are not with You Majesty, who claims to be the Lord of Chaos? They can believe? Even more how, a waste The powerful incarnation and the great loss can make our heart hurt so much, but it is better than turning your face directly with him. If you turn your face, not only the incarnation can not be kept, but the previous sentiment is cancelled. It is impossible to want to unite later. Without his help, we It is difficult to obtain the benefits of the Second Universe. It also has to bear the punishment for breaking the oath.”

“So… even if you are not reconciled, you can only watch here. Even if you lose this incarnation, we have no way to react, we can only wait like this?”

The god of cause and effect and the god of chaos, looked at each other in blank dismay.

Ye Yang suddenly laughed: “Two, why are you so depressed? The deity hasn’t lost yet!”

The two gods were startled.

They divine sense sound transmission, deliberately controlled, only the other party can sense it. But she was “eavesdropped” by Ye Yang?

Ye Yang in the vicinity puts up positions and keeps monitoring them?

I am very upset.

But there is no way to suffocate. It’s not as good as Ye Yang, and it can’t turn over now.

The two gods can only keep their faces cold, without saying a word.

But at this moment, the entire battleship is violently turbulent, and the battleship and the internal space, together with them, like a child are torn and twisted.

They were beating like drums and thought they were finished.

But… this is not the case.

The outside world, Ye Yang laughed heartily, surrounded by Divine Item, exploded, and formed a huge wave, partly spurting outwards and partly compressing inwards.

The wave rushing outwards temporarily temporarily blocked the joint attack of many Chaos Gods and Primal Chaos Divine Artifact Artifact Spirit.

They joined forces temporarily, this cooperation is not very good, and there are loopholes. The timing of the shots is not right.

So, Ye Yang can block a bit or two.

Other Divine Items, gathered around Ye Yang, actually collapsed the void. What happens if the chaotic void collapses again?

No, it is a super long-distance space-time channel.

The power of many Divine Items only targets a certain point of the surrounding circle.

use point to break surface.

The array of Chaos Divine Demon around them suddenly violently turbulent.

At this turbulent moment, Ye Yang and the entire battleship disappeared. It left a lot of broken Divine Item debris and rolling chaos.

This is the Divine Item that Ye Yang finally found. It has lost at least 13,000 items, and there is no way to recover it. There are many, not even the remains.

“Run away?!!!”

“At the cost of losing more than 10,000 Divine Items, but to keep such a not strong incarnation?”

“If he fell here, the loss would not only be more than 10,000 Divine Item, but tens of thousands. And, it was just sure that someone responded, and there was no powerhouse to use very great power to respond, it was impossible. He was teleported away. The lost power is not inferior to the strength of the thousand thousand Chaos Divine Demon…”

“In chaos, energy is something that will never be lacking. The key is, who responded to his teleportation?”

Everyone stared at the huge void left after Ye Yang left, and no one broke in.

Because Ye Yang went in, it was a passage. Other gods will enter, it will be a trap.

It’s like Ye Yang accidentally traversing the traps laid by the wall builders in the universe.

“Damn, if the deity is correct, he will only go to one place!!”

in the sky, a pair of eyes, swept toward Primal Chaos Domain controlled by Ye Yang incarnation. Chaos territory.

The boundless space belongs to Ye Yang.

Ye Yang is there, Supreme.

Any place in it, any ray of matter and energy, follows His will. Everything in it is controlled by His will. All Primal Chaos Qi and other Chaos Divine Emperors can’t control them at all. Even if Primal Chaos Law is stronger, in this field, if Ye Yang is not allowed, it is impossible to control any trace of chaos. Impossible uses external force and can only use his own power.

Unless Chaos Controller was born and has a solid realm.

Unless it is the powerhouse of that series, otherwise, Ye Yang is absolutely Xeon in his Primal Chaos Domain.

Of course, if anyone is so powerful that it will be completely blocked, many Chaos Gods will spend a long time to block and wear away all Primal Chaos Qi inside, and will not allow the Primal Chaos Qi outside to be dragged in again, That will defeat Ye Yang.

No, you can even consume the majority of Primal Chaos Qi inside. You don’t need to consume all of them to make the place even.

It is a pity that many Chaos Gods will not work with a common purpose for a long time against a Ye Yang. They also conflict with each other.

“Sure enough… the kid who controls many Divine Item, the arrogant who claims to be the Lord of Chaos, is the new Chaos God Emperor!”

“hmph, you can think of it with your toes. How can the new Chaos God Emperor appear so easily? The creatures born in chaos can hardly have high IQ. Not the creatures born in chaos, almost impossible Take control of Primal Chaos Law.”

“This child was rampant in Yu before, claiming to be Chaos Controller, controlling the power of chaos, attacking the Antarctic League of Gods, and having a loud voice. Then suddenly disappeared. Then came such a god that controls many Divine Item, Divine Item also contains the power of chaos, how to think it is likely to be the same person.”

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense, what now? How to attack his territory?”

The gods are silent.

“Hehe, don’t you want to deal with the deity? Come on, come on, you come here. If you have any kind of attack, come in!”

Ye Yang’s voice was heard in the void.

He is already in that chaotic territory, and the battleship is also there. His face is deliberately pretentious and arrogant.

a Chaos God aura gets gnashing teeth: “Don’t think you are invincible in Primal Chaos Domain. If we really join forces to flatten your chaotic territory, you will be too late to cry.”

Ye Yang grinned.

If they can really be so united, they won’t be attacked for so long.

Don’t you see Ye Yang incarnation outside, it seems easy to deal with, only to join forces together? Now that I see Ye Yang hiding here, I don’t want to bite hard bones.

“Boy, since you have differentiated other identities and led people out of the universe, it is suspected that you will travel through a large chaotic area, and I don’t know where to go. Then, it means that you must have important things and need to act outside. We are united in Therefore, there is no need to attack, just block your territory and prevent you from going out, you can destroy your plan.”

“If you can destroy his plan, the deity will be happy and block his territory.”

a Chaos Divine Emperor and Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, plus a large number of Chaos Divine Demon, grandiose came to this side.

If they want to attack, they are afraid of damage. Will be stared at by other Chou families. But if it’s just siege and no attack, then it’s okay, at least no problem in a short time. So, one response.

At this moment, Ye Yang’s incarnation disappeared.

The battleship is still in that territory, but it is suppressed by invisible chaos, and the gods of cause and effect and gods of chaos are not brought out.

Although I can’t hide my identity, I’m not afraid that they know some things, but I can hide more things if I can.

Ye Yang acts alone, driving 64,000 Divine Item, appearing out of thin air where many Primal Chaos Divine Artifacts were before.

Many of these Divine Items are in Ye Yang’s territory and have just been created and have not been fully tempered. Originally to be transmitted to the universe, to the body, and then transferred to other incarnation, now save a few steps.

“Unless the territory of the deity is completely blocked, otherwise, the deity will come out of it, who can stop it?”

Chaos World is Primal Chaos Qi. If you control Primal Chaos Law, you are equivalent to having endless follow-up energy.

Shuttling through the void, even if the consumption is large, as long as there is a strong base supported at the back, it can be shuttled through. Affordable.

Ye Yang, at this time, will not be distressed by the consumption of Primal Chaos Qi. Although it is used to extract the chaos from the territory and transform it into hardened chaos.

The body is close to many Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

They seem to feel, each and everyone divine sense retrace.

“It’s Him!”

“That bastard who claims to be the Lord of Chaos!”

Ye Yang’s countless Divine Item flew out before the words fell.

One after another sword energy blade light formed by the violent Primal Chaos Qi, slashed out, a Chaos Divine Demon was torn in half.

No Divine Item popped up. However, the formidable power of these Divine Items depends on who owns them. Ye Yang will control these Divine Items, using chaos as energy, and chaos instead of divine force. Each piece of low-level Divine Item is not inferior to Divinity Venerable. Level’s Divine Item. Of course, there can only be such formidable power here.

A lot of Divine Items have joined forces to encircle and suppress, how can the ordinary Chaos Divine Demon stop it?

Large films fell, and most of them were wiped out.

There are definitely a lot of Chaos Divine Demon in the chaos, but it must be called here in the far and deep chaos, and the Chaos Divine Demon in the surrounding area is here. Now it is also destroyed. Too. Unless the Chaos Divine Demon in the distance migrates nearby and joins the battlefield, otherwise, they have no reinforcements for the time being.

“Boy, you are courting death!”

a Chaos God Emperor turned around and incarnation killed Ye Yang. There is one after another chaotic turbid current, split open space is transmitted here.

Ye Yang escaped by shuttling through the void directly, but was sent back to the territory, and then transmitted to the other end of those siegeers with the aid of the Transmission Array potential pre-arranged in the territory. On the other side of the army of Chaos Divine Demon, the Divine Item whirls.

Ye Yang’s Divine Item still exploded. However, under the many Divine Item strikes, more Chaos Divine Demon fell. The rest are just a few.

Although Chaos Divine Demon is strong, the difference between the series and Ye Yang is too great, destroying them is like chopping melons and vegetables. With this point of Chaos Divine Demon, I want to form a blockade to block the void, and I can’t block it.

Ye Yang controls Divine Item at this time, killing those Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

Many Divine Items come back, or the transformation becomes larger and smaller, blocking Ye Yang’s attack. A number of Chaos Divine Emperors quickly rushed to respond and joined forces against Ye Yang.

The war broke out in full swing. Soon there was a Chaos Divine Emperor’s roar, and pieces of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact sounded cracking.

Many Primal Chaos Divine Artifact with more cracking marks, fled and fled from the battle area.

Ye Yang’s figure also suddenly appears in the surrounding void, and the Divine Item around him has damaged more than 40,000 pieces, leaving only more than 20,000 pieces.

Moreover, his incarnation has broken several holes and is drawing back from chaos to repair it. His spirit has withstood a strong impact, and his eyes of light are a bit bleak.

“very powerful, terrible…can’t stop it anymore!”

Fortunately, the ordinary Chaos Divine Demon was destroyed before. Otherwise, the front of the powerhouse blocked Ye Yang, and the ordinary Chaos Divine Demon took the opportunity to set up outside, but it was difficult for 2nd to escape.

At this time, reluctantly escaping is also a heavy loss.

Several pieces of Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, chased and killed, a number of Chaos Divine Emperors, split open space transmission, intercepted around.

Ye Yang laughed, no longer blocked, once a powerhouse approaches, it immediately teleports away.

In the vicinity, wander and fight with them.

If the void is disturbed and it is difficult to transmit directly to the vicinity, then let Ye Yang’s territory mobilize the summon position at a distance, and at the cost of wasting a lot of Primal Chaos Qi, force Ye Yang incarnation here to lead it by force.

Ye Yang enters the territory, replenishes his strength, recovers, and sends it out again, killing it.

Of course, Divine Item will be constantly added.

For this battle of will, for this battle, the constant loss of these Divine Items is not worth it. Even if these low-level Divine Items are not very valuable to Ye Yang, but if the quantity is large, they will be distressed.

Like an ordinary person, you won’t be distressed by a few cents or a dollar coin that you don’t see, but if you lose tens of thousands of coins, the normal person will feel distressed.

Someone won’t be distressed by accidentally breaking a cup worth thousands of dollars. But if you break tens of thousands at once, you have to be distressed.

A general will not distress a few arrows shot, but tens of thousands of arrows have to think about it. If there are no more than a dozen of 200,000 arrows in your team, and you can remove half of them at once, then you must be distressed.

Therefore, many of the Divine Item brought out by Ye Yang are only counterfeit goods and have no practical purpose. It’s just awesome, it still looks pretty good. As if these Divine Item are inexhaustible.

I have been wrestling with many Chaos Gods and Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

Near the void, the fighting continued.


After the war, Ye Yang quietly condensed another incarnation, turned into a normal Chaos Divine Demon, disguised, and rushed to Primal Chaos Abyss.

“Hehe, this time without the god of cause and effect and the god of chaos, let’s cross the sea and secretly cross Chen Cang… wait until the deity finds the second universe.”

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