Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 925


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In the eyes of many Chaos Divine Demon, including those of Chaos Divine Emperor and Artifact Spirit of many Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, Ye Yang may be regarded as an “ironhead”.

Continuously rushed out, continuously intercepted, then wiped out a wave of Chaos Divine Demon or injured one or two Chaos Divine Demon or Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, while losing a batch of Divine Item, and then escaped, and then ran out to fight.

It seems to be dying with the gods.

Ye Yang’s Divine Item is constantly being consumed, and the overall strength of the gods is also constantly being consumed. It seems as if you are consuming each other, as if you are competing on both sides, who can hold on for longer.

The battle here is in full swing and it attracts the attention of the gods smoothly.

Then, the incarnation that Ye Yang slipped out of quietly will be easier to shuttle.

One thousand light years, ten thousand light years, hundred thousand light years, one million light years… Each flicker is one million light years.

No matter how far away, this incarnation cannot support it.

Every transmission consumes a lot of energy.

Although the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi can be used, it will be noticeable if the massive Primal Chaos Qi is mobilized every time it is transmitted.

Alternatively, the one-time transmission is closer and not as far away. Or, there will be a short time between transmissions.

“4 trillion light-years…every million light-years shuttle, 4 million shuttles are needed!”

Ye Yang feels that nodded is bigger.

Even if you shuttle every second, 4 million times will take more than 1100 hours, 40 six days.

For the deity, this time will be short.

But…this is Ye Yang’s other incarnations who are delaying time there. The war is fierce, and a short period of time is the change of victory and defeat. The victories and disadvantages have changed many times.

How can there be dozens of days to get here?

“You have to find a way… The movements are small, and the transmission distance is long. Or, the power is transmitted over the territory? But this is a big loss, and it will also cause a lot of movements. Unless you suck on the outside While the force draws momentum from the territory, the Primal Chaos Qi on both sides must be controlled by extremely delicate means to achieve a balance, resulting in less movement.

“Even if there is movement, at least it cannot be discovered quickly.”

It’s just that the more delicate the control, the more severe the spirit of consumption, the more you need to concentrate one’s mind.

Moreover, many divine senses of chaotic emperors sweep across space and time, so the fluctuations caused by Ye Yang incarnation’s teleportation, even if they are not teleported, may be sensed and detected.

“Is there any way…”

Mutteringly, in the chaotic territory where Ye Yang is located, within the battleship, the god of cause and effect and the god of chaos came out of divine sense sound transmission: “Your Majesty, Lord of Chaos, we feel that we are here, it is a drag You. In order not to affect you, it is better to send us back to the universe, you have to take a hurry before answering us?”

Ye Yang said with a smile: “You have the ability to kill from here and return to the universe without being intercepted?”

They are dumb.

Even if Ye Yang escorts, they will be stopped even if they are not able to return to the universe.

“The deity means… Your Majesty, the Lord of Chaos, you can escort us to kill back into the universe, and then, we will detour on the other side of the universe. There is a cover of breath to travel there, ignoring their detection. …” Chaos Shinto.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “With the incarnation strength of this deity, it is enough to kill you back into the universe alone, but if you are escorted again, I am afraid it will not work. It is better to have your incarnation here, and the deity incarnation killed back into the universe, Take your body into Chaos World from the other side?”

The two gods said nothing.

Ye Yang sneered secretly in his heart, and was about to defame the two gods in his heart, and suddenly there was a sense of crisis.

It’s not the body, the incarnation in this field, or the Ye Yang incarnation wandering outside with the powerhouses, but… the car that is going to the “second universe”.

Ye Yang’s incarnation is shuttled out of the void, about to accelerate, and suddenly the expression changed, suddenly stagnation in the void.

A strong beam of light swept past.

Large chaos was swept away.

Next, I saw a chaotic god emperor in the form of a half-man and half-fish.

He has a blue and black color, a female figure, long azure black hair, and blue and gray skin on his body, but there are a lot of azure black spots. The lower body is a fish-shaped body that is tens of times larger than the upper body.

It looks like a giant fish with a half-body monster.

It’s just that she has six hands, and her long hair can be automatically wrapped into tresses and turned into tentacles.

Moreover, there is a third eye in my heart.

The tips of the teeth are sharp, and the tongue is very slender, like a snake with bifurcations.

The upper body is hairless and scale-free, and the lower body is covered with thin scales. The belly of the fish has horizontal stripes like a snake belly, but there are also scales there.

In addition, there are dinosaur-like spines on the back of the fish, and Primal Chaos Qi is constantly exuding from the end of the fish, completely covering the fish tail.

“Hehe, Your Majesty, Chaos Controller Your Majesty, where are you going?” The woman gave a sharp sneer.

Calling Chaos God Master and Chaos Controller, there is no respect, but a voice of sarcasm.

Behind her, there is a large group of Chaos Divine Demon, but the strength is much weaker than the previous siege of Ye Yang.

Nearby, there is an ancient mirror in bronze color, which mirrors the rays of light, which shows the Shadow Transformation image. You can also see Ye Yang’s incarnation battle. From time to time, the situation of Ye Yang’s incarnation shuttles in the sky.

“I have long expected that you will have secrets to do when you are in chaos. So, you will probably play Golden Cicada to unshell, or slap things, and send incarnation to go deeper into chaos.

“The deity guessed this, and has been staring at you for a long time. Hou you have been for a long time.”

The female chaotic god emperor said, Ye Yang was surprised: “You plot against so deep, you are not curious about where the deity is going?”

“We are curious, will you say it?” The woman sneered.

Ye Yang said: “The deity means… Since you guess that the deity is doing a secret thing in the chaos, and it may benefit you. You are also curious, why not secretly follow the deity secretly, Go to the ground and figure out the true purpose of this deity… Isn’t this more in your interest? Why intercept it halfway?”

The female chaotic god sneered with a sneer: “I am happy!!”

In fact, she also wants to quietly chase Ye Yang. But Ye Yang’s shuttle speed is actually not slow.

Moreover, the route is strange.

Although the god of cause and effect did not specify an accurate location, Ye Yang knew the approximate range early, and planned to go to that area and search again, or arrive there and let the incarnation in Primal Chaos Domain ask the god of cause and effect, and then Adjust the orientation again.

So, Ye Yang is not going straight.

The female deity cannot be traced, and the mirror-shaped Primal Chaos Divine Artifact also notices that Ye Yang has another incarnation covert action.

However, it is not enough to lock Ye Yang’s position.

Just joined forces with the female chaotic god emperor. The strength of the two is superimposed, across the space, in the chaos of the vastness, Ye Yang, who acts quietly, is locked in a low-key incarnation.

At this time, Ye Yang actually reacted and sensed danger.

The green copper mirror warned that they were discovered by Ye Yang.

So, he just appeared directly.

Although it is impossible to chase Ye Yang to find the destination, at least it can destroy Ye Yang’s actions, which can be regarded as a bad breath.

“Now, are you a Self-destruction incarnation, or let us step forward to suppress you, make you a good outlet, and then destroy your incarnation?” That female chaotic god Sovereign Dao.

Ye Yang faintly sighed: “The deity never does such a thing without war.”


The Chaos Divine Emperor waved his hands, and many Chaos Divine Demon killed him.

Ye Yang just laughed heartily, and a branch of Divine Sword flew out, exploding in the sky boom~ boom~.

At the same time, in the far Chaos World, powerful Chaos Aura also broke out in many places.

Ye Yang and another incarnation are quietly on their way.

This side has already been exposed, and it’s estimated that it won’t be hidden for long.

While many Chaos Divine Emperors are involved in the chaos, the surrounding chaos is disordered. For the time being, it may not be possible to find the big movements in the distance in the chaos. Ye Yang’s other incarnation hastened to rush.

“For the Chaos God Emperor of this deity, even if not all of them are killed around the territory, there should not be too many Chaos Emperors staying outside, and it is time to deal with another incarnation of this deity. No one should stare here. Right?”|

Ye Yang can only be self-consolation.

But soon, there was another silhouette, intercepted in front.


Ye Yang faintly sighed, this incarnation quickly exploded into a void portal, and many Divine Items flew out of it, forming a formation.

This silhouette shot with a palm, and the giant palm of chaos condensed towards that position, trying to break it.

But at this moment, a strong sword light blooms. The prestige of the simulated Duanyu sword is slashing towards the god.

Later, Ye Yang’s will projection, the area farther in front, converged chaos out of thin air, condensing incarnation.


“Your Majesty, the god of cause and effect, where is that second universe?

“Even if the deity is not enough to send a powerful incarnation, at least get some puppets or weak incarnations to see the path. Let’s see which route is safe. Also, what is going on in the Second Universe, my heart Only then can I make the next arrangement. Only then can I decide whether to continue to go, or make another plan.”

In Ye Yang’s chaotic territory, incarnation communicates with the god of cause and effect.

The god of cause and effect hesitated for a while, but still pointed Ye Yang.

“If you can find the second universe, you must let the incarnation of the deity also go. There was a vow before. Moreover, it is useless to hide the deity. The wall builders in the universe are already in the second universe. Therefore, it is okay for several more deities to know the location of the so-called second universe.”

Ye Yang nodded.


At the same time, Ye Yang that condensed incarnation, shuttling through the void in an instant, a step of nearly 100 million light years.

Grandiose’s Primal Chaos Qi is transmitted from Ye Yang’s territory, where a large number of Primal Chaos Qi are gathered at the same time.

Ye Yang’s incarnation that has been battling with many chaos gods so far has ignored the gods and turned to Primal Chaos Abyss.

“Stop him!”

“Destroy his incarnation and not give him access to Primal Chaos Abyss.”

“Even if it can’t hurt his body, at least he must destroy his actions.”

Many Chaos Divine Emperor said, rushed over.

Ye Yang fleeing desperately.

Using a piece of Divine Item, Self-destruction Divine Item, or formation to form one after another driving force, or Tearing the Void, let Ye Yang accelerate forward.

Maybe it is because Ye Yang’s means of escape are so powerful, and the progress is not a straight line. Those Chaos Divine Emperor, who have been unable to catch up.

A few times they were very close, but Ye Yang escaped first.

There are several times to intercept in front of Ye Yang, but Ye Yang feels dangerous in advance and quietly shifts the direction of movement.

Ye Yang sneered: “The deity is now best at the power of Primal Chaos Law, but until now, the foundation, the old one, relying on the fate Law Power!”

The core of the “system” obtained at the beginning was a holy grail fragment with the power of fate.

Afterwards, although the laws of fusion became Primal Chaos Law, it was also possible to separate that power.

In Chaos World, the influence of the law of destiny has become very weak and has been suppressed to a great extent.

Not to mention targeting the stronger deities.

However, this method combined with such methods as prophecy and prediction can often be more powerful than the same level god’s prophecy and anticipation ability. For example, the reaction is so quick that it will allow Ye Yang to avoid the crisis in advance.

“Let’s eat behind your deity!”

Ye Yang laughed, and the gods chased furiously.

Ye Yang has a smile on his face, the speed is getting faster and faster, but his heart is getting calmer and whispering secretly: “These Old Guys are really cunning. This incarnation of the deity is not particularly powerful, it is not a large part of condensing itself. spirit willpower is just a part of spiritual blessing. Even if there are many Divine Item with the power of blessing, it will not make these chaotic god emperors only follow behind to eat ashes.”

If there is such a strength, Ye Yang’s previous fighting will not have to be so hard, and there will be no need to constantly interact with the outside world in Primal Chaos Domain.

“If you’re right… these Old Guys, 90% are really chasing, one point acting.”

Chasing is to chase tightly, not too relaxed.

Even, it may really catch up at any time.

But in the dark, it’s a part of it.

The purpose is to chase Ye Yang to Primal Chaos Abyss and see where Ye Yang’s destination is. Is there any secret, is it good?

If Ye Yang foolishly took these guys to the so-called Second Universe, if that Second Universe is another real universe, if this universe hasn’t really grown strong enough, these chaotic emperors would go in together, but It’s not good.

So, Ye Yang didn’t want to take them to the so-called second universe before he was sure of all kinds of information.

But it can’t show the way they see through their plans, and they quickly fly away pretending to be proud.

Ye Yang’s incarnation shuttles through chaos.

Soon, many incarnations penetrated into Primal Chaos Abyss, away from the edge of the universe by more than two trillion light years.

Many Divine Emperors are chasing after Primal Chaos Divine Artifact.

It’s just that they passed by, leaving behind some energy balls with Ye Yang spirit willpower. There was only a small amount of fine divine sense power inside, and there was chaos on the outside. Try to cover up as much as possible.

After a while, these energy balls explode, and the spirit in them gushes out and merges with the chaos to form a very weak incarnation.

But with this positioning, most of Ye Yang’s spirit strength gathers here, absorbing the surrounding chaos and condensing into a new incarnation.

“hehe, you will follow the incarnation of the deity and go straight ahead.”

In the vast universe, the difference is so small that the fall is more than a thousand miles? At first a deviation of a few millimeters and a small angle, and finally the fallacy is normal for thousands of light years.

It’s the same in chaos.

Ye Yang’s previous incarnation went straight and has deviated from the target direction.

The real route should be the speed adjustment angle from here, with a deviation of five degrees to the right. In this way, when we advance another 2 trillion light-years, the final gap is amazing.

“Hurry up and act now.”

Ye Yang keeps on advancing, constantly inciting chaos, and exploring the surroundings. The incarnation in the territory is constantly arrayed with Divine Item to watch your incarnation from the air. Pay attention to who is being followed in secret.

So, after a while.

Ye Yang eyes shined.

In front, far away in the dark gray, there is a very huge dark object, faintly discernible. At first glance, it looks like the edge of the universe before.

“Could it be that the Second Universe is coming?!!!”

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