Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 926


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Ye Yang flew closer and closer.

It was soon discovered that what was in front of me was not completely dark.

It should be dark red.

The huge black matter collided with chaos. Many chaotic particles continually washed onto the shell of that thing, rubbing and heating, and produced a dark red light.

It’s just that the closer you are, the more strange and weird Ye Yang’s face is.

“Fortunately, an egg!”

It looks like a very big egg.

It’s just, it’s too big, too big.

The longest ends are estimated to be over 10,000,000 light years.

The shortest ends are estimated to be more than 7 million to 8 million light years, which is not easy to calculate.

The dark red thing, the outermost shell, is semi-atomized, and then inward, it is liquefied, and then inward, it is solid.

But how thick this shell is, Ye Yang is not clear.

“Can’t find the entrance? Somewhat strange.”

Ye Yang waved his hand and a large number of Primal Chaos Qi gathered.

One piece Divine Item condenses in the sky.

It’s just that these Divine Items are lower-level than the one-time Divine Items that He refined before, and they are very inferior. When combined, the layout will be very weak, even more than many functions are not available.

But now it is enough, enough.

A large number of Divine Items form a huge circular roulette in the void, with a huge disc in the middle, but there are many sword-like thorns pointing around.

In the middle of the disc-shaped circular part, a strong blazing light illuminates the void and blasts towards the oval. But when the beam of light blasted in, it couldn’t go any further.

After pondering for a while, Ye Yang muttered: “It’s not quite right. This shell is resistant to the scouring of multiple forces. Then, how do Divine Emperor, the gods in the distant universe, let many ordinary gods Cross the void with them and enter this giant egg?”

The mortal has an old saying, “an arrow at the end of its flight, it can’t be worn.”

Within the distance, you can pierce the arrows of the armor helmet, if it is too far, it will not penetrate a thin layer of cloth.

It’s the same here.

In the universe, there is no material in the vacuum, and the resistance is not large. Only the gravitational pull of the major galaxies has an impact. But in the chaos, every 1000 taels 1000 meters, the resistance caused by this chaos is terribly powerful.

Not to mention trillions of light years.

Although it is a cross-space traversal, it does not directly penetrate chaos, but the power of this chaos is also influenced by the things of different dimensions passing through.

Across Space Transmission, it will be affected by the gravitational field halfway, how can it not be affected by chaos?

“The deity used Space Power and couldn’t penetrate the eggshell and couldn’t bring the deity’s idea into it. So, how did the gods from the universe teleport into the egg over long distances? ?”

I don’t understand.

However, when you come here, you will not consider leaving so vainly.

He can be sure that it is not the territory of a chaotic emperor. If the Chaos God Emperor is alive and awake, the territory will not be so small and will not congeal into an egg shape.

So, this may be a newly born Primal Chaos Divine Artifact or Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. It may also be a useless Rare Item born in chaos. It is also possible that the powerhouse’s refining creation, or the god emperor is about to die and build his tomb like this.

But it’s a pity that true powerhouse, like Chaos King, will be scattered ashes and dispersed smoke once it is destroyed, completely in chaos, and there will be no corpses, so there is no need to build such a tomb.

“So, over 80% of this is possible, this is the so-called second universe.”

Ye Yang thoughts move, enchanted heavily under the surrounding cloth, can not completely cover this huge egg, but it can attract some chaos, making chaos more chaotic, if Chaos Divine Demon and Chaos Divine Emperor are not close, will not notice there is a huge monster here.

Next, he set up multiple hidden positions and protective positions to seal his incarnation.

Protect this incarnation from falling down easily, and at the same time, carry out space-time positioning.

Coordinate positioning, it will continuously transmit the information data to the chaotic territory.

Incarnation of the Chaos Territory, there is a huge formation there.

One piece Divine Item, packed and packed.

“The spirit willpower projection of the deity is more in the past, where the chaos will converge, and a stronger incarnation can be gathered. But such an incarnation, if it encounters the chaotic emperor, and the other party is the body, or has a stronger The incarnation of spirit willpower can forcibly take away the chaotic power of the incarnation of the deity, which is almost a spike.

“This kind of incarnation is not brought near the body for refining, and it is not suitable for fighting head-on with the powerhouse in Chaos God. Long-distance refining has the effect that it will not be easily killed by spikes, but the effect is not great. The chaos contained in the battle may still be deprived of control or severely interfered. Then it needs a lot of Divine Item support here.”

Ye Yang keeps cultivating Divine Item here, packing it constantly, and not forgetting the formation.

Ye Die, who has always been with her, is now dispatched to act.

Ye Die’s body, Ye Yang finds a way to let her also enter Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom. But it can’t be done now. Ye Die’s essence is too strong.

If it is sent to the ancient palace at the beginning, it is not as safe as Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom, and it will be troublesome to enter the universe. Therefore, Ye Die is actually the body here. Once the territory was breached, she was in danger.

“Part of your will is entrusted to the Divine Kingdom of the deity. In case the body on this side is destroyed, you will be able to be resurrected by the spirit willpower entrusted in the future. When the deity is stronger, you can Enter Divine Kingdom completely.”

Ye Die’s entry into Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom is not too difficult. It can also be used to suppress cultivation base. But this makes no sense.

Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom has two things that are the most powerful. One, as long as his consciousness does not perish, Divine Kingdom can recover and condense even if it is destroyed. But the core of consciousness of the people inside must be fuse together with Divine Kingdom, at least part of it.

Second, this Divine Kingdom is pinned in chaos, which can be used to substantiate the virtual, and can be hidden in this territory with high security.

If Ye Die wants to be immortal with Ye Yang, at least, let her consciousness be integrated into Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom, or imprinted into Ye Yang’s Divine Kingdom.

It is not possible now, and can only act outside.

“If you can enter the Chaos Controller realm, you can keep the chaos and I will not die… But then, there is still a hidden danger, the universe is destroyed, Chaos Controller will produce mutations.

“Due to the classics, step into Chaos Controller realm and keep a universe immortal, then it will be almost eternal.

“The deity can’t be promoted to Chaos Controller realm yet, but has had an idea recently.

“Use many Divine Items to simulate the branding of the previous Chaos Controller, stare at the deity, or use the simulated branding to induce chaos to flush the body of the deity. That is a cultivation method. At the cost of destroying many Divine Items, in exchange Time and time again the powerhouse’s power washes away.

“For a long time, it will be closer to the level of domination. Even the power of chaos and immortality. The premise is that there is no Chaos Controller. Without Chaos Controller, chaos and immortality. It’s immortal enough.”

However, the current Divine Item is not enough, and Ye Yang’s idea cannot be realized yet.

Moreover, He also intends to conduct a large search in the universe and find more Reincarnation Body with chaotic branding, whether it is to destroy or plunder information or observe imitation, it will be beneficial. There are also those epochs, skeletons and chaotic undead, which can also simulate their power and wash Ye Yang itself, which is also a kind of cultivation.

It’s just that this cultivation is not progressing fast and is a stupid method. But compared to many Chaos Gods, hundreds of millions of years have not made a little progress, it is much better.

“Divine Item, these Divine Items need more, more and more. The most missing item is the Divine Item that acts as a consumable.”

Ye Yang whispered, one piece of Divine Item and one box of Divine Item have been sent outside the so-called “Second Universe”.

Ye Yang incarnation is here.

Even suddenly have a thought, some Divine Items are pieced together. One thousand and twenty-four Divine Items are constructed as a set of Divine Item armor and worn on the body. I feel that this incarnation is much stronger.

The remaining Divine Item…

Ye Yang hadn’t thought about it yet, and suddenly found something strange.

The black red thing in the form of a giant egg, the surface is actually slightly twisted, and there is a very small gap in one place.

Ye Yang opened his eyes suddenly and stared there in surprise.

“so that’s how it is… from the ultra-long-range Transmission Array in the universe, to pass the information over. Then, the giant eggs on this side frantically suck up the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi to form energy and form a summon formation.

“At the same time, in the universe, a large amount of materials will be burned, consumed, and transformed into a huge energy resource to serve as a strength of transmission. Together, the two sides will be able to transfer a god and resources. “

It’s just that the price is very high.

It’s like a mortal sending a ton of material into space from Earth. It is estimated that it may cost tens of tons to hundreds of tons of fuel. Send to the moon, land smoothly, consume more.

If you are sending people and supplies over, the person will escort the supplies and the person will return. If this person sends it around, more resources will be wasted.

With the development of technology, consumption will decrease, but not too much.

What if mortals used “primitive” fuel propulsion on Earth to send a ton of matter to the solar system’s neighboring galaxy?

The consumption is even more amazing.

In the universe, sending that part of the resources to this giant egg would consume thousands of times of the corresponding resources.

“There are some things that should be cast directly with chaos?

“No, they don’t have the powerhouse of Primal Chaos Law, so they can’t be converted into various Law Power and various substances using chaos. At most, they can only be converted into energy for transmission and general use. Many things can’t be converted. Must be delivered in the universe.

“Keep digging corners of the old universe.

“In addition, can the things of the old universe adapt to this place?”

Ye Yang turned a lot of thoughts, but in fact, all this, but consumed less than 10% of the time only

He flew up in an instant, and many Divine Items surrounded the body.

The invisible formation protects the breath, and the whole person quickly flies to the gap.

Unclear, what to send now. I don’t know. Under the circumstances, how dare you send things over there? Are you afraid of generating various corresponding information and being perceived by other powerhouses in the universe or by Ye Yang and even the location of the second universe?

It’s also possible, this is a trap.

But no matter what, this is an opportunity.

Ye Yang doesn’t need to use a large amount of Divine Item to violently open the shell, just fly in.

If it is really a second universe, if there is an opportunity to seize control or gain partial control, Ye Yang does not want the shell of this giant egg to be broken more than other gods.

At the moment, the figure is forcing the gap.

The huge beam of light emerged, and the rays of light like a thunder spewed, and hundreds of millions of incandescent lights blasted toward Ye Yang.

But a light door appeared in front of him, taking away all these forces.

A Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in hand, the power of Divine Item Self-destruction is simulated. The shield-shaped Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure has a transmission tunnel opening in the surface layer.

With these rays of light, Ye Yang flew into the gap.


one after another powerful strikes.

Divine Item around Ye Yang whirls, and Divine Item explodes. The Divine Item armor on the body itself is a situation. The blessings of great power poured into Ye Yang incarnation, and the armor also burst instantly.

However, the first force exchanged like a surging wave washed away everything around.

The second force is that Ye Yang’s incarnation suddenly becomes stronger and solidified, referring to the sword, and hundreds of millions of swords emerged, pushing the surrounding gods back.

At the same time, Ye Yang communicated with the distant incarnation and tried to force the outside world to come in, but found that it was temporarily impossible.

“Actually found here?”

one after another silhouette of the emperor emerged, surrounding him.

Ye Yang also saw that Divine Item emerged piece by piece.

There are also several emperors with different expressions. There are Primal Chaos Qi flowing around with black light in their eyes. And the whole body is gray.

Ye Yang’s heart jumped, and he gasped.

Variation! !

Variant becomes Chaos Divine Demon? ! !

Some emperors accepted the brand of the previous generation Chaos Controller. If their will is not firm, it is like a mortal being urged to sleep~ they think they are another person.

I think of myself as Chaos Divine Demon.

In addition to the information in the brand, it may have some power to control chaos. Although the control of Primal Chaos Law will not be very strong, it will not be too weak.

If it is just its own power, it has little control over chaos. But if you use the Divine Item from outside, or even Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, then you can control the chaos.

Like an ordinary person, he cannot fly directly or control fire with bare hands. But if you use an aircraft, you can fly. With the help of a lighter or a fire control switch, the size of the flame can be controlled, and even if the design is ingenious, the shape and color of the flame can also be controlled. Even remote cell phone remote control.

Similarly, with the brand of Chaos Controller, as long as you get a little inheritance and study in depth, these ancient emperors who want to control chaos with foreign object are not impossible.

You can even chaotically create something directly, instead of relying solely on teleportation from a distant universe.

“You are surprised that the deity has found this place? The deity is also surprised. You can actually find such a good place away from the universe… Is it the inheritance information branded by Chaos Controller?”

Ye Yang opened the question directly and didn’t play this set.

However, when speaking to those siegeers, Ye Yang still quietly watched the situation inside this so-called “second universe”.

I found that the situation here is a little different from what I imagined.

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