Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 927


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There is also a mist of chaos in this so-called “second universe”.

Although it is not as rich as the outside world, it will cover up many things, making it difficult to see the situation here.

Most of the environment here is unclear, but it can be seen vaguely that it is a bit like the void of the universe, many places are empty, and there are some traces of Star Fragmentation.

You can even see some irregular giant rocks tumbling in the void, or ice crystal bodies similar to comets.

It’s just that an additional layer of mist has blocked Ye Yang’s divine sense.

“You actually know that Chaos Controller is branded with inheritance information?” A god emperor made a surprise.

Ye Yang was surprised: “Don’t you know that the deity knows that Chaos Controller is branded with inheritance information?”

The other party choked.

Ye Yang shows the power to control chaos. So, I’m sure you don’t know anything about Chaos Controller. Isn’t it strange to be completely unclear?

“In short, you are not welcome here. If you don’t want to be beheaded by us, please leave.” The god emperor coldly said.

Ye Yang hehe smiled: “If the deity is correct, you don’t want to fight the deity here? Or, are you afraid?”

The gods complexion ashen.

“It seems that the deity is right. If you want to fight, you will have shot already, no nonsense, zhi zhi crooked. If the deity is outside, you will fight with all your strength. Since the deity enters this place, you will refrain from Shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases, afraid to accidentally blow this place?” Ye Yang proudly said with a smile.

a god squeezing his fist, a god Sovereign Dao: “Don’t be too arrogant, don’t think that entering this place, we can’t take you.”

“Is it?” Ye Yang burst into laughter: “You seem to have many people, but calling so many powerhouses is nothing more than putting on a shelf and scaring in an imposing manner.

“Of course, if the deity is weaker, you will directly work. But the deity that the deity has shown before makes you unsure of the ability to beat the deity.”

The gods are furious, one god said: “Joke, can’t we beat you?”

Ye Yang said: “Try it yourself.”

“Damn, have the ability to fight outside!”

“The deity likes to be here. You, you want to fight, or do you want to fight? If you want to fight, just take a shot and see if you are so neat with your mouth, can you really join forces to win the deity?” Ye Yang said.

The gods stared at Ye Yang and were angry and not talking.

It seems that I am really afraid of fighting here and destroying everything around me.

Ye Yang looked at it and shook his head: “The joining of the deity is also a good thing for you. There is such a powerhouse. Joining your gang, you should be happy. Why do you seem to be extremely repelling the deity? “

Speaking, he flew forward.

An emperor intercepted the front.

“fuck off!” Ye Yang complexion sank.

The god emperor ignored it, Ye Yang shot it in one palm, and the power of multiple Divine Item became armor, holding it in his hand. Retreat.

Ye Yang flew forward, and there was a crack in the void, and the two gods shot, forming a huge spatial door.

Ye Yang brows slightly wrinkle.

It can be seen that this spatial door is to send him out.

If he had to move forward, he would get into the spatial door.

Ye Yang turned directly and turned to the other side.

It was originally intended to fly elsewhere in this second universe, and explore this place in detail.

But as a result, it just turned, and another Divine Emperor intercepted it.

Ye Yang shot, and the opponent was also hit with a punch.

It can be sensed that the opponent is not injured. Not even hard against Ye Yang. It seems to use the method of unloading to release part of the force. It’s like worrying about the impact of power on the stability of this second universe.

Ye Yang just flew away, and another spatial door appeared in front.

Turn around.

Another spatial door appears.

Next, spatial doors one after another emerged.

Enclose all the directions of Ye Yang’s all directions.

“Okay, it seems that you really don’t intend to make peace. Do you want to die with the deity? With these spatial doors, do you think you can send the deity out?”

Ye Yang waved his hand, and a huge palm patted a space door.

The original intention was to shoot towards the edge of the portal, to break the stability and cause the portal to collapse.

But absolutely unexpectedly, the portal actually moved sideways, sucking Ye Yang’s palm strength into it and sending it to somehow.

Ye Yang turned, the spatial door had no new formation, but a fan door turned around and aimed at Ye Yang.

Ye Yang smiled: “The deity is standing still, this portal will take the initiative to fly over and trap the deity?”

As long as the strength is strong enough, even if the spatial door is shrouded, Ye Yang cannot be sent.

The more powerful it is, the harder it is to teleport.

The stronger the powerhouse you want to send, the stronger the spatial door you need and the more power you consume.

The portal is not strong enough, the transmission power is not strong enough, and the transmission is not moving at all.

Ye Yang, this incarnation condenses strength, standing still in the void.

Both hands are swept, the surrounding space is distorted, and cracks appear.

“Dare to dare!!!”

The gods are furious.

“This second universe is the back road for my inner creatures, Supreme Supreme, and you dare to destroy this world?” A god emperor’s corner cracked and his anger was skyrocketing.

Ye Yang, this is to tear the void here and explode the bottom of the second universe?

However, this is not Ye Yang’s original intention.

He looked at the space crack in front of him and looked thoughtful.

Scanning around, sneering: “so that’s how it is, the deity understands… Since you want to fight, go ahead.”

He can see from those Space Crack that this area is blocked by layers.

Just just tried strikes the void, and exploded the void, in order to obtain data, understand the spatial information of this “second universe”, and then have a deeper understanding of this World.

But didn’t expect, the torn void is abnormal.

The god, roaring loudly, seems to be very angry, but in fact, just pretending to be angry, to attract Ye Yang’s attention and change the direction of his thoughts. Let him think that the gods are angry at him for destroying this void.

Actually, they have added layers of ban around them. I’m still working on it, afraid of Ye Yang Tearing the Void and discovering the ban, so I yelled.

I have to mention that the gods are clever.

cautiously, the ban should not cause too much movement to avoid making Ye Yang aware. But in this way, the ban is set a little slower.

They have to delay time.

As long as there are more and more bans around, it is difficult for Ye Yang to escape, break the ban, and really hurt and destroy this World.

Ye Yang has understood this, and said with a sneer: “The deity has seen the puzzles, so why not show the truth? Moreover, so many god emperors are acting together in front of the deity, pretending to be angry and pretending to be angry Dare not to shoot, a pair of grievances, is it embarrassing?”

“As long as you can protect this world, and can block you here, so that you can’t escape, can kill you here, what a shame?” A god Sovereign Dao.

“winner is the king, loser is the villain. Only victory is the way.” Another god, Sovereign Dao.

Say, in the sky has shown each and everyone densely packed rune. criss-crossed, rune hooked with each other, connected into a chain.

This void is completely imprisoned.

“Sure enough…” Ye Yang faintly sighed: “Here, there will be a ban at at first? When the deity came in, there was a defensive means here. It’s just that you attracted the deity’s attention, and the deity didn’t notice it.

“No matter who comes in, you will encounter this kind of blockade. But the deity is powerful, and you can’t guarantee that it can completely block the deity. Therefore, it only delays the time, and lays out several layers of blockades to block the range of action of the deity. , Divide this into a battle area. Only in this way can you have the confidence to not destroy this World during the war.

“Good, have ideas.”

A god Sovereign Dao: “You know it. But, since you see through, why not rush out immediately, and give me more time to set a few more bans?”

“You should break out immediately, and then be stopped by the ban we laid down. Let us see that you are like a small insect that wants to jump out of the cobwebs. It is desperately struggling and getting tighter and tighter, and finally despair… “Another alien god emperor said with a smile.”

Ye Yang laughed heartily: “First, the deity has confidence and strength, not afraid of you. Second, the deity also needs time to adjust its status. Third, the deity has confidence and can win you. But it is afraid of being careless This world is destroyed, so you banned the deity, and equivalent to you are also sealed here. The deity can shoot with all its strength, which is beneficial to the deity. There is no need to tie hands and feet, and you don’t have to worry about destroying this world with all your effort. How good? “

Complexion is gloomy, the god emperor, one person said: “Do you think you really won?”

Ye Yang is about to make a noise, one after another chain shrinks and binds.

each and everyone spatial door.

I saw the glow of the glow, the sword glow swept the place, a fan of the spatial door was slashed, and a chain was cut.

The sword light of Duan Yujian swept back and forth, and the gods retreated, but they instantly came near again.

The huge palm print fell, and the huge stone mill illusory shadow rolled down. There are also huge eyes cold and condensed, which can actually hold the void, with a strong spiritual impact.

Ye Yang’s body is bursting with layers of light, and pieces of Divine Item collapse, one after another different Law Power emerges.

Protect him.

He holds a piece of Divine Item, a temporary long sword that collapsed and turned into a blazing light, and its power seems to be no weaker than that of Duanyu Sword.

The tendency rushed towards a god emperor, but the third eye of the god emperor’s brow opened, and the former master’s void exploded into a large chaos, rushing to Ye Yang.

This chaos actually contains a strong sticky force, and it is necessary to block Ye Yang.

“Primal Chaos Law? Sure enough, it’s the Chaos Controller brand inheritance. But you are not the real Chaos Divine Demon after all…”

A sword cuts through chaos, and a powerful sword strikes the god emperor.

The other party hurriedly avoided, and a number of Divine Items swept around to forcibly block the sword light and protect the god emperor.

The other party flew into a rage out of humiliation and retreated, shining the glowing light over his heart.

The gods of the gods strike strikes in the distance, and various forces crush them.

The power of petrification, the power of freezing, the power of slowness, the power of setting, the power of restraint, and the powers of restricting activities are blessed in this void.

Ye Yang long sword in hand, cut all these things, smashing the void, and the other hand holding a shield to block all kinds of attacks.

“What is Divine Sword? This is so powerful!” The emperors were shocked.

It’s just that they don’t know that this sword seems powerful and has been stable and intact. In fact, every time a sword is cut, Ye Yang consumes hundreds of Divine Item. In order to maintain this sword intact.

If you fight hard, it is comparable to the power of thousands of Divine Item bursts together, and it is the power of thousands of Sword God devices superimposed and condensed in a single blow. How is the formidable power not strong?

Ye Yang charge to the left and dash to the right during the encirclement and suppression of the gods. There are layers of restraint newly condensed into the advent, and cut through layers of restraint.

Everywhere, all kinds of bans were forcibly broken, and a sword was chased to kill a god emperor.

It’s just that the hunted people quickly retreated and were guarded by many other emperors together.

Hunt the god on the left, and protect the god on the right with the god on the top.

Pursue and kill the upper emperor, and protect the left emperor and the lower right emperor together.

Pursue and kill the emperor on the right, and protect the emperor on the left with the upper and lower sides.

Every three or more god emperors unite to block Ye Yang’s attack. A wave of Divine Emperor stepped forward, blocking a blow and then retreated, followed by a wave of Divine Emperor stepping forward.

Ye Yang’s face is dignified, although it seems to have the upper hand, but the Divine Item is constantly worn out, but he has never been able to kill a strong enemy.

“Damn, are you going to lose here after exhausting Divine Item?”

Here, you can’t directly send in Divine Item from outside. It’s very difficult. At least, it can’t be transmitted while fighting. It is not that the Power of Primal Chaos on the other side of the territory is stronger and can be forced into it.

Ye Yang thinks he has a big head, but those who are under siege even think he has a big head. each and everyone very afraid, murderous intention is getting stronger.

Ye Yang is just trifling an incarnation here, and they, many god emperors, even have an ontology among them. They have peace and topography. Moreover, each Divine Emperor itself is the most Peak level of existence in the universe.

Divine Emperor Divine Emperor is the strongest.

And even if the Master and the Void Prisoner are included, Divine Emperor is not weak. It is also at the Peak level, weaker than the cream of the crop.

However, with so many teams, it is impossible to kill Ye Yang trifling an incarnation?

I feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and humiliated.

Although they guessed, Ye Yang incarnation is only dependent on those Divine Items. After exhausting the Divine Item, you can no longer have such battle strength, but it is still difficult to accept.

each and everyone fighting intent soaring, killing intent is getting stronger.

Ye Yang observes and ponders while fighting.

Suddenly found that the fog around was a little weak.

The battle here fluctuates, sweeping away some fog. Moreover, the power to ban Ye Yang’s range of activities seems to rely on the power of the entire world. When the war here continues to impact various bans, it will lead to the weakening of the power of the whole world, but the weakening is not serious.

Ye Yang glanced at it, divine sense swept away, and found that this is a ruined world.

A lot of ruins of various buildings, as well as broken hills, fallen giant statues, powerhouse battled over the land where the potholes and gravel are scattered, each and everyone’s fingerprints are stamped on the earth Some empty areas.

“It’s so sad, so cold, this place should be destroyed by the collapse of a chaotic Divinity Sovereign Level powerhouse, or even the ruins of the territory of Chaos Controller, or the ruins of a similar Divine Kingdom region. Complete, just fragments…”

Ye Yang suddenly moved his heart, observed the surroundings, while avoiding the joint strikes of many god emperors, and parried a god emperor with stealth near the sneak attack.

Ye Yang was absent-minded, and her attention was attracted to her surroundings.

“No, this is not the second universe!!

“The Second Universe impossible has no construction at all, and impossible is intentionally constructed like this.

“However, there are some artificial constructions here, but they are few. The defense is strong and strong. So, if I am right…”

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