Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 928


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“This is just a relay station!!!”

Ye Yang not only can judge that this is not the Second Universe, but also that this is just a transit station.

“According to my guess, this is the only way to go to the Second Universe!!! If they want to go to the Second Universe, they must pass this place.”

So, the importance here is, for the time being, no worse than the Second Universe.

Destroy this place. Many of the emperors here are probably unable to cross the chaos and go to the real second universe.

They will definitely shelter here.

But at the same time, because this is the only way to go, so this is also the best place to trap.

If anyone tries to find the second universe, it is likely to pass by here. The defenses they deployed to protect this area can be transformed into traps and besieging passers-by.

It’s just that they didn’t expect it before, it would be the existence of a series like Ye Yang.

Ye Yang’s true strength, even with these Divine Item, is not too strong. If played like a normal chaotic emperor, they did not need to delay time to deploy defensive enchantments and the like.

But Ye Yang’s explosive power is amazing. If you give up the long-term combat capability and try to consume many Divine Items together in an instant, it is likely to break all the defense layers here.

So, they need to spend more time putting on some protection.

Ye Yang saw that he couldn’t break the formation with a single blow.

As long as they persevere and support, they will defeat Ye Yang sooner or later.

As for whether there will be any other incarnations to kill, they will not consider them first, they must first make Ye Yang this incarnation.

At this time, many attacks fell.

Ye Yang may dodge or forcefully resist.

One after another Jianguang was swept out and counterattacked the Divine Emperor and Divine Kings who cast powerful divine powers in the rear.

The battle continues.

The two sides are deadlocked, have been deadlocked, have been deadlocked.

“This Your Majesty, you can’t win us, you will lose sooner or later.” A deity suddenly said.

Ye Yang laughed: “What about then?”

He also knows that these Divine Items in his hands will not last long. And other incarnation Reserve Divine Item cannot directly send support here.

“You admit defeat.” another god said.

Ye Yang said: “Does the deity admit defeat, you will let the deity join you here and fail?”

The gods are silent.

Ye Yang upset: “If the deity admits defeat, you will either expel the deity, but the devotion saves only a small amount of Divine Item, and you also reduce some consumption. It is still the enemy. If the deity admits defeat and does not go out, you must also be Not willing to give up. So, why? It is meaningless to admit defeat, why not fight again, you can see the strength of the deity, the deity can also look at your ability, to see if you have any cards. The real decisive battle, in the next .”

The gods are silent.

Suddenly, a god said angrily: “What do you want to do?”

Ye Yang said with a smile: “Since this Venerable this time can’t be won, this incarnation can’t stay here, lest you get more secrets and news from this deity.

“So, next, why don’t the deity gather all the forces and make a single blow? No matter whether it can cause great damage to you in the end, the incarnation of the deity will be completely finished, you can also rest assured, no longer Fight.”

The gods complexion greatly changed.

I am afraid that Ye Yang will come to this move.

All forces gather and explode with only one move. Once it cannot be stopped…

“If we can’t prevent it, there is a problem with the construction facilities here, and the Second Universe is destroyed, which is not good for you!” said a god.

“Yes, you want the second universe too? Maybe you can win next time? Can you have the opportunity to gain benefits and advantages in the second universe? Why do you want to destroy this place now? If this second universe If something goes wrong, even if you can win next time, you can only get a ruin.” Another god said.

“ha ha ha ha.” Ye Yang said with a sneer: “First, if the deity can win next time, the deity believes that you will definitely destroy this place at any cost. You won’t get anything, and you won’t think about it. Let the deity get it. So, the deity destroyed you ahead of time this time, isn’t it a good thing? The deity doesn’t want to make you proud…”


“Second, don’t lie to the deity anymore. This is just a transit point. Even if it is destroyed and destroyed, it will not affect the Second Universe.”

Ye Yang’s words came out, and the gods were volatile.

During the war, the most sensitive, the other party’s imposing manner changes, etc., can be clearly sensed. Moreover, so many gods, impossible each cooperate so well, just at this time it is just right to act in disguise without revealing weak spots.

So, there was only more than 80% certainty before, but Ye Yang now has 99% certainty, this is just a transit station! It is by no means the second universe.

Ye Yang said again: “If you destroy this place, you may find it difficult to transfer to the second universe. But the deity is good at chaotic power. He crossed the chaos before and came here, unlike you, you need to resort to External force, relying on the transmission power of the intra-universal transmission and transfer station.

“In the same way, if the deity knows the true position of the second universe, and then travels through chaos with his own real ability, he can go to the second universe without transferring the Transmission Array!

“Even if you destroy this place, you may be able to see some clues from the power of destruction and destruction, and speculate on the real space-time coordinates of the second universe? So, this full strength attack is bound to be inevitable OK.”

A god emperor said coldly with a smile: “Your knowledge of the universe is too shallow.

“What do you think of the second universe? It’s just a special field? Are we invincible and regard a place left by a previous generation as the second universe? Or do we regard some safe areas in chaos as the second universe? ? Will we be so stupid?

“To tell you the truth, the Second Universe is real!

“Why hasn’t there been a second universe before? In this chaos, why is there only one universe in ancient legends? Why is it said that two universes cannot appear at the same time?

“That is because the Second Universe is not in this Chaos World at all. The environment there is very special Divine Item, the space where it is located does not coincide with this Chaos World. So even if you know the space Coordinates, I want to fly forward from here, and it is impossible to reach Diyu universe.

“No matter it takes trillions of years, billions of years, or even longer, it is impossible!

“Even if you have the power to break the high-dimensional space-time dimension, and can destroy the high-dimensional space-time dimension, it is enough to go from Chaos World’s low-dimensional to high-dimensional, even through the void dimension, and it is absolutely impossible to enter the second universe!

“To go to the Second Universe, you must rely on Chaos Controller’s legacy or remnants to reach it. You must have the power of Chaos Controller level to open the corresponding channel. If you destroy this transit station, it’s simply impossible reaches the second universe.”

Ye Yang gasped: “Does this really matter?”

Such a big secret, such a probability, he had never thought about it before.

“The destruction of the universe, chaos is boiling. It is said that the destruction of the universe, even many chaos gods and even Chaos Controller in Chaos World, are not immune.

“Chaos Controller wants to devour the power of Chaos God, Chaos Controller wants to expand and fall into a new universe.

“Is it possible to resist the turmoil caused by the destruction of the universe in the chaos of distance? Impossible, of course.

“So, where the Second Universe is located, it must be very special, very special, and not something that you can easily touch.”

The god emperor said, and then sneered: “even more how, even if you go all out, and you are really sure to break our joint blockade? Can you really destroy this transit station?”

These gods don’t believe Ye Yang has this ability.

Because, this is just an incarnation of Ye Yang, and there are not many Divine Item brought over. The battle just consumed some Divine Item, how much of the remaining Divine Item?

It’s just that, in case of prevention, he took the opportunity to persuade Ye Yang. Procrastinating time, while consuming Ye Yang’s protective Divine Item, while striking his confidence. Even Ye Yang, the incarnation last Self-destruction, wasted some power because of delaying time at this time, and the formidable power was reduced.

This is why they deliberately revealed some secrets. And those secrets are amazing, but even if they are known, they are of little use and do not affect anything. Only then can I speak out.

“The deity, when just talking to you, secretly condensed Divine Item into a formation, within the body microplastic new Divine Item, the power is fully concentrated, and the quantitative change reaches the qualitative change. The explosive formidable power is more direct than the previous Self-destruction meeting. Several times stronger.

“You said, can the deity break your protection and have a great impact on this place?”

Ye Yang’s words made the faces of the gods even more ugly.

“Please stop your hands, otherwise, the deity immediately Self-destruction.” Ye Yang said.

They hesitated a little, the attack slowed down, and the power that came over was the power that had just been shot and not recovered, only the aftermath of the attack.

However, at this moment, the gods suddenly jumped in their hearts, and some were directly moved towards the void.

“Come here? Is another powerhouse approaching?!!!”

“Damn, this guy must be secret and leaked whereabouts!!”

“Why do you want to attract other chaotic emperors if you want to seize the second universe and want to gain the right to speak in the second universe!”

The gods were furious, and some even questioned Ye Yang directly.

Ye Yang was surprised and irritated, and was annoyed, but then, just shook his head: “The deity has no interest in attracting others to take a slice of the soup. But… the deity did not expect that there will be other powerhouses close to this place. …”

Think for a while, look at these gods, and say, “This is your luck, the deity helps you. You go to intercept those deities and not give them in. When the deity arrives, he will take the self-destruction. Power is used on them.”

a The god stared at Ye Yang coldly, silently.

Ye Yang, are they stupid?

If they go out against those gods, what will Ye Yang do here? Will he obediently and honestly? Won’t search for Transmission Array? Or take the opportunity to destroy?

They don’t dare to leave without removing the hidden danger of Ye Yang.

even more how, if they don’t go out, they will be exposed. But when going out, the same is exposed. This transfer station will be found.

Even if you destroy the gods outside, you only destroy some incarnation. The comer is Chaos Divine Emperor, but it is only incarnation. Even if the incarnation of the two Chaos Divine Emperors is destroyed, their bodies also know the direction, and they may find it again, and may also pull other Divine Emperors and Chaos. Divine Demon came together.

Furthermore, if they find the neighborhood, the gods here will stay inside this transit station and will not go out. With the Defensive Array potential and enclosure here, isn’t it safer?

Ye Yang’s incarnation can’t slip in unless it’s connected to the universe.

“This Your Majesty… Lord of Chaos, if you are interested in the Second Universe and want to get it, you should not let more gods know this place. It is right to stop them with us, no To bring them close to this place, it is best to destroy their incarnation, how?” said a god.

“You decided to let the deity join you? Really the deity is with you? Work together?” Ye Yang asked with a smile.

The gods are silent again.

“hehe.” Ye Yang sneered: “It turned out that I just wanted to deceive the deity to go out and deal with those chaotic gods who came here.”

They didn’t want Ye Yang to join in at all.

Even if there are various restrictions on at first, as long as Ye Yang really joins and there is a vow to prove, they can’t get rid of Ye Yang. With strong enough strength, Ye Yang’s final say will become heavier, What will happen is hard to say.

Moreover, they still have some embarrassments, which cannot be revealed and cannot be said now.

“Are you a fool?” Ye Yang said again.

“Since the deity came here and found it, you are not afraid that the deity will reveal the coordinates here to other gods, why are they afraid that the new emperors will reveal the coordinates here? They are also selfish. No. Chaos God Emperor Wuyi doesn’t want to be promoted to Chaos God, and Wuyi doesn’t want to swallow all kinds of opportunities and benefits, bring it up a level.

“So, you don’t have to worry about leaking too much here.

“In addition, you are not in a hurry, the deity does not need to be in a hurry.”

Ye Yang said that, she would stand in the void.

Within the body power did not explode, and the gods were not going to engage with Ye Yang at this time.

It’s just that various spatial doors still block all around.

The two sides temporarily stopped fighting, glare like a tiger watching his prey, and stared at each other.

“Just now should take the opportunity to expedite this guy who claims to be the Lord of Chaos. The strike is deadlocked, but it is even more unfavorable.” a God murmured in his heart.

At this moment, there was a tumult in the air.


The two Chaos Divine Emperors coming from outside, I don’t know where they came from, their strength is so powerful. It can directly attract the chaotic power accumulated in their territories in the distance, causing a strong impact on this place.

With just one blow, the interior is turbulent.

Next, there was another bang.

And then, one after another powerful turmoil came. If the gods were standing on the ground and couldn’t fly like mortals, they were already swaying.

Ye Yang saw that some land has cracked in the shock.

The spirits of the gods are tumbling, the divine force is turbulent, and the power fluctuations are somewhat disordered.


The loud noise came again.

At this time, Ye Yang suddenly broke out.

While the entire turmoil in the world is in turmoil, all the accumulated power of his within the body erupts and pushes behind him. Long sword Tearing the Void in his hand, and it is completely destroyed and destroyed by the sword.

overwhelming majority One-time Divine Item, now vanishes.

Ye Yang also forcibly tore the void and all kinds of seals here. In an instant, he approached the vast ruined land and approached the suspected Transmission Array.

“Stop Him!!!”

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