Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 929


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The gods roared, and each and everyone rushed towards this side.

But, where is it too late?

Ye Yang waved his hand, the thing that was suspected of Transmission Array, buzzed and vibrated, but did not really work.

Ye Yang’s complexion.

He has just shot, it seems to be a wave, but in fact, he has released many different starting methods to match millions of different operating forces.

It stands to reason that this situation should start.

Unless deliberately manufactured to take a certain amount of time to start. Or it may be necessary for the operator to cooperate with it during operation.

However, these methods, Ye Yang is now too late to try one after another.

No time, not enough time! !

The gods each and everyone rushed towards this side.

How much time does Ye Yang have?

It is possible to release power to form a protective barrier and stop them a little bit.

But Ye Yang is only trifling an incarnation, and this incarnation is not very strong, relying on the power of those one-time Divine Item. The previous battles have already consumed a lot. Now the Divine Item has been transformed into power and has to be sent.

Or, let go of a wave of power. Or, if you delay it, your body’s strength will weaken and dissipate sharply.

This is not the same as the prolonged delay in the dialogue with the gods before. Now, it cannot be delayed.

“Damn, that’s the case…”

Those thoughts flashed in his mind, and his palms had fiercely strikes on the Transmission Array.


The gods are horrified, and countless blade light blade energy comes from behind towards Ye Yang strikes.

But Ye Yang was not afraid, and he instantly realized that the power of Transmission Array was almost fuse with the entire transit station, which was difficult to break.

So, the power that Ye Yang blasted out, like Yin-Yang Symbol, the yin and yang are intertwined. Many forces are divided into two different forces, and their characteristics conflict with each other. At this time, they are suppressed and they are pushed up. The protection was torn apart from the entire transit station.

Ye Yang’s tai chi circle blasted out broke up, but his body also flew forward, asking for Self-destruction.

The whole person broke into the Transmission Array, and the force that just slammed from the rear to Ye Yang, many of them were forcibly diverted to the side-those attacks seemed to be desperate when they were cut out, but In fact, there is already spare power. All attacks will automatically deviate when they hit a certain distance ahead, otherwise they will not react so fast.

Originally, they were worried that a powerful attack would spread to the Transmission Array after the bombing of Ye Yang, so they did so.

Ye Yang flew forward suddenly, causing many attacks to fail. Only a small amount was cut into His incarnation.

bang!! !

Transmission Array exploded.

At the moment when the chaotic power burst, Ye Yang saw clearly that many debris flew away and saw a twist of twisted power fluctuations.

“These data, the information…”

Write down, write down all!

As long as the information is used afterwards, plus the data of the strength of strikes shot by Ye Yang, as well as the data of the trajectory and strength of the particles after the collapse of the Tai Chi circle, and then with a super-strong computer cluster, centralized calculation, it will be able to calculate Come up with useful data.

Of course, Ye Yang’s body is desperately taking advantage of the opportunity to remember. Everything seen by incarnation must be transmitted to the ontology synchronously.

Here, it is not enough to send a one-time Divine Item in, but incarnation has not been separated from the control of the body, and the ultra-distant telepathy is still possible.

It’s just that less than 1/10000th of a second, and most of the data is recorded. Ye Yang’s incarnation is completely scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

The explosive Array power in the front, and some attacks in the rear that deflect Ye Yang in desperation. The front and back attack.

So, with concentration in his eyes and still staring at the turbulence of the power ahead, Ye Yang’s incarnation has been scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

At this time, in the universe, within the ancient palace, Ye Yang’s body was slightly shaken.

It took a long time before slowly letting out a long breath, with a trace of ease and happiness on his face.

“Fortunately, in the face of the brand of Chaos Controller, the spirit willpower transformation of the deity was strengthened and exceeded the normal Divine Emperor level. Otherwise, it is estimated that it is difficult for the weak incarnation to be in the extremely distant sealed transit station. Keep in touch with Ontology.

“If the contact is interrupted, incarnation cannot fight there. If the contact is intermittent, it is not enough to obtain this large amount of data.”

Ye Yang’s mouth smiled slightly.

Get the data, incomplete.

Moreover, it is almost impossible and complete. There is some energy that needs to be diffused for a while to obtain the following data.

However, with the data obtained, it should be possible to calculate the approximate position of the true coordinates of the second universe.

The exact point cannot be calculated, but the approximate location of the fuzzy point is still possible.

“Is the second universe in the mysterious ordinary void? Hehe… as long as there are coordinates, even mysterious, it is not impossible to go.|”

No matter how mysterious that position is, it is still in the space-time dimension. Among the different dimensions of the space-time interlayer, there is at most the power of Primal Chaos Law to make these space-time dimensions distorted, the dimension is wrong, and so on. But in essence it will not change.

Of course, this must have a strong ability to arrive.

For example, it is extremely difficult to lock the coordinates.

Something like an ordinary mortal, an article, a piece of data, after being heavily encrypted, will become garbled and cannot be understood unless decrypted.

For the same reason, the mysterious environment hidden in the warped dimension space-time is like the entire space-time is encrypted. If you don’t understand the solution, you won’t be able to enter even if you enter the distance again.

For example, one meter is clearly in front, but one meter in front is appearing out of thin air in front of million meters or 10 billion light years away. This is not surprising.

Even though they are clearly standing there, the two are like light and glass, and the two do not merge in the slightest. Light and black matter will be absorbed and the energy will merge. But it is intertwined with transparent things. It may even intersect with light and vacuum, without affecting each other at all.

If you want to enter a special area, you will not be able to enter without the appropriate means.

But Ye Yang is confident and confident.

“The Transmission Array that was attacked before appears to be broken, but it may not be completely destroyed. It may just explode the surface layer, and the core is not affected. It is also possible that the Transmission Array is like a memory metal. Restore.

“So, Transmission Array may not be finished.

“However, when I attacked it, it must have exploded, not only leaking information related to the coordinates of the second universe, but also leaking information related to Chaos Controller.

“If this information is also calculated, a large number of one-time Divine Items are used to simulate the power of Chaos Controller. Even if they are different, they are similar. Even if they are not equal, they can have some power characteristics. Just Like the simulated Duanyu sword. As long as the characteristics are enough to tear and twist the sub-dimensional space and time, and send me into the second universe, it is enough!”

This is why Ye Yang is confident.

“Now… The think tank in Divine Kingdom, a large number of divine force and divine force crystal brain, light brain, various supercomputer clusters, start computing!

“Chaos World, among the leaders, where the deity incarnation is located, Ye Die is a solemn Controller, helping to create a large number of computers, it should not be difficult.

“Mortal people have some very huge computer stars with a diameter of thousands of kilometers or even tens of thousands of kilometers, and the entire planet is a powerful computer. The deity can do the same.”

Ye Yang previously made a server for games like “Universal Adventure”, now it is not difficult to create something similar.

It’s just data analysis.

Soon, a lot of data is sorted out. The information that Ye Yang wants, it won’t take long to get results.

At the same time, go to the “transit station” of the Second Universe, the strangely shaped space that looks like an egg, the shell, and then, a secret place, Ye Yang laid down the brand.

There is a ray of will projection that emerges, drawing Primal Chaos Qi around him, and becoming a humanoid creature.

It’s just that it’s translucent, fluttering, and looks like a ghost, as if it doesn’t have much strength and is very weak. Moreover, the shape is only the size of the palm.

However, this ghostly creature is Ye Yang’s incarnation.

Unlike the suppression in the universe, in chaos, as long as the conscious projection can reach, it can condense chaos to create incarnation. Only chaos, incarnation is strong enough!

This incarnation now takes a deep breath, and the surrounding Primal Chaos Qi converge. This body gradually solidified, and gradually grew up from the original little “ghost”.

But at this moment, a tumult of turbulence came from the outside world.

This is different from the vacuum environment in the universe, Primal Chaos Qi directly transmits sound waves. Moreover, part of the sound waves transmitted by chaos are faster than the speed of light. Especially when encountering sound waves with special laws. For example, the law of oscillation, the law of tone, etc.

Ye Yang, the incarnation, heard the loud noise, but also sensed the violent turbulence of the outside world, and one after another intense destruction aura poured in.

Thoughts move, a Divine Item surfaced.

This Divine Item is very weak, but it has an important role-avatar!

Or surrender!

Enough to replace an incarnation and die once.

It can even die once for a god.

It’s just that this Divine Item is too weak and can only replace Demi-God. If you upgrade this Divine Item to a few levels, you can die for the real god.

If you want to replace Ye Yang’s normal incarnation and die once, then this Divine Item needs to be combined with multiple Divine Items. If the weak incarnation of Ye Yang is replaced, this Divine Item is enough.

For Ye Yang, the biggest consciousness is to prevent the brand from being wiped out. The moment when the brand was wiped out, Ye Yang’s weak incarnation escaped, leaving Divine Item to die.

In fact, a weak incarnation is simply not important to Ye Yang who is now rich and imposing. The significance of this for the Death God is to ensure that the incarnation here can do more.

With a wave of his hand, the nearby Primal Chaos Qi collapsed, just like the chaotic initial metamorphic universe, yin and yang intertwine, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind generated, and various laws condensed. However, the law here is very weak. The so-called chaotic initial metabolic universe is nothing more than a simulation.

This method of decomposing chaos must be based on Primal Chaos Law and a good understanding of the various laws in the universe, and then only have sufficient advanced divine sense power qualities.

There are many Law Powers that do not exist in Chaos World near Ye Yang. These laws constitute a circular mirror, which highlights the outside world.

I saw that the incarnation of the two chaotic emperors desperately struck the transit station.

Amazingly, they actually took out a piece of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, put it together, blessing and absorbed their power. The fragment of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact actually forcibly tore the shell outside the huge egg shape. A huge ditch mark cracked.

“What is Primal Chaos Divine Artifact? This is so strong…No, the powerful is not the fragments of Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, but the power and use of these two chaotic emperors.”

When the thoughts flashed, I saw that the two emperors quickly put away the fragments of their Primal Chaos Divine Artifact, and turned into a human form, condensing chaos into a knife, and chopped towards that gap.


Ye Yang’s heart beats.

This gap is not deep and not too big. However, it was precisely the protective position of that transfer station that caused shock damage.

equivalent to The surface of a balloon is scratched with a shallow mark. If there is external force, it may make it leak. If the external force is strong, it may even make it explode directly.

“The two Chaos Divine Emperor, just shot strikes that transit station…”

It is a shock. Through the shock shock, it triggers the protective mechanism of the transition, all kinds of forces counterattack and rebound, and the shock wave inside overflows.

Like mortal sonar methods used to detect the inside of an item, or to detect underground. The same is true of the means of these two chaotic emperors.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it clearly before. The chaos around me is messed up and I can’t get too important data.”

Thinking about it, I saw that a Mecha had appeared out of thin air.

“This is…chaotic Mecha?”

Ye Yang can’t help staring wide-eyed.

These Mechas are similar in form to mortal Mecha. It is similar to the latest Mecha concept of many high-tech countries in the universe.

However, it contains the puppet technology that the ancient god emperor used to refine, and strengthens the refining of these Mechas like refining puppets. Then, Divine Emperor, the emperor, stationed in it to control it.

This Mecha, I don’t know how many formations, it contains the power of Divine Emperor.

However, this is not enough.

The most exaggerated thing is that Ye Yang sensed a breath similar to the branding of Chaos Controller.

In this transit station, there are remnants of the previous generation Chaos Controller, whether it is a finished Divine Item or material, or scrap, which has been processed enough to make Mecha’s shell strength stronger than Chaos God’s strongest shell.

Having a strong enough shell and frame is enough to support enough strength.

No wonder these Divine Emperor dare to drive these things to kill.

At this point, the war is on the verge.

Several Mechas directly blast one after another energy beam, and they can actually move the compressed chaos towards strikes here.

Two god emperors rushed up to fight Mecha.

Ye Yang flew out quickly, this incarnation retreated and retreated, hurrying away from this place.

He saw that Divine Item flew in the void. However, it is not a real Divine Item, but a virtual one.

Those Mechas can actually use Power of Primal Chaos to turn chaos into a temporary Divine Item, which only has the function of Self-destruction. It is not as strong as Ye Yang’s one-time Divine Item combination, and the flexibility is far from it. But together, it was enough to hurt Chaos God.

even more how, the comer is just the incarnation of Chaos Divine Emperor?

In an instant, the two Chaos Divine Emperors were wounded and roared, fighting mecha close to them.

However, several Mechas flew out.

There is a pot of porridge in the vicinity, chaos is rolling, the law is twisted, all kinds of strength and all kinds of Spiritual Fluctuation outside, with Ye Yang’s super strong spirit willpower, it is impossible to detect the inside situation through the periphery of these crazy powers.

“It’s amazing…” Ye Yang incarnation shook his head and sighed.

But suddenly, his expression froze. Afterwards, a ecstatic smile appeared on his face: “Is it calculated?!!!

“The space-time coordinates of the dimensional dimension where the real second universe is located!!”

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