Necromancer in the End of the World Chapter 930


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Ye Yang moved his heart and glanced forward, a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Exactly, these chaotic gods and the emperors wearing chaotic Mecha are fighting here and contain each other. This is a good thing.

“Let them continue to fight, lively, the deity first rushed to the second universe, is it right?”

At this time, the nearby war may attract the eyes of many powerhouses, whether passing by or rushing to this place, will be attracted by the situation here. Then Ye Yang did something else in secret, and it was not noticeable.

Ye Yang incarnation quickly retreated. But after thinking about it, I still kept an incarnation here, just sitting cross-legged and sitting still. The power of fine divine sense is almost transferred.

Another incarnation, rushing deeper into the chaos.

Not long ago, I found an abyss, an abyss in chaos.

This abyss has a strong gravitational force. If you use the celestial body in the universe as a metaphor, it is like a long “black hole”, very long and wide. How “deep” it is is unclear.

“It gives me a feeling similar to the cosmic cracks I encountered in the universe before. The weird ruler of the Eastern Pole League is also somewhat similar to here… Maybe not in the same place, not in the same origin , But the power characteristics have similar similarities.”

Ye Yang pondered for a few seconds, faintly sighed.

To travel to the so-called second universe, one must enter this abyss. Nowhere else can you go.

“So, you still need to simulate the breath of the Chaos Controller level before you can resist the power here. Whether it is to hide from the sky or to block the power invasion here, the power of the Chaos Controller level is indispensable, even if it is only a very subtle one. Little wigs, you must have them.

“It’s like a primer, no more, but it must be.

“However, if you want to use a one-time Divine Item to simulate the breath of Chaos Controller level, it is almost data, it is not perfect.”

Ye Yang thought for a while, and stayed near this incarnation, first looked around, found no abnormalities, and then set up the position. Transfer the one-time Divine Item elsewhere, one by one.

At the same time, outside the Great War Zone of the transit station, Ye Yang, already in a cross-legged incarnation, opened his eyes and stared at the war ahead.

It’s confusing.

Many god emperors, after wearing Mecha, are very powerful. With three or five cooperation, the Chaos God Emperor can be blocked.

The Chaos God Emperor is stronger than the God Emperor in the universe. In this chaotic area, Chaos God Emperor’s strength will be even better. Even if the master in the universe came here, under the condition that the strength was suppressed, it was only equal to Chaos God Emperor.

It’s just that these ordinary emperors, wearing Mecha, can actually block these two chaotic emperors. Even if they are only incarnation, it is amazing enough. After all, this is Chaos World, the incarnation of Chaos God, compared with the body, it will not be too weak.

“Unfortunately, these emperors did not seem to cooperate well. Do they have conflicts with each other? They do not trust each other. It’s just a combination of interests, and they fear that other emperors will betray, so they dare not dare to fight in the war. Take it lightly and not be able to exert your full strength. This is tied to the incoming Chaos God Emperor.”

Ye Yang shook the head.

Attention turned again to Chaos Divine Emperor in that war.

Suddenly my thoughts moved again: “How did these two guys find this place? Did they really follow my trail?”

Ye Yang feels wrong.

If Ye Yang leaked the information and left some important clues that led them to find it all the way, then Ye Yang must have been exposed.

But now, the two god emperors seem to be lurking in the vicinity as if they didn’t find Ye Yang’s incarnation at all.

“The deity calculates one or two.”

Ye Yang watched their battles and recorded data while using the chaos nearby to create various items and set up simple formations.

“Round light… retrospective!”

In the chaos, there are some images that can be traced back to the past.

In the universe, flying hundreds of light years away, you can see the light emitted from this area hundreds of years ago. From this I learned what happened hundreds of years ago.

However, in the chaos, Chaos Energy fog and particles will absorb all kinds of light and various energy waves, which will cause a lot of information transmission not far away.

However, there are some rare special fluctuations. Such as the shock of Primal Chaos Bell, etc. These fluctuations, under special conditions, will not be absorbed by chaos and will be transmitted far away.

Ye Yang is now about to collect that energy wave.

The volatility sent by the two Chaos Divine Emperors had an impact on Chaos, and some information would be left behind.

The information is now gathered. Detect various particles in the surrounding void and collect data.

“so that’s how it is… do they actually have such a treasure?”

Ye Yang saw that a chaotic god emperor took out a broken Primal Chaos Divine Artifact. But the Divine Item is very similar to the “Holy Grail” that Ye Yang has touched.

Ye Yang has been in contact with the Holy Grail of Light, the Holy Grail of Space, and the Holy Grail of Destiny. Even contacted the power of the Holy Grail of time.

Many Holy Grails have different images, but are generally similar.

The power of the Holy Grail seemed to be extremely powerful at first, but now think about it, and it is absolutely this, it will not be more powerful than the master.

But Ye Yang now sees that a thing suspected of being the remains of the Holy Grail has the ability to surpass the powerful predictive ability of the Controller level.

“The clues given are quite vague, but generally not bad. Are these two chaotic emperors found this place based on that information?”

Ye Yang’s eyes rolled, staring at both sides of the battle.

“It’s difficult… It’s too difficult to take the opportunity to find fragments of the Holy Grail from them and grab them again.”

Ye Yang shook his head.

Silently watching the battle, the battle between the two sides is getting more and more intense.

It doesn’t take long to see the winner.

“The comers are victorious, as long as those god emperors return to the transfer station and stay there for a long time. And if the emperors who pass the battle can win, it will not let these two chaotic emperors. Go in. So, it is not easy to break into the transfer station. As a result, at first is almost doomed.

“However, this has nothing to do with me. They fight and benefit me.”

Mecha of Chaos Gods, the material of the previous Chaos Controller is useful. When Mecha was fighting, the pilot also used Chaos Controller’s technical means of branding inheritance.

Ye Yang watched the battle and naturally wrote down the information related to the master.

“Okay, it should be enough…”

Just no longer paid attention to the battle here.

His purpose is to go to the so-called second universe, not to protect the transit station. The meaning of the transit station is to allow the gods to enter the so-called second universe. But if you can go without a transfer station, then this transfer station is meaningless.

“Let them continue to fight, let me take a look first. It shouldn’t be wrong this time.”

Ye Yang set up positions around the chaotic “Abyss”. A large number of one-time Divine Items were also delivered after one after another.

His right hand waved, and many Divine Items flew, circled around his body, and circled in a circle.

Next, pieces of Divine Item merge to form a larger Divine Item, which is compressed and condensed again.

The quality of Divine Item is improving.

It’s just that this tough and rough way of promotion is not stable. The lifespan of these Divine Item will not be long.

Ye Yang didn’t pay any attention to it. With a wave of his hand, the vast chaos attracted, and a chaotic liquid lake was formed nearby. Many pieces of Divine Item sank into the lake, and the liquid surface of the whole lake spun. The nearby Primal Chaos Qi Automatically converge towards here, so that the chaotic fluid keeps increasing. At the same time, one after another colorful rays of light flew towards Ye Yang and surrounded him.

Each time a stream of colorful rays of light flew out, the chaotic fluid decreased. But at the same time, Chaos Energy is constantly replenishing and condensing into new chaotic fluid.

Ye Yang took a deep breath, more one-time Divine Item flew out, forming each and everyone formations, the colorful rays of light around Ye Yang flew into those formations, and each and everyone formation exploded, but The colorful rays of light passing through the formation have been compressed and condensed into beads.

The beads are as fine as grains of rice, strung together into a bead chain, and flew into the hands of Ye Yang.

“It can only last less than ten minutes at most.”

Ye Yang stared at the bead chain, only to feel a thrill. In every bead the size of a grain of rice, it seems that there is a will transformed into an eye left by Chaos Controller staring at him.

Also, the void around the bead chain is twisted and extremely unstable.

Ye Yang took a deep breath of Primal Chaos Qi, grabbed the bead chain, and jumped into the chaotic abyss ahead.

The vast dark power is crushed, but the bead chain blooms a soft circle of light, which actually blocks those powerful forces.

It seems that the dark powers are conscious and easily deterred from daring to invade.

Under the shroud of this force, Ye Yang accelerated the shuttle, and soon passed through the chaotic abyss to the thick and strange energy area at the bottom of the abyss. Then, after passing through, he entered a very vast void.

Ye Yang looks around. The environment here is very similar to the vacuum inside the universe, not the same as Chaos World.

It is amazing to completely cover the entire universe. This shell can’t use the bead string to shuttle in, I don’t know what is inside. I only know that the shell is constantly thrown with various energy and impurities. It’s inaccessible.

Ye Yang thought about it and tried to attack twice, but the outer shell of the Second Universe was so hard and hard to penetrate.

He turned around again and looked at the gods who were busy around. Looking at those god emperors, the purpose is to have enough resources to gather together to condense a force of compression and aggregation, strikes the outer shell of the universe.

Of course, there are many ways to gather energy and Law Power, and there is never more than one. A variety of methods are also used to integrate energy and compress energy. strikes The power of the second universe shell is also different. But none of them can make cracks under ten centimeters thick.

It is still continuous trial and error, adjust the most suitable strength, and then try to break the shell.

Ye Yang observed it for a while, and gradually became affirmed: “Interesting…These emperors and ordinary judges from the old universe could not enter this second universe!”

The facts are obvious, they are still cutting the outer shell of the Second Universe.

“They are constantly sending various materials from the old universe, they thought it was obtained into the second universe, or used to cultivate the new universe to make it grow, but absolutely did not expect… actually It is used to set up positions, want to condense the power of chaos and other forces, increase and increase each other to produce qualitative changes, and then break the outer shell of this universe.

“That is to say, they can only be sure that this is indeed another universe. But even they can only teleport to this periphery, and have not entered it for the time being?”

This makes Ye Yang feel a little funny and a little excited.

If, even if these guys haven’t been inside, it’s still just hitting the outer shell of the Second Universe, it means that the inside of the Second Universe is still the original ecology and has not been developed by any outsider. The benefits gained in it will also be maximized.

“This opportunity cannot be missed. For safety reasons, you cannot enter the second universe as quickly as possible, but it must not be much slower than the gods here. I will also participate in the first wave of development of the second universe.”

Thinking, Ye Yang’s incarnation quietly retreated to the side, motionless.

Appeared? It will only trigger a fight, it is better to hide.

“Wait for them to spend a great deal of money and spend countless resources before breaking a crack in this second universe, and the deity first rushed in. Wait for the peach to ripen before picking the peach…”

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