Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Aliens Losing Territory Chapter 48

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 48 Identity, Gone with the Wind

When this remark came out, Remo knew it.

Gevin looked into his gaze and was full of murder: “Do you know his purpose?”

In the Tarantula Mercenary Corps, some people immediately sneered: “We know what the purpose of Skye adults is.”

“We have so many people, plus Skye adults who may appear at any time. Do you think you can leave from Saruha?”

“Yeah, I don’t know when I die. I’ve offended the legend and wanted to leave it alive.”

This part of the people who appeared near the steel gate was mostly the elite of tarantulas, and a few were outside experts.

A legendary figure, especially a legendary assassin, is still very deterrent to them.

This time standing there, they do not need to think.

Among Ma Wenyu’s, there are several impulsive adventurers who have pulled out their weapons and seem to be ready to take Gevin down!

Although Remo did not say anything, his eyes gradually became sharper.

Gevin is stronger again, but just stepped into the fourth-order only, his own side is more crowded and the master is numerous. If you can win him, you can get a legendary friendship, which is a business that is sure to make money!

Gervin’s face barely reveals an angry look.

In Marvin’s impression, the kinship was excellent and it was almost a saint of the Ming Party.

But in this situation, he finally could not control his emotions.

He seems to be ready to kill.

Marvin knew that Gevin had the absolute ability to do this!

The strong elite of the kinship party. And William Dagong is so close, although the level is not high, but the body must have a powerful killing secret!

This is one of the reasons why he made Gevin. He not only looks at the influence of the Ming Party, but also looks at the potential of Gevin himself!

The strong breath erupted from the body of Gwen. His beauty was almost flirtatious, and the tip of a bit of fangs couldn’t help but grow.

This is a manifestation of his release of power!

“It turned out to be a vampire!”

Some people in the tarantula sneered: “I said why the dignified hand of an adult shot and killed a fourth-order young man. It turned out to be a monster that only harms people!”

“Yeah, look at him looks so beautiful, did not expect to be a vampire.”

“I have heard that many people from the ruins of the recent ruins have come from unknown sources. Many people have been sucked to death and died. It is very miserable!”

“You also want to snaking Saruha’s treasure? Dirty evil creatures. We will now take him together and give him to Skye!”

The tarantulas are all about to make a come.

Ma Wen frowned.

Who knows that at this time, Remeer actually greeted him and said: “Mr. Kerry, the only person who Skye named for killing was only one of him.”

“You are innocent. We will not be afraid of you tarantulas, I hope you do not be deceived by him. Join us together and seize this vampire, I believe that Skye adults will not treat us.”

Marvin smiled helplessly. Just about to say something, Gevin’s cloak suddenly shook up:

“Dirty creatures! Evil creatures! I have worked so hard to do so many things. In the eyes of your humanity, is the blood family still a monster?”

His eyes are filled with resentment and incomprehension.

Marvin understood his pain. The Ming Party was originally the most embarrassing. They tried to coexist peacefully with mankind, but there was a gap between races. Where is it so easy to solve?

Given the limited knowledge of these mercenaries, I am afraid I do not even know the difference between the Ming Party and the Dark Party!

The coast of the Pomeranian Sea where they live is the headquarters of the kinship party. it’s here. The confrontation between humans and kinship is still very obvious.

Skye itself did not show its identity, and they naturally thought it was the strong Terran. And Gevin, in their eyes, is just a monster.


“It’s not necessary.” Marvin said, turning to Remo. “You are not stupid people. Those who can make legendary hands. Will they be ordinary people?”

“I have already reached an alliance with this Mr. Gwen, if the people of your tarantula insist on going with me. I am afraid that you can’t make much money.”

Marvin’s purpose is simple. Conflicts can occur between people who can cope with tarantulas.

God knows how long battles between pale hands and evil spirits will last.

The whereabouts of both men and women have been exposed. Together with Saruha’s unique circular terrain, he will surely catch up after the first time.

If you have delayed more time on your side, you might be caught up by Skye.

When the time comes, the trouble will be big.

Although Marvin contends that if he can make a surprise, killing a pale hand is not an impossible task, but he always takes great risks.

After experiencing the Pusun Plane incident, Marvin has become cautious.

Who knows what he said did not have any effect at all.

Raymer looked down: “Since you decided to help this monster, then don’t blame us for mercy.”

“Don’t talk nonsense with them!” Gevin also said at the same time. From his eyes, he had been patient for a long time.

If it weren’t the same concerns as Marvin, he probably would have started it!

Marvin’s heart moved, slightly bowed, the next second, a lance appeared in the hands of Marvin!

He looked up and glanced at the crowd coldly, with a slight disdain in his eyes: “Since you decided to die, I wouldn’t stop.”

Everyone first saw it and immediately changed his face!

Remeer is even more lost: “The Dragon Slayer, Robin!”


The appearance of the crying sky has long been no secret.

The legendary dragon killer, Robin, succeeded in killing Black Dragon Clarke’s life with his crying sorrow. This is also widely known as a person.

The unique image of this long gun has long been spread out.

When Marvin took the rifle in front of the crowd and added the effect of disguise modification, he restored Robin’s appearance.

Everyone was completely shocked!

A small expedition, there is a legend there, forget, who can think of now come up with one!

Although Marvin had a unique power to interfere with the perception of the enemy, he could kill the strong man of Black Dragon Clark and said that he was not a legend. Who would believe it?

If the pale hand is only a minor celebrity on the coast of the Bobo Sea, then Robin, the Dragon Slayer, is famous!

In the Tarantula Mercenary Corps, the bull was extremely excited: “I said long ago that he was an adult Robin! I did not expect him to disguise himself as an ordinary man!”

β€œShut up!” Remo looked pale green and his mouth was bitter.

A vampire is not really anything.

But now the Tarantula Mercenary Corps is sandwiched between two legendary powerhouses, which is difficult to handle.

When Marvin’s rifle came out, the newly retired person instantly shut up.

They look to Marvin’s eyes, full of awe!

After all, the shadow of the person’s name tree. They are ordinary risk-takers, this guy can not even tear the black dragon, I am afraid that they all together, not enough for this Robin adults to tear one hand!

Remer’s situation is rather embarrassing. He just wanted to say something. Marvin quickly said:

“I didn’t want to reveal my identity. But this is the end of the matter. The tarantulas should also understand that this expedition is definitely not that simple.”

“You several, go and open the steel door to me.”

“The rest of the people are all going west. The farther they roll, the better. There is a pale hand in the district. Do you think I can’t pick him up?”

All the people are in disbelief.

This expedition was originally led by the Tarantula Mercenary Corps. Who knows that this will happen?

Legends appear one after another and one is overbearing.

Fortunately, this dragon killer seems too lazy to look like them.

Those who have not been referred to by Marvin, all silent, went straight away, including several heads of tarantulas.

Marvin’s identity is naturally beyond doubt.

After all, at the moment he showed his identity, Remo secretly indicated that Lilia had confirmed it with witchcraft.

The witchcraft result disappears, and Marvin does have a lot of dragon aversion!

This is a symbol unique to Dragon Slayers.

They dare not have any resistance!

In just one minute, all the people of the tarantula disappeared into the vision of both.

The remaining few people were struggling with huge mechanical wrenches on the floor, and the steel gates gradually increased.

Marvin and Gevin looked at one another, accelerated, and rushed straight!

… (to be continued)

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