Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Loss of Territory Nobility 42nd Chapter Evil Enchantment

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 42 The Evil Enchantment, Gone with the Wind

Pass through the dark, narrow tunnel with a small ladder in front of it.

Marvin reluctantly climbed up and climbed up from the ladder. He pushed open a rusted manhole cover, and a more rotten breath came from all sides.

The blood family followed him and smelled of this smell, and could not help but frown.

“This is the former Saluha gnome living area?”

Obviously, Gevin is not ignorant of this. The vampire was a little bit shy, and this rot smell made Gervin feel particularly uncomfortable. He could not help whispering: “We’ll go through this area quickly.”

Marvin shook his head.

“If you want to hide from the hunting of pale hands, follow me.”

Having said this, Marvin accelerated and went deep into the living quarters.

Gevin frowned and could only follow.

In the quiet living area, waves of low winds will be heard from time to time.

These winds masked the close actions of evil spirits.

Since the Marvins had left the manhole, they had already received the orders of two evil angels.

A huge encirclement is slowly forming.


In the fog, Marvin closed his eyes and a three-dimensional image emerged in his mind.

One red dot, hiding in the crevices of the building, is looking at himself.

Gevin followed closely behind Ma Wen. Obviously, the vampire leader of the Vampire Party felt extraordinary.

“We were surrounded,” he whispered.

Marvin nodded. A smile flashed in his eyes: “It’s this effect!”

Gwen wrinkled his brow, but didn’t ask much. Since Ma Wen has such self-confidence, he will not be afraid of these evil spirits.

After all, in his perception. Although there are many numbers of these evil spirits, there are no special masters.

With his skill, even if he encounters evil spirits like tongue magic, he can easily escape.

Marvin accelerated the pace of advancement because he could feel that the encirclement of evil spirits was shrinking.

The living quarters of Saruha Gnome are part of five parts that are completely controlled by evil spirits. There is no structural body here, but there are endless evil spirits.

All these evil spirits are under the control of the two evil spirits.

And those two evil angels. It is living in an area next to the “Abandoned Ancient Altar”.

According to Marvin’s knowledge, because of some special reasons, the two evil angels could not leave the altar of the ancient people. Their body seems to have become one with the altar.

If you want to kill Marvin, you can only drive the evil spirits in your hands to do this; or find ways to lead Marvin in the direction of the ancient altar.

They thought that Marvin didn’t know it all. In fact, their plan has long been known by Marvin.

He knew that since he had destroyed the rotten plateau, the evil degree of his evil spirits had already exploded. This is the site of Titus. As soon as he enters Saruha, he is afraid that he will be directly penetrated by the second lord of this evil world.

The fall of De Gauguin’s plan to allow the world of evil spirits to invade Fernan was severely compromised, and he would hate Ma Wen with a demon spirit, not to mention Tidomus’ relationship with Di Gaugan. .

“He will certainly kill me at all costs. But by assessing my strength, I am afraid he also knows that these evil spirits will not kill me.”

“They just gave me pressure to force me to go in the direction of the ancient altar of sacrifice. Because only in that place, two evil spirits can directly harm me and cooperate with evil spirits to hopefully report hatred.”

“Oh, so I’m not too bad with…”

Marvin sneered.

The direction in which he runs is indeed the direction of the abandoning ancient altar!

So those evil spirits are surprisingly patient. Under the restraint of the evil spirit messenger, Marvin did not shoot.

They even vaguely discharged a formation. Leaked a small flaw.

And the direction of that flaw is the deserted ancient altar.

They believe that Marvin’s perception will surely find this flaw.

However, to the astonishment of the two evil angels, Marvin, who had been running towards the ancient altar, suddenly stopped in front of a building.

It is a rather large building!

Although Saruha has been abandoned for years without knowing it, the words engraved before the construction are still:

[McKinsey Theater].

Marvin smiled and suddenly turned around to drill into the McKenzie Theater!

Gervin hesitated and followed his teeth.


“He saw through our plan.”

An evil spirit messenger frowned on the ancient altar that was absurd.

The other person sneered: “What happened to that? In my eyes, he just chose the place for himself to be buried.”

“The McKinsey Theatre may have thought that the terrain was complicated and it was good for fighting… What he didn’t know was that it was ours!”

“Summon [Sleeping Max] and block all theaters. Oh, I would like to see how this destroys the so-called “Fernan hero” of the rotten plateau. How should we break through our evil spirit enchantment this time!”

On the ancient altar of sacrifice, the two men bowed their heads and began to sing low and low.

The power from the distant second evil spirit world [the evil dragon’s graveyard] passed through the altar, and slowly poured in to Fernan!

Around the McKinsey Theatre, there are already evil spirits.

At the command of the evil ambassador, all evil spirits got into it!

Devils, evil spirits, brain-evil spirits, strange bodies… all kinds of evil spirits, all of them came from the eight doors of the theater.

Inside the theater, Gevin looked at the endless army of evil spirits. His face was a bit ugly: “We are surrounded!”

Marvin galloped on a row of seats and eventually settled firmly on the stage!

“indeed so.”

“But if it is not, how can we get the feeling and killing of a pale hand?”

In the interlocution, all evil spirits rushed from all directions. And around the McKinsey Theatre, a huge force came and the light gray enchantment wrapped up the theater.

“Evil spirit enchantment?” Gevin eyes brightened.

Under this light gray enchantment package, the McKinsey Theatre hides directly from the living area!

All sounds, sights, and other traces disappeared.

Even if the pale hand has spared no effort to pursue it, I am afraid that this place could not be found. After all, the high level of this evil spirit enchantment, and even the feeling of arrogance and legend of Gevin, can not be penetrated.


Although evil spirits can prevent Skye from killing, the challenges that the two will face are very serious.

Thousands of evil spirits, such as the waves, flooded.

If the theater is not big enough, I am afraid that these evil spirits can squeeze themselves to death!

“What’s next?”

Unconsciously, Gevin vaguely meant something that was headed by Marvin.

Marvin looked at the evil spirits that had rushed to the near place, suddenly pulled out his double-edged sword and showed a hint of excitement in his eyes:

“All kill it!”

… (to be continued)

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