Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Loss of Territory Noble Chapter 62 Tumble it! Titan!

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One Lost Aristocrats Chapter 62 Roll it! Titan! , Astronomy

When the giant came out of the huge pit, everyone was shivering.

The terrible machinery Titan is even higher than the adult black dragon!

Although it seems that his movements are slow, standing there is a deterrent.

The five black dragons turned their heads together and watched vigilantly on the standing Titan.

As everyone knows, Marvin in the Titan has been sweating.

Although the heavens changed, he had enough time for him, but the battle module was still not fully unlocked.

He can barely control the machinery Titan to jump out of the pit!

If you want to fight Black Dragon, you need more authority.

But for a moment, Marvin could not decipher.

The city of hope is in jeopardy, he can only fight one.

“Energy is not much, and other methods of fighting are very energy-consuming…”

“It can only be this way.”

Ma Wen took a look at some of the combat modules that had been unlocked and made a shocked attack!

On a cold screen, line by line appears over and over:

[Lock target, open offensive program…]

[After the offensive program is completed, the form conversion starts…]

[Tumbling mode started! 】

In full view, mechanical Titan’s body; began to start amazing changes.

The limbs suddenly shrank, the huge body became a triangular shape, and the arc was rounded.

In the next second, the rumbling of the rumbling sound came from within the Titan. The entire Titans rushed to the top of the black dragon and rolled over!

His start-up speed was scary, and he rushed to Black Dragon in the blink of an eye.

The Titan, a big, mechanical Titan tumbling wildly like a huge solid iron wheel. Raised winds of storm!

Trorin was taken aback and mechanical Titan’s raid speed far exceeded her imagination.

“Quickly escape!”

No she ordered. The Black Dragon was also a bit afraid of the mechanical Titan who was rushing into a collision. He jerked back and shrank. Trying to escape the impact of mechanical Titan.

However, all this is futile.

Marvin has completely locked it.

The mechanical titan in the tumbling tumbling like a madness fine-tuned the direction and crashed into the black dragon!



The moment the two sides came into contact, everyone held their breath!

Marvin was sweating too much. He didn’t know how much strength Titan had in the end, so he directly adjusted the promotion power to the highest level!

In a flash, the mechanical Titan ran into the black dragon’s forelimb and chest.

The expected balance of power did not happen. Black Dragon, which has always been known for its melee, has even been overthrown!


The huge black dragon couldn’t help but fall backwards. The horrible Titan rolled up and rolled up from the black dragon’s stomach!

Puff puff!

Even if the Black Dragon’s constitution is amazing, it was crushed by the weight of the Titan, and it also ran out of dragon blood.

As for the ribs, it is not known how many roots are broken!

Marvin even heard the broken black dragon wings.


This shovel is so powerful!

When the first picture is taken, the black dragon of terror is made to have its front limbs broken and bleed.


A purple figure instantly appeared on the back of another black dragon.

She was shocked by the dust of the sky. The rumbling sound gradually fades away…but it’s closer!

“All take off!”

Trorin was shocked and angry again.

The remaining four heads of Black Dragon had a cold heart, and the crazy flying wings flew up.

At that moment, the turbulent winds from chaos and rocks were filled with sand. The black dragon that was crushed by overwhelmed the body and tried to fly high.

He succeeded one step short!

However, in the eyes of all people’s horror, a dark shadow thundered from the dust of the sky!

“Do not!”

A black dragon roared out loud.

However, they cannot change it all.

Marvin is driving a mechanical Titan. Once again from the black dragon rolled over!

This time, the mechanical Titan’s tumbling process was not hindered at all.

Use the most powerful force directly. Run over the black dragon’s neck.


The powerful black dragon was crushed directly by the neck and kneeling on the ground. Like a crushed bug!


The poor black dragon’s mouth made a low buzzing sound. When he was just adult, he encountered such terrible enemies.

“Save him!” ordered Trorin.

However, the remaining four Black Dragons are indifferent.

They frightened and flew in the sky, watching coldly the iron gongs rolling over Black Dragon over and over again.

Whether it was crowds in the distance or the residents of the City of Hope, or the three sisters who knew the truth, they were shocked by this scene.

Watching the black dragon struggling to get up from the ground, but again and again by mechanical Titan rolling on the ground, they couldn’t help but suck cool air.

This is a black dragon!

The existence of the top of the food chain, the huge body comparable to the hill, the strong physique of the flesh is also the top in the dragon!

But now it is crushed back and forth by a seemingly bulky shovel.

All people who saw this scene felt crazy.

The mechanical Titan is constantly rolling! It’s like an excited gyro, but the way the two rotate is different.

Marvin drives a mechanical Titan, rolling his back and forth from the Black Dragon nine times!

Until he swallowed his last breath.

The cold mechanical Titan stopped the tumbling pace.

The adult black dragon, who is already dead, can no longer die.

He is estimated to be the most wronged dragon in this world.

Being born crushed … … I am afraid that no matter what level of dragons will not think that this world is actually there can be in the body crushed Black Dragon’s existence!


The four wild mountains are silent.

Even in the sky, only the black dragon’s heavy breathing and the wings flapping sound.

Trorin was furious. She asked with a trembling voice:

“You, who are you?!”

Machinery Titan parked in place, motionless.

Half time. A long sentence came from the cockpit:

“My name is Robin.”


Dragon Slayer Robin!

When this name appeared again on the Rocky Mountain, people did not expect it. He also killed a black dragon.

Is this guy having enmities with Black Dragon?

The last time I tore a black dragon, this time it was even more brutal. I directly pressed a black dragon into a meat sauce!

Really is not ruthless, Black Dragon’s huge body is almost integrated with the earth, blood is penetrated the entire land.

The City of Hope, at first, was silent and immediately burst into a loud voice!

“It’s Robin!”

“He came back to save us again!”

“Scorpio, he actually controlled such a weapon, a black dragon. He said that he was crushed to death.”

The crowd was amazing.

Even the three sisters were surprised at the strength of the mechanical Titan.

Invincible Black Dragon, actually is not a match of mechanical Titan!

The technology of ancient goblins is really unpredictable.


Trolin is an accident.

This time to destroy Luanshan, what is called is to destroy Robin’s idea.

Who would have thought that the wicked dragonslayer had not only [cry of the sky] in his hands, but he did not know when he would dig out a mechanical Titan from the ruins!

The remaining four black dragons are very jealous.

Their morale is very low, if Robin is alone. They may have been rushed to kill him long ago.

But he is driving a mechanical Titan.

The horrible killing machine lifted the rollover mode and restored the human form.

He looked blank, but it gave the Black Dragon a frightened atmosphere.

That is the breath of natural enemies.

You know, ancient Titans. It was originally the only natural enemies of the dragons. The mechanical Titan made by ancient goblins is to imitate the characteristics of the ancient Titans and brings together the advantages of Titan. Also joined their own design, the highest level of alchemy items reached!

Trolin looked tinted. The scepter in her hands burst into flames and slammed into the cockpit of the mechanical Titan!

People hold their breath.

Dark Dragon God’s electorate. Nature is extraordinary.

However, in front of Titan who possesses the property of “forbidden ban”, it is useless.

Glorious in the cockpit, the k metal absorbed directly in it.

Marvin’s joking voice came from inside:

“I heard that you are very interested in my head.”

“Although it’s a little late, it doesn’t seem too late.”

“Come on, come and fight with me!”

Marvin’s words let everyone silent for a while.

Just crushed a black dragon, who will come down? It’s too shameless to say this?

The four black dragons raged with rage and frantically spurned Breathlessly toward Marvin!

However, the ultra-high temperature flame does not cause any damage to the mechanical Titan.

Ma Wen leisurely sat in the cab and whistled with “Air-conditioning.”

In fact, although he was provoking Black Dragon and Trorin, he was actually scared by the fighting power of the mechanical Titan.

Just a tumbling mode is enough to easily and swiftly kill the dragon.

Then once other models are unlocked, Marvin can’t imagine.

If you have such a mechanical Titan, you don’t have to fight!

Unless there is a real god, the legendary shaman may not have a way to deal with Titan!

The only constraint is energy!

Just rolling back and forth, machinery Titan’s energy has dropped from 29% to 17%.

Once dropped to 5%, machinery Titan will automatically enter the energy-saving mode … Marvin wants to blow air conditioners have no authority.

The energy of the mechanical Titan is a very rare ore, which is almost extinct in Fernan.

“Let’s go one step further and destroy these black dragons first!”

Marvin’s eyes flashed a sharp color, the next second, he once again turned the tumble mode!

The four black dragons were shocked and immediately reacted. They were in heaven. It would not be possible for this stuff to come to heaven.

However, the truth is cruel.

Although Marvin can’t roll up, someone can!

The colorful light regimen suddenly disappeared over the city of hope. Jessica appeared on the back of an adult black dragon. The power of the apocalypse suddenly broke out!

She grabbed the black dragon’s wings and forced him to crash underground!


Marvin excitedly controlled the mechanical Titan and stormed the past with the momentum of the Thunder in the direction of the Black Dragon!

“Tumble it! Titan!”

… (to be continued …)

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