Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Loss of Territory Nobles Chapter 61. The Origin of God

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocrat Chapter 61 The Origin of God, Gone with the Wind

In the huge change of heaven, few people on the mainland of Feinan can understand the reason.

They finally saw only the hot fireball flashing through the night like a sun, and eventually turned into a meteor flying farther and deeper into the universe.

Everything is finally at peace.

On the black coral islands, the phoenix revealed everything.

She looked at Hathaway coldly and suddenly shot.

In an instant, the entire dark coral islands were enveloped by dark clouds, and the lightnings were as thick as an arm, and finally they became a snake!

Mingfeng opened his arms and hummed.

The next second, all the lightning flashed above the ice crystals!


The entire sea area has begun to boil, and a ship that has unfortunately passed through this place has been shattered by the mammoth waves!

Under the ice crystals, electric currents dribbled along the ice toward Heatherville.

However, at this time, the woman in the ice crystals seemed to be aware that a large number of ice crystals began to wriggle and absorb the lightning.

There was a sneer at the mouth of Ming Feng.

Lightning bombed for ten minutes.

The ice crystals do not move.

However, Hathaway closed his eyes from beginning to end, but the corners of the mouth leaked a bit of blood.

Under the traction of the mystical power of that bit of blood, it dripped in the crevices of ice crystals and eventually flowed out slowly.

Mingfeng’s eyes watched the little blood. Under her attraction, blood flew out of the ice crystals and fell into her palm.

She showed a satisfied smile.

After a moment. She left the easternmost island of the Black Coral Islands and no longer had Hathaway among ice crystals.

She returned to a deep and quiet temple on the main island and sat alone in the dark hall.

The ancient language of God began to echo in the hall.

Ming Feng hands spread out. Numerous runes flashed through the eyes.

The left hand is a drop of blood from Hathaway; the right hand is a little bright!

If Marvin is here, I am afraid it will be recognized at a glance. This is the origin of God!

Only God can have the origin of God. This is the constant truth.

Ming Feng smiled slightly. In the next second, blood and brilliance each fly. Blend.

The two are intertwined and under the influence of powerful divine power, they have finally become a halo from a small point.

Halo expands. Gradually turned into a personal shape.

The phoenix waved his hand and the light evacuated to reveal the image of a woman.

“Who are you?” she asked with a smile.

“Hathelle,” answered the woman.

Her face is exactly the same as Hathaway’s sleeping in ice crystals!

“Help me kill someone.” Ming Feng said with a smile.

The woman nodded slightly: “Good.”


Everything that happens on the Black Coral Islands, Marvin naturally does not know.

But the vision in the sky really shocked him.

Not only is it that all the people in the Rocky Mountains, including the five Black Dragons, have been scared by this terrifying scene.

Tian Hao seems to be torn by a mysterious force. The collapse of the shadow kingdom was presented to them.

In the end, the meteor flying to the sky was also seen clearly by them.

What kind of power does it mean for a god to have to exile?

Everyone’s attention. Are concentrated in the mechanical Titan!

There is no doubt that the key to today’s events is definitely in the ruins of Saruha.

And this respectful Titanic man may be the killer of the destruction of the kingdom of God!

Marvin was shocked.

Under the influence of a mysterious force, he looked better than the average person.

He saw that Grenos was constantly being destroyed and he was born again in his kingdom of God.

He saw the shadow country continue to collapse and eventually became a singularity. Flying to the sky.

“Sleeping and self-exile…”

Ma Wen secretly played drums in his heart.

He did not think this gift was so fierce, almost directly to kill the shadow of the Prince!

Now Glenos. Although there is no death, it is not far off.

Do not know how many years it will take before he can regain his strength and regain his long slumber.

This requires a lot of luck. It takes some time in the future and a devoted and powerful believer awakens him.

Of course, the premise is that in the process of self-imposed exile, he did not experience a sensitive animal.

Otherwise, even if it is a sleeping god and shadow country, it will be swallowed by the other party!

All in all, Glenoños is unlikely to be on stage again in the upcoming Cataclysm.

Marvin felt a bit dreamy.

Such a major problem was solved?

Ancient Goblin is terrible, right?

The missile was named “Doomsday” and it really deserves a name.

What happened tonight is doomed to spread throughout the whole of Funan. Only if the protagonist of the incident will be leaked, Marvin will not know.

The tarantula has a pedestrian and pale hand and knows the truth.

Will they choose to silence or identify Marvin?

“Fortunately, wearing a vest … …” Marvin heart secretly glad. Even if things were passed out, it was Robin, the dragon slayer.

It was only accidentally that he had slaughtered a god. Even Marvin didn’t believe it.

You know, there are many relics like the Saruha!

According to Marvin, there are at least two more.

In those two places, although there are no such terrible annihilation weapons at the end of the world, there are also products that represent the highest level of technology in ancient Goblin.

Marvin’s mind could not help himself.

Time goes by one minute and one second.

The things in heaven attracted everyone’s attention. This is what Marvin wants to see most.

After all, the longer he drags, the better for him.

Mechanical Titan’s modules are constantly being unlocked, and the Black Dragons seem to have been shocked by a series of bizarre incidents that have not been implemented.

People watching around the rocks. More and more. A lot of people are coming from the sea of ​​Pangbo. They want to see if the five Black Dragons are siege. How to resist the city of hope in the end!

This is the biggest crisis since the establishment of Hope City.

Once the degree has passed, the rise of Rocky Mountain will be unstoppable.


Trorin quietly feels the changes of the heavenly kingdom of God. She wants to get more instructions from the Dark Dragon God.

However, this time, her prayers seemed to be like muddy cows entering the sea, and there was no response.

On the contrary, she also felt the divine power that the dark dragon god gave himself to decay!

“How could this be??” Troelin was slightly surprised in his heart. Is it what happened to the Dark Dragon God?

This is something that has never happened before.

In fact, the Dark Dragon God did have a little problem…

His kingdom of God. Just in the shadow of Glaxos near the country, affected by the doom!

Although there is no devastating damage. However, the Dark Dragon God also mobilized a lot of divine power to resist the shock, and has no time to focus on mortal matters.

Trorin’s prayers were not answered, so she could only follow the original plan.

Taking advantage of this time, the old rivals of the Black Dragon are too busy to destroy the chaos!

Highlight the majesty of the dark dragon!

Next second. She slightly raised her neck, pointing to the city of hope, a touch of authenticity:

“Break it!”



Five Black Dragons Qi Qi looked up and shouted, and the sound of dragons came rolling and was more terrifying than the thunder.

Long Wei is overwhelming, if it is not the city of hope that the light of an orderly fire counteracts part of Long Wei, I am afraid that many soldiers will directly pee pants!

This is the majesty of the dragon.

This is the terror of the creature at the top of the food chain.

Individuals, after all, are too small.

Even those who watched from afar could not resist the two wars and retreated farther.

In their eyes. This time, I hope the city of fear is really going to ruin!

At this time, a colorful splendor suddenly emerged from the top of the city. Fly to the sky!


She is still unarmed and calm.

“If you are not afraid of retaliation, come on.”

Her words are simple but powerful.

The soldiers who stood behind her had a tear in their eyes.

Jessica’s attitude is clear, even if Black Dragon destroys the city of hope. She can survive.

As long as the Apocalypse Warlock survived, then the Black Dragon family. Will encounter endless revenge!

This is the will of Rocky Mountain!

This is the will of freedom.


On the head of the City of Hope, a cold weapon was pushed up.

These things have been concealed well before, covered with thick green canvas, and nobody cares what that is.

But now, as soon as it appears, the cold metallic luster has made Black Dragons one of them!

Twelve dwarfs ride!

But in large cities, such large killers will be equipped!

Since the invasion of the last underground race, the three sisters have started to contact the dwarves in the north and bought a dozen dwarfs.

The black arrowhead above the new black oil, but also flashing a touch of light, it is the effect of enchantment.

Five or six strong and powerful soldiers were responsible for the control of a car. They sweated and their eyes were firm.

As long as Black Dragon dares to rush, these horrible killings will be fierce fight back!

The arrow of a giant car can pierce the defense of the Black Dragon, which is beyond doubt.

Even if only one arrow hits, Black Dragon will be injured.

The five black dragons whispered low, obviously, in their eyes, this is a great challenge!

They did not fly, and one of the adult black dragons stepped forward under the guidance of Trorin. They crossed over to the city of hope.

The remaining Black Dragons followed closely.

Seeing this scene, the soldiers of Hope City are all in the heart!

Aurora Juggernaut sighs: “A good woman.”

The three sisters are also silent.

Normal black dragons cannot use spells. They are melee experts. Previously, Clarke was an exception. As a deity, she received the blood gods given by the Dark Dragon God.

But the dark dragon’s elector can cast spells.

Her spells may not be able to withstand the arrow, but it can make it offset, coupled with the Black Dragon’s own strong defense, this formation rolling over, the car is simply not sent to use!

Jessica sighed and the colorful light regiment descended from heaven and stopped in front of the Black Dragon.

She stood there alone, and it was so small compared to the five black dragons.

But from an imposing point of view, she is like a man!

“You have already had enough of your patronage.”

Trolean’s eyes flashed a hint of color: “Destroy it!”

In the next second, the black dragon under her seat suddenly stepped up and the wings were raised!

Who knows that at this time, in the giant pit on the side, suddenly jumped out of a giant!

… (to be continued)

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