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Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One Lost Aristocrats Chapter 67 Singles! [fifth more! ], Gone with the Wind

When the bronze dragon looked up and down Marvin, the people in the distance could not help but be dumbfounded.

They originally thought that the appearance of the copper dragon was also because of the “cry sky.”

After all, this magic soldier is a taboo for the dragons.

Robin as a holder is bound to be attacked by all the dragons.

But now it seems that they are not only wrong but they are wrong!

This Robin seems to have a good relationship with this copper dragon.

“This guy, who the hell is! Why didn’t you have any background before?”

“Yeah, it’s just like it came out of nowhere. First shred the Black Dragon Clarke, and then opened Saruha, and now there is still friendship with the Copper Dragon.”

The hearts of the people are silent, envious.

Seeing the Black Dragon fleeing, this battle may well have come to a close.

In fact, it was the same. After a few conversations between Chikuko Dragon and Marvin, he became a human figure and accepted Marvin’s invitation to enter the city of hope!

This scene was pleasing to the eye and it was even more frustrating.

Most people have dispersed.

There is only such a thought in everyone’s heart: chaos, to rise!


The accidental visit of Prof. Chi Copperlong shocked two rather thorny Taikoo Black Dragons, which surprised Marvin.

But this is almost the best result.

As he continued to fight, Marvin himself could be at risk.

After all, it was two Taikoo Black Dragons.

The professor did not stay long. He just passed the place and smelled the black dragon’s raging atmosphere, so he flew in to see.

As a result, he arrived. The Black Dragon was scared and Marvin seemed to see some regrets from his face.

This guy is really very powerful, and in the face of two black dragons of the same level, he did not hesitate to kill them.

As for the dragon’s breath, he naturally felt it.

But the copper dragon does not mind. Although this weapon has slaughtered metal dragons, it is very rare.

Most of the above are the atmosphere of the five-color dragon or other evil dragons.

The reason is actually very simple. Dragons are very lazy, especially metal dragons. They inhabit their own territory and are rarely willing to be bothered.

Not to mention the threshold.

Only the colored dragons will often plunder the city-state and the trees will attract the wind. Therefore, it is easy to become the target of the dragon sling gun holders in the past.

For Marvin will be slaughtered. Shun did not take care of the movement of the black dragon’s body with a thousand paper cranes.

What really interested him was the mechanical Titan!

He walked a lot around Titan, who could barely move, marveled for a long time and said a lot of praise.

Chrysanthemum dragon is always full of curiosity about novel things, especially after he heard that this Titan effortlessly killed two black dragons. He was even more interested.

It’s a pity that Titan Energy was used up. Marvin finally did his best and he could only drive it outside the city of hope.

In any case, this Titan can only stop here. Like the order of fire, it became a symbol of the city of hope!

At least until Marvin finds new or alternative sources of energy, this Titan can only exert the general effect of the Statue of Liberty…

This makes the professor quite sorry.


After you have cleaned up all this. Both parties exchanged for a while.

The professor obviously has a good opinion of Marvin.

You know, when Marvin single-handedly smashed the maze of mirrors, it was still a first-order small ranger!

Now that only a few months have passed, he is already a legendary figure.

Although the news of the Copper Dragon was blocked, he still heard a few things about Ma Wenqian.

Especially the destruction of the rotten plateau. Let professors greatly increase Marvin’s goodwill.

Marvin knew that the copper dragon always hated evil spirits. They think that they are the most filthy things in the world. They can get rid of DiGaoGeng and naturally let the copper dragons take notice.

Marvin is also very happy to maintain deeper friendship with Chi Copper Dragon.

He is not only friendly and funny, but also a powerful ally against the gods and evil creatures after the Cataclysm.

At the same time, he is also a wise tutor. He put forward his own suggestions for the current situation of Marvin:

“Your blood strength… There are also a lot of things that are mixed in, and these things can of course allow you to gain powerful power in a short period of time…but it will inhibit your potential.”

“You became a nocturne? This is a very strong heritage. I think you should have your own legendary manual and be ready to advance to the legend.”

“Try hard to cultivate the basic skills. Your sword shouldn’t stay at the level of the master, and your body has room to rise.”

“Oh, I see… You’ve actually touched the realm of God. Breaking this bottleneck is very difficult except to become a god.”

The conversation between the two parties is very casual, just like old friends that haven’t been seen in years.

Marvin was very calm to the professor and said bluntly: “I won’t become a god.”

The professor applauded and nodded: “I will not control your choice, but in private, you are right.”

“Look at the gods. What is the difference between them and the prisoners? They are forever imprinted with the plane and the imprint of the universe. Sooner or later they will go crazy.”

He said meaningfully.

Marvin was slightly surprised.

Professors are more wise than they think.

He actually knew the mysteries of the gods… It is indeed the strong dragon of the living fossils.

It seems that on this continent, there are also many powerful existences that understand the gods.

After the professor pointed out the problems with Marvin, he was ready to leave.

According to him, he wants to go to the wilderness of the southwest, which is more remote than the rocky mountain!

The specific reasons did not say anything. However, after learning that Marvin was about to leave for news of his death, the professor wrote a small letter and personally wrote a letter. Handed Marvin.

He has an old friend who has lived in the dead zone for many years. He hopes that Marvin can send him this letter.

Of course, Marvin is not a white runner. His old friend is bound to give Marvin a very generous reward.

Marvin looked at the address and couldn’t help but start a little.

Actually it is the “Songshan Monastery”!

“Isn’t that old friend of the professor?”

Marvin carried a letter, showing a hint of joy.


After the delivery of the letter, Chi Copper Dragon left the city of hope.

Under Marvin’s deliberate instruction, he was very assertive when he left, just in the early hours of the morning. The bronze dragon reconstructed into a dragon shape and heard a dragon. Wings left the city of hope.

Many people have seen this scene.

The war of war in the City of Hope was finally lifted.

There are still things to clean the battlefield. Naturally someone will do it. The two black dragons that have been crushed have no value. Marvin is now wealthy and does not care so much.

He discussed with the three sisters, mainly about the kinship of the blood-dark sacred girl.

The three sisters are all girls with a very strong sense of justice. When Marvin made a wish to allow the Holy Blood Girl to stay in the City of Hope for a while and avoid being taken away by the blood family, the three people unanimously expressed their agreement.

The Rocky Mountain has always been a place of mixed races. Even if it is a kinship, it will not be discriminated against.

Marvin himself had to leave for death immediately and could not take care of JoJo and her adopted mother, Barbara. To Jessica and Kate and others, it is the safest solution.

Now Jessica returned to Daisy who had come back urgently and handed it over to her.

The evil magician’s ability to transmit is very powerful. Even if they encountered the chasing of the blood family, they could easily escape.

Into the city of hope, under the protection of Kate guardian day and night, even if the kinship of the dark kinship legend, it may not be able to succeed.

Marvin wrote a letter as a token, allowing Daisy to find the wood elf in the ruins.

And he himself. During the day, a safe corner was found in the City of Hope.

No way, nocturnal fighting habits. Let him develop the problem of night owls. Sleep during the day and work at night.

During the same period, Lori and Kate seemed to have some words to tell him that Nei Ma Wenwen was too sleepy, the two reluctantly said, and then they all left.


Late at night, a shadow slipped out of the city of hope.

Marvin’s action was light, crossed the gates and went all the way to the southeast.

This time, he is going to school to pay the task.

Before Mark forty-seven entrusted Marvin with finding a memory chip, Marvin found some similar items, and he did not know whether Mark was anything he wanted.

As he hasn’t left the dead zone yet, he’ll try it first.

If it is successful, it is a huge experience!

Marvin is now very short of experience!

Moonlight is like water, and Marvin is immersed in the darkness, almost blending in with the night.

His rate of progress is not very fast, but he maintains a wonderful rhythm that is hard to detect.

However, at this time, a burst of chill suddenly hit the front.

Marvin made a slight look.

Shadow yo!


His body disappeared in place, but the chill did not disappear, but it chased it!

Marvin slammed and his feet fell on a dune, and the backhand was a knife!

The green leaves crossed a beautiful arc of arc under the moonlight.


A cry, two people fight a record!

Marvin only felt that a powerful force suppressed himself. His wrists suffered severe pain. The whole person couldn’t help but step back!

An imaginary image gradually materialized, and the other person’s face showed a hint of surprise:

“Your perception is actually so high.”

Marvin smiled coldly and did not explain.

The arrival is a pale hand, Skye!

In fact, during the day’s battle with Black Dragon, Lori, who perceives superiority, points out that there are several people in the crowd who are particularly hostile to Marvin.

At that time, Marvin took heed and discovered the clues of pale hands.

This guy actually caught up with chaos, but also enough persistent!

But since Marvin knew this, how could he not be prepared?

In fact, he let the copper dragon go out of high-profile, in order to attract pale hands.

He also made arrangements when he left City of Hope.

There are several warlocks in the hands of the devil, superimposed on him a circle of perception aura!

His current temporary perception breaks through 20 points directly, possesses supernatural perception, and naturally finds the sneak attack of pale hands.

“What about feeling high?”

Skye looked at Marvin disdainfully. “You are not a legend at all. There is no mechanical Titan. You are nothing!”

“Tell me where Gevin is now.”


“What’s going to happen?” Marvin sneered.

Skye raised a long knife and licked his lips:

“You will find that coming to this world is your greatest misfortune.”

Who knew that his voice did not fall, and Marvin suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at!” The pale hand was very angry.

Marvin closed his smile and shook his head. “I’m laughing. If I didn’t want to single out with you and hone my skills, you’re dead now.”

What about the legend? Marvin is not killed!

What’s more, this is on the site of Chaoshan.

Not far away, the three figures are looming.

The three sisters of destiny appeared quietly and are looking not far.

Skye’s face is green.

At the same time he is also very angry.

A fellow who cannot be called a quasi-legend dare to challenge himself?

“You are so arrogant!”

“Even if there is an apocalyptic warlock, I wouldn’t catch me if I want to leave!”

“As for you, you are not worthy of me!”

Sky proudly said: “I will let you understand that the realm of legend is that you can never look up to this kind of mortal!”

The green leaves in Marvin’s hands turned a knife and aimed at Skye.

“Do not try, how do you know?”

… (to be continued)

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