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Marvin’s attitude completely angered the pale hand.

You know, the legendary realm is the realm that mortals must look forward to.

A prospective legend cannot be a legendary opponent at all. Even if Marvin had some weird doors, it was the same.

Because once you enter the realm of legend, you can get a lot of rolling expertise.

Most of these expertise are passive, but they can play a key role in the battle.

For example, before Marvin and pale hands fight a knife.

Marvin is a full-scale counterattack, and Skye is just a tentative knife. The two sides are not far behind each other.

However, Marvin was still shaken and his wrists were in pain.

This is the power given by the legendary [realm].

This is part of the plane law and cannot be changed or irreversible.

In Feinan, there are many examples of weak victory, such as the third-order strong victory over the fourth, but the mortal body to challenge the legend, almost no success!

Skye was furious because not only did Marvin help Gaven escape, but also because Marvin had stolen his mechanical Titan, which was his must-have – even more because of his provocation!

What about the three destiny sisters!

Every legend is proud. As a superb player in the kinship party, Skye asks himself to calmly leave after killing Marvin.

Even the Apocalypse Warlock cannot catch a legendary rogue who really wants to escape.

This is the abacus in Sky’s mind.

The battle between the two parties is imminent!

Marvin’s mouth glowed with a smile. The two knives waved and greeted.

Skyeโ€™s own legendary strength does not require any means such as sneak attack or killing. In addition, the frontal combat ability of this legendary career of the pale hand is the most powerful of the legendary rogues. Even if the enemy is a ranger, he is not afraid!

Suddenly, on the lonely sand dune, a knife and a sword!

Both are good players with a knife, a match, immediately felt the other person’s terrible!

“This guy’s skill level is absolutely above the master!”

Marvin was slightly surprised.

It seems that Skye’s self-confidence is not without reason. This guy is definitely working hard on the knife.

This was to correct Marvin’s misunderstanding of the dark party. In his impression, the kinship dark party is a group of guys with unscrupulous power. They usually take short cuts. Rarely practising a technique.

But Skye is obviously not among them.

His knife is unusually fierce, and he has detached himself from the slovenly genres of various swords and genres, vaguely becoming a trend of his own.

The speed and agility of the kinship would have been over humans, if not Marvin had the agility of God as the foundation. I’m afraid it has long been scolded by Skye’s knife!

Rao is so, he is still very embarrassed.

The skill of the pale hand is so hard for him to guard against. The two sides played more than a dozen rounds, but he was completely under pressure!

Every front-to-back fight is crushed to death.

This is not the rolling of power bonuses, but the rolling of the legendary field.

Marvin deeply felt the power of legendary career!

Fortunately, he was very familiar with the skills of the pale hand and escaped Skye’s swiftness by using the ability of night-walkers to escape the class in a timely manner.

But every knife, he actually walks between life and death.

The other’s speed is not faster than him. The strength is not stronger than him, but it is the suppression of him everywhere.

This made Marvin slightly helpless.

This is the suppression of the legendary realm. The opponent has more than ten legendary specialities in combat than himself, and it is good to survive.

Marvin did not use the power of the Magic Warlock or Firewire gunner. At first, these two kinds of part-time job are not enough to see in front of the legendary career. Second, he is just to hone his sword!

The original Marvinโ€™s plan was to call on the three sisters and secretly draw the pale hands and then gang them up to death…

In fact, this is Marvin’s routine.

It is definitely not alone!

Can not use foreign objects on their own!

As long as the purpose is achieved. How about the process, who cares?

This fighting idea. Can’t say it’s wrong. However, after a conversation with Prof. Chi Copper Dragon, Marvin did feel that his strength was constrained by this fighting idea.

For example, his knife surgery has never been improved since he broke the [Master] level.

Although past life is a dagger, but with his fighting talent, it should not stop there. He can feel it. As the professor said, there is more potential in his own profession.

Whether it is a ranger or a night person, he has more room for growth.

Magic Warlocks or Firewire Gunners can actually increase their combat power in a short period of time, but this raises the lower limit of his combat effectiveness; neither of these can help him to make a difference in the legendary field.

He eventually relied on two careers as ranger and nocturnal, and eventually advanced, the king of rogues – the Night Lord!

If the practice of self-employment is abandoned due to part-time or foreign objects, the foundation may not be stabilized.

Even if you have a system, but the world is extremely true, there are some things, I am afraid it can not be opportunistic life.

So this time, he temporarily changed his mind.

He decided to let the three sisters help press the array, and in the case of ensuring the safety of life, and pale hands singled out!

Of course, there is no way for non-legendary legends to seek death.

The superimposed perceptive aura of the Demon’s Warrior Corps is a safeguard, and his perceptual attributes temporarily break through 20, gaining long-term perceptive effects.

Only in this way can he guard against the sneak attack of the pale hand, and this has the basis for a fair fight.

He wants to treat Skye as his own sharpening stone.

He felt vaguely and experienced so many battles that his knife surgery would break.

The previous breakthrough was due to the confrontation with Star Sky Juggernaut.

Break this time. He also needs a true expert to “help” himself, even if the other is not so willing.



In the sand dunes under the full moon, a dark shadow quickly crossed the sky. Into six shadows.

Skye rushed to face Marvin from six directions: “Go to hell!”

For him, it has been a shame that a dozen rounds have yet to win Marvin.

At this moment, he no longer retains, fully releases his fighting skills!

The speed of the six figures is unparalleled, even if it is Marvin’s use of shadow and night. We are chased by each other!

“It’s not a ghost!”

“Actually, it is a real avatar, and each one has its own normal strength!”

Marvin was horribly chased. He had already hung up on his body and had a knife on his left and he had more than blood flow.

Loss of Ranger’s vitality is much stronger than that of thieves, plus Ma Wenwen has the personal expertise of [Endurance]. It will not be affected by pain during the battle.

His nerves are still making the fastest response. With the help of God’s agility, Marvin is still stubbornly resisting!

With an enemy six!

In the hands of Marvin, Aoba pulled out an afterimage, and between them, he took a dark step and ghostly cut back a knife!


The green leaves pierce the void and directly cut Skye’s split into the air!

In an instant, Marvin seemed to realize something.

His fighting skills have always been composed of pure killing tricks. He rarely uses a systematic sword. In addition to a fatal blow, he hardly practiced any knife.

But this is the line of thieves.

The play of the players of the previous life gave Marvin a lot of help in the early stages. But this time, he is a ranger, he is a night person.

His knife surgery was incomplete. Apart from killing tricks, he did not have any convergence or start-up moves. Even if it was a block, he was a dagger with a dagger (from the techniques of previous game thieves basic training camp).

You can say that. In a sense, he is a master of swordsmanship; yet in another sense. In fact, he will not use a knife at all.

“I understand!”

Marvin’s heart flashed a current!

He suddenly understood why the professor gave him a letter and asked him to send him to the Aboriginal Monastery.

Because the professor saw the problem in him!


Between the electric light and the Flint, Marvin had some gains, but this is a life and death battle!

Skye was ruined by a split and was already angered and burned.

Ma Wen’s slightly shyness was captured by him. It was almost a cut-throat kill!

Thanks to Marvin’s excellent fighting instincts, he once again used the night music scene and escaped from the six avatars!

Only, this is the chance for him to use the night’s song for the last time tonight!

This feat has usage count!

Skye soon came around again.

This time, Marvin was completely surrounded by the center and faced the siege of the five strong swordsmen.


The three sisters, not far from each other, showed their worried look.

Although Marvin vowed to promise them that there would be no accident, it was a legend!

Although Marvin repeatedly makes miracles, but they are hard to believe, the prospective legend can kill the legend!

Yes, Marvin has drawn Skye today, but it is not as simple as practicing.

He really wants to personally kill the legend of this blood family!

Otherwise, even if he went to death, it is not safe to leave Jocho, the holy blood girl, in the city of hope.

“You guys do it quickly.”

The stupid person did not know from which corner he came out and looked very contemptuously at the surrounded Marvin:

“A man, it is such a death to face.”

“But it’s hard to beat but obviously.”

Luo Rui’s big eyes fluttered and said with a serious face: “Ben Ding, this time you said something wrong.”

“Marvin’s brother is capable of killing the vampire.”

The dumbfounded: “I slept for a while, [Marvin] became Marvin’s brother?”

She immediately brazenly: “I knew that Marvin was not a good thing…”

Luo Ruimei said: “Hey, can you focus on it?!”

Unknown to stupid: “I shouldn’t have given him luck…”

The three sisters were silent.


On the dunes, the besieged Marvin took a deep breath.

“The legend is really strong.”

He clasped the green leaves and immediately released it, revealing a smile: “But this will not change your conclusion today!”

In the next second, a strange atmosphere broke out from Marvin.

The faint halo spread out from his eyebrows and exudes a grey light, which looked very strange.

… (to be continued)

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