Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocrat Chapter 36 Chaser

The Dark Knight’s New Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 36 Chasers, Gone with the Wind

“Barbara, you fled with Holy Blood for so many years, and it was finally found by us!”

The black shadow completely ignored Marvin. Their eyes were concentrated on Barbara and Joe Joe. ≥≥point ≥small ≥ said

Marvin noticed that their eyebrows loomed with a policy-type mark.

Blood **!

Five come, all of them are masters of the blood dark party.

“[Chaser] Huntson!”

Barbara looks suddenly changed.

The head of the blood family, face is handsome, but unfortunately there is a terrible injury across his eyes, so that he seems particularly horrible.

He is the catcher!

The hunters, in the kinship party, are generally responsible for killing the strong traitor.

In general, there will be no more than 50 members of the blood family who formally possess this title, and they will count as many masters on the West Coast.


“Four-level level chaser.”

“The rest are all third-order, and they are similar to those of Kanos and others who played against them before.”

Ma Wenfa does not change color.

These guys actually completely ignored himself, which makes him feel a little funny.

About because of his own human identity, the dark party clearly distinguishes between the kinship and the human identity. Marvin stood there and looked at ordinary humans.

Although vaguely scented, it must have been a long time for these two blood families.

Huntson did not expect that he had taken for granted his own judgment, but it was a major mistake!


Their attention was all focused on Jojo’s body.

Every kinship party has exposed the greed.

That is holy blood! The purest blood that the first generation ancestors left behind, if they could swallow up this force, they would be able to become a legendary vampire that is comparable to the grand duke of William!

Unfortunately, the holy blood cannot swallow up when Joe Joe is very young. A similar experiment was carried out by the obscure dark party.

There is only one end to the blood family who wants to swallow the holy blood. It was enslaved by the power of the Holy Blood to become a machine that knew only about killing. At the same time, regardless of the enemy, completely lose their reason!

More terrible than the bloody **!

So they can only look at it greedily, reason tells them, or life is more important!

If they can bring JoJo back to the base of the blood clan, the elders will certainly be rewarded.

This is what they value.

Including the Huntsman Huntson, he gave up the opportunity to sleep and increase his strength. He kept searching for Jojo’s traces day and night, finally sensing a breath of holy blood tonight.

This makes him not excited!


“You can walk with us. We will not hurt you.”

The Huntsman Huntson said coldly: “You know how serious defections are to the Dark Party.”

“But for her. We will forgive you for your previous actions.”

Huntson naturally said to Barbara.

The dark party elders are not fools. Jojo is the key to the rise of the dark party. But once her blood is inspired, if the dark party hurts her foster mother, she will not easily stop.

Besides, controlling Jojo by controlling Barbara is a means by which the Dark Party has been planning.

The command that Huntson got was very simple, it was to bring people back, and it wouldn’t hurt them to be a mother and daughter!

This task is very difficult. But Hunterson boasted much more than Barbara. As for Joe Joe, it was only a young boy who hadn’t sucked blood yet. It was impossible to disobey him.

“To get this task done, don’t mention a few high-grade blood cores. Even if it is an “opposite cross medal,” you can get it.”

Thought of this, Huntson’s heart could not help but triumph.


Barbara gritted his teeth. Prepare to fight with these people!

She knows well about the madness of the dark party and Joey falls into their hands. I am afraid that only a path to extinction!

She does not want to see JoJo become a female devil who only knows to kill, just like the female Grandfather that came out of the tulip castle that year!

However, at this time. Behind them suddenly came a ridiculous voice:

“The blood family is a dark party and it was originally bullying women and children.”

When Marvin made his remarks, the five people’s eyes suddenly focused on him.

Huntson frowned, but before he even began to speak, Marvin had already taken the initiative!

He has decided to change history, and how could he easily let Huntson take Joe Joe away?

Marvin was awkward in power, and the agility of God surged forward, and he rushed to Huntson in the blink of an eye!

Huntson was taken aback and Marvin’s starting speed was almost close to the human limit.

In this narrow space, he had no time to dodge!

However, the catcher was in a hundred battles, and now his body moved forward and his bang became a bat, avoiding Marvin’s icy knife!


However, the rest of the kinship party is far from the luck of Huntson.

Marvin missed a knife and a shadowy squadron came directly behind a dark party.

The guy hadn’t reacted yet, and his head was straight down by Marvin!

[Machete – Aoba] The first real shot, that light feel to make Marvin simply stop.

He doesn’t need any force at all. The thin blade is like cutting the tofu to cut off the head of the dark party!

The remaining three were so scared.

Marvin’s speed completely crushed them. You know, speed is the property that the vampire depends on. Now it is completely crushed!

“Who is this guy!”

“How did you get familiar?”

“Ah, he is a horse…”

Three people fled in a panic and fled. One of them started flying at low altitude. It seemed to recognize Marvin’s face!

It’s a pity that his words haven’t been spoken yet, and the whole person is cut off!

Third-order kinship, not to mention yet to master the “immune lethal damage”, even if mastered, in front of the large leaf of the Aoba, can not resist the three-knife!


Between the electric light and the Flint, Marvin firepower is fully opened, and shepherd and spirit are ghosts. Every attack is successful!

After five breaths. The four dark party kinsmen have died!

This is the powerful power that God’s Agility has given him, plus the legendary weapon. Marvin’s strength has already grown by leaps and bounds!

The third-tier professional, for him, can easily be slaughtered!


In the entire cellar, it was silent.

Four cold bodies lay on the ground, with scarlet blood.

Barbara hurriedly grabbed Jojo’s eyes, fearing that she would be stimulated by blood.

Only to her surprise, Jo Qiao’s body temperature gradually returned to normal, signs of episodes of holy blood seem to have passed.

Marvin stood coldly. Feel the changes in the darkness.

He knew that Huntson would not give up so easily.

Although the strength demonstrated by oneself is enough for most people to retreat.

After incarnation of the bat, the kinship was more occult than ever before. Marvin’s perception was ordinary and it was difficult to get him out of darkness.

The cold feel of the younger leaves gradually spread to his wrist, which made him feel comfortable.

Marvin asked in a low voice: “Do you have a way to find him?”

Barbara blinked. She didn’t know why Marvin wanted to help them. But how could this legendary hero be better than the kinship party?

Only she used to be a dark party. But through a special means to get rid of the blood, there is no way to induce Huntson’s hiding place.

So she shook her head.

Marvin frowned. The catcher’s response was fast enough that he didn’t catch any of his body at all and there was no way to use this skill in the dark.

“Is it so deadlocked? No! Huntson will attack. I cannot remain vigilant at any time.”

Marvin flashed a hint of haze in her eyes.

The previous attack by the shadowy prince also vividly remembered the same mistake. Marvin would not commit twice.

This Hunterson. Marvin must absolutely take him out!

Who knew that at this time, Jojo suddenly pointed his right hand to the dark: “He is there!”

Marvin moved in his heart. The night of the song is impressive!

Nocturne’s powerful night vision ability was used by him to his fullest, and he turned his eyes wide. Sure enough, a bat was found in the place Jojo pointed!

Huntson was taken aback and the bat flapped his wings, flying quickly.

It was only in such a small space that he wanted to escape.

What kind of things are not in Marvin’s storage facilities?

Before Huntson flew out a few feet, a fishing net came on.

This is not a true fishing net, but a [fishnet technique] attached to a magic-enchanted staff.

Compared to webbing, fishing nets are more suitable for dealing with flexible kinship!

The bats were pulled directly by the fishing nets and sparkled with silver and white light. On the huge fishing net, a silver machete was stunned!

You know, the creators of fishing nets designed this witchcraft to restrain vampires!

After Hunterson’s move, he hurried back to life.

It was only at this time that Marvin was close.

The two sides launched a fierce battle.

However, although Huntsman is the hunt for the dark party, compared with Marvin, who has the agility of God, it is much worse.

The weapons in his hand are not ordinary weapons, but in front of the tough green leaves, after three strokes, they are literally chopped!

“Although there is no armor and fragmentation in the specific properties of Aoba, there must be hidden properties!”

“It is a weapon used by the King of Great Elves. The texture is the best!”

Marvin was happy in his heart, and his hands were even more stunned. He took advantage of Huntson’s unpreparedness and suddenly launched a dark dagger!


Cold light, people fall.

Huntson’s headless body still seemed to be ready, but Marvin slammed his head.

After a while, Huntson struggled and died.

Marvin’s data panel also received tips for obtaining 1,000 killing experiences.

“Now that you kill the fourth-order master, you have only a thousand killing experience. The experience is getting worse and worse.”

Marvin secretly shook his head.

Immediately he looked at the mother and daughter:

“You two, if you believe me, let me go.”

“It has obviously been exposed here. It will not take long before more dark parties will come.”

Barbara looked at Marvin slyly and glanced at JoJo in his arms and eventually nodded.


In the northern part of the ruined capital, on the outskirts of the coastal city, an imposing castle stands on the top of the mountain.

Around them are dense jungles and fog.

Castle underground room.

A blood marquis slowly opened his eyes:

“The chasers are dead.”

“He died while tracing the holy blood.”

“Some people secretly blasphemed by the power of the Holy Blood may be the people of the Ming Party!”

He sat opposite a enchanting woman, but also the blood of Marquis.

The woman frowned slightly:

“Hunterson’s strength is no worse than ours. Is it that Gevin’s shot? Or the Elder of the Ming Party? Will not be William’s old guy?”

“The Ming Party has become more and more frantic and actually dared to kill people on our territory.”

“Fortunately, we have at least confirmed the location of the Holy Blood in the ruins of the capital!”

“Increase the number of hunts!”

“No!” An old voice rang in their ears:

“This thing, you don’t have to intervene.”

“Let Stanford go to do it.”

The two kinship people are looking cold, it seems that they think of something that they do not want to recall:


“When did she wake from her sleep?”

The woman is more acute:

“Are you sure that madman won’t eat the holy blood carrier? And she used to be a Ming party person!”

However, at this time, a burst of laughter sounded in the ears of both people:

“Do you both worry so much about me?”

“I won’t eat that little guy. But you two…”

The next second, among the castles, there were two shrill screams!

Ten minutes later, a bat flew out of the castle and the target was awesome.

“It’s kind of fun to have Huntson so easily destroyed.”

“I just don’t know how it tastes.”

… (to be continued …)

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