Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocrat Chapter 63 Black Dragon Buster

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, The First Volume The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 63 The Black Dragon Buster, Astronomy

The black dragon hard-hitting by Jessica was terrified, but with the explosion of the apocalyptic power, he had no resistance at all!

He is just an adult black dragon. Although his melee ability is strong, there is still a considerable gap from Taikoo Dragon. Oh,

No matter if he is in size or strength, he is far from reaching the peak.

The power of the Six Revelation is enough to tear the black dragon, but it will consume all the power of Jessica!

The appearance of Marvin now gave her a glimmer of dawn.

With the aid of Lori’s teleportation capabilities, the two parties reached an agreement instantly.


Once again, the horrible machinery Titan broke out with a roar. Its explosive power was so amazing that it was added to the highest speed between the two breaths!

With the tumble of the Titans, people can feel as if the entire earth is trembling.

Black dragon is also trembling!


With Jessica’s outbreak of the Apocalypse, the bright glow wrapped the Black Dragon, and his hill-like body was directly dragged to the ground.

It was enough for him to fall and it was enough for him to drink a pot.

Not to mention the cruel rolling of Marvin!

Mechanical Titan in his hands, completely turned into a roller!


In the fright of everyone’s eyes, the mechanical Titan grinds past mercilessly!

Black Dragon broke out with screams of dying and struggling.

The screams covered the dragon’s curse, and Marvin’s breath on the Black Dragon’s killer grew stronger.

But he did not care!

The dragon has never been a monolith, and the Black Dragon has always had a lot of vertical enemies, and it is even among the evil colored dragons. Black Dragon’s popularity is also the worst.

The five black dragons should be the only remaining five black dragons on the mainland.

Just destroy them. There is no black dragon in the world!

The Dark Dragon God will also be a great blow, although his belief is not based in Fernan. However, the Black Dragon race was his tribe.

Thinking of this, Marvin no longer scruples.

He pushed the power down to the highest level, and Titan rolled into an iron shovel. He rushed over the beautiful land of the Rocky Mountains and ran over it!

This scene is really unprecedented.

The remaining three Black Dragons were deterred.

The power of Jessica’s body made them very jealous. The explosion of the power of the apocalypse made it impossible for Black Dragon to keep flying.

Once landed, I am afraid that it will be slaughtered by that horrible machine!

Just a few back and forth. The black dragon that had fallen was just like his companion.

There are masters who are good at alchemy here, I am afraid that I must be grief-stricken.

It is too wasteful…

Marvin’s behavior is really wasted!

Black Dragon is a baby, so crushed into a residue?

Does this guy really care about those important parts of Black Dragon?


Watching another black dragon turned into a mud, Marvin actually had some pity.

Although the killing experience is handy, there is no benefit to this Black Dragon.

He did not think of using other methods to eliminate the black dragons, so as to preserve their corpses.

However, the combat module is unlocked too slowly. Only the rollover mode is the most complete. It is also the lowest energy consumption.

Rao was so, after eliminating the second dark dragon, energy also dropped to a terrible value.

Marvin knew that he couldn’t use the mechanical Titan to wipe out all the Black Dragons!

It was just at this time that a record suddenly flashed across the data panel:

[You killed three dark dragons (Finanese native species). You won the title – Heilong Buster

Marvin was dumbfounded.

In the past, when he was the master of the night, all kinds of dragons were eliminated, but no genocide had been carried out against a dragon group.

This time. It was up to him to do it. The black dragon that died in his hand actually exceeded three!

[Black Dragon Buster]: When you face Black Dragon. Immune to Black Dragons and gain Reverse Dragons.

Reverse Longwei is a well-understood concept. Long Wei is released by the Black Dragon and is a deterrent against other creatures.

This kind of deterrence will constantly carry out will checks on the enemy.

Most ordinary people are difficult to pass the will, and they will fall into confusion and fear.

After all, the impact of the dragon race is really too great.

Even the legendary figures are often accidentally careful.

Marvin had a crying sky, but he was not afraid of Long Wei.

The reverse Longwei is surprising.

This title is also hidden. Only when Marvin chooses to release will the effect erupt.

Reverse Longwei is the bloody deterrent to the Black Dragon family after Marvin killed so many black dragons!

This is also a will test.

Although not as exaggerated as Long Wei, but it can make Black Dragons feel the fear, greatly affecting their combat effectiveness.

When he saw this, Marvin’s eyes could not help but cast the remaining three black dragons on the sky.

If Marvin hadn’t guessed wrong, if he could kill them all, he would get a title similar to “Race Destroyer.”

Feinan’s original Black Dragon will be completely removed from the continent!

This is something that has never been done before.

Marvin is a bit eager to try.

The only pity is that Titan’s energy is seriously deficient.

So he informed Lori and Jessica did not continue.

Both sides got into a tight and freezing stalemate phase.

At this time, a melodious [叮咛] sounded next to Marvin.

“What system is unlocked?”

Marvin asked loudly.

The mechanical Titan’s prompt voice has been modified into a lingua franca by nature and it is natural for communication.

However, the answer is to make him ridiculous:

“Returning to the driver, the music system was successfully unlocked!”

Mom eggs…

First air conditioning system, now is the music system, ancient goblins. That’s enough.

Marvin couldn’t help but mad at Tucao!

The really useful battle system is still crawling like a turtle, of course. Marvin estimated that even if these battle systems were unlocked, they would not be available.

Because at this time. Machinery Titan’s energy is already less than 10%!

The tumbling action seems easy, but the kind of explosive force, explosive speed, and high-speed rotating force all require a lot of energy as support.

Two black dragons were crushed to death. This record said that it was enough to shock the world.

Marvin restored the most energy-saving human form, staring coldly at the three shocked Black Dragons in the sky.

“And Black Dragon wants to try it out?”

He is bluffing.

The people in the distance were silent.

Those who are flexible have already seen that a strong city-state or even a strong country has risen!

Rocky Mountain!

A ridiculous land was the place where the exiled person was imprisoned.

Whoever wanted to be, three girls never gave up. There is no ancient country here.

The destiny’s three sisters have the potential to approach the upper limit of the plane. As long as they don’t encounter any accidents, the high-end combat power of the Rocky Mountain is likely to develop enough to rival the Southern Wizarding League!

After all, it was the Apocalypse Warlock.

Eating and sleeping on the toilet can increase the strength of the profession!

And now there is an unfathomable Robin.

Although he did not know what the relationship between him and the Rocky Mountain was, he appeared on both occasions.

Hands tearing Black Dragon, Black Dragon sauce pressure … … Black Dragon do not know what kind of mold down, get on such a big killing star!

This is also the Black Dragon family.

For other forces, Jessica’s six apocalyptic power alone is enough to allow them to weigh and measure their weight.

What’s more, there is now more than one mechanical Titan!

For other people, he had already retreated.


The three black dragons flashed a faint glow.

That was Trolin’s faceless singing.

This is a layer of powerful divine protection. The effect is to distort the force field. The purpose is to prevent Jessica from continuing to attack.

When she saw her doing this, everyone was surprised!

Still do not back?

Although the Black Dragon is powerful, today it has encountered the biggest enemy of his life, Mechanical Titan!

Look at the way the Titan is so unpredictable. Who dares to grab its edge? !

In addition to Marvin, no one knows that the current Titan is actually a foreign player.

In addition to swinging, Titan’s energy has not been able to withstand even another roll.

“I hope I can scare them back.”

Ma Wen frowned slightly.

The result is not as good as it should be. Trolin certainly did not give up.

She is jealous of mechanical Titans but flies in the sky. As long as the defense against Jessica’s raid, with the remaining three black dragons. She thinks it is still easy to destroy the city of hope!

Whether it is her or the remaining three black dragons, they already hate the City of Hope.


“Cut it! It ruined the city!”

Trolin made an embarrassment and made the final order.

This time, the three black dragons no longer hesitate. They are divided into three angles and fly!

Oh! Colorful light group rushed to one of the Taikoo Dragon!

Taikoo Long had long been prepared and the two sides were evenly matched. They were temporarily hindered by the way forward, but they also tangled up with Jessica!

The second is the fastest of Taikoo Longfei, rushed to the city of Hope City in the blink of an eye!

All the people in the city could not help but exclaimed.

Arrows shoot insanely, but the Taiko Black Dragon has a powerful field of twisted enchantment!

Originally these riders were new recruits, and the shots were not very accurate. All those arrows were shifted!


Many branches and arrows flew past the black dragon scales.


Rolling Dragon Breath from the Black Dragon’s mouth!

His face was embarrassing, and all the panic-stricken look in front of him was completely covered by him.

There was a glimmer of pride in his heart.

The people watching the battle in the distance feel chilling.

Is it that the city of hope has been eliminated?

Jessica is entangled. The flexibility of the mechanical Titan seems to be out of step. Once the Black Dragon spreads out and adopts the tactics of fighting, Dangshan is dangerous!

The terrifying dread of the terror came over, as if to melt this world!

At this time, however, a girl’s body on the wall also erupted with colorful glory!

Although not as bright as Jessica, it is powerful enough.

Apocalypse Warlock, the power of protection, open!

In an instant, three encirclements that enveloped the city are coming!

… (to be continued …)

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