Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocrat Chapter 72 Time Breakpoints [3rd more]

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume I Lost Territorial Nobles Chapter 72 Time Breakpoints

Marvin’s use of Naru’s book of adventure is also an unfeasible move.

Although this page is relatively safe, it is relatively speaking. The last time Medilary, who controlled the mind by Nauru’s book, almost succeeded in tempting Marvin to make him a slave to the book of Naru.

So for a long time, he has been far from the page of artifacts. The deceitful god is not a philistine believer. He was said to have suffered from depravity and his arrogant anger in Angola was enough to prove the danger of the book of Naru.

But at this time, he was forced to use it.

The fake Hathaway created by Hades was evolved from the origin of one of her gods.* In order to seduce the phoenixes through the sea, and to remove this tumor, only the treasures left by the deceitful God were used.

Marvin is now the master of the book of Naru, plus one more [Magic armband] to increase his will, and the control of Naru’s book has also been enhanced a lot.

After waiting for Naru’s book to absorb the source of God, he came to see his own picture of being hunted down in his mind.

These pictures were perfectly recorded in the book of Naru, and the embarrassing book of Naru naturally knew how to deceive the insight of the phoenix.

All this is very smooth.

The phoenix was actually in charge, and from the reaction of Naru’s book, she should not pay much attention to this fake Hathaway.

After all, as a shrine, in the face of the upcoming Cataclysm, there are many aspects that need her attention.


In the cave, Marvin was relieved.

The Book of Naru absorbs the source of God. The body of false Hathaway disappeared completely.

A drop of bright red blood hangs in the air.

Marvin reached out and let the blood drop into his own hand.

Who knows at this time, bright red blood. Awesomely turned black!

Marvin was a little surprised. Before he could react, the black blood flowed directly into his body along the veins of Marvin.

In an instant, Marvin only felt himself in the blood and began to burn!

What is the power of sleep? It seems to have been awakened.

However, this feeling lasted only less than half a minute.

Marvin can feel this drop of black blood. In the blink of an eye, he was devoured by his horrible blood.

One strand of intermittent information flowed into Marvin’s mind.

For a long while, he opened his eyes. Showing a touch of strange colors:

“The curse of the Anzadi witch?”


Marvin data panel at this time, a cursed shock.

This curse is called [Time Breakpoint].

The curse means that Marvin’s physical condition. Within three days, will remain in this period of time, will not aging.

This is a curious curse.

With his own strong exemption, Marvin actually has to maintain three days.

You know, that’s just a drop of blood from Hathaway.

Marvin learned more from the blood.

“The original mystery of Hathaway’s age is this reason.”

“Not that she had three age forms, but the ancient curse of the Anzai witch. It was fulfilled on her.”

“Six years old, sixteen years old, twenty-six years old, three time points. It’s not that she likes to change to the three time points, but because she was trapped in the midst of these three time breaks.”

“There is still such a special constitution and such a curse…”

Even Marvinโ€™s knowledge is unheard of. Can’t help secretly Tucao.

Hathaway’s drop of blood, cursing with a breakpoint of his own time, allows an individual to cycle indefinitely within a time-breakpoint.

It sounds very good, it seems that there is a difference between being immortal and immortal, but time is something very subtle.

Once broken, there will be many agnostic situations.

It is not difficult to draw conclusions on what Marvin understands. Hathaway himself is eager to resolve this curse.

Because this curse not only restricts her strength growth, but also in the near future. It will be dangerous.

Her personal will may be divided into three personalities because of three time breakpoints.

All three individuals are trying to separate from each other. This will cause devastating damage to herself.

She originally thought that after the legend was promoted, the curse would be solved, but in fact it was not.

This time she was self-proclaimed in the ice crystals, and she was also prepared to calm down and seek solutions to the curse.

All of this, Marvin did not know.

Also losing the blood of the Magician Warlock, coupled with the blood of gold broke through the embarrassment, became extremely provocative, read the above information from Hathaway’s drop of blood.

Presumably the phoenix did not pay attention to this, otherwise she could use this information completely.

The sense of crisis in Ma Wenโ€™s heart is even stronger.

Hathaway is always insecure in his hands and he must advance as soon as possible!

Thought of this, he no longer hesitates, directly along the perimeter of the island, found a pothole in the lowlands.

Here is the entrance to the Cross Harbour Tunnel!

The shallow entrance is a deep cavern with several open-eyed siren guards. With Marvin’s current strength, the negotiation is nothing but a knife.

Within a few minutes, he followed the cave and entered the sea.

A huge blue stone door flashed a faint glow and was displayed before Marvin.

The stone gate is engraved with a huge grimace. The grimace is not a sculpture, but a greedy stone monster.

The origin of the submarine tunnel is very long, but few people know it.

Before Ma Wen came to the stone facade, his face blinked: “500 sorcerer coins. 450 are also available.”

Marvin did not hesitate to pay 500 integers of wizard gold.

This stone monster is not only greedy, but also very mean. If you really have a bit of a trick, choose to pay 450, just wait and regret it.

God knows where he will send you!


A large number of smashing wizards gold coins rolled into the mouth of a strange stone, and the blue door opened wide open.

Marvin crossed the blue light curtain, as if he had passed through a long space of time.

This is the wonder of the Submarine Tunnel. Each step is almost a hundred steps. It is full of runes. According to the background of the official description of the past, this tunnel is something that existed before the Chaos. That is, at least the King of the Night is an era.

The front third of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel was without danger. Marvin could not help but accelerate his pace and marched forward with great strides.


Sunrise Island. On the bustling Central Avenue, a hoof of horses suddenly sounded!

The crowd was extremely astonished and the Central Avenue prohibited horses from entering. This is the rule of death prescribed by the islander. Today, someone actually dared to violate it! ?

Not far away, a total of six black knights dominating and wearing directly from the crowd!

The crowd was shocked.

The leader is shocked by the Dark Knight Courage.

Cang Goer’s eyes look to distant islands and he says to himself:

“God book…”

… (to be continued)

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