Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocratic Chapter 51 Control Room

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 51 The Control Room, Gone with the Wind

The dark sewers are not as disgusting as Gevin’s imagination.

After all, for so many years, the sewers had been abandoned for a long time. The dirtiest things have been turned into fly ash by the years.

The air here is even fresher than above.

“Did you say the secret road, hidden in the sewer’s exit?”

Gevin is not stupid, immediately reacted.

The sewer’s exit is most likely a place to leave Saruha.

Marvin nodded slightly and pointed in one direction: “Stay along this direction. With your strength, even if you meet some monster, you can eradicate it. This direction is the exit of the secret passage. The exit of the sewer is very secretive, so ancient Goblin is not afraid of any other creatures coming in. And you can become a bat to fly out.”

Gevin hesitated: “You are not ready to leave with me?”

Ma Wenqian laughed: “I haven’t finished the good things for Saruha yet. How could we leave now?”

Ge Wen looked at Marvin silently.

This guy, obviously the lord of the White River Valley, had two gold mines. According to hearsay from the grapevine, he also conquered a sub-level plane and obtained inexhaustible treasures and resources. It is still so greedy that he wants to take away the treasures of Saruhari… Is this guy really a hero who has destroyed the world of evil spirits?

If it wasn’t for one’s eyes to see, Gervin couldn’t believe that the rumors of the “great hero Marvin” were actually a financial enthusiast!

At the moment, he kindly reminded Marvin that the kinship party has no compassion for human beings, and even vaguely means opposition. Be careful.

Then the two men parted ways, one went to the sewer outlet, while Marvin continued to turn and go deep into the sewer!


In the complicated sewer, Marvin walked quickly.

In this place, nothing can hinder him from advancing.

In fact, walking underground is much faster than walking above.

Although Marvin can’t remember Saruha’s full picture, the general direction is still very clear.

Saruha is a ring-shaped relic, coming in from the back door, passing through the crystal hall, and passing through Goblin Treasures, which is the Goblin Living Area.

Goblin living area to go northeast, through the steel gate, that is, [Army].

When the arsenal went north, it was the third area [control room].

The northwest of the control room is the fourth area, the arsenal.

The southwestern side of the arsenal is the Abandoned Ancient Altar.

The five major areas colluded into a ring, wrapped in which is a rocket launcher. Legend has it that Saruha’s goblins are preparing to march toward the sky, exploring the ancient sky at that time. It is said that Reims has not yet come to heaven, and the heavenly kingdom is not established!

Unfortunately, everything happened later and prevented this feat. The rocket launch site has so far been deeply embedded in Saruha’s land, waiting for future generations to excavate.

Marvin had some understanding of Saruha. There were basically no good things in the living area. Xiao Bao Curry had already obtained the relics of many Goblin engineers. He was rather satisfied. The demon armband was purely an accidental joy. K metal was at hand. , it is to make him more cards.

But the treasures he really cares about are still in two other areas.

[Control Room] and [Arsenal]!

In the control room, there are a large number of structural bodies and components, as well as temporary owners of Saruha, [killers]!

The memory of the killer is very problematic. He has two modes, one is the normal mode, in which people can communicate with him normally. Only his words are often said without a half, and they are very jumpy. They talk about some very strange things at once. It is even said that the names of the gods of Lian Lansi have been straightforward.

And the other one is the killing mode. As the name suggests, in the killing mode, the killer has no solution and can only kill.

In the face of all intruders, killing him will become the most horrible nightmare.

In fact, Marvin’s exploration of Saruha was really just a passing incident.

Although he knew the remains of Goblin and knew exactly where they were, he had no action. The reason was that the body was his nemesis!

Yes, the legacy of the ancient Goblin was absolutely Marvin’s nemesis.

For the Ranger, these rotten crickets wrapped in iron are the most troublesome.

They do not reason, only follow the instructions.

To fight with them, Marvin felt bad for weapons.

They are not human beings. They are more like robots. Marvin is skeptical that after killing a constitutional body, Marvin would not be able to obtain any killing experience.

Therefore, even though he mistakenly entered Saruha this time, he did not think that he had faced a conflict with his configuration.

If the evil spirits, how much to kill; to build body, he directly sneak out to escape.

“Most of the things in the arsenal were evacuated by the ancient goblins before the catastrophe. Only the big guy can’t move.”

“If you can get that guy… later even if it’s an ancient Red Dragon, White River Valley will not be afraid!”

“I just remember that the key to control the big guy is still in the control room.”

Marvin bited his teeth and finally decided to go to the control room. Even if it is the home base of the construction body.

In the sewer, Marvin traveled back and forth to find an exit.

Gently pushing open the lid, Marvin kicked in, turned it into a shadow and disappeared into place.

This space is much more depressing than the arsenal.

A large number of x-shaped bodies are waiting to be dealt with. They are not fully activated. They only activate the detector and scan the space at all times.

Fortunately, Marvin’s sneak was high enough to change the other person and it was absolutely true.

As the name implies, the control room is a hub that controls the whole of Saruha.

It is built in a huge cave.

In the center of the cave, there is a metal building. The building is divided into three levels. The highest level is the control hub.

The killer is on the second floor of the control room.

Marvin sneaked and quietly reached the building.

The gates are closed and the walls are smooth. Unless there is an ancient Goblin command, they cannot enter.

Once rushed, it will trigger counterattacks on the body.

Nowadays Marvin’s total grade of 19, also possesses magical warlocks and other means, is naturally not afraid of these structural bodies, but the key is that frontal toughness is not worth it!

Ma Wen walked around the building three times and had a headache.

The guards in the entire control room are very tight and the gates are not open. How does he get in?

“The legendary key to control the mechanical Titan is on the third floor of the control room.”

“Without that string of keys, even if I got a mechanical rise, it would be a big iron shovel. There’s a haircut.”

“Is it really going to kill!?”

He had been in the control room for a long time, and all methods were exhausted. But here is the hub of Saruha. How could it be so easy to find the defense flaws?

In desperation, Marvin was ready to leave.

Who knows that at this time, in a cave in the southeast of the control room, a group of people suddenly emerged!

Headed by, is a pale hand Skye!

In his heart, Ma Wen opened a sneak peek and refused to send anything.


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