Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocrats Chapter 65 Another

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 65 Another One, Gone with the Wind

Trorin’s heart was ashamed. A divine technique escaped the Titan!

However, Black Dragon was not so lucky. He was directly pulled from the sky!


The Titans locked their limbs and put a black dragon in their arms.

Both sides crashed on the ground at the same time!

The distance from the wall of the city of hope is only ten meters away.

The earth sinks down.

The crowd couldn’t help but swallow.

Because of Titan’s terror start speed, but also because of the distance between Black Dragon and City of Hope so close!

Trorin was not determined.

However, at this time, the Titan cockpit that firmly locked the Black Dragon suddenly opened!

A figure, firmly climbed out from inside!

Troilin made a look. The first thing he saw was the gun.

Weeping sky!


The locked dragon instantly sensed the terrible breath, the dragon’s breath!

Suddenly, the ghosts of the many dragons killed by the Dragonclaw appear to be on his side at this moment, reminding him of how terrible this fiend is.

However, in addition to panic, Black Dragon can not do anything!

Mechanical Titan firmly locked his limbs and head, and the tail was pressed on the ground, unable to move.

Marvin wanted to come out and he changed the position of the cockpit before he could find a crack and climb out.

In the end, he stood on the cold metal, holding a dragon gun.

In the city of hope, came the cheers from the mountains!

“Robin adults!”

“The Dragon Slayer!”

“He still did not give up on us.”

Everyone cheers. The dark dragon’s electorate floating in the sky is not so good.

She can feel that this guy is not only very strong hiding in the machinery Titan. He himself also seems to be a strong player close to the legend!

“If he deliberately converges on strength, it may not be more than legendary.”

Think of it here. Trorin’s face was gloomy.

Because at this time, Marvin was already standing on the head of Black Dragon!

Black Dragon dying. Try to get rid of the bondage of mechanical Titan.

However, he did his best and only produced a little vibration.

Marvin knew that the mechanical Titans in the grapple mode could last more than three minutes.

In these three minutes, this adult black dragon is totally lamb to be slaughtered.

He is not polite to the Black Dragon!

Only before he started, he still noticed Trolin’s movements.

After all, he is not hiding in the mechanical Titan. After some divine skills, he is still very jealous.

Trolin shouted: “Stop!”

“Let him go, we leave.”

She said to Marvin.

Marvin smiled: “This is a compromise?”

Trolin just wanted to say something. In the next second, Marvin leaped high and took out the splendid glory with the dragon sling!

Just like last time, Marvin did not even need to make a force. This gun itself bursts into a horror atmosphere, tears the dragon’s scale directly, and runs through the black dragon’s brain!


The whole dragon slaughtered and slashed into the black dragon’s skull, leaving only a small section.

“Do not!”

Whatever is Trorin. The other two Taikoo Black Dragons could not accept such a scene.

Five black dragons set off from the northern lair and attacked a human city. However, such a loss occurred.

This must be worshiped by the devil!

Marvin’s black dragon sobbed. He mercilessly lifted his foot and nailed the last small slaughtered dragon gun!

In an instant, Black Dragon completely breathed.

There was silence in all directions.

“Another butcher…”

Half time. Among the people who wait and see, only someone can’t help but whisper.

All people are silent.

Yes. Another one was slaughtered.

This is not what fine spirits and wolfish people flow.

This is a dark dragon!

This is the very top of the food chain in the mainland.

Many other people in the city have heard of the powerful creatures.

But in Robin’s hands, four lives were lost!

Robin at this time. Has been completely named the “Black Dragon Killer”, he has this qualification, because he did it.

A total of four black dragons were either torn by him or crushed by him. In the end, this was the definitive method of death. He died under the dragon’s hand!

But it is also incomparable, locked by the mechanical Titan, and there is no resistance.

Looking at Marvin’s relaxed look is like killing a chicken instead of a black dragon.

“Although these times are based on external forces, Robin’s strength is really tough.”

“His boldness is also extremely great. Is he a rock?”

“It does not seem that someone has seen him use Sa-man weapons. In short, the history is very mysterious. He was very active in the Bodhi Sea recently.”

“Mechanical Titans were the ones he drove out. Then the thing that had just ascended to heaven was like tearing the sky. It was terrible.”

“Yeah, Robin, this person has recently been pushing the lord to the east.”

“You mean that [Hero Marvin]? Destroyed the rotten plateau?”

People can not help but begin to discuss in low voice.

Although the Strange Hill battle is not over yet, Robin’s victory has been enough to allow any legend to boast.

Killed three adult black dragons one after another. This is no joke.

The two remaining Taikoo Dragons on the battlefield are probably the last two members of the Black Dragon family on the mainland.

Those who know a bit of dragon knowledge will find that these two Taikoo Dragons are just like a man and a woman…

If one of them died, the Black Dragon originally born in Feinan would be extinct!

This is an unprecedented thing.


Among the crowd, both eyes are watching the center of the battle.

Two people wearing cloaks watched as Marvin stood proudly on the faucet. One of them sighed and said:

“I told you, you don’t have to be his opponent.”

The other person’s voice is very gentle. With a bit of persuasion, it was a vampire gwen.

Standing beside him. It was dark party Stanford.

The relationship between the two is very subtle, and Gervin does not like Stanford. However, Stanford was ignorant of him, and even for this purpose, the party was rejected.

Even so, Stanford is still protecting Gervin protection.

As the Rockets are about to ascend to heaven, pale hands appear. It is Stan Forney who shields Gervin and allows him to evacuate.

Afterwards, the two merged and were attracted by Martan’s mechanical Titan, who followed him all the way.

In fact, Saruha is a thousand miles away, but for their quasi-legendary kinship. Once you start the occult technique, it will take too much time to get there.

Stan Fanny silently shook his head: “He can not see through, but he is my task, I must kill him.”

“You know him well, or do you tell me some of his weaknesses?”

Gevin leaned at Stanford: “Impossible! I’m friends with him!”

Stanford laughed with a chuckle and was not angry, but whispered: “Is it really just a friend relationship? You maintain him so, maintain a Terran… I’m a bit blind.”

“I want to kill him more.”

In the last sentence, she said with a smile. But anyone who hears it will feel the coldness.

Obviously, she is not joke.

And Gevin is really angry: “You want to kill him? Very good, but this is your business.”

“I will do my best to stop you.”

Stanford’s eyes flashed inexplicable. Suddenly said: “Are you in love with this human?”

Gevin did not vomit blood!

Immediately she said in a terrible way: “Since he is your sweetheart, I will not kill him when you are.”

Her eyes are sincere.

Gervin totally couldn’t understand this female madman’s thinking.

It can only be slightly decapitated.


The dead corpse. Ma Wen proud but standing.

The power of [Black Dragon Buster] on his body was automatically emitted, whether it was Trorin. Or the two Taikoo Black Dragons felt deep fears.

Four black dragons!

All died in his hand!

This is a disgrace to the Black Dragons!

Two Taikoo Black Dragons stared at each other and suddenly shouted. The anger that comes from shame in the heart overcomes fear.

The two Taikoo Dragons quickly got rid of their opponents and flew violently toward Marvin!

“Be careful!”

Luo Rui exclaimed!

Jessica was awkward and couldn’t keep up with the speed of Swire. And Kate is even more so, she was forced to suppress the offensive of Taikoo Dragon with the power of guardian, at this time Taikoo Black Dragon wants to leave, she can not stop!

At the critical moment, only Kate bites his teeth and a brilliant light comes to him!

This is the power of protection and can provide Marvin with a degree of protection!

But under the claws of Black Dragon, this guarding power may not be enough to see.

Everyone is a shake in the heart.

The angry dragon is the most horrible.

In particular, two Taikoo Dragons attacked a small human being.

This Longwei alone is enough to scare ordinary people alive!

But Marvin is not afraid! He is immune to Long Wei.

He had long been able to counter the possibility of the Taikoo Black Dragon. In the next second, his figure suddenly disappeared!

Nothing left over!

The two Taigu Long suddenly rushed to the air.

Night’s Song!

As the dawn dawns, the ability of the nightwalkers will soon be limited.

But now, it is still the world of the Dark Lord.

Marvin walked along the edge of the twisted dark world and suddenly appeared behind Trooling!

The people were shocked. They did not expect that after Robin had killed four Black Dragons, he had no plans to flee, but he chose to continue attacking!

His terrible aggressiveness, this time, he even eyed God’s electorate!

Trorin was also experienced and instantly perceived Marvin’s intentions.

“Want to kill me?”

Trolin sneered.

Her hands went down and made a weird gesture.

Suddenly, there was a dark ring of light in her body.

This layer of halo is filled with the breath of divine magic, is a unique divine power refuge for the dark dragon!

There is no doubt that Troilin is so much stronger than Tess.

However, Marvin is still expressionless, hands machete leaves, ruthlessly smashed down!

“This is a divine refuge! Your knife is impossible…”

Troilin’s words were not finished yet, and they were blocked by the most miserable reality!

In the refuge, Aobagi broke the blessing without delay.

50% of God’s ban on success!

Night Dagger!

Marvin unloaded her head with a knife and then stepped on her body and landed firmly.

“Sorry, your God can’t save you.”

He said lightly.

… (to be continued …)

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