Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Aristocrats Chapter 68 Revelation

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 68 Revelation, Gone with the Wind

The ghost town is a well-known place.

Even in the deep abyss, it is one of the nightmares of many demons. Even many great demon lords have once approached here and are scared away by the terrifying atmosphere here.

It is said that there is a real demon living here.

However, Marvin now knows that this is not a terrible demons but a Naru book with his own consciousness!

It is said that anyone close to this town will be attracted by a strange force and eventually reach a terrible place.

There is Goblin Street.

No one has ever described Goblin Street as it was because no one or the devil came back alive.

Marvin walked into the town and a cold chill rushed forward, as if he were in an extremely cold purgatory.

The entire town is empty.

In the depths of the town, a few sighs of mourning are heard from time to time!

Marvin perceives that many of his skills seem to be limited, including endless roads.

His perception was also limited to a distance of about one hundred meters.

He walked deep into the sigh of mourning, and finally, at the corner of the corner, he saw a devil!

He is tearing his chest madly!

Ma Wen fixed his eyes, but when he saw the demon’s chest, there was a face that was wickedly smiling.

And that face is exactly the same as the devil himself!

“Implication?” Ma Wen frowned. Although he lost his system, he did not have the most accurate data feedback.

But he has a near-intelligent computer-like precision judgment with a dark night ring and an advanced virtual deity.

This does not seem to be an illusion.

The devil looks as if he is newly attracted. He seems to have lost all consciousness and can only frantically struggle.

As a result, his struggle eventually killed himself.

Before dying. The devil seemed to see Marvin, with a very hated gaze. He stared at him suddenly.

In an instant, Marvin seemed to be possessed of something.

He could not help but look down.

But see your chest. A face that looks exactly the same as oneself suddenly emerged and grinned at himself!

“Scattered worms.”

Marvin sneered, his will has long been strong to a certain extent, for this level of confusion, does not work!

What’s more, this is the charm of the book from Naru!

The volume of wisdom in his body was automatically launched. The face was suddenly screaming and was automatically digested by the silver light that erupted from the volume of wisdom.

No, not so much digestion. It’s better to say that fusion is more appropriate.

After Marvin learned from the earth elements monarch that the god of wisdom and the deceitful god were originally the same person, his heart was more connected with the book of Naru and the scroll of wisdom.

Only from this detail can we see that the power of these two things has come from a source.

However, why does the God of Wisdom do this?

Obviously, what is reflected in the book of Naru proves that the God of wisdom is standing on the other side of Llanes.

This made Marvin very headache.

The God of truth and the God of wisdom must have one wrong.

Who should I believe?


As the town continued to deepen, Marvin saw too many demons along the way.

Some are entities. It should be the cannon fodder called by this force; most of them are illusions.

These people are fighting with themselves, and some are committing suicide. Some of them are fighting with the same weird creatures as themselves, and they are eventually killed.

Their souls are confined here, and **** repeats non-stop action every night. People see it creepy.

Rao is a knowledgeable and knowledgeable man who sees so many evils facing so much suffering. It is also somewhat sad.

The book of Naru is indeed the most difficult thing in the world. It is hard to imagine. This poorly-known artifact is actually from the hands of a god of wisdom with the heart of the house.

He marched all the way, there is a protective volume of wisdom, these demons did not pose any threat to him.

Finally, he saw a figure at the very center of the town, the end of Goblin Street.

This figure is different. First of all, he is not a demon but a human being.

Second, he is a living being.

In Marvin’s perception, he is the only one in the whole town who truly has his own life; the other demons are just the ones that have been controlled by the power of the invisible.

His location is actually a town square look.

There was a cross in front of him. He knelt under the cross and held a book in his hand. He was singing something low.

Ma Wen Xu went over.

It is indeed a human being, and it is clear-headed.

From his dressing and dressing, it seems that he is a priest or a priest.

“I didn’t expect anyone else to walk through the street with their own will.”

The man stopped singing and looked up at Marvin. “Can you take me away?”

Marvin asked with vigilance: “Who are you? Why is it here?”

“This is a nightmare, and only those who have a firm belief can survive.”

The man scolded: “I have lost my Lord’s mission, but I have been accidentally shut up here. Fortunately, this book of Revelation accompanies me day and night, otherwise I am afraid that like those demons, it is unknown in this town. Power is controlled.”

“Apocalypse?” Marvin narrowed his eyes slightly.

The man nodded and said, “I came from Norvison’s plane, and in the wisdom of God my Lord has redeemed the souls of these demons. It’s a pity that a disaster many years ago turned the town into a place where the evil spirits were. Land, and I, because of the lack of strength to get rid of and trapped here. This book of Revelation is a gift from my God, so I’m sorry, can not give you a detailed look.”

“You can come in alone and not under the control of that goblin. This proves that you have strong strength. Can you help me?”

“I will do my best to reward you.”

The tone of the man is sincere.

Marvin stepped forward.

The next second, draw a knife, Sodom’s blade suddenly cut down this person’s head!

No blood, only a piece of confetti falling with the wind.

Marvin’s hands turned up, and the book of Naru and the volume of wisdom appeared at the same time!

The man’s body was suddenly absorbed into it!

In a flash, the strange power that shrouded in the entire town suddenly disappeared!

Marvin gently touched the newly emerged Naru Book, revealing a relaxed smile:

“I did not expect spirituality to come to this point…”

“Unfortunately, there are still many flaws. At the very least, the three words of Revelation should not appear in lines.”

“After all, I know the name of the fourth page of Naru’s book.”

But on the book of Naru, which was only two pages away, the fourth page was already in place.


Above it is a man crouching under the cross, lifelike.


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