Dark Knight Ranger No. 1 Lost Territory Noble Chapter 50. Taboo Metals

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One Lost Aristocracy Chapter 50 Taboo Metals, Gone with the Wind

When Marvin made his remarks, the blood family still looked like a blank face.

Obviously, this guy hasn’t heard anything about the metal of [k series].

Marvin didn’t care, Gervin now estimated that he had been deterred by pale hands. The only thing the vampire wanted to do was to leave this place as soon as possible and return to the party’s headquarters and report to William the Grand Duke.

This also happens to happen. The more he does not care about the treasure, the better. After all, in such a large area of ​​Saruha, the stored metal k is not necessarily enough.

When Marvin read this, he immediately said: “You are waiting for me here. It only takes 15 minutes.”

“Fiveteen minutes later, I’ll take you to find the secret way out.”

Gevin nodded slightly.

Marvin opened a sneak and strode toward the small warehouse.

Although the small warehouse looks very dilapidated, the structures detected around the perimeter are very dense.

However, at this time, Marvin had already lost the past, 200 points of super stealth, even the legendary wizard can detect the detection of spells can escape, not to mention the detection of these small configuration body?

He passed directly between the bodies and there was no movement.

He fumbled around the low buildings and the front and side doors were sealed and there seemed to be no way to enter.

Marvin had no choice but to leap forward, jumped on the roof, and finally found a skylight.

“Fortunately, the sunroof was not locked, or we might open the door violently. I am afraid that it will attract a lot of structural bodies, and it will even alarm the madman who only knows how to kill!”

Marvin’s light body firmly settled inside the warehouse.

Vaguely, there were countless faint sounds beating Marvin.

Waves of call signs seem to have come from ancient times. Really, directly into Marvin’s brain!

“The legend is really true. The k-series metal has amazing sound absorption capabilities.”

“These voices are probably the sound of mourning from the time when ancient Goblin was in distress.”

“What happened in the year?”

Marvin looked solemn. Not by imagination.

Even though he knew him like Fernando, he did not know much about the history of many ancient times.

After all, the information given by the official is so little, and what he explores is what happened after the Cataclysm.

The Cataclysm destroyed a lot of things, leaving little information on the ancient times. Occasionally, several relics of excavations have been discovered, and only some scale-fingered information can be provided. Really want to find out all this, I am afraid I have to go to school.

However, almost no player was able to enter the city to get the knowledge he wanted when he was crossing Marvin. Even those who qualify as apprentices, the same players who vowed to become scholars for life. Their rank is too low to have permission to hear anything.


The destruction of ancient Goblin is naturally very shocking.

But Marvin’s will also became firmer after gaining the addition of the “Magic Armlet”.

Just a few seconds, the voices were dispersed from his ear.

His eyes began to scan the entire warehouse.

Although this warehouse is not large, but also a small box of a small box of raw materials!

Marvin knew that this place is where ancient goblins store their peerless mineral deposits [k-metal] that have been dug out of the ground.

Because there is no sign outside this warehouse. In addition to k metal, each warehouse is marked with the words Internal Storage.

k metal. Not a metal, but a series.

It is said that in the remote wilderness era, the king of the night has just led the lives of the Fernan people to kill a bloody road. Repel the monsters in the chaotic wilderness. The rest of the creatures began to segregate the site, and the weakest ancient goblins demanded the coast of the Bombay Sea, this fragile land.

The rest of the race is very different from the selection of ancient goblins. But at that time, the Goblin family had a very bad person, at least a strong prophet level. This is what he meant. Goblin family is very obedient.

They found countless mineral deposits here, and the great prophets used their wisdom. Give full play to the talents of the clan, and soon an unprecedented country was established on the coast of the Bobo Sea.

That was the first era of the Financiera, the end of the chaos!

How powerful the goblin empire is, from the ruins they left behind.

In many mysterious missions of excavating ancient Goblin empire, people gradually learned that the scourge of the goblin empire began with a metal.

This story is also quite scary. After being revealed on the player forum at that time, it was called the most insidious case in the history of Funan.

The content of the story is roughly at the end of the Goblin Empire. The great prophets are about to die. At this time, they discovered a mysterious mineral deposit on the seabed of the Bobo Sea. The Goblin empire of that time was already strong to a certain extent, and even submarine-like gadgets were made.

They built a mining platform on the offshore seabed and wanted to dig deeper.

Only this time the excavation was very unsuccessful. The establishment of the platform was said to have killed many goblins. Although the Goblin Empire continued to invest in smart engineers, it was always difficult to stabilize the platform.

Although the submarine platform was later set, many accidents occurred.

When the great prophet passed away, he did not want to control these things.

But so many brilliant engineers died, he had to go to see the disease once.

As a result, when he saw the excavated magic metal, he immediately changed his face.

His order was immediately released: Stop the project, and you must not dig for this series of mysterious metals.

Even if this series of metal does have a very amazing ability.

Although the senior level of the goblin empire was surprised, but the old prophet still, this project was rushed to the end.

However, the greedy goblins can easily forget the lessons of their ancestors. About 50 years after the great prophets passed away, they reopened the project and gathered the metal in the sea.

It’s just that they didn’t think it was because of this metal. Bring them a disaster.

That’s right, this metal is the k-series metal that Marvin wants.

People legends. This metal is accompanied by a curse that is not only for the individual. It is more for the entire greedy goblin kingdom.

At the end of the chaotic era, the communication between the major racial forces was extremely underdeveloped.

When the high elves established their own civilization and began to travel to the Quartet, they suddenly discovered that once-unprepared goblin empire did not know when it had been destroyed.

The legendary k metal is not known by many people.

Marvin as through who is naturally one of them.


Regarding the secret of k metal, Marvin knows little about it. However, it was learned from players who had been engaged in the secret task of Goblin Empire. The destruction of goblin empire is indeed related to this metal, but it is not purely the curse of this metal, but this metal has caused some biological taboos.

The ancient Goblin empire was overturned overnight. It is not simply that these so-called curses can do it. Ma Wen has never been obsessed with cursing these things. The twelve curses he has come.

He only knows that in the game, k series metal is divided into three kinds. It is roughly named k1, k2, k3 by players. The three metals are different from ordinary metals and they have very natural characteristics. They are [destroyed], [forbidden], and [indestructible].

When you polish a weapon, you only need to add a small amount of k metal to the weapon. These weapons will automatically bring these three enchantment effects!

You want to know that you want to add these attributes to weapons by using ordinary enchantments. How difficult it is.

Throughout Fannan, weapons with devilish attributes are rare; God’s ban is even less, and it is indestructible. It is almost extinct.

Only a true enchanting master can only be hard-working. Create a weapon that has broken or banned.

Otherwise, Marvin won’t be so excited by the pair of [Aoba].

At the same time have two major attributes of broken magic and banned. And the blade is light and thin like a flap, absolutely not adding any k metal, is purely a powerful alchemy effect, only the super master can create such weapons.

It is impossible for ordinary people to get such magic weapon during their lifetime.

However, such common sense was broken in the face of k-metals that even scholars of the Pearl Tower called as taboo metal.

Marvin knew that if these k metals were introduced, what kind of storm would happen?

This is his card!

After the Cataclysm, Chaos Magic was rampant on top of Fernan, and many wizards were unable to pass the will to become magical walking corpses.

The deities will send their troops to enter the world of Funan.

Wicca and divinity will be the mainstream power of the future world.

And k metal is precisely their nemesis.

They are one of the most powerful signs that Ma Wenyong has dealt with the chaos and the gods!


Marvin reminiscing about the power of the k metal, began to plunder the big brother.

The entire warehouse, in fact, is mostly an empty box, it seems that most of the k metal has been used.

Fortunately, Marvin found some in the corner.

He made a rough inventory and got a total of eight small boxes of k metal. Each of them has three small boxes loaded with k1 and k2, respectively, with devil and banned effects.

The k3 has only two small boxes, with “unbreakable” effect.

In each small box, there are only fist metal k, but Marvin is already quite satisfied.

Because these k metals are purified and very high in purity, they are used to secretly smelt weapons and use them at critical moments, which will absolutely surprise future enemies!


After fifteen minutes, Ma Wenru sneak out from a small warehouse.

Gwen breathed a sigh of relief.

With regard to what was in the warehouse, he was not curious at all, but he urged Marvin to take him away from Saruha.

When he did not hesitate, he did not hesitate to walk directly around the arsenal, avoiding several patrols of the structure and eventually opened a manhole cover.

“This is the secret way you said?”

Gwen wrinkled his head and looked like a disgusted look.

Marvin could not help but rolled his eyes: “Is it important to escape or clean?”

Say he does not care Gevin, he jumped down from the well cover.

… (to be continued …)

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Chapter 50 Taboo Metals:

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