Dark Knight Ranger No. 41 Loss of Territory Aristocrats Chapter 49 Arsenal

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One The Lost Aristocracy Chapter 49 The Arsenal, Gone with the Wind

After entering the steel gate, an atmosphere of rust spread across the old world.

Both are very sensitive people. Although this place is dark, but the vagueness can feel some danger!

Ancient Arsenal’s Arsenal is naturally not a safe place!

In fact, the ancient Goblin was a very crazy race. Although they had once been extremely popular, due to their various crazy actions, they provoked angry wrath and were eventually wiped out in the long river of history. These wild goblins were eventually left behind. Although with the blood of ancient Goblin, the intelligence has been seriously degraded, and there is no difference between the monsters.

And their arsenals are naturally all kinds of strange weapons manufacturing equipment.

In order to prevent the enemy from stealing their own core secrets, the defensive power of this place is also crowned the entire Saruha!

The two had just entered the steel gate and could perceive it. Not far away, several packages seemed to be wandering!

“Model patrol configuration body…”

Marvin narrowed his eyes slightly.

He looked back and said that the four guys of the Tarantula Mercenary Corps still had a hard face and stuck a wrench.

It appears that the “Robin adults” do not speak, they are completely afraid to have any rash action.

When Marvin coughed, “You go!”

The four men, like the monks, fled in flight.

Losing their strength, the sturdy metal spanner suddenly fell, and the steel door rumbling down and finally completely fused.

Marvin swiftly came to the right side of the steel door. Here he remembers an institution.

This is a temporary security agency, only when major events occur. This agency will be opened.

After the office was opened, at least twelve hours, others could not open the steel door from the outside.

This is also a defensive setting designed by Saruha Goblin.

This institution is easy to find. Marvin found out according to the height of Goblin. The content of the organs is also very simple. After all, the original intention of this organization is to allow the lowest level of goblin to calmly close the steel door.

Marvin studied it a bit, combining the vaguely detailed strategies in memory. The steel door will soon be completely put into a state of temporary warning!

“How?” Ge Wen asked quietly.

“Get it!”

Marvin was full of confidence: “Be assured, since we reached an agreement. Even if the pale hand catches up, I will protect you!”

There was a glimmer of uncertainty in the eyes of the blood family.

Marvin was a nocturnal person. He naturally noticed this and felt only a strange feeling.

“I’m going to go. This kinship is so beautiful, it’s not easy to be oriented?”

“This look is a little strange.”

Now that he coughed, he resolved his guilt, pointing to the distance and saying:

“We went to the Arsenal to see that there was certainly a lot of good stuff in the treasure trove of ancient Goblin.”

Ge Wen slightly beheaded.

This steel gate is actually built on top of a hillside and the entire Saruha is underground. Twists and turns.

The arsenal area, on the other hand, is built on a basin and stands on a hillside. Both are enough to overlook the entire arsenal.

With Gevin’s perception, one can quickly see clearly the ones that emit a faint red light!

All-in-one patrol structure.

They are not humanoid, but they have four wheels. The body is rectangular, but it has various weapons inside it. It can detect the enemies that may appear around the body through the sensors around the body.

“Too much. And the more dense it is, the more inside.” Although Ge Wen is the leader of the kinship party, it is the first time he has seen so many packages!

Saruha has been quiet for so many years. Did not think that there are so many packages in operation!

“Where did their energy come from?” Gwen whispered to himself, and he seemed to ask Marvin.

Ma Wenqian laughed, and he naturally knew that these structures could continue to operate, and that they were related to the final wave of Saruha. It is also that with a certain body of artificial intelligence, Saruha became dangerous.

But now he didn’t say anything, just throwing aside lightly:

“You don’t know if you look down.”

At the moment, he also ignored Gwen, and turned himself into a phantom. He squatted down the hill and squatted down.

Gervin stood still, his eyes flashing with dissatisfaction, he slightly stomped his feet and gestured between his feet, actually a bit of daughter really did.

“How many secrets does this Marvin have behind him?”

“Undoubtedly knowing Saruha well, but pretending to know only the scales, do you think that I really can’t see it?”

Laughter in his heart, he was very dissatisfied with this behavior of Marvin.

However, he did not have the means to break in the mirror, he also saw the pale hand Skye looked to his own eyes.

The perceptive sensation was as sharp as he was, and Marvin’s deliberate reminder naturally noticed the slightest unusualness.

This man is probably for himself.

Want to live, you have to follow Marvin this mysterious guy!

At the moment, he can only bite his teeth and follow Marvin.


Abandoned ancient altar.

The evil dragon’s head has long been forcibly dispelled by the pale hand, but he himself has suffered severe injuries.

What made him even more angry was that before the disappearance of the projection of Titus, he used a spell of imprisonment and imprisoned him on an ancient altar.

Although the kinship is highly resistant to many spells, the spells released by the Lord of the Dragon are naturally extraordinary.

Skyscrapers were trapped in a deserted altar.

This made him extremely depressed.

On the other side, the evil spirits enthralled.

He constantly harassed pale hands with incantations. Although his spells can’t really hurt him, they can cause him great trouble!

Weakness, bloodshed, illness, trauma… All kinds of curses are added one by one. Even if he is the strongest player of the legendary level, under such a superposition, I am afraid it will fall. Become an ordinary master who is no different from mortals.

In this case, Skye is a grievance to the extreme.

He knows that he overestimates his strength and underestimates the anger of Titus!

Even though he is helpless now, he can only resort to evasion and movement in the enchantment field under the establishment of Titus and try to avoid the curse of the evil angels.

At the same time, he also secretly tried to find a gap in the enchantment, ready to break through this layer of enchantment.

Who knows it at this time. Not far away, a group of people appeared again.

Tarantula Mercenary Corps!

Remo, Lilia, Barbara and others. All appear.

At least half of the people were compromised in the Crystal Hall compared to the beginning.

Those who can appear here today are naturally elites in the elite.

In the moment that Skye found them, the Tarantula’s found the pale hand of imprisonment for the first time!

“What is this altar? It’s so evil? Even legendary adults can be jealous!”

The crowd was shocked: “Yes. Lord Skye seems very painful.”

“That is the breath of evil spirits, heaven, and an evil angel.”

The tarantulas were all ready to wait.

Remo and Lilia looked at one another and felt only a headache.

Although they had already done well in Saruha, they may have a lot of power that they could not match. So they hired many foreign experts in advance. However, they did not expect that the treasures had not yet been obtained, and they met with hardships.

The tongue devil and crystal hall will not say anything. The two legends that popped up in the team also made them feel powerless.

Whether it is pale hands Skye. Or Robin, the dragon killer, is not what they can afford.

After they were driven away by Marvin, they turned around in the goblin living area. Instead, I got some scattered treasure boxes.

But these are the possessions of ancient Goblin. The real good things are either in the arsenal or in the arsenal. They are far from touched.

They followed the road and found signs. According to the map display, it seems that only through this area. You will be able to reach the most lucrative place in Saruha’s treasures, the Goblin Arsenal. It is rumored that there is even a mechanical Titan capable of fighting the dragons in the Arlu’s arsenal!

These adventurers also do not expect to find any mechanical Titans. They can get some structural bodies, or some advanced drawings or gems, which are enough for them to be developed.

So they have been very careful.

Did not expect to just leave the living quarters, and once they entered the door, they saw the deserted ancient altar!

Here is the breath of evil spirits everywhere, reminding them of the tongue magic group in the tunnel!

An ominous premonition flashed in Remeer’s heart.

He just wanted to signal that everyone pretended not to see it. It was just going around. Who knows that at this time, Skye’s voice suddenly sounded in their ears:

“Help me ruin this altar.”

“Heavy rewards.”

The old face of Remeer’s life was full of wry smiles.

You have an imaginary altar of evil spirits. What can we ordinary people do?

However, he is also not good at rejecting Skye. At the moment, he can only bite the bullet and ask from afar:

“what can we do?”


Dark in the Arsenal area.

The air is filled with strong rust. Apart from the sound made when the wheels crossed the rugged surface, the place was almost silent.

Between two buildings with an uneven structure, two dark shadows are haunting.

As soon as the one-piece structure slowly passes through, the eight sensors in its case are simultaneously probed and explored in all directions.

A touch of red light swept over the nearby corner.

After a while, it only left.

Behind a stout pillar, Marvin and his two men appeared slowly.

Gevin whispered: “Where the hell are you going?”

“Why is the patrol structure getting denser?”

“And why do I think these structures are not operating according to the established instincts, but they are manipulated behind them?”

Marvin’s mouth slightly sketched a smile:

“The blood pattern is really good.”

“The more we go deeper, the more natural the patrol-type structure is.”

Ge Wen frowned: “Pale hand may catch up at any time!”

Marvin did not think that: “Isn’t it easy to have a look at Saruha? What are the most precious things to take with you? And are you really scared of that pale hand? If not for my prediction, He is now estimating that he is going to die with Tidumus and his men. Even if he can successfully escape, there will probably be a lot of curse on the body to carry the weak class. At that time, you and I will join together and maybe we will be able to relax easily. Killed him.”

The kinsmen laughed directly at Marvin’s words: “You are crazy, and the legendary strong, even if weakened by evil spirits, is not something that fourth-order people can destroy.”

“Just a joke.” Marvin’s eyes flashed a glint.

In fact, he really had some assurances that he could kill the legendary pale hand in unexpected circumstances.

After all, since the time he crossed, all kinds of cards and methods have accumulated countless. What about the pale hand? As long as he can’t escape the lethal damage, he is caught by Marvin and is still a killer!

Even the Shadow Prince’s avatar died in Marvin’s hands. Marvin was not afraid of a Skye!

Only in order to hide his strength, he temporarily showed inconvenience.

At the moment, he just casually perfunctory a few words, continue to view the terrain.

Goblin’s arsenal is not really good here.

There are no treasure chests, no treasures, only a few cold bodies.

Without knowing the control hub of the structure, it would be useless if Marvin packed all the prototypes of this structure home.

Of course, if you can find a way to control these structures, it’s another matter.

Unfortunately, if you want to control these structures, it is a fantasy. Marvin did not expect much from the beginning.

His goal is other things in the arsenal!

Ge Wen sees Ma Wen’s brows wrinkle. It seems that he is looking at the distance and asks idly: “This place is full of scrap iron and iron. Even if there are quality materials left over, thousands of years later, it will already become a waste. What are you looking for?”

Marvin ignored him, but he kept recalling the topographic maps of the arsenal in memory.

For a long time, a complete and clear road map appeared in his mind.

“let’s go!”

He no longer hesitates to cross through an alley and pass through a dark arsenal.

Ge Wen is in a hurry. If he changes other places, he has long since ignored Marvin and has gone straight away.

Unfortunately, this place is Saruha, who originally wanted to come to join in the excitement, but who knows that he encountered the assassination of the legendary level strong, and now lives and died in the Marvin who can only be passively followed by Ma Wendong ran west.

He also lost his good temper and exchanged another person for non-fried hair.

The two men shuttled in the dark and escaped one by one.

Finally arrived in front of a very low building.

What made Gevin wonder was that there were no signs or instructions outside the building. This is not the same as other arsenals.

“What is this place?” Gwen curiously said.

Marvin’s eyes were fixed on the building’s door, revealing a hint of joy: “This is one of the several warehouses used to store raw materials in the Saruha Gem Arsenal area.”

“Raw materials?” Gwen eyes flashed a glimmer of disappointment.

In his opinion, for so many years, the raw materials in this place have long been turned into a pile of scrap iron.

However, Marvin’s next sentence, but let his eyes suddenly become fiery.

“k series metal. Don’t know if you have heard of it?”

… (to be continued)

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