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Leaving the palace of the sea elven queen, Marvin drifted alone in the icy waters. ≤,

The sea emperor emits a faint glow and manipulates the ocean currents.

Seawater comfortably holds Marvin and accelerates to swim in the salmon harbor.

Only when he thought of the agreement he had just reached with the Queen of the Sea Wizards, he was a bit dumbfounded.

The sea elf has always been a big force in the ocean. The successive sea elven queens have always pursued the unity of the sea as their lifelong pursuit. The sea emperor’s three-piece suit is a shortcut for this purpose.

According to legend, as long as the sea is set in three sets, it can govern the ocean.

The sea emperor is only one of them.

Marvin had thought that offering such precious gifts to himself should be enough to demonstrate his sincerity.

Unexpectedly, although the sea elf was very much looking forward to the sea king’s crest, the queen himself did not care much about it.

This made Marvin look surprised.

What even made him feel speechless was the agreement reached by the two sides. As long as Marvin and the enemies are fighting within the range of the sea elf activities, the sea elf queen will definitely help each other.

The premise is…

“Hey, this is really no way, it seems only to sell one brother.”

“Ibrahimovic, I can’t help myself. The Queen of the Sea Wizards is always passionate.”

Marvin secretly spit.

When he flashed through the terrified look of Ibrahim Sean’s Elven Queen, he got a headache.

How can such a pair of family members put them together?

Marvin Zizheng is a master matchmaker who can hardly do it!

Fortunately, the Queen of the Sea Wizard did not extinguish Marvin’s hope.

She proposed. Just need Marvin to give her three times to create a chance to get along with Ibrahimovic alone.

Three chances. Should not be a problem.

Marvin was so comfortable in his heart. Isn’t it particularly sorry Ibrahim?

But remembering that the sea elf queen would have a smile, Marvin couldn’t help shuddering.

In his mind. Actually, when the two people got together alone, Ibrahim was hard-hitting by the Queen.

Nothing to say. The strength of the Queen of the Sea Elves is definitely above it…

“I just don’t know if the King of the Elven will secretly stop it…”

Marvin suddenly thought that after the last time the plateau wars were rotted, the King of the Great Elves seems to have been severely damaged. This time when I went to Chiba’s Forest, if I had the chance, I still wanted to take a look.


The Emperor of the Sea left with Marvin and went straight to Salmon Harbor.

In the sea elf palace, only the sea elf queen and another exquisite girl are left.

“Sister, why don’t he want to be a sea emperor?”

“The elder brother-in-law is an elves, but even if you both work together, you can’t rule the ocean.”

The little girl reveals a puzzled color.

The Sea Elves Queen smiled slightly: “The emperor’s embarrassment is very good, but the sea emperor in his hands is sealed. It is difficult to solve this seal. Because of the ancestor’s vow, we cannot It was too far away from this sea, but he could. The prince of the sea in the hands of this human being might have had the opportunity to untie the seal some day. It would be too late to ask him again.”

“As for your brother-in-law … this involves the most important secret of our sea elves.”

“The conditions of the [sea elf incarnation] are quite harsh…”

The sea elf queen smiled slightly. Her chest suddenly burst into a blue glow.

If Marvin is present, I am afraid that at one glance, the heart-shaped stone hung on the chest of the sea elf queen will be recognized, which is the legendary sea emperor’s heart!

The Sea King’s Heart, Sea King’s Empress, Sea King’s Wand. It is a three-piece sea emperor.


In the early morning, the port of Salmon was calm, and more than a dozen cargo ships were moored at the pier. However, the sailors have begun to actively prepare.

These cargo ships are all heading to the North. Before the winter, they can also cross the Great Devil Strait for the last time.

They will stay in Northland until April or May next year. Wait until the ice in the Great Devil Strait melts before you can return.

So time is pressing. The captains estimated the weather, and business people kept pushing.

On the temporary dock not far away, there was a fairly garish ship.

【Sword Harbor One】!

No one knows the history of this ship, it is said that it landed in the middle of the night. The people on board showed some proofs of identity. The officials in charge of the port affairs smiled and greeted them and let them stay at the temporary terminal.

This is not the treatment of ordinary people. Only the Reds of the Union can enjoy this kind of courtesy. This made guesses for sailors and captains on the other terminals.

Only the people on the boat have never been down. They are not good at asking.


When Marvin arrived at Salmon Harbor, it was already noon. Anna has already got through all the joints. This time, the efficiency of the league’s approval is surprisingly fast.

Maybe this is not unrelated to Hathaway’s previous assignments. Although Hathaway has now become an ice sculpture on the dark coral island.

However, not many people in the entire South know this matter. Even if it is an alliance, only a few senior executives know it.

The following officials do not know.

Hessue Weiwei is still in the country, and Marvin and his White River Valley naturally receive the best treatment.

On a temporary route, the direct passage of the board was adopted. From then on, the first port of Jian Gang can be carried on the sea under the banner of the Southern Wizarding Union.

Marvin was very satisfied with this.

And Lola, also early in the finalization of the cooperation of the firm, almost tomorrow can start unloading.

Aragon was very curious about the career at sea. He consulted Marvin and decided to stay on board the most recent time.

Marvin is naturally desirable. Although there are already two dark guards on the ship, there is an additional 18 storm swordsman. Why would he not enjoy it?

Since Aragon came to Fernan, Marvin has not stopped observing him.

Before letting him out at sea, he also had the meaning of temptation.

According to Marvin’s observations, the top genius of this Pusun plane. I am afraid there is a vague breakthrough!

He was originally a talented genius for the practice of swordsmanship. At a young age, he cultivated to the top of the plane. If it is not due to the plane law, I am afraid that long-term success can be further.

Now came to Fernan. The constraint of his plane law on him was broken, and he is expected to go further!

Legend is just a matter of time.

This is the result of many years of hard work.


Marvin did not stay in the port of Hongyu for too long. After determining that No.1 Jiankong was safe and sound, he went to the risk-seekers’ association, the Ranger Trade Union and other major forces to issue a pearl collection order.

The content of the collection order is very simple, that is, high prices for rewarding exotic pearls.

According to Marvin’s request, these pearls must be exotic pearls that contain liquids and extremely tiny creatures in their liquids.

That is the cursed pearl he had before!

In the past life. Every pearl is he has spent a great deal of thought, one by one collected.

A total of six, but do not know how much time and effort he spent.

Although he does not have so much time in this world, he has the prestige of financial resources!

This is the benefit of the Lord.

This kind of collection task will be released directly and let others do it for you.

In fact, no one knows the allusions behind [the cursed pearl].

Marvin confessed himself to such a lofty legendary degree that the task was released. There will surely be countless people crazy to do.

Even if it is not for that high bounty, it would be good to be able to add a bit of friendship with the “legendary figure” of Viscount Marvin.

Today’s South can be seen by anyone. The White River valley is thriving.

Not only did Hathaway’s tower of the Ashes cover, but the riverbanks seemed to be annexed by the White River Valley, plus a large piece of land in the South.

Develop a few more years. Even if Marvin wants to establish a principality, it is more than enough!

After the Pearl Collection Order was issued. Suddenly caused a lot of sensation in the salmon harbor, many adventurers in Gems Bay also took the task. Start looking for the cursed pearl.

A strange pearl, rewards five hundred wizard gold coins!

This price is absolutely crazy for all adventurers!


And Marvin himself, long before the sensation occurred, he rode a temporarily bought Jianma to the forest of Chiba.

The salmon harbor and the Chiba-no-Mori are not far away. Soon, he crossed the villages where humans and half-elves lived, and came to the edge of Chiba-no-Mori.

After dismounting, he followed the memory and quickly found the place where he had advanced.

The king’s grave.

At the beginning of the advanced nightwalker, he was still a five-level small ranger.

In the blink of an eye, returning to this place, he is already an 18-level master.

Thought of this, he suddenly took out the destiny slate from origami.

Above the shards of destiny, Ann quietly placed seven pale yellow flowers.

Twins flower.

Temple of the shadow of the Temple of the Holy Flower. As early as Marvin was recovering from his wounds, he ordered them to find the flowers, remove half of the chaotic magic, and nourish their destiny stones with light yellow flowers that were full of order.

From the current point of view, the effect is good.

The scent of destiny became a little stronger, and it was not far away from the retreat of the stupid person.

Marvin took a deep breath and collected the destiny shards.

The next second, he circumnavigated the Tomb of the Night King and found a low stone cave.

The dust and vegetation outside the cavern were opened, revealing a small door.

Marvin took the key from the old blacksmith and opened the door gently.

After the small door, it turned out to be a dark abyss!

This is a strange space.

There was a slough of levitation on the abyss. Marvin had a poor eye and no end.

“After walking along the stone, you can reach the mausoleum of the king of the night.”

“Only there will be the inheritance of the [Night Master].”

“…and the mission of [Legend of the Road]!”

After reading this, Marvin didn’t think much about it. He walked straight in.

Only he did not expect that he stepped on the first stone slab, and after two seconds, the stone slab was cracked!

Marvin also reacted sensitively and jumped violently to another slate before he escaped.

“Well, these slates are actually broken in one touch!”

Marvin was depressed and these things were not mentioned by the old blacksmith.

At the moment, he can only bite his teeth, speed up the jump, and move toward the darker abyss.

… (to be continued …)

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