Dark Knight Ranger Vol.1 Lost Aristocrat Chapter 72 Redemption (Lower) Four thousand words!

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One Lost Aristocrat Chapter 72 Redemption (Lower) Four Thousand Words! , Astronomy

Rocky mountain.

When Marvin arrived here, all the war seemed to have subsided.

The scabs in Montreal proved that this place indeed passed a major battle.

It was only after he had searched for endless roads and found that the retreating West Coast troops were mournful and impetuous. I am afraid that this crusade had failed.

He did not perceive any sacred atmosphere in the Rocky Mountains. This shows that in this world, after Marvin had killed the Queen of Spiders, she did not succeed in destroying the Rocky Mountain simply because of the power of the Twin Goddess.

This has caused Marvin some relief. After all, the three Apocalyptic Warlocks on the Rocky Mountains have also helped him a lot.

Since the war has been leveled, there is only one purpose for Ma Wen to chaos.

Apocalypse imprint.

When Lorie transferred the seal of the apocalypse to him, he also received the aura of the son of plane.

Now I do not know why, not only did the revelation mark become grey, but also the aura of the son of the plane-faced person was deprived.

Marvin has a vague premonition.

But even so, he did not anticipate that when the three sisters were encountered again, it would be the case!

The heads of Hope City, Kate and Jessica’s eyes have become pure white!

And Lorie stood behind them and looked exactly like an ordinary person.

The lucky elf running around doesn’t know where to go.

Marvin was surprised. He walked over: “What happened here?”

He can obviously feel that Jessica and Kate have more than doubled their strength!

And Luo Rui, even lost all the ability of the Wizards!

She became a very ordinary little girl.

However, in the face of Marvin’s suspicions, Jessica and Kate are unheard of, but just staring at Marvin, the whole person seems to be out of the ordinary.

“You shouldn’t come here.”

Jessica’s voice was very blunt and not as friendly as before: “This is taking the risk.”

Kate reveals a slight smile: “We … we have no way.”

Marvin’s heart felt bad, and he just wanted to say something. Who knew that Rory had said first:

“No, you have a way.”

“You can give up those so-called strengths.”

Jessica’s expression was a bit of a struggle: “If we don’t accept its gifts, we can’t go on and the twin goddesses are too strong.”

Kate nodded equally: “Our existence does not exist only for ourselves. Our mission is to protect this city and protect the world.”

Marvin looked at the two inexplicably: “What happened?”

“They changed.”

Luo Rui sadly said: “They accepted the last heavy gift and became [Fate of Warlock].”

Wisdom Warlock!

Hearing this noun, Marvin breathed a lag!

The so-called destiny warlock is the ultimate advancement of the Apocalypse Warlock!

This career represented the apocalypse who completely accepted the love and gifts of the Venan-faced will and became its spokesperson!

At the same time, they also completely lost the power to implement their will!

Their bodies became part of the will of Venan.

“You know what this term stands for.” Jessica said with some regret: “Marvin, sorry, we can’t help.”

“I really can’t believe that you are really a mortal world!”

Kate is silent, but the power of two terrors has been brewing in the two destined warlocks!

Exterminators? !

Will Fernand Plane think he is a mortal? !

Suddenly, Marvin seemed to understand something!

Before Eve inexplicably wanted to kill him, the reason is said to be from the will of the Valkyrie; and now, the three sisters of destiny seem to have embarked on the opposite of him!

“Anytimes will … actually think I am a mortal?”

Marvin’s mouth was a bit dry, and his brain was in a mess.

Seeing Jessica and Kate have hands-on plans, he didn’t know what to do!

In the face of Eve, he can kill the killer!

But these two, he can’t do it.

Because they are his friends.


“I don’t believe it.” Luo Rui’s voice was very light, but it was also very clear. It reached everyone’s ear, especially Marvin!

When this sounded, it seemed as if there was a clear spring slowly poured into his heart.

His brain is instantly clearer!

“Although my talent for wisdom was given to me by Venan, I used to see them very far.”

Luo Rui said softly: “Marvin is not a mortal, so I rejected it.”

She refused to execute the request of Vennan to kill Marvin!

Therefore, she was deprived of the ring of apocalyptic warlock and became an ordinary person!

The other two, because under the pressure of the Twin Goddess, no way to turn into a desperate warlock, already involuntarily!

Heaven Kingdom wants to kill Marvin!

Feinan plane will also kill Marvin!

Marvin suddenly felt a bit desperate.

“What about stupid?” he asked subconsciously.

“Before I was transformed into a desperate warlock, I had already dissolved my contract. At least, she would not be controlled by the fate of man as I am.”

Kate sighed. “Marvin, we really don’t believe you are a mortal…”

“But… we can’t help!”

In the next second, the power of the horrible apocalypse broke out on the wall!

Marvin’s eyes glimpsed and the endless road suddenly opened!


His silhouette rushed to Luorui, and the power of such a terrible apocalypse erupted. A girl who lost her aura could not bear this pressure!

In the next second, his figure appeared thousands of miles away!

It is because of Marvin’s protection of this move that left his flaws for his escape!

Under the control of the so-called “Heavenly Commandment”, two top destined warlocks are chasing!

Endless road!

Ma Wen with a person, the power of the virtual goddess madness, almost began to move in the entire feen moment!

The guardian power of the plane is so powerful that, according to reason, Marvin should be able to easily get rid of the back two people.

However, in fact, whenever he appears in a new location, both of them will quickly come.

Although the speed is not fast, but always can entangled him!

“It’s useless.” In his arms, Rauri looked pale, and Ma Wenqiang started the endless road and caused a certain load on her!

You know, she is only an ordinary person now.

“This is Fernand, it looks at you.”

Marvin suddenly realized.

Here is Fernan!

If it is the Venan Plane who wants to address himself, he will be quickly positioned wherever he goes.

The speed of these two destiny warlocks is not fast, but it will always entangled themselves.

The heavenly kingdom’s people are also chasing themselves because of fate and slate.

What should I do for myself?

Kill Jessica and Kate? This is absolutely impossible for Marvin.

For a moment, he could only carry Lorie and continue to use the endless road to escape on the mainland.

However, this method is ultimately to quench your thirst.

Marvin’s advanced virtual deities and destiny slate, of course, have a great power, but the destiny is invincible in Fernandri.

Their power will not be weakened in the slightest, because there will always be Venan’s face-saving will to supplement their energy anytime and anywhere.

If this continues, Marvin will be consumed one day sooner or later!

“There must be ways…”

Marvin fled while thinking.

Suddenly, he remembered his own experience in the Dragon Library!

“Yes, the order of Fernan is in its eyes.”

“But it’s wild?”

“Wildness is a chaos. It can’t see anything!”

Knowing some of the fundamental secrets of this world is the best thing that Marvin can now stand in this multiverse!

When this idea rose, he quickly took action.

All the way to the south!

Passing through the White River Valley, he also passed the knife and killed a deity who seemed to be preparing to harass the White River Valley!

When he rushed into the barren moment, the feeling of being positioned at every moment disappeared.

He suddenly understood why Reims was building his only temple in the wild!

“I am really a mortal world?”

This idea is in his mind.

At this time, Luo Lu who had followed him suddenly clenched Marvin’s hand.

“you are not.”

Marvin was a little surprised: “Aren’t you losing the talent of the Apotheosis Warlock?”

Luo Rui smiled: “I really lost my talent of talent… But if I am, I am wisdom myself?”

Voice does not fall, a mechanical sound:

“You finally remembered.”

In the depths of the barbarians, two figures slowly come.

The figure on the left, Marvin knew, was the jasmine of truth!

The figure on the right, that guy who just opened, Marvin also knows!

Mark forty-seven!

However, although the voice was still mechanical, it did bring a touch of humanity.

Marvin seems a bit familiar.

“Hello, Marvin.”

Mark forty-seven showed an ugly smile: “Please allow me to introduce it again.”

“I’m Lance.”


In the depths of barbarism, when the God of Truth and the self-proclaimed creator of God’s creation appeared before Marvin, he felt that he would not care about the strange things that appeared in the world.

“I’m a bit dizzy. I need to figure out what’s going on!”

Marvin said quickly.

The structure body calmly said: “I will certainly explain it to you, but we must seize it.”

“Because we don’t have time, it’s very fast. This time, although your appearance has advanced history, her growth rate has also accelerated.”

she was?

Who is she?

Marvin was full of fog.

The God of truth is somewhat sceptical: “I still don’t believe that you are talking about facts.”

The construction body said to himself: “Since I took charge of this world, I never thought that a world would actually destroy its consciousness.”

“I’m sorry she appeared.”

“I must stop her, so I found you, Marvin.”

“Please come with me immediately. We don’t have much time.”

“I will tell you all I know along the way.”

Marvin took a deep breath: “Where are we going? Who is she?”

The construction body is back to:

“The world of evil spirits.”

“As for her … to the sea of ​​evil spirits, you will know.”

Marvin’s heart is tight!

Because he suddenly thought of the last person who said goodbye to him and said that he wanted to go to the world of evil spirits.

It was a woman who was very deep with him.

The first generation of Venan plane guards, once the king of witches.



“It starts with bad signs.”

On the wild road, all the scenery is so boring, but Marvin is highly concentrated and listening to Lance’s narrative.

After Fernando’s preliminary decision, the prosperity of the First Era was ushered in.

However, soon, a strange phenomenon began.

Every once in a while, there will be an ancient god.

There are many reasons for the fall. Even Lance himself could not find out.

The ancient god of heaven is dying.

The retreat and drowsiness of the ancient gods and natural gods of the Elves led Lance to notice that something was wrong.

At the same time, a negative energy world began to form.

After several failed explorations, he began to turn his attention to other aspects.

He contacted Fernan to face the will, but he felt that the other party seemed unwilling to communicate with him.

Reims thought it was only tired and fell into a period of slumber.

Did not think that it has left Fernan.

“… Do you know the specific number of disappeared ancient gods?”

Speaking here, Lance suddenly asked.

Ma Wen frowned: “I don’t know.”

“There are a total of 17 people.”

“Every time there is an upheaval, there will be an old god who is degraded. Does it sound familiar?”

Rance said lightly.

Marvin sucks a cold air: “A world of evil spirits?”

He was quick-thinking and first contacted the negative energy world that Lens had mentioned before!

Seventeen ancient gods fell.

In the evil spirit world, there are 19 monarchs!

Nineteen monarchs, who drew up the degraded human Dirkon, and the fallen colored Titus of the colored dragons… The remaining numbers are exactly seventeen!

“Isn’t…” Marvin’s words were not finished but they were interrupted by the body:

“Yes, they were trapped in the world of evil spirits and became unconscious.”

“Their evil side has been inspired and turned into a monarch of evil spirits.”

“The world of evil spirits is purely a product of Fernandick’s idea of ​​the will to evil!”

“And I… didn’t realize it at first, so I made a mistake.”


A group of people proceeded, and Lance’s statement did not stop.

It was only at this time that there was an oasis in front of it.

“Arrived.” The packaged body motioned Marvin forward.

Among the oasis, a woman dressed in gray seems to be waiting for something.

When Marvin was seen, she immediately came over.

“Hello, I’m a grey tit.”

“Thank you for saving my brother Münster. This page is what Lance ordered me to look for. Now it’s up to you.”

Marvin suddenly took the page of thin paper.

The book of Naru and the volume of wisdom emerged automatically. The former will directly integrate this page into it!

At the book of Naru, which is gradually becoming full body, there is finally one more page.

Page 5 [Redemption]!


“Your choice is risky.”

In the oasis, the God of Truth distorted the form: “You sealed me.”

“This is to protect you,” replied Rance.

“So what about her?” Jasmine pointed to Lori: “The God of Wisdom incarnates the fraudulent God to write down the book of Naru, then self-destructs into a mortal, and escapes the reconnaissance of Venan’s face-planet consciousness, in order to bring in another world. Does someone introduce and carry it?”

Here, Reims is the head of Zheng:

“indeed so.”

“This is my only salvation method.”


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