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The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Vol.1 The Aristocracy of the Lost Territory Chapter 70 The Isle of Sunrise [The First], Gone with the Wind

Messianic killer.

Marvin had thought that after he had left the mechanical Titan, he should have wandered around the Ruins of Saruha.

Did not think this guy actually found it over.

“Is there any tracking mark left on him?”

Ma Wen’s heart sank. The fighting power of the killers was terrifying. Being watched by such a big man was not a good feeling.


The husky machinery sounds so cold on the empty sand dunes.

The killer’s angular lines carry a sense of chilling. His hands do not even know when it was replaced with a two-handed saw!

Zi Zi Zi!

The chainsaw kept moving, and his eyes flashed with dangerous red light: “The invaders… must die!”

The three sisters frown at the same time.

Jessica looked at Marvin: “Friend?”

Marvin shook his head.


Marvin nodded his head.

In the next second, the Wizards of Tempor suddenly broke out, and the colorful halo of the horror instantly swallowed up the huge killer!

In Marvin’s eyes, Jessica took only seven seconds to put the invincible spade to the strong demolitions!

Looking at the incompetent body of the murderer, he was forcibly dismantled into parts and pieces of the ground. Marvin was also silent.

His own fear is really superfluous.

Jessica will be able to coexist with the female god of the North in the future. The power of the Six Apocalypse will be able to tear the black dragon and demolish a killer. It’s more than enough.

After Marvin thanked Jessica, he found what he wanted from parts scattered in the ground.

That is the last memory chip. It should belong to the killer himself.

In this way, the five memory chips in the box are complete.


After all this was done, Marvin made a slight break and temporarily bid farewell to the three sisters.

After killing the pale hand, his perception told him that no one else nearby was ambushed.

He and Skye were able to feel it when he was playing tricks. Two more people are in the dark.

One of them is very familiar with the atmosphere.

Marvin’s mind immediately surfaced with Gevin’s face, and he wondered why Gevin had left without a slip. However, I think there should be his own reason.

After Marvin succeeded in killing Skye, Gervin and the other left.

The other party also seems to be a kinship. Marvin estimates that this is likely to be sent by the kinship party for holy blood.

Anyway. With trouble solved, Marvin must personally go to learn about the city.

After farewell to the three sisters, he walked alone and quickly arrived outside the city.

This time, he did not need to inform scholars in the city to directly use the permit given to him by Mark 47. He was immediately welcomed by the uniformed structure that he had not done for the first time, and he entered the Moonlight Tower unconsciously. .

Once again, Marvin is not polite. Directly explain the meaning.

“You found my memory chip?”

Marvin Four was overjoyed. As an outfit, his anthropomorphic system was perfect, and Marvin could feel the feeling of joy in person.

Sure enough. Anything that is related to Rance’s spirit, even if it is a construction body, is extraordinary.

Marvin nodded and took out the box of memory chips.

Mark forty-seven scanned one of the five memory chips and removed an orange chip from it.

“Only this one is mine…the others are not.”

Marvin understands that it seems that this memory chip has caused chaos in the memory of the killers.

Mark forty-seven took away some of his mechanical settings. It can be seen in this boring tower. His dismantling of his own technology has grown to the top, and almost in the blink of an eye, he has completed the installation of a memory chip.

“How is it?” Marvin asked with hope.

If this chip is really required by Mark 47, he can not only gain 100,000 general experience, but also get a lot of knowledge!

He has too many questions about this world.

In this world, the most powerful and wise man is without a doubt the creator of this continent, Reims. The structure that he left behind must surely know the secrets that many Marvins are interested in.


Mark 47 made strange noises in her body, and finally she was calm.

The appearance of the body is somewhat bizarre. It seems that something has been recalled. It eventually turned into a deep sigh.

“This is my memory chip … but not all.”

“My memory chip was divided… It was divided into four parts. This is just one of them. There are three other blocks. I have already found the place where they are buried, but they are all hidden in a very dangerous place.”

โ€œI can now recall some messy memories… These memories are fragmentary and not beautiful. I need you to help find the other three as soon as possible!โ€

Mark forty-seven resolutely said: “I will increase the rewards of the task.”


An hour later, Marvin left the Moonlight Tower in a complex mood.

What he accepted was an adjusted task to find the remaining three chips that had been disassembled.

This time, Marvin’s forty-seven reward experience for each memory chip actually reached 50,000!

The previous task has been abandoned because the first memory chip, Marvin has received 50,000 points of general experience.

This is certainly a happy thing.

Only he looked at the map in his hand and could not help but show the color of wry smile.

As Mark said, the remaining three memory chips he sensed are hidden in a very dangerous place.

One of them happened to be on the other side of the Bombay Sea – the death zone.

But that was a closed zone in the dead zone. Marvin had never planned to enter this past.

“Say it later.”

Marvin sighed in his heart and closed the map.


The joy that was originally created by defeating the pale hand. At this point it has vanished.

He got some news from Mark 47 and he was shocked!

Although the memory chip was broken up, Mark 47 also remembered something.

In his difficult statement, Marvin even heard such a secret!

According to the structure body. Back in the years he followed Lance, Lance himself seemed to have encountered some problems!

In order to solve this problem, the great wizard spirit had to take some measures.

The disappearance of the God of the Fourth Age Wizard is not accidental, but an inevitable action.

As for whether he succeeded now, Mark 47 did not know it.

And that thing seems to be related to the universe.

These scattered information. Let Marvin feel cold in his heart.

He always felt that it was not so simple for the gods to attack the universe. However, it is really lacking clues and he cannot make further judgments.


Fifty thousand points of common experience are in the bag. Coupled with more than 10,000 experiences gained by killing the legendary pale hand, Marvin’s experience seems to be very rich.

However, the 9th level night walker needs nearly 140,000 experiences, not to mention the 10 nights walkers need nearly 200,000 experiences.

This experience must be taken before Marvin enters the dark night to dominate.

Fortunately, his heart has already been settled.

In the dead zone, the ghosts are scattered all year long. This time he went to the death zone, not only to find Ibrahimovic, but also to use several points in his past memories, as in Saruha, brushing an experience.

After leaving the school city and returning to the Rocky Mountain, there is no stop for Marvin. Instead, after deciding that evil warlock Daisy has placed the Holy Blood Girl, she will be on her own again.

He returned to the ruins of the city. Changed his face and took a boat ticket with a very low profile.

Two days later. From the parrot number, proceed to Sunrise Island.


The ruins are only five days away from the island of Sunrise. However, for Marvin, it is a rare long vacation.

According to reason, this area of โ€‹โ€‹the sea is actually not calm. Not only do pirates often appear, but legends such as sea monsters and ghosts are also deeply rooted.

But Marvin’s luck is good. All the way down, did not encounter anything strange.

The old ship steadily sailed to the island of sunrise.

It is a huge transit station. Being secretly manipulated by a secret force, ships that want to go to death will all have to pass the approval of that force.

However, Marvin wasn’t ready to sail to death.

That’s really a waste of time.

Near the island of Sunrise, there is an undersea secret road that can lead to the dead side of the other side.

Although this secret road is fraught with dangers, Marvin had to do so in order to save time.

After all, he left the White River valley for some time. He found Ibrahim as soon as possible, and then tried to find out the identity of the phoenix before the Cataclysm and save Hathaway. It was Marvin’s top plan.

The entire Southern Wizarding Federation, I am afraid that no one knows yet, the phoenix is โ€‹โ€‹actually the God of the Third Age!

But this woman is very embarrassed. When the wizard’s god forcibly pulled out all the new gods of the Tertiary to heaven’s kingdom of God, she used a reversed prop and escaped.

She was carefully hidden in mortals and did not establish her own church and beliefs. Just as long as she thinks, she can kindle the fire at any time and become a real god.

Because of the fate of her destiny shards, she is quite heavy.

Therefore, this mysterious and terrible woman is in fact united with heaven.

Hathaway may not realize this.

But all this couldn’t be better than Marvin.

“We must think of a way to reveal the identity of the phoenix in the places where the legendary powerhouses have gathered… and to be absolutely safe.”

“She has been operating in the Southern Wizarding League for a long time. I am afraid that all people in the alliance are her. Even if she knows her identity, she will probably have an illusion about her.”

“It seems that I can only look for other people.”

Marvin sat in the boat, thinking hard all day.

After feeling bored, he left the cabin and walked onto the deck.

There are not many people on the deck. Most of them are lazy sailors.

Only a beautiful figure attracts people’s attention.

When Marvin saw the figure, the body was completely stiff:

“How can it beโ€ฆโ€ฆ”


… (to be continued)

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