Dark Knight Ranger Vol.26 Lost Territory Noble Chapter Twenty-Six

The Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, The First Volume The Lost Aristocracy Chapter Twenty-six The Winter Is Coming, Gone with the Wind

Regarding Putian Plane, Marvin’s initial plan was simply to develop it into a reserve base.

After all, the time velocities of Feinan’s mainland and Putin’s are so different. In the past year of Fei Nan’s side, Putson has passed for 21 years.

However, under the influence of the powerful plane traction technique, Puten planes have been embedded in the Ash Plains.

While Hathaway’s ashes are in the outer layers, they have a natural bridge with Fernan. The bridge is the legendary wizard himself.

Hathaway knows well that, if he died or because of the cause of the closure of the Ashes Plains, Marvin’s previous efforts were all in vain.

She then handed over the voucher to and from the Marsh Plains.

In this way, the plane between Puten and Fannan is even closer, although there is a medium for the gray plain.

According to the Olam University’s speculation, within a maximum of one month (Finanland time), the time flow rate of the Planson plane will be equal to that of Fernan.

With the increasing inlays of the snow-capped mountains of the East Pole and the ashes of the ashes, they are even free to go from the Pusun plane to the ashes.

In other words, Putian plane has finally returned to the embrace of Fernan since its birth.

Although his plane rule has not changed, the strongman from Putian’s plane can improve his strength by going to Fernan.

Among them is Aragon.


During the rehab, Marvin and the Aragorn brothers and sisters had some details.

After the Kingdom of Nottingham experienced this battle to overthrow the Temple, its national power was actually damaged. After all, many shrine knights are also one of the people of the kingdom.

The original population of 200,000 had fallen to more than 100,000. The kingdom is in urgent need of rest and recuperation.

Both Nono and Aragon are people with little ambition. The two only want to maintain the status quo and allow the kingdom to settle down.

Marvin is very satisfied with this.

The stability of Planson’s plane is also very important to him.

This time, he had a lot of resources and wealth. Half of the resources searched by the Great Shadow Temple were returned to the Prince of Pune to stabilize the people and maintain their rule; the other half were all Marvin’s loot.

Marvin used the Book of Naru to call Medirelli.

If Medili was not as good as a mana, the knowledge of the spell is still sufficient. She built a large material transport array at the intersection of the Ash Plains and Putian Plane, the other end of the transport array, which is naturally the hinterland of the White River Valley.

Papson planes are rich in high-purity gold, as well as herbs and tea. At least half of the wealth that the temple converged on was gold.

Although in the South, the Wizarding Gold Coin issued by the Wizarding Federation is the hardest currency, gold can be used as a general equivalent anywhere.

Since the opening of the material transport array, the gold has been continuously transported to the White River Valley.

Daniela and others saw this scene and was so shocked that they couldn’t speak.

The high-purity gold that Marvin brought back from Pompson’s face is much more pure than the gold that is plundered under the Ogre Mountains!

These high-purity gold are all cast in the shadow of the shrine and have no imprint. They are the purest gold bars.

Marvin let Medilie convey his own order.

That’s spending money!

The quicker the better, the more the better, and it is absolutely necessary to convert these money and materials as soon as possible into the construction progress of the White River Valley and the strength of the soldiers!

Although Daniela did not know that the Cataclysm was coming, but he could feel that Marvin was not too small.

In the construction of the White River Valley, she really counted her best efforts.

She was rather strange about Marvin’s attitude because she did not return to the snow and ice kingdom because of the oath. Fortunately, the current principality of northern Lavis is fairly calm.

There was nothing left to do. She simply stayed in the White River Valley. But she did not forget her mission.

Although Marvin was not there, Daniela also expressed her meaning to Marvin through Medilelli.


“The head of the devil madam?”

Marvin was soaked in a pail and the wounds behind him gradually recovered.

Hearing this name, he frowned slightly.

“Not yet.”

“You go back and tell Daniela. After three months, it will take at least three months to move the head of the devil.”

Marvin knew that there is no free lunch in the world. Daniela has done enough to help herself, and she is not free to pay.

How exactly does the Principality of Laves need the head of the devil maharaja? Marvin did not know.

But from Daniela’s eager attitude, I am afraid that there is something wrong with the inheritance of the Warlock.

They need to re-imit the ancestors of Numan and draw strength from the head of the devil.

This is a very dangerous job.

In past life, Marvin remembered that Larves was one of the few countries in the North that still remained after the Cataclysm, and Daniela had also won the title of Queen of Ice and Snow, but in this world, things changed by Marvin. Already too much.

Having experienced Hathaway’s work, Marvin will no longer be reckless.

In dealing with the devil in particular, it is necessary to keep 10,000 eyes and keep your strength.

In three months, Marvin was also given a chance to cooperate with Daniela.

Before that, he must be well-nourished and wait until the curse is completely expelled. He will leave Pupsen plane and start his own dark night.


The weather is getting cooler. In late November, even in the White River Valley in the south, the cold currents coming from the north were felt.

The winter is approaching.

This is the last winter before the Cataclysm.

Marvin stood on the highest peak behind the castle and looked over the entire White River valley. His heart filled with emotion.

It was almost three months since I passed through.

During this three-month period, too many things happened, making his memories overlap.

He vaguely remembered that Hathaway’s favorite thing was to stand on this mountain peak when she was in the White River Valley. Her eyes looked at the distance and she seemed to be looking at something and seemed to be thinking about something.

When did the two parties begin to have the initial link?

Is Hathaway seeing a shadow in the crystal ball destined to assassinate himself? Or did he find the book of Naru to help her promote the legend? Or is it the final moment of the Holy Grail battle, early warning in advance to help her escape the Shadow Prince’s assassination?

Marvin’s eyes gradually blurred.

To be honest, he really didn’t know. His emotions have always been vague, and there have been too many things to deal with since crossing.

From the beginning of the recapture of the territory to the later visit of the Chiba Forest, to the following… He was like a clockwork machine that kept working.

He didn’t even stop to look at the time.

Several wonderful kisses, see his warm smile when he returned safely, and don’t marry Ma Wen’s frosty face…

All this was constantly replayed in Marvin’s mind.

Eventually it turned into a low sentence:

“I wait for you.”

Marvin’s eyes gradually strengthened.

He was right to say that he should not be depressed because of jealousy and frustration.

Men must learn to learn lessons and stand up again.

How did you know about Fernan yourself, and if you were careful and respectful enough, couldn’t you manage to get it? !

He said it was half a year, but this time is too long for Marvin and even the world!

After this winter, it is a cataclysm.

Hathaway is almost impossible to replace in order to better cope with this catastrophe.

The best result is that Marvin wants to rescue Hathaway before the Cataclysm.

He knew it would be difficult to climb to heaven.

The strength of Mingfeng is not only her own, but her identity. Wanting to be against her is equal to being an enemy of the Southern Wizarding League.

It is not time yet.

“You must think of a good idea.”

Ma Wen frowned.

At this time, the whistling sea breeze blew from behind him, and he unconsciously turned around.

In the newly established new port in the east, a herb and tea boat full of pumping planes is preparing to set sail.

That is the number of the South after the transformation.

With money, everything works. Analyst invited a lot of master figures from the port of Leiyu, redesigned the hull, and took advantage of the opportunity to complete the renovation.

At the moment, the South, completely different from before, Marvin is not afraid of being recognized.

An hour later, the South will set off, bypassing Gems Bay and heading directly to the more prosperous Salmon Harbor.

Lei Yue Port is the junction of North and South. It is a transportation hub in the eastern part of the mainland of Feinan, and is also a trading destination.

Marvin will also travel to the port of Liyu with Anna and Lola in person.

On the White River Valley side, there are Daniela, Shadow Thief, and Constantine. Together with Marvin’s eight dark guards, it is not a natural problem.

“Marvin, it’s almost time to board.”

A whirlwind figure climbed up, his face still concealed the color of excitement.


This is the first person whom Marvin brought out from the plane. It is also the world’s top powerhouse.

He gave up the throne and chose to follow Marvin to Fernan.

He was full of curiosity about the outside world, and Nuno, who stayed in Pushen, became the first queen in Nottingham history.

Under Marvin’s majesty, under the support of the Dark Guards, no one dared to say anything under the help of Oran.

After all, today’s Putson is not the same as before.

In the face of extremely excited Aragon, Marvin nodded slightly and looked back to the White River Valley.

Daniela’s talents are truly unparalleled. With the encouragement of money, people in the White River Valley are increasingly prosperous.

The personnel of the garrison are also gradually increasing, but they are both strictly controlled by Anna, and the quality of character and loyalty to the White River Valley are guaranteed.

The construction of adventurers’ camps south of the White River is overwhelming, and the villages of the Sha people have begun to take shape.

A small village has been established under the Ogre Mountain. Slaves and workmen from all over the country are working hard.

The original inhabitants of the White River Valley have gradually shifted from agriculture, such as opening a hotel in the adventurer camp and opening a restaurant under the Ogre Mountain.

The area of ​​farmland is decreasing, but Marvin is not worried.

Because he already has a backing.

Putian plane is originally the most suitable for cultivation of the world. With this plane as a support, he can develop the White River Valley toward the fortress!

Thought of this, Marvin took a deep breath.

There are many things he needs to do.

The first thing is advanced legend!

“let’s go!”

He no longer lingered on the scenery of this place, and the entire person turned into a road after another, and he rushed toward the south.


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