Dark Knight Ranger Vol.60 Lost Territory Noble Chapter 60 The collapsed kingdom of God!

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume One Lost Aristocrats The Sixtyth Chapter The Dilapidated Kingdom of God! , Astronomy

Even the Doomsday proponent, the chief culprit Marvin, did not know. This piece represents what level of missile energy has reached the highest level of precision technology in ancient times.

Because the trade union that first brushed Saruha was launched at the original coordinates, it was finally bombed in the ruins of the universe and destroyed a few half planes.

The video at the time was shocking, but it did not make people think too much. Marvin just wanted to give Glanos a “surprise”.

Only he himself did not know how amazing this surprise was!

In a flash, the scary flames illuminated every corner of the shadow kingdom.

The space in the center of the explosion appeared to be distorted. A lot of debris blew out like a spark, and the real body of the shadow prince was directly distorted!


Not only did the two maids die, but the souls of the devout disciples who lived with the heavenly kingdom and the eternal life were also affected. The horror of the explosion wave directly shattered all the souls of this country!

“Do not!”

Glanos revives with the origin of God!

In his kingdom of God, he is immortal.

He exhausted all methods and divine techniques to stop the spread of the explosion.

However, this does not restore the loss. Things have come too suddenly. For the gods who are above and beyond them, they are the supreme disciplines of the Territory, but Chaos Era is the more distant First Age!

They did not understand at all that what a horrible goblin country really created!

The shadow kingdom is still collapsing!

Glanos is constantly revitalized. But the source of lost God and the power of faith are massive!

In just three minutes, the shadow kingdom collapsed in half.

The whole heaven god country is boiling!


Although the heavenly kingdom of God is located in a mysterious and supreme universe, every god’s kingdom of God is entranced. Are very secretive!

But this big explosion completely exposed the entrance of the shadow kingdom.

All the gods arrived at the scene in a flash.

The results shocked them.

The energy of the explosion has forcibly opened the entrance to the shadow country. Even if they stand outside, they have also received the threat of the aftermath of the explosion!

Fortunately, the gods with powerful divine power directly blocked the aftermath of the explosion.

Rao is so, and the two gods that are adjacent to the kingdom of the shadow are also subject to severe shocks!

The gods looked at it all in shock.

The center of the explosion seems to be dead. The power of terror is raging, and the kingdom of shadow is in a moment of silence!

“Does Glanos die?”

“What is that exactly? Why did I see the sign of the ancient sun god. Didn’t he fall long ago?”

“What the hell is going on in the ancient Goblin of this bloody death? The fog is there and I can’t see who did it.”

All new gods constantly exchange ideas with one another.

In the end, their eyes went to the god of the plague.

This guy is considered the third generation ancient god. It is a small number of ancient gods who stand in the same line with the new god. He knows many things.

The plague god shook his head: “When I was born, the ancient sun god had fallen.”

“I was surprised that ancient Goblin people could create such terrible things that threatened the life and death of the kingdom of God.”

The gods are uneasy.

They were originally tall and they were only thinking about how to develop themselves and develop to a higher level of life.

In their eyes, the creatures on Fernan are only ants that are more useful to them.

But did not expect today. These ants have even threatened their lives.

Glanos is certainly a relatively weak god, but this kind of shrine occupies the majority of new gods!

At least one third of the new gods. Don’t dare to say that he is better than Glanos!

Watching this worldly scene, the gods are all in a panic.

In particular, the two gods, who are particularly close together, have fully opened their divine skills and resisted shocks from the shadow kingdom.

“Who was actually attacking Glenos? How did he get the coordinates of the shadow kingdom?”

One god doubted.

No one answered him. This problem is unsolvable, God’s country coordinates. Even the gods who are good at each other will not be easily revealed, if not for the big bang. If you directly shocked the entire universe, they could not find it!

“This time the explosion was almost as good as the original one…”

A weak divine god whispered.

The gods are silent. They naturally knew that he was talking about the last time, the new God of the Territory, the powerful god of madness [Angler] Angola blew himself up after reading the entire book of Naru.

Although this incident was not as serious as it was last time, it has a considerable influence.

Heavenly Kingdom has not happened for a long time.

This is a provocation to the gods on the continent of Finnan!

They are shocked.

Do not know what kind of existence, dare to make such actions on the gods above and beyond!

“How’s Grenos?”

Someone whispered.

Shadow countries are constantly collapsing, and they cannot see what has happened to Glanos.

Is it a god who wants to fall on this?

This idea lingered in their hearts and shocked them all.

If Glenenos really fell down…it means that there are weapons on the ancient land that can threaten the gods!

This is a worry-free thing. I don’t know how many years the gods are not scared!

At this time, a beautiful woman suddenly stood at the entrance of the shadow country.

She looks pretty allure, but there is a faint layer of water on her face.

“Vaniyah God!”

The gods are shocked.

I did not expect this big explosion. Even the Moon God Fannyia, who wanted to come down low-pitched and the Gods meeting did not participate, was blown out.

However, someone quickly thought of her old grudges with Glenos!

“She is not going to destroy the shadow country?”

God whispered.

Who knows that the Moon God is serious: “The God of Dreams. The Lord of War, and the three, are you still not shooting?”

“This continues. Glanos is unable to keep the origin of God. His congregation of gods forms a collapsed black hole that engulfs the nearby universe!”

The gods are all shocked.

Did not think that the consequences of this time is even more terrible than the last fall of the Lord of Fury!

A small Doomsday missile actually caused such a joint consequence.

All this, Marvin, who had contracted on the mechanical Titanic, was unexpected.

Soon, several terrifying figures descended and several supernatural gods joined hands together. Help Glenoss to stabilize the kingdom of God!

The explosion is over.

Shadow countries are also half-waste.


At the same time, all the subordinate planes that Grenos is in charge of have begun to undergo a kind of shock!

The heart of all the magicians and devout believers. There was a silent fear.

“Father God!”

They bowed their heads and prayed in the mind to imagine the gentle image of Glenoños.

Who knows what appears to be in their hearts is an embarrassing face:

“Give me your original strength!”

In the next second, all believers began to age rapidly.

Several secondary planes. Believers began to exclaim and cried in tears, but they could not prevent Galenus from taking away from them the power of order.

Because even if the Moon God and others shot him to help stabilize the shadow of the country, he still needs a lot of order to fight the aftermath of the explosion.

In addition to being drawn from the followers of the secondary plane, he has no way!

One by one, the secondary planes fell into a dark age of terror.

All believers were drawn into a dead body!

The more faithful the people are, the more they die.

Only a small number of non-believers looked at it in a terrible manner. This was a great terror to them.

The god that is above us is actually harvesting the lives of believers.

This speaks out. Who will believe? !


Among the heavens, the shadow kingdom gradually became stable.

The gods also made a sweat.

The aftermath of the explosion has completely passed, and the shadow kingdom has also stabilized.

Grenos is caught in an unprecedented weakness. The origin of his god is almost squandered!

Some gods reveal a hint of greed.

It is now the weakest time for Glenoños, if it can win…

However, at this time, it seemed inconvenient. Several powerful existences existed. They helped Glenoño to stabilize the kingdom of God and did not devour his original God. Obviously, it will not allow other people to do so.

In the shadow of the country, Grenos sharp eyes.

“It’s all dead…”

“All dead…”

Under his seat. There is only one half-blank angel left. She was climbing hard, near Grenos.

“God…” she whispered.

Glanos was blank and his hand covered her.

Blazing Angels reveal a pleasant surprise.

However, this is her last expression in this world. In the next second, she is transformed into glory and integrated into the body of Glenos.


In the moment when the world was almost shattered, he saw the culprit.

Even if he passed the disguise, he was captured by Glenos.

“He still did not die, but also captured my God’s country coordinates…”

He was shocked in his heart.

He really wanted to storm Fernan and put that bastard in the know!

However, at this time, he felt the eyes of the gods.

Some indifference, some compassion, some … with a hint of greed.

His heart suddenly cooled by half.

Want to remind the gods, eventually swallowed.

His eyes flashed for a moment. Suddenly, the entire shadow kingdom continued to collapse!

The gods were all surprised. Can we not stop this kind of collapse by so many gods?

In Fannie’s eyes, a strange color flashed: “He is self-styled in the kingdom of God.”

“Smart choice.” Another voice said, “I’m not hiding this time. Are we waiting to be eaten?”

In the next second, the shadow kingdom disappeared completely and turned into a singularity, rushing to the periphery of heaven.

Grenos, chose self exile and seal!

Only when the savings are full of strength can he regain his wake!


On the land of Finan, the sky is cracked and strange scenes flash through.

Some people saw the collapse of the kingdom of God, but they did not know what it was.

In the Black Coral Islands, a black woman flickers as if she has seen everything.

“Marvin…It was a small look at you.”

She whispered to herself.

In the next second, her eyes looked at the beautiful woman who was self-proclaimed in the ice crystals, showing a sneer.

… (to be continued)

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