Dark Knight Ranger Volume I Lost Territory Noble Chapter 67 Resurrection [Fourth more! 】

Dark Knight’s Newest Chapter, Volume I Lost Territory of the Nobles Chapter 67 Resurrection [Fourth! ], Gone with the Wind

The body of the Dark Dragon God’s electorate lay quietly on the ground, and the faint glow shone unfaithfully.

This is the sign of the “sacrifice” launched by Divination.

However, before the effects of divine technique were achieved, the younger leaves attacked again, and Troroin’s body was directly brewed into meat sauce!

Ma Wen found out that in fact, the hidden property of pole expertise is very suitable for broken bodies…

Two Taikoo Dragons completely choked.

They were shocked by Ma Wenqiang’s determination, and the death of Dark Dragon God’s voters also made the reasons for their fights paralyzed.

They looked at each other and even showed a hint of retreat.

Five dragons, only two Pacific Black Dragons are left now!

If they have lost sight, I am afraid that the Black Dragon will disappear from the mainland in Feinan.

They stared at the man in front of them angrily.

The other person has a ridiculous class of escape skills, there is no dragon killing gun, perhaps he can no longer kill dragons, but there are ways to escape.

What’s more, at this time Jessica has come over and stands side by side with Marvin.

The radiance of the Apotheosis Warlock illuminates the entire Rocky Mountain.

She took a deep breath and prepared herself desperately.

The breath of the Six Apocalypse’s power continues to rise. If she reaches the peak, she can even tear the Black Dragon!

It was like she had done in past lives.

The eyes of the two dragons flashed a glimpse of fear.


Ma Wen took advantage of this opportunity to remove destiny shards from the storage facility!

To know. Trorin, like Tess, possesses the deity of the Dark Dragon God.

Marvin’s virtual deity was full and he could not store more. The hell dog is not around and cannot be wasted.

The Destiny Slate has always been the key to becoming a god. Absorbing divinity is an instinct.

In a flash, the divine nature that is about to drift to the heavenly kingdom is absorbed by the destiny stone.

A majestic vitality broke out from the stone slab.

Everyone was attracted by this strange sight, including two Taikoo Black Dragons.

Their knowledge is so vast that they can recognize at a glance that this is a desolate piece of spiritual loss.

It’s just scaring them. Destiny slate’s breath is recovering!

Their eyes flashed with a hint of greed.

If you can get a piece of destiny shards, mortals can also seal God!

Tertiary gods. It’s all done.

Only the development of things is a bit beyond their expectations.

After divinity falls into the slate, the part of the twin flowers on the slate representing the order is completely dry!

Marvin was shocked.

Divinity is just a primer that activates the speed at which destiny slate fragments absorb order.

Kate exclaimed on the wall. She felt the stupid atmosphere.

Only she must guard the city, so she cannot leave but can only look at it remotely.

In Marvin’s hands, the destiny shards began to melt and became a circle of light.

Not long after, a cute creature flew out of it.

She yawned: “Oh, I didn’t expect to sleep for so long.”

Immediately after she saw two black dragons, she could not help watching Marvin diagonally. She was furious:

“How can you be so useless? I have given you five points fortunate. Didn’t you even get rid of the mother dragon? And what happened to the black dragon next to her?”

Marvin was dumbfounded.

After the resuscitation, he was apparently unaware of the change in circumstances and thought that Clarke had not yet been killed by himself…

Jessica is very happy. However, it still does not change its strong character.

She grabbed the stupid one and slammed two tender faces: “Are you really resurrected?”

“It’s not bad. It feels right. These black dragons were recently committed. The previous one had been torn by him.”

She said lightly.

Seeing the emergence of lucky elves, how many people secretly jealous!

I have long heard that there is a mysterious lucky elf in the City of Hope, but it has never been seen.

In the beginning, Robin shreded Black Dragon. It is the help of the lucky elves.

Now she finally appears.

The most fearful are the two Taikoo Black Dragons!

They know that the lucky elves are terrible if Jessica gets the help of the lucky elves. I am afraid that will threaten their lives.

Two Taikoo Dragons retreated.

They fly high and soar in the sky.

However, they are not willing to withdraw and seem to be ready to do something.

The people who watched the game in the surrounding area changed their colors and started looking for cover. What if the two dragons spread their gas on them?

Jessica stared coldly at the black dragons soaring in the sky and stared at their every move.


In this short time, he also learned from Lori that he was “dead” and was resurrected.

She looked at Marvin unhappily. “I did not expect that you actually saved me.”

“I really don’t like you…”

“Forget it, anyway, you saved my life and gave you a little something.”

Immediately her little hand slightly waved, a bit of splendor sprinkled on Marvin’s finger!

Marvin’s heart moved slightly, and his goal was actually the ring of prayer.

“This is a fixed luck technique that can reduce the probability of bad things in Turin’s Pray for the most probability in three times.”

Stupid Ding explained.

Marvin was happy. To be honest, since he received the ring of prayer, only once Turin’s prayers were used, the result summoned the storm giant…

On the day after Turin, he would not dare to use it, fearing that he would send out a demon leader and destroy him.

No way, the fey’s wishing technique is too tricky, too random, there is no super expert in the side, he dared not try.

Phoebe’s lucky technique solved this trouble. On the next day of Turin, he could try his luck.

Hope to make something good!


The little guy waved his fist at Marvin: “Oh, we haven’t owed each other since then.”

Immediately after she froze, she disappeared into her place and reached the wall.

Kate and Lori are all crying.

In particular, Kate and Ewitt were her pets. During her “death” period, Kate’s strength was actually seriously affected.

Now that she has returned completely, the power of chaos will surely rise to a higher level!

The people seem to have seen that the rise of a powerful country!

This is the will of heaven, and the plane of will!



“The two Black Dragons still don’t give up.”

Jessica looked up and revealed a fierce color: “Then I’ll kill it!”

She just wanted the power of apocalypse. Who knows that at this time, a huge figure flew from afar!

The behemoth’s size is comparable to the ancient Black Dragon. The wings are open and the speed is amazing!

Everyone looked at the huge shadow in horror!

It is a dragon!

The people watching the game shook their heads and it was more and more lively.

I am afraid that there are many people present. The number of dragons we see today is greater than the rest of my life.

The people of Hope City are dignified.

If this dragon is also for dragons, it will be a big problem.

Everyone saw that after the mechanical Titan locked the last black dragon, it was already a tough end.

Otherwise, Robin adults will not leave this monster.

And if the two Taikoo Black Dragons have helpers, everything will be unsuccessful.

The crowd held their breath and watched the huge figure tightly.

Only Marvin’s heart moved, he vaguely had a familiar feeling.

Soon, the giant was quickly approaching the sky.

Surprisingly, the two Taikoo Black Dragons did not even return and opened their wings and flew away!

The new dragon, on the other hand, has reduced its speed, carried clouds in the sky, and in the eyes of the people, it has landed slowly on the land of chaos.

“Tragic war…”

The big thing in the clouds whispered: “I smelled the black dragon’s dirty atmosphere.”

In an instant, the clouds dispersed.

A huge copper dragon appeared before everyone.

The crowd was shocked.

It turned out to be a metal dragon.

The metal dragon and the five-colored dragon are dead, and the copper dragon scale is perfect. I am afraid that it is very old.


Marvin shouted his name!

He did not expect that in this place, he would actually encounter Professor Chi Chuanlong who had had an intersection before!

This guy’s strength is comparable to the ancient Red Dragon Earl, the two old Pacific Black Dragons together, not necessarily the opponent of the professor!

No wonder they will escape so fast.


The bronze dragon dangled his head slightly and his eyes blinked. The wise eyes were clearly seen through Marvin’s disguise.

“It’s you?”

His tone with deep doubts is a bit surprising.

… (to be continued)

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