Above the Dragon Bone Evil Moon, the endless black air converges to get up, just the Dragon Bone Evil Moon almost out of control, Heavenly Wrath state, is an extremely dangerous state, very easy to run away.

“Why stop me so early?” Dragon Bone Evil Moon angered, at this time, it has not completely exited from Heavenly Wrath state.

“Leave some strength, what if you have a strong role?” Long Chen said.

In fact, Long Chen is full of shock, what kind of existence of Dragon Bone Evil Moon, sealed by Yun Shang Heavenly Emperor to get up, still have such terrifying power.

Looking into the distance, the number of squares of 10000 li has become a bloody sea, but when the body is cut, these monsters are completely destroyed by a hegemonic power, destroying the soul instantly.

These corpses are also remanating the evil aura, which looks so weird. The Dragon Bone Evil Moon has just used its power and is the most primitive evil power.

“Evil Moon, can you use the power of the source in the seal state?” Long Chen was shocked.

Dragon Bone Evil Moon seems to have noticed this, sinking a little: “It seems to be, haha, under Heavenly Wrath state, I can break through the seal, use some of the power of the source, I can’t think of Heavenly Wrath and this magical effect.

However, this part of the power is still too small, and the three thousand runes on my body are less than one tenth. ”

Dragon Bone Evil Moon has a hint of surprise in the sound, but after the surprise, with a touch of annoyance, it seems to taste the sweetness, but not addictive.

“Long Chen, I am going to Heavenly Wrath state again to see if I can open more power.” Dragon Bone Evil Moon is eager to try.

“Don’t, your Heavenly Wrath’s anger has already begun to invade my soul. The upper limit of my anger is low. If we can’t control it, we both have to explain it here.” Long Chen hurriedly shook his head.

Just now Dragon Bone Evil Moon can’t control himself. In Long Chen’s mind, a moment of vision reborn, that is the humiliation of Dragon Bone Evil Moon, and he resonated with him.

If he is also angry, the two of them will be completely out of control, and they must keep one person awake. In controlling anger, Long Chen is far worse than the Dragon Bone Evil Moon, and he can’t take risks.

“Well, wait until you get promoted to Heavenly Fusion.”

Perhaps it is true that Long Chen, Dragon Bone Evil Moon finally gave up, Long Chen’s ability to control anger is really bad, it does not dare to take risks.

“Weird, the Powerhouse is over there, why not?” Dragon Bone Evil Moon suddenly said.

“How to say?”

Long Chen offered Melting Moon Smelting Star Furnace, taking advantage of the surrounding monsters. They have not yet encircled the body. The body on the ground is collected to get up. It is necessary to know that there are more than a dozen demon kings, precious and precious.

“There are countless powerful auras in front of them. It is reasonable to say that they can’t know the situation here, but they don’t move, it’s very weird.” Dragon Bone Evil Moon.

The existence of that level must be the leading Powerhouse in the Wicked Beasts. Even if they don’t feel it, they can receive the news, but they don’t move, it makes people feel strange.

“Go, look at the past.” Long Chen said.

Originally Long Chen reserved a safe distance so that if those Powerhouse came over, Long Chen still had time to escape.

But those Powerhouses, who stayed there for a long time, were a bit strange. Long Chen ignored the surrounding monsters and rushed to the Dragon Bone Evil Moon, killing a bloody road and heading straight ahead.

I don’t know what the monsters are all about. They don’t seem to be afraid of the died. The heavier the blood between Heaven and Earth, the more they rush to death.

The Dragon Bone Evil Moon unleashes the sensor and discovers that more and more demon kings are coming from Long Chen in all directions.

But for the demon king, Long Chen has not cared, these demon kings are strong, as long as he wants to go, he can’t stop him.


A demon king blocked the road and was flying by Long Chen one blade, but the Dragon Bone Evil Moon was not in the Heavenly Wrath state, only scratching it, but not one blade.

Long Chen had to make up one blade, so he could kill it, but Long Chen didn’t have time to entangle with it, flying all the way.


As a result, more and more monsters are in front, and a monster beast has gradually formed, which masks the sky and the front line of sight is blocked.

“Someone is monitoring us, it’s God Race.” Dragon Bone Evil Moon suddenly said.

Long Chen nodded, it must be the God Race, or the Divine Artifact was moved to the Ancient Battlefield, or the power was used to strengthen the scope of the peep.

“It’s really a ghost, it’s annoying.”

Long Chen snorted and continued to fly forward. Suddenly, the space between Heaven and Earth fluctuated and the sound of the piano rushed into his ear.

Long Chen one blade slammed forward, the blood of the sky, the endless monsters were killed, the void tore a big hole, Long Chen looked at the front of the scene.

Between Heaven and Earth, there is a transparent seal that divides the entire battlefield into two halves. On top of the seal is a red “Emperor” word, a sacred and noble bloodline, covering Nine Heavens. Repression of Heaven and Earth.

“Sure enough, it is a blood seal of the emperor.” Seeing that Emperor’s Seal, Long Chen not only jumped in his heart, he guessed it.

“Looking in the past”

Long Chen rushed all the way, suddenly the sky was still, the monsters of the sky were gone, and the tsunami-like snoring completely disappeared.

He stood on the void, and the sound of the piano came from behind. Long Chen turned his head and saw that there was a purple woman who was watching him quietly.

The woman in purple, sitting on the void, crossed a Zither in front of her knees. She had long hair falling down, her eyebrows, her long dress fluttering, her black hair floating, like a fairy from the Nine Heavens.

She has a fascinating style and a thousand manners, but her beauty is accompanied by a trace of indifference, especially her eyes, which are invisibly cold and chilling.

The aura of the body is noble and holy, and the spirit is peaceful and adoring, but the coldness in the eyes is not so commensurate with her noble temperament.

“You…you are…” Long Chen looked at the woman, her eyes were full of horror. He not only recognized the woman, but also recognized the Zither, Seven Strings Subduing Sea Zither, in front of her knees. It is the Southern Sea Zither, one of the top five Divine Artifacts.

If it was only Southern Sea Zither, Long Chen was not so shocked because he knew the woman. He had seen her portrait. It was in the corridor of the drunken building when the first meeting between Eastern Wasteland and Zi Yan was met. A portrait attracted Long Chen, and Long Chen was very impressed with the portrait.

The original portrait, but it was a very simple line, it was not as beautiful as this woman in front of her, but in the eyes of the two, the heartbreaking killing intent fluctuated almost exactly the same.

The woman looked at Long Chen, and the eye was also amazed. It seemed that Long Chen’s arrival made her also demeanour surprised, but her eyes seemed to be with a touch of appreciation.

“I don’t know if you should call Heavenly Emperor or the ninth god?” Long Chen shook his fist.

Long Chen asked Zi Yan why he was the Devil Star she hit, and the reason was from the portrait.

According to Zi Yan, the ninth generation of the goddess of heaven, the life is bizarre, born with Divergent voice, specializing in killing.

A lifetime of battle, sacred gods and demon, the hands of the bones like a mountain, killing intent thick enough to make the sky sobbing, shuddering.

The ninth-generation god ambassador is the only one in the ancient books of Immortal Music Palace. The only power to kill the Righteous Path, Long Chen has resonated with her, only to prove that Long Chen’s desire to kill is extremely strong.

The woman suddenly turned a beautiful curvature and slowly stood up and walked to Long Chen, watching Long Chen:

“I can’t think of the people I waited for, just like me, possess is so murderous, it is really demeanour.

My name is Han Wei, and my previous name was Han Wei, and it was also the Nine Heavens in your mouth.

My later generation, also called Han Wei, but I am no longer Rakshasa, Sky Martial Continent has given me the mission, people call me Heavenly Emperor, think it is really demeanour surprised, I can actually prove the emperor. ”

The woman’s voice, pleasing to the ear, is like the whistle of the Nine Heavens goddess, straight into the soul of the soul, it is an irresistible force, no one can be in front of her.

“The younger generation has seen Heavenly Emperor Han Wei.” Long Chen hurriedly saluted.

He absolutely did not expect that the Heavenly Emperor was the fourth generation Heavenly Emperor that had never been heard before. It was also the most mysterious Heavenly Emperor. Long Chen did not expect to be a female emperor.

The first generation, Second Generation, three generations and five generations of Heavenly Emperor, although there are very few legends left, but at least the older generation of Powerhouse, can remember their names.

The fourth generation of Heavenly Emperor is the most mysterious. Not only does the name don’t know, but even men and women don’t know. Long Chen can’t believe it if he doesn’t see it.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei smiled slightly, she was possess peerless, this laugh can dump all beings, but I don’t know why, her beautiful smile can’t conceal the thick killing intent in her eye.

“You can call my sister, Heavenly Emperor, which is called insufficient.” Heavenly Emperor Han Wei walked slowly and walked to Long Chen, only a few feet away from Long Chen. Long Chen could even smell her. delicate fragrance.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei is a tall, tall man, almost the same as Long Chen. Usually there are very few women who have this height, but the proportion of the body complete perfection gives a sense of inviolability.

The beautiful eye of Heavenly Emperor Han Wei has been staring at Long Chen’s eyes. At such a close distance, Long Chen not only demeanour, but I don’t know why, staring at Heavenly Emperor Han Wei, Long Chen’s face is a bit hot. .


Suddenly Heavenly Emperor Han Wei burst into a smirk, his voice was like a drop of jade, and even the laughter was comparable to the beautiful music, which was fascinating.

“Little brother, how interesting are you, actually you will be shy? I am a man, it seems that you are the first man who is shy in front of me.” Heavenly Emperor Han Wei laughed and trembled, but not noble.

Long Chen suddenly screamed: “Heavenly Emperor Han Wei, you are the best, the younger brother is dumped by your charm, this is normal.”

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei shook his head and said: “I’m not normal. In these two worlds, you are the first, mom/, I doubt if I am a woman.”


Long Chen chin almost fell to the ground, petrochemical? Heavenly Emperor is actually rough? This… Is this a fake?

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