“Little brother, you are great, my sister likes you very much.” Heavenly Emperor Han Wei Looking at Long Chen, the eyes are full of joy.


Long Chen took a sip of pain and the sweat behind him came down. Is this really Heavenly Emperor?

“I was entrusted by Mo Li Heavenly Emperor, and I took over the task. The final mission was completed. I waited for the arrived Ziyang, Ziyang. This kid is soft and weak, I don’t like it.

But no way, he is the Son of Heaven’s Mandate, I can only give him the burden.

He he, I can’t think of the end, I can meet you, it’s great, we are all the way, although you kill less people than me, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you continue to work hard, rely on your qualifications and potential, and you catch up A good era will definitely surpass me in the future. Heavenly Emperor Han Wei suddenly he he, his face with a touch of excitement, like a girl.

“Why don’t you talk?” Heavenly Emperor Han Wei talked to himself for a long time and found that Long Chen didn’t say a word and couldn’t help but ask.

Can I say you? Long Chen’s face is arrogant. The style of this Heavenly Emperor Han Wei is completely different from the other four. There is no trace of peace and stability. Long Chen has no preparations and some are at a loss.

“Sister, I am very happy to see you. Now five Heavenly Emperor, I have seen it all, um, some excitement, I don’t know what to say.” Long Chen can only bite the scalp.

“They are four, don’t mention it. Their style is different from ours. They all wear white clothed, and I wear purple clothes, he he, you are even more powerful, actually wearing black.

Men should wear black clothes, so that they look mysterious and handsome. Those who are uncomfortable are killing and killing.

What does not teach, do nothing, rule what is good for all beings, and love the world, are nonsense.

It’s all foolish, the bad guys should kill and kill, what can’t be taught, who has so much time to teach them?

When teaching bad people, these bad guys are constantly hurting those good people. Who are the good guys who provoke? Who is there to protect them? The good for the bad guys is the cruelty to good people.

Good people are safe and self-sufficient, but they are not valued and paid attention to. But the bad guys have to bother to teach them? Who is still a good person?

Since everyone is not good at people, the world will be completely chaotic. Where can there be anything to teach and do nothing? Heavenly Emperor should not be produced anymore, simply let the world be self-defeating.

Why are you desperately cultivation? When you are weak, you are bullied by the bad guys. When you are strong, you have to teach them.

Cut, who has that effort? My responsibility is to protect good people. If the bad guys are seen by me, they must kill them. As for those who are not bad, stand in the camp of good people, I will protect you, stand in the enemy camp, wave your hand, and never show mercy. Later, Heavenly Emperor Han Wei’s face gradually became serious, her eyes flashed coldly, invisible murderous, and the whole world began to distort.

Long Chen stood in front of her and felt the murderousness on her body. Long Chen felt the skin chilly, the soul stinging, and the body could not help but tremble.

But I don’t know why, listening to Heavenly Emperor Han Wei, Long Chen is more excited, and the blood in his body is rushing around.

“Sister, you are right.” Long Chen was excited.

The idea of ​​Heavenly Emperor Han Wei is exactly the same as that of him. Long Chen feels finally looking for an arrived.

Although he also admired Yun Shang, Qing Xu, Mo Li, and Ziyang Heavenly Emperor, he loves sentient beings, but Long Chen’s heart is not recognized.

And Heavenly Emperor Han Wei’s words made Long Chen happy, Long Chen swayed Sky Martial Continent for so many years, the first time someone had the same idea, and this person turned out to be Heavenly Emperor.

“he he, say, we are a class of people, but unfortunately, I am already dead, otherwise I will marry you.” Heavenly Emperor Han Wei he he smiled and claped.

This turn was too fast, Long Chen was awkward, but after a while, it was a sadness.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei An era, no, she lived two times, is a two-dimensional period, but not even a friend, so lonely two, Heavenly Emperor Han Wei is also a poor person.

“Sister, have you not reincarnate once? Why can you not reincarnate once?” Long Chen looked at Heavenly Emperor Han Wei.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei smiled, like a dark clouds bloom, glamorous, some ridiculously: “What? You are serious? Really want to marry me?”

Long Chen was another embarrassment, but Heavenly Emperor Han Wei stretched out his hand and arranged clothes for Long Chen. His body was covered with blood. As her jade hand moved, the blood was stripped and the robes became spotless.

“When you grow up, you understand. Sometimes, when responsibility comes, we must abandon some stuff. These stuffs include life, sometimes abandoned, in exchange for more important stuff.

The road to life is long, lonely or lonely, but we know that we are going to live what we want and never bow to fate. “Heavenly Emperor Han Wei’s pretty face, a gentle color, like a sister, is licking his brother who is about to travel.”

“he he, I am really happy to meet you, but unfortunately I can’t help you, but I know that your brother is strong, you are invincible, you must be stronger than the five of us.

This world is yours, you are the master of this world, we can’t crack the stage of the died, only you can break open.

Our five-generation relay is to wait for your appearance. Now the cause and effect of the five people, you are all in touch, open your way to Powerhouse. Heavenly Emperor Han Wei touched Long Chen’s cheek with both hands, and the eyes were full of expectations.


Long Chen, the five generations of Heavenly Emperor relay, is the last baton, just handed it to him? In the heart of Long Chen, there is a panic, and this burden is too heavy.

“The owner of this generation of Southern Sea Zither, you have to treat her well, she is a continuation of her sister’s life, and she must trust her unswervingly.”

After talking, Heavenly Emperor Han Wei held Long Chen’s cheek and kissed Long Chen’s forehead.


Everything disappeared, Long Chen found himself still rushing, and the endless monsters between Heaven and Earth were roaring.

Everything that happened before was like an illusion in the blink of an eye. Emperor’s Seal is still stirring. There is a melody between Heaven and Earth. It seems that nothing has happened.

But at this time, Long Chen looked at the blood of the emperor, but he had a more intimate feeling. He knew that it was not an illusion.

On the other end of Emperor’s Seal, Long Chen looks at the countless terrifying monsters, and even through the Emperor’s Seal, Long Chen still feels their terrifying aura.

These are the Rank 13 monsters, and some of the monsters aura are vast and tremulous, that is the existence that Long Chen can’t match.

Although Long Chen also killed a lot of Rank 13 monsters along the way, although the same as the Rank 13 monster, but the aura is far away.

Long Chen suddenly understood that the monster of Rank 13, only weak, can pass the Emperor’s Seal, but the powerful one is rejected by Emperor’s Seal and dare not come over.

“Sister, my Long Chen will not live up to your expectations.” Long Chen looked at Emperor’s Seal, which was condensed by the blood of Heavenly Emperor Han Wei, and Long Chen swears in his heart.

The five big Di Long dusts have all been touched, but the only one that can leave an indelible impression in the depths of his soul is Heavenly Emperor Han Wei.

She is a unique presence among the five Heavenly Emperors. Her thoughts are exactly the same as Long Chen, and she is the first confidant in her life.

But such a confidant, who has died tens of thousands of years ago, is filled with sadness and full of fighting spirit. He wants to inherit the legacy of Heavenly Emperor Han Wei.

Long Chen still had some confusion, because he couldn’t imitate the other four Heavenly Emperor, but see arrived Heavenly Emperor Han Wei, Long Chen seems to see the road at once, never lost, Heavenly Emperor Han Wei His guiding light.


The endless monsters rushed to Long Chen, including the Devil King Powerhouse, and the Sea Demon Super Grade Powerhouse, who looked at Long Chen coldly across the Emperor’s Seal.

“Evil Moon, let’s work together to get rid of the demon king-level Powerhouse and get some nutritious meals for Ah Man.” Long Chen said.

“I am just fine, you are responsible for me, now God Race is monitoring you, you are not easy to expose the cards.

In addition, you are affected by the murderousness of Heavenly Emperor Han Wei. At this time, the killing intent in the soul is not eliminated, and you pay attention to control. “Dragon Bone Evil Moon reminded.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei About her record, there is almost no Sky Martial Continent, only about her ninth ambassador of the past, to kill the deeds.

However, the deeds are also secret, and only the people of 缈Immortal Music Palace know that outsiders are not clear.

Heavenly Emperor Han Wei is too murderous. She doesn’t know how many creatures she killed. She unintentionally released the murderousness. Even Long Chen can’t resist it. If Heavenly Emperor Han Wei wants to deal with Long Chen, it will release the murderous. Can kill Long Chen, this is the terrifying of Heavenly Emperor Han Wei.


Suddenly, Dragon Bone Evil Moon appeared in the runes, black and white, Long Ring behind the God Ring trembled, the six-star battle was also summon out.


Long Chen one blade smashed out, a demon king was suddenly smashed into two pieces, blood rain and internal organs, throwing in the void, the knife is not fading, and the monsters behind the demon king are killed.

Long Chen’s footsteps, Dragon Bone Evil Moon flying, sharp blade wind, blocker, powerful demon king, can not stop the Dragon Bone Evil Moon cut, one blade down, immediately a demon king was killed.

Just before Long Chen’s Emperor’s Seal, when he killed the demon king, he gathered a group of people in a mysterious hall in God Race. These are the tops of God Race, and they are looking at the big trip with a shock.

On top of that giant trip, it was revealed that Long Chen kept killing the demon king, just like cutting a melon and cutting vegetables.

“How did Long Chen become terrifying?” Someone screamed, but the demon king, although unable to match Emperor’s Seedling, is also at that level, even if Emperor’s Seedling wants to kill it, it will cost a bit. Hands and feet.

However, Long Chen faced a group of demon kings, slashing his hands, killing the demon king one by one, and Long Chen specially selected the demon king to start, the ordinary monster, he was too lazy to start.

“The weapon in his hand is weird, too sharp, and even the body armour of the demon king can be ignored. What is the origin of this knife? How is it terrifying?” Heavenly Punishment Angel frowned.

“Aotian, Feng Fei, clean, good, you take action together, lead the discipline, cut off the demon from the Emperor’s Seal, take the opportunity to empty all the monsters on the battlefield, shock the monster family, pay attention, This time you are icing on the cake, don’t expose yourself to too many cards.” Holy Lord said.


The figures of Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, Feng Fei, and Jiang Wuchen four Powerhouse disappeared together.

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