“God Race is coming.” Dragon Bone Evil Moon suddenly said.

“In the Heavenly Wrath state, even if you can still take care of the battlefield, how did you do it?” Long Chen was taken aback.

“Do you think I am like you? This is the second time I have entered the Heavenly Wrath state, and naturally I will have some resistance.” Dragon Bone Evil Moon.

In fact, Dragon Bone Evil Moon didn’t tell Long Chen that it was because of the Dark Black Evil Dragon family, which had its own unique cultivation method.

This Heavenly Wrath state is somewhat similar to one of the dragon’s supernatural powers. For the first time, it deliberately ran away, on the one hand to test Long Chen’s reaction, and to test the strength of the Heavenly Wrath state.

With the first runaway, the second control to get up became simpler, and gradually adapted to that anger, it was easier to control.

However, there are advantages and disadvantages. Because of reason, if you want to enter the Heavenly Wrath state in the future, it will be harder than once.

And Long Chen can’t control his anger. The downside is that it is easy to get out of control. The advantage is that there is no limit to the number of times, when do you want to turn on Heavenly Wrath state?

“They are here to sell them. On the surface, they are coming to help me. They are actually picking peaches, or they are going to give me a horse. Let’s go, don’t bother to watch them perform.”

Long Chen snorted, no longer wasting time here, taking the body on the ground to get up, and immediately left the depths.

Because the Dragon Bone Evil Moon turned on the Heavenly Wrath state, the demon king-level Powerhouse was smashed in a row, and the monster family finally couldn’t help it, ordering the demon king-level Powerhouse and fleeing back to Emperor’s Seal.

The Emperor’s Seal allows the Frank 12’s demon king and the Rank 13 weak monster to enter and exit, but blocks the Rank 13’s terrifying monster.

They see Long Chen, the number of demon kings is drastically reduced, but Long Chen can’t use them, they use the ordinary monsters to consume Long Chen’s physical strength. This is to try to kill Long Chen when the oil is dry. hit.

Long Chen didn’t dare to rush into Emperor’s Seal, and the ordinary monsters around him were killed, just wasting time and effort, meaning nothing.

Long Chen has just left, Feng Fei, Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen, who led millions of disciplines, encircling the sides of Emperor’s Seal, cutting off the retreat of those monsters.

But when they arrived, Long Chen had left, leaving only a trace of blood on the ground.

“This scoundrel, I wanted to compete with him, and he escaped.” Ye Liangchen gnashed his teeth, even if he could not fight with Long Chen, but at least he could compete for the ability to kill the monster.

It is a pity that Long Chen has already left, and he will not give them the opportunity to perform. He is angry with Ye Liangchen.

Four Heavenly Emperor’s Seedling-class Powerhouses appeared at the same time. Those demon kings who returned to Emperor’s Seal were even more afraid to come out. They could only watch the monsters being isolated, being killed a little bit, but not going out to rescue. .

Feng Fei, Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen took action at the same time. The wave of the sky broke, the flesh and blood flew, the monsters fell down in pieces, and the monsters were shocked. They first saw God Race so powerful. The side was completely shaken.

Long Chen didn’t bother to see their performances, all the way, on the way back, just happened to be Arrived and still killing Huo Ling’er and the eighth day legion.

When seeing Long Chen coming back safely, Shen Chenfeng and others finally breathed a sigh of relief. When Long Chen came back, he evacuated the battlefield with the crowd, because more and more God Race Powerhouses poured into battlefield to start a full-scale cofferdam. Long Chen I don’t want to fight these small fish and shrimps with them.

“Come on, divide, the corpse belongs to me, the inner core nucleus belongs to you.” After returning to the position, Long Chen said directly.

“Long Chen, this is not good, this time…” Shen Chenfeng suddenly hesitated. If it is normal, he will accept it. He is not a mother-in-law.

But this time, it was too terrifying, everyone’s space ring was full, and the space ring was originally used to avoid suspicion.

Because of the income space ring, it is convenient to hand over, there is no private swallowing phenomenon, so although everyone has a star space, but when cleaning the battlefield, you must use the space ring, this is the rule, but also avoid the suspicion of Gua Tian Li, because the stuff income The space fluctuations of the space ring and the income star space are completely different and very obvious.

But this time the battlefield is too big, Huo Ling’er kills too many monsters, the space ring is used insufficient, and finally there is no way, only let everyone use the star space to collect the body.

However, using the space to collect the body, it is not clear, because each person receives too much, there is no count, can not be viewed, if forcibly view other people’s star space, it is a great humiliation, is the cultivation Taboo.

In this way, when the people hand over, it depends on the individual’s consciousness. In this case, Shen Chenfeng felt that he couldn’t help Long Chen. Now Long Chen said that he only needs the most valuable body. I feel unacceptable, you know, the most valuable crystal nucleus and inner core, but piled up like mountains, that is the wealth they could not imagine for a lifetime.

“Don’t be ink, it’s the younger brother. It’s useful for me.” Long Chen is impatient.

Shen Chenfeng was helpless, and he gave a look to several deputy commanders. The deputy commanders suddenly took the plunge and told them to go. Soon these Heavenly Dragon Legions started to get up, dumping the body on the spot, and separating the inner core and the corpse in the face of Long Chen.

Long Chen smiled a little, and Shen Chenfeng was really stable enough to let him see how much the nucleus and inner core were, and then make a decision.

I have to say that Huo Ling’er is too capable, and the monsters that are killed are simply not counted.

The soldiers of the Tianlong legion are really dripping, and the battlefield is really clean. It’s really hard to come over. Even those burnt broken limbs have been taken back, and even the meat pieces of the square have been collected.

The body of the body is too much, Long Chen piled up to get up, thrown into the black soil of Chaos Space, quickly decomposed, turned into endless life, nourished the Sky Quilin Demon Tree, so that it began to grow again.

Finally, the decomposition speed of black soil could not keep up with the speed of Long Chen. The bodies of those monsters were too big, and they were hundreds of miles in size, especially after they collapsed.

I have been busy for several hours, and on the black land of Long Chen, there is a corpse of dozens of 10000 li.

Sky Quilin Demon Tree is growing wildly, but it will take some time for the black soil to break down these bodies.

The body was received by Long Chen to get up, Shen Chenfeng counted the inner core of the crystal core, and collected more than 3 billion pieces. They have never seen so many crystal nuclei and inner cores. You know, most of them here. It is the inner core of the Rank 12 monster, and the Rock 13 is also available. It can be Treasures that can exchange huge points.

“The forks are refined. As for the rest, how do you distribute them? That is your business. I have left beforehand.” After that, Long Chen did not give Shen Chenfeng a chance to speak. The figure had already left.

Shen Chenfeng and others looked at the mountain of crystal nuclei and the inner core, and a deputy leader sighed:

“We owe too much to Long Chen, I am afraid that this life will not be finished.”

The eighth day of the dragon legion, originally the Tianlong legion, the most low-grade legion, because of the long Chen, and thus the fate has changed.

In the eight Tianlong legion, the overall combat power is easy to enter the top three, because the ranking has not yet begun, and even they feel that there is hope for the first.

Now, Long Chen has sent them a sumptuous wealth that has made countless people jealous. How can this hand not be admired?


Suddenly, Shen Chenfeng’s face changed. He reached the end core and received the get core. He just received to get up, and Feng Fei, Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen led the army.

“What did you just collect to get up? Why are you sneaky?” Jiang Wuchen shouted coldly.

Jiang Wuchen and others formed a situation of enthusiasm, in order to completely shock the monster family, four Heavenly Emperor’s Seedling take action together, like crazy rolling leaves, leading the army, sweeping the entire battlefield.

When I checked if there was any fish missing from the net, I looked at the eighth day of the legend, and then flew over, but I just saw Shen Chenfeng accepting the stuff to get up.

Jiang Wuchen was suddenly upset, and felt like Shen Chenfeng had something stump carrying them, and he spoke.

“Starting the Clean Master, we just counted the spoils, it is just you just arrived, the speed is too fast, and the subordinates do not mean to guard against several Masters.” Shen Chenfeng responded.

“Loots? You still have spoils?” Jiang Wuchen looked at Shen Chenfeng suspiciously, cold and sullen, condescending, like interrogating prisoners.

Shen Chenfeng’s face changed, Jiang Wuchen was unhappy with the eighth day of the dragon legion, not only Jiang Wuchen, but even Ye Liangchen was very upset about them, the reason was that at the Star God Domain, the eighth day of the dragon legion defies the order.

Shen Chenfeng took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart, trying to calm himself down:

“We are not qualified for possessive loot, but Long Chen came to support us. He killed some monsters, some of his rare stuff, and gave it to us.”

Ye Liangchen, who was on the side, immediately replied: “That’s not a spoil, it’s alms, we’re God Race, when do you need to beg, you just lost the face of God Race…”

Shen Chenfeng and others were angry at once. The two men were too much. Shen Chenfeng wanted to abuse him: You have the ability to find Long Chen, what are we to seduce? But in the end, he still resisted, after all, he is the God Race.

“This is a different story. Now we have God Race and Long Chen cooperation. Since it is cooperation, it is risk sharing, benefit sharing, good brother, you have some words.”

Shen Tong led, there is nothing for you here, you go back first, this time you have worked hard, this riot came too suddenly, killing us a surprise, after returning, I will arrange to give you supplies. Long Aotian opened the way for Shen Chenfeng, after all, the eighth day of the dragon legion belongs to his Long family.

Shen Chenfeng hurriedly greeted Long Aotian, who left the warrior with the dragon legion, and Feng Fei, Long Aotian, Ye Liangchen, and Jiang Wuchen also left with the army.

Long Chen returned to God Race and returned to Sky Martial Continent without any stop. When entering Sky Martial Continent, Long Chen clearly felt that the aura of Sky Martial Continent was getting darker and darker, and the aura of the alien world invaded more and more. Gradually began to assimilate Sky Martial Continent.

Long Chen first went back to the Wine God Palace and told High Priest the result of negotiations with God Race. High Priest just nodded with a smile and suddenly said:

“Don’t you talk about the Primordial Demon Race?”

“This…” Long Chen was speechless and looked at High Priest with a look of shock.

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