“No matter how strong you are, in front of my Long Aotian, you are insufficient to see that some people have been doomed since they were born.”

Long Aotian screamed in the sky, he saw the terrifying state of Long Chen at this time, but still arrogant.

The vision behind Long Aotian trembles, Nine Dragon gathers into three strands, and the spirit of the whole body condenses into a rope. His aura is integrated into one, and he is in harmony with Heaven and Earth.


In the face of Long Chen’s one blade, Long Aotian does not evade, the dragon pattern spear, the fairy light blooms, collapses half of the void, one blade collides with each other, and the fairy light and the black air interweave, sweeping through the ages.


Two Divine Weapons collided, two peerless Supreme talents fluttered, the power of violent, and the will of Heaven and Earth trembled, and it seemed that even the laws of the world were afraid of their power.


In the void, one after another, the ripples, the two people continue to spread out, Heaven and Earth are squeezed, people feel that the body and soul are distorted, uncomfortable.

This is the power of a pinnacle that seems to be unrestricted by space and rules, making people feel fearful.

“God, too terrifying, if this ripple is directly hit, it will instantly turn into fly ash.” Someone screamed.

They are far from the core of the robbery, so far away, they are still uncomfortable by the ripples of the ripples. If they are in the core area, I am afraid that they will soon be wiped out.

Such terrifying battles, others can’t get close, let alone fight with it, this is the gap.

Devil Luo Tianxing, Blood Fiend Demon Lord, Dragon Girl, Ye Ming, etc. also changed their faces. The strength of Long Aotian and Long Chen is simply terrible, even if they are, they are also horrified.

“Splitting Heaven’s God Sect’s Heavenly Wrath vision? Oh, a little bit, breaking open sky, blessing the wrath of the universe, it’s a bit whimsical.

You are just an ant-like existence. The power of Sky Martial Continent is just a sea of ​​oceans. For you, if you still want to extract the power of the universe, you are really not self-reliant. “The Nine Dragons Heaven Swallowing Diagram behind Long Aotian is flowing, and the Dragon Spear is against the Dragon Bone Evil Moon.

Long Aotian At this time, the vision flowed, Nine Dragon swarmed, and the power of Sky Martial Continent was swallowed by Nine Dragon and injected into Long Aotian’s body. At this time, he almost harnessed the power of the whole world.

But Long Chen’s Splitting Heavens vision, which collapsed the sky, not only ignited Heavenly Wrath, but also provoked the wrath of the universe, the power of the world beyond Sky Martial Continent, an unrelenting force.

However, Long Chen is in Sky Martial Continent. He wants to provoke the wrath of the universe. It is tantamount to idiots and dreams. Long Chen has a vision, but can only absorb a very small part, just like an ant standing on a leaf. Even the power of the leaves is absorbed, but the power of the whole tree is absorbed, so it will be ridiculed by Long Aotian.

“Idiot, you know a fart, anger breaks the vast sky, but the anger reaches a certain level, triggering a world resonance scene, with the borrowing power not to borrow, hairy relationship.” Bao Buping shouted.

Long Aotian uttered insults to Long Chen and insulted Splitting Heaven’s God Sect’s mystery, which immediately angered all of Splitting Heaven’s God Sect’s discipline.

“Ignorance of garbage, you will know for a while, how angry it is to break the sky.” Chang Hao is cold and cold, he looks at the vision of Long Chen’s head, his eyes full of expectations.

In the face of Long Aotian’s ridicule, Long Chen never said a word, his eyes were cold, his head was broken, and hundreds of millions of stars were shaking. At that moment, Long Chen felt the endless anger of the arrival.

That anger is not his own, it is the emotion of the whole world, the emotion of the whole universe, it is a kind of resonance.

Heaven and Earth are sentimental, everything is spiritual. At this time, Long Chen is in a strange state. His spirit is controlled by Dragon Bone Evil Moon, Demon Moon Furnace and Little Tian. He is like a bystander.

He didn’t know what the Heavenly Wrath vision was. He only knew that he could feel the anger of Heaven and Earth. It was a bondage of humiliation and wanted to fight back.

At that moment, Long Chen suddenly became clear and clear. He suddenly realized that Heaven and Earth are not free, they are all bound, they also have their own will, and want to break away from their own trajectories.

It is like living in a secular world, it is necessary to abide by the rules, the weak meat is strong, bloody and cruel. If you want to live, you must read the rules, read the rules, give in to it, and live in humbleness.

People are like this, and other creatures are the same, Sky Martial Continent is so, the same is true of the wild universe, rules, anger and helplessness.

Long Chen, at that moment, seemed to understand the emotions of Heaven and Earth, and it was so clear, and finally understood, what is Heavenly Wrath.


Suddenly Long Chen’s arms were shocked, Long Aotian’s spear was raging, and endless power came. Long Chen was shocked and flew out. Long Chen retreated from that wonderful state and looked at Long Aotian. .

“Looking at the mystery, little Splitting Heaven’s God Sect, can you have a great school? Let’s see you today, the real strength of God Race.” Long Aotian sneered, suddenly broke:

“Three Flowers Converge , Myriad Fatal Attack ”

Long Aotian spear waved, in the vision behind him, nine dragons, divided into three groups, swiftly rotating, just like three petals stirred the last sky, forming an 10000 li vortex.

The 10000 li vortex turns, and the spear of Long Aotian’s hand spurs out, and a flying rainbow spurts out.


That Feihong suddenly pierced the void, flying over Long Chen’s side, and continued to go out to the end of the world.

Feihong passed, and in the void, there was a black passage that was hundreds of miles in diameter and could not see the end.

In the black passage, the endless laws are stirring, swallowing each other, annihilating each other, it is a passage full of destruction of aura, that kind of power, even if the Heavenly Fusion Powerhouse looks at it, it feels the soul Fly out.


People are shocked, this attack is so strange, the laws contained in them attack each other swallow, if they are hit, the gods can not stop.

“In this attack, there are too many rules, and they are in conflict with each other and attack each other. How can there be such a Secret Technique in this world?” Powerhouse stunned.

It’s just strange that Long Chen didn’t seem to move at all. The attack flew past Long Chen’s side, leaving a strange passage in the void, and the picture made people look shocked.

“Long Chen, do you know what I deliberately missed?” Long Aotian, holding Dragon Spear, stood on the void and looked at Long Chen coldly.

Long Aotian When this statement came out, these people suddenly realized that it was Long Aotian who deliberately missed it, not Long Chen.

People look at Long Chen again, but see Long Chen’s face calm, the terrifying blow, flying over Long Chen, Long Chen did not even blink his eyes, it seems that this result has long been known.

Long Chen faintly said: “If you have a fart, let it go.”

Long Aotian is not angry, but hehe smiles and says: “Do you know? This is what you created by Father.

You, Father, is really not a genius. It dissolves Wandao in a furnace, but it takes away the crucial point of the meditation and forms this blow.

Wandao kills each other, swallows, annihilates, has no resistance, and avoids inevitable. This is a very powerful trick.

Now, I am good intentions to let you know, can you die so much? Haha ha. ”


Countless people were shocked and angry. They used Long Zhantian’s own Soul Technique to deal with Long Chen. They also told Long Chen that it was too shameful to deliberately anger Long Chen.

“You are really stupid, you don’t know, the consequence of pouring oil on the fire is to ignite the fire?”

Long Chen shook his head: “Do you know that you just missed it, the only chance to kill me.”


Long Chen Dragon Bone Evil Moon pointed to Long Aotian, suddenly Heaven and Earth roared, the sea of ​​10000 li, the sky suddenly burst into the sky, the waves and the sky, an invisible and anger, filled the world, Making Heaven and Earth discolored, Long Chen’s anger resonated with Heaven and Earth.

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