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Among the dozens of old people, there are Blood Race, a monster family, an undead family, and Devil Race. They are both aura and one with Heaven and Earth. One of them is more terrifying, and there is a faint temper.


The possess, a stalwart Powerhouse, is the old monster of the undead. He once fought three days and three nights with the Purple Heavenly Emperor. He also appeared.


But the head of the person, but not him, but God Race’s Holy Lord Master, when they appeared, Long Chen’s heart was completely cold.


Holy Lord, that is almost the presence of the peak of the world, more than a dozen Holy Lord-level Powerhouse, even Long Chen, deeply felt desperate.


In order to capture him, the major forces can be said to be out of the nest, do not give Long Chen any chance to escape, obviously want to kill him here, this trap is simply seamless, impeccable.


For Long Aotian’s anger, God Race’s Holy Lord Master turned a blind eye and looked at Long Chen:


“Long Chen, you are as scary as Your Dad. I can’t bear to watch you die here. If you swear to hand over all the secrets, I can open the net and wait until the end of the robbery. I will send you to the last session. ,how is it?”




Long Chen looked at the Dragon Bone Evil Moon on his shoulder and looked at the Holy Lord Master coldly. “Don’t fake it, I admit that I planted it this time, and my Long Chen took your evil.”


From your eyes, I can see what you are thinking, you have taken one of my most precious stuff, and now I want to take it again.


The day of the robbery sent me to the last session? Do you think it is possible? When Long Aotian proves to be emperor, is there any part of your speech?


You don’t have to act again. You are just a group with Long Aotian. One sings a red face and sings a white face. Really, is Long Chen a fool?


Want the secret of me? Go dreaming, you may want my life, but you will never get the stuff you want. ”


Long Chen knows that today I am afraid it will not be spared. If they fall into their hands, they will not be able to die, and they will only fight once.


In the face of died, Long Chen has no fear, only unwilling, he regrets not trusting Nine Stars Tyrant Body Secret Art wholeheartedly, if you trust it wholeheartedly to trust its perception of danger, and then more scrutiny, you may be able to see this trap.


Thinking of Sky Martial Continent’s soulmate, the younger brother, Long Chen was filled with the desire to survive. He looked at the Holy Lord Master coldly and his head was running at speed.


Holy Lord Master looked at Long Chen and shook his head. “There was a remorse in my heart of Your Dad. When I was wrong once, could I be wrong again?”


As long as you promise to hand over the secrets, I can let everyone in the God Race swear that no one can embarrass you. ”


“What about my red-young younger brothers?” Long Chen asked.


Holy Lord Master shook his head: “I can only protect you from being dead. As for the other people, they are all pieces in the robbery. No one can change their destiny.”




Suddenly Long Chen was smashed in front of him, and the man spurred backwards, like a meteor rushing into the crowd behind him. Long Chen turned out to be like a self-investment.


Holy Lord Master’s face changed, Long Chen entered the crowd, they could not take full force take action, otherwise one hit, the enemy and friends are not divided.


“Block him”


Long Chen is like a meteor, rushing to Long Aotian, one blade is falling, Long Aotian is angry, he is arrogant, but not a fool, he sees it, Long Chen is going to take him hostage.


“gone too far in his bullying”


Long Aotian roars, this time he can’t retreat. During the emperor’s reign, he must remain invincible, otherwise he will not be able to complete the final step.




As a result, Long Aotian full force blocked, but the internal injuries did not heal, but even Long Chen one blade could not stop, one blade was flying.




Long Chen left*霆spear flew out, penetrated Heaven and Earth, went straight to Long Aotian, Long Aotian, and suddenly he realized that Long Chen was not going to take him hostage, but to pull him on the road.


On top of the Thunder spear, the Divine Thunder roared and the hurricane whistled. On top of the spear, all the power of Lei Ling’er, the power of destruction, and the Heavenly Dao rule were removed. At that moment, the crown of the Emperor of Long Aotian disappeared.


The nine dragons in Long Aotian’s vision also become dim to get up, which means that Long Aotian’s vision power is sealed, that is, if he is hit by Lei Ling’er, he has no life. Instead, it will be killed by a single blow.


Lei Ling’er combines Five Emperors Divine Thunder, ignoring any rule constraints, and the power of the explosion, even the Holy Lord has to change.


Nine Head Lion, Blood Fiend Demon Lord, Ye Ming, Devil Luo Tianxing They could have taken action to rescue, and if the four together, they should be able to block the blow.


But the four people stood still, seemingly waiting for Long Chen to kill Long Aotian, even in the depths of their eyes, with a gloating.




Suddenly Long Aotian glowed a jade pendant on his chest, followed by a big hand, blocking in front of Long Aotian, the big hand that just shot Long Chen.


The God Race Holy Lord Master appeared, Long Aotian took the God Jade pendant and used the God Race secret method to bring the Holy Lord Master, which was not affected by Lei Ling’er.




The thunder gun trembled and even penetrated the big hand and stabbed the head of the God Race Holy Lord Master.


A loud bang, Holy Lord Master’s chest gown collapsed, revealing his skinny chest.


His body, countless runes, like Gold’s general, now his chest is recessed, it was stabbed by a thunder.


“Even the God Body’s sacred body is broken, it is really the son of Long Zhantian. If you promote the ninth heavy Heavenly Fusion, I am afraid that this attack will kill my life. Unfortunately, this is your life. “God Race Holy Lord Master looked at the depression in the chest, with a spider’s crack, can’t help but feel.”




Suddenly the sky trembled and collapsed in a large area. More than a dozen Holy Lord-class Powerhouses took action at the same time. More than a dozen gods shrouded Long Chen.




Long Chen suddenly made a loud roar, a dozen Holy Lord-class Powerhouse take action, suppressed it, Long Chen full force rebelled, his skin cracked open, blood suddenly reddened the whole body.


The old monster of the undead squinted and slowly lifted the staff in his hand. Six strange lights rose from the eyes of the three sides.




Suddenly God Race Holy Lord Master, a palm shot on the face of Long Chen, Long Chen fainted in a moment, was captured by the Holy Lord Master, and thrown to the God Race Powerhouse.


Holy Lord Master looked at the undead old man: “What? You want to refine Long Chen into a 傀儡, replace Ye Ming?”


Undead old monster, quietly put the staff away, faintly said: “You misunderstood, I just want to help you suppress Long Chen.”




Long Chen was caught, and soon God Race Powerhouse gave Long Chen a lot of shackles, vaious kinds, and even added hundreds, not to mention Long Chen, even if the Holy Lord was trapped by so many traps, Also don’t want to escape, it is obvious that they are completely afraid of Long Chen.


“Well, what about Long Chen’s knife?”


Suddenly someone exclaimed. Just now everyone was patronizing the suppression of Long Chen. No one noticed that Dragon Bone Evil Moon in Long Chen’s hands didn’t know when it disappeared.


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