“I’m coming”

Eastern Wasteland Bell appeared in front of Long Chen, although it looked only three feet tall, but changed the bleakness of past, the bronze color turned into dark gold.

There are countless patterns on the clock. There are flowers and birds, fish and insects, mountains, seas, and light. It seems to be a world.

Eastern Wasteland Bell took back his strength, possessed it with a complete body, with an endless God’s Prestige, magnificent and *.


Long Chen feels the endless power of Eastern Wasteland Bell, can not help but excitement, really worthy of the top of the top five Divine Artifact, aura makes the world tremble.

“Take your blessing, I finally recovered. This time, we can fight with Soaring Sky Bracelet again.” Eastern Wasteland Bell speaks with endless warfare in the voice.

“In those days, if not the owner of Southern Sea Zither betrayed, we would not be defeated at all.

This time, we have to make a complete break with God Race and the major domains. ”

“Senior, can you tell me what God Race and the major domains are all about? Why are they attacking Sky Martial Continent, what do they want?” Long Chen is incomprehensible.

“Lei Ling’er, you continue, but let him close his mouth.”

Long Chen suddenly turned his head to Lei Ling’er, who was moving the knife. The call of Heavenly Punishment was too bad. It was very noisy like killing a pig.

What Long Chen didn’t expect was that Heavenly Punishment used his life to slash the vaious kinds of criminals, but the resistance was surprisingly weak. He was fainted many times and was awakened by Lei Ling’er to continue cutting.

When Heavenly Punishment used more than 3,000 criminal laws on Long Chen, Lei Ling’er was released and connected with Long Chen’s soul. She remembered all the criminal laws and gave them to Heavenly Punishment.

Although listening to the screams of Heavenly Punishment was very cool, but listening too much, I was a little tired, Long Chen let Lei Ling’er a silent sentence.

As a result, Heavenly Punishment did not even qualify for screaming. Heaven and Earth were covered by Thunder’s network. Heavenly Punishment was trapped in the net. In the hands of Lei Ling’er, the eyes were twitching. But can’t make any sound.

Long Chen sat on the floor with his knees. He just broke away from Formation Law and had a lot of physical injuries. At this time, he couldn’t participate in the intense great war. He was full of force to recover his injuries. He took the opportunity to ask Eastern Marshial Continent for Eastern Wasteland Bell. Things.

Eastern Wasteland Bell said: “Today, the great war will start, there is no need to avoid any cause and effect.

In fact, the ultimate goal of God Race, Blood Race, Wicked Beast, Devil Race, and Undead is to get the Star Domain core.

The core of this Star Domain, the star nucleus, is the beginning of the world, the Heaven and Earth spirit, the heart of the Sky Martial Continent.

Soaring Sky Bracelet is the only one that extracts the Star Domain core of Sky Martial Continent, so if you want to keep Sky Martial Continent, it is a cure point for Soaring Sky Bracelet. ”

“The Soaring Sky Bracelet, isn’t it owned by the Sea Demon race? The Sea Demon race has been wiped out by me. Can someone else be driven by Soaring Sky Bracelet?” Long Chen was incomprehensible.

“You are wrong, Soaring Sky Bracelet is the upper bound fairy, and will not recognize the Lord at all, nor will it be owned by anyone.

It has only one mission, to destroy the Sky Martial Continent, and the power it needs is the blood, soul, and resentment produced by the killing.

So once the great war is turned on, the alien Powerhouse enters Sky Martial Continent, and whether it is killing or being killed, it will provide endless power to Soaring Sky Bracelet.

Once the power is saturated, the Formation Law that captures the core of Star Domain will be opened, and the whole world will be destroyed by them. “Eastern Wasteland Bell is a sigh.

“What is the use of the Star Domain core? Besides, how many Powerhouses are they competing for, how will they be divided in the future?

And they seem to be united, and they should be outside, God Race is a traitor, the other forces are following the acting, so cooperate, they must be supported behind.

And I don’t understand, God Race and the major forces, Heavenly Emperor must know, why not say it? “Long Chen is more confused, and the things of Sky Martial Continent are too complicated.

Eastern Wasteland Bell sighed: “This is a conspiracy, a big conspiracy, get a Star Domain core, you can compare it to a win.

After winning the battle, the soul was erased, and the Star Domain core can continue to be used. It continues to be born into a world, but this side, Yin Family, is no longer the original world.

The core of the Star Domain does not make any sense to us. It is what the last Powerhouse or the gods needed.

Turn the creatures in one world into complete believers, and get a steady stream of Power of Faith, maybe you will understand when you fly to the fairy world.

As for the God Race and other forces behind it, there must be a push, but whoever pushes the hand, who does not know, that involved the award of the last session, and may even be the battle of the gods.

Why the five Heavenly Emperors are not clear, because all of this is layout, the outside world is in the layout, and the Sky Martial Continent is also in the layout.

Do you think that you are in the middle of the calculation, is it closed here, is it a coincidence that I met with me?

There aren’t so many coincidences in this world, they are all arranged. When you step into the cultivation world, your destiny has deviated from its original trajectory. It has been adjusted by Sky Martial Continent, step by step to lead you to this place.

If you compare this battle of destiny to a game, then you are destined to be the dad of Sky Martial Continent, and Sky Martial Continent has tied your destiny to you. You are the only hope.

As for Sky Martial Continent, why choose you, for the reason that only he knows it. ”

“You are not the first of the five Marionial Continent Divine Artifacts? Sky Martial Continent was born, you already exist, I always thought that you can represent Sky Martial Continent.” Long Chen was shocked.

Eastern Wasteland Bell: “Our top five Divine Artifact is actually the associated Divine Artifact of Sky Martial Continent.

Maybe you don’t understand the word. The so-called associated Divine Artifact is produced together with Sky Martial Continent. We were created by the Creator. ”

“The Creator?” Long Chen jumped in his heart.

Eastern Wasteland Bell did not answer Long Chen’s question and continued: “You can compare Sky Martial Continent to a king, and we are guards. Protecting Sky Martial Continent is our duty.

We are dead, Sky Martial Continent will survive, but if Sky Martial Continent dies, we will also perish.

Nowadays, everyone is involved in this game, no one can stay out of the way, Long Chen, you want to save the people around you, can only survive with Sky Martial Continent. ”

Long Chen nodded. For Sky Martial Continent, Long Chen never complained. For the five Heavenly Emperors, they also expressed their inner respect. Even if they are pawns, they are willing, even if they die in the battlefield, they die. No regrets.

Long Chen listened to Eastern Wasteland Bell about the secret of Sky Martial Continent and recovered his injuries. His body was destroyed to a very serious extent and almost half-depleted.

But now that the stars have been crushed, the whole star map has come alive, evolved on its own, and the power is endless, quickly recovering Long Chen’s spirit and strength of Soul.

The vitality in Chaos Space is also frantically repairing Long Chen’s flesh and blood. After half an hour, Long Chen’s body recovered to 90%, and Long Chen stood up.

Come to the mad twitching, foaming at the mouth, and the eyes of the Heavenly Punishment, which has already burst open, and put a finger on the eyebrow of Heavenly Punishment.


The bloody splash, Heavenly Punishment’s head was broken, and the body softened for a moment.

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