Long Chen pointed out that Heavenly Punishment’s head was pierced, and the big hand pulled back. In the blood hole, a big fisted man was drawn.

It was the Primordial Spirit of Heavenly Punishment, the Primordial Spirit of Heavenly Punishment, held in the hands of Long Chen, and the flame of Long Chen rose, wrapping the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit.


Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit screams, and the Primordial Spirit is calcined by Pill Fire, which is the most painful torture, but Heavenly Punishment is not Pill Cultivator, he will not do this.

Although the power of this Pill Fire is far from the power of Huo Ling’er, it is used to kill people with insufficient sharpness, but tormenting people is enough.

The dantian of Heavenly Punishment was abandoned, and the flesh and blood was almost tossed by Lei Ling’er. Because of too much pain, the painful nerves were not so sensitive.

To get his painful nerves back, he needed to give him three days to rest, but Long Chen didn’t have the time to extract the Primordial Spirit directly.

“Pill Fire refining the soul, divided into ten levels, it is said that the pain will reach the imaginary pinnacle, can not be described in words.

You call God Race the most proficient punishment person, please help me a favor, tell me your own experience, hard work. Long Chen looked at the Primordial Spirit of Heavenly Punishment, grinning, the teeth sparkling, as if Demon was going to eat a prelude, making the demeanour scalp numb.

“No… you killed me…”

It is unimaginable that the soul refines the soul and burns the soul. Long Chen can bear the torture of Heavenly Punishment because Long Chen experienced the tear of the soul.

When Meng Qi’s soul was taken away by the people of Wind Spirit Pavilion, Long Chen was born from his own soul, condensed a kind of soul, and split it to give Meng Qi.

After experiencing the pain of tearing the soul, the pain on the fleshly body is not terrifying.

But Heavenly Punishment is fierce, but it is just a jealousy of others, experimenting with others, but never thinking about one day, to be used as a subject.


Long Chen simply ignored the mourning of Heavenly Punishment, the flames rising in the hands, forming two lotuses, the lotuses clasped together, one on the other, one positive and one reverse, the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit was twisted into a twist, that one In an instant, the screams of Heavenly Punishment became even more fierce.

As the flame strengthened, the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit was ignited, and soon his Primordial Spirit showed signs of withering.


Long Chen took the flame back, the strength of Soul was injected, and the Heavenly Punishment was about to wither and quickly recovered.

“Yes, stick to the incense time, you can enter the third Rank 3 paragraph.” Long Chen checked the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit, hehe smiled.

“No, you killed me, beg you to kill me, just let me put a horse, do it well, beg you…” Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit, crying loudly, at this time He has been tortured and collapsed.

Heavenly Punishment has been thinking about how to torture people for a lifetime, but has never suffered any torture, so his ability to withstand is worse than the average person. If it is not Long Chen’s intention to control the strength, he has already died.

Long Chen’s mouth is a sneer: “You made a lot of evil. When I took my Spirit Root Spirit Bone Spirit Blood, have you ever thought about letting me go?”

You grabbed me and applied all kinds of torture to me. Have you ever thought about letting me go?

Now I will give you a chance to answer my question and answer it. I will give you a good time. If there is any concealment, I promise you will regret it. ”

“You ask, you ask.” Heavenly Punishment didn’t want to be alive at this time. He only hoped that he would stop being sinned and die. For him, he was already free.

“I ask you, is great war really open?” Long Chen is cold and cold.

“Yes, already…ah…”

The flames rose and Heavenly Punishment screamed in pain.

“It’s an idiot. Although Realm doesn’t have you high, but my strength of Soul is thousands of times more than you, do you want to deceive me?” Long Chen angered, Long Chen’s soul locked the soul of Heavenly Punishment, Under the powerful soul pressure, Heavenly Punishment lies will be sensed by Long Chen.

“I said, I said, great war has not yet begun, is in preparation… I will stop working…” Heavenly Punishment screamed in pain.

Long Chen snorted, once again with the strength of Soul, nourish the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit, lest a moment, one accidentally, kill him.

When Heavenly Punishment said that the great war had begun, Long Chen was shocked, but suddenly felt uncomfortable.

If great war is turned on, God Race will never kill him like this. At the very least, he will take him to Sky Martial Continent and kill him in front of everyone in Sky Martial Continent, which will completely break the confidence of Sky Martial Continent. .

It will also make people who care about Long Chen fall into madness, which is more conducive to their offense, and will never waste his life, so Long Chen judges that this is the Heavenly Punishment deliberately, and now Heavenly Punishment personally admitted.

As a result, Long Chen is completely relieved, and there is still time for the great war to start.

“I asked you, what is Realm in the Long Aotian cultivation base?” Long Chen asked coldly.

Previously, Heavenly Punishment said that once Long Aotian and others advanced into Heavenly Emperor, they immediately launched an attack on the Sky Martial Alliance. The great war did not open, that is, they had not been promoted to Heavenly Emperor.

“He has advanced to the eleventh, is impacting the twelve Heavenly Layer, which is the royal world.” Heavenly Punishment can only answer honestly.

“It’s still a good time to go to the Holy Ghost.” Long Chen’s heart stunned and suddenly asked: “How can Long Aotian’s cultivation be so fast?”

“Because… because all the creatures of several small worlds ruled by God Race have been sacrificed, in exchange for Shinto blessing.” Heavenly Punishment did not dare to lie and told the truth.

It turns out that God Race has ruled several small worlds. In every small world, there are countless creatures. This is their sacrifice, which is prepared for Long Aotian.

Not only Long Aotian, Nine Head Lion, Blood Fiend Demon Lord, Devil Luo Tianxing and Ye Ming, but Ye Ming is the most powerful.

Even Underworld God was deceived by him. He betrayed Evil God, sacrificed all the believers of Evil Dao, and sacrificed by the undead. His cultivation speed was the fastest.

“They just took the Evil Dao, not the real road to the emperor. This is why, their Heavenly Emperor and Sky Martial Continent’s Heavenly Emperor are not at one level, and they end in failure.

They don’t know that the true Heavenly Emperor stands on top of the red dust and needs to be recognized by one world, and willingly give strength to you instead of forcibly capturing it. “Eastern Wasteland Bell Road.

Long Chen nodded, and these people were acquainted with the Emperor, and could not be compared with Yun Shang Heavenly Emperor and others.

However, it is too evil to sacrifice sacrifices with countless creatures in exchange for cultivation speed.

At this time, Long Chen finally understood why Chun Shang Heavenly Emperor had a ridiculous color when he mentioned the gods. What is this shit god? It is clearly an evil monster.

You mix with me, give me benefits, I will give you the benefits, to put it bluntly, is to use each other, what belief? What guards are all nonsense, red/naked/naked interests.

“I asked you, what happened in the past, why do you want to harm our family?” When asked about this, Long Chen’s forehead blues smashed to get up, and the killing intent in the eyes.

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