Under Long Chen’s torture, Heavenly Punishment finally uttered a secret of the year, and this secret, even in the God Race, is rarely known.

When the God Race Long family gave birth to a peerless Talent, at the age of 18, he was connected to Connecting Underworld Realm, at the age of 20, Heavenly Fusion. After three years, he gave up the speed of cultivation, traveled around the world of Sky Martial Continent, and realized Heavenly Dao. An unprecedented Secret Technique.

Looking at Tianwu, only Heavenly Emperor can be compared with it. It is hailed as the closest qualification to Heavenly Emperor. The same Supreme talent can only be eclipsed in front of it.

At that time, Sky Martial Continent was still in a special period, with a young upper-level Powerhouse coming to the mainland to experience, one of the last women was Luo Ningshuang.

At the time of the next experience, they were attracted by Long Zhantian, and they fell in love and soon came together.

Another woman, who stayed, is Long Aotian’s Mother.

After the last seminar travel, I will return to the previous session, but Luo Ningshuang would rather stay in the next session and refuse to go back.

It is said that this incident has caused quite a lot of twists and turns, but Luo Ningshuang just refused to go back, and the last Powerhouse could not come down. Later, it seems that something happened again, but Heavenly Punishment is not known.

Finally, Luo Ningshuang stayed. Two years later, Long Aotian’s Mother gave birth to Long Aotian. The qualifications were amazing and shocked the entire God Race.

But after a year, Long Chen’s birth completely shocked God Race, Variant Spirit Root, God Spirit Bone, and Supreme Blood. This is a natural fairy seedling, not a fetus.

It is said that even in the last session, there was no such thing as a top-notch qualification. At this time, Long Aotian’s Mother, who came up with a sinister strategy, took Long Chen’s Spirit Blood Spirit Root Spirit Bone and moved to Long Aotian.

Heavenly Punishment is a pervert, specializing in some very cruel experiments. He was found by Long Aotian’s Mother.

At the time, Long Aotian was already full, and according to Heavenly Punishment, it was the best time to transplant, but he didn’t dare to do that at the time.

But Long Aotian’s Mother, who secretly brought Long Chen to him, forced him to do it, otherwise he killed him and said that no matter what happened, she would bear it.

As a result, Long Chen was poisoned. Afterwards, Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang furiously killed countless Powerhouses and regained their sons. In the end, God Race suffered heavy casualties and was badly hurt. Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang were still defamed.

It turned out that after doing this, Long Aotian’s Mother confessed his approach directly to the God Race executives, which made the God Race executives extremely angry.

But when Long Aotian’s Mother showed his identity, the God Race executives stopped talking.

When Long Aotian Mother showed his identity, Heavenly Punishment was not eligible to participate, but afterwards, it was known that Long Aotian’s Mother had no fear of it because of his own background.

Another is that the wood has been completed, Long Chen’s Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone have been taken away, and it is useless to go back, and Long Aotian’s Mother said that Long Chen is dead.

God Race was furious, but the wood was in a boat and could not be recovered. He couldn’t kill Long Aotian and pay for Long Chen.

It is even more difficult for Zhantian to kill Long Aotian’s Mother, which is a curse for God Race. God Race’s top executives can only persuade Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang to slow things down and develop a countermeasure.

But the sons were taken away. How could the Long Zhantian couple listen? God Race can only find a way to suppress it, and as a result, this suppression has caused a big disaster.

Long Zhantian fell into madness and savage, and everyone was still killed by blood. Long Zhantian took Heavenly Fusion’s nine-fold strength and even the Holy Lord. That battle made God Race retain its strength for countless years, and it was short-lived. , resulting in ten no one.

Finally, Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang were suppressed. What God Race didn’t expect was that Luo Ningshuang suddenly recognized her when she saw the arrived Long Aotian Mother. The two were actually enemies.

The identity of Luo Ningshuang was also unveiled. It didn’t matter if it was unveiled. God Race was completely scalp numb. Luo Ningshuang was the daughter of the upper king, and escaped because of the family’s opposition.

After Luo Ningshuang’s identity was revealed, the God Race executives were completely angry. Long Aotian’s Mother was extremely sinister. He used God Race to start with Luo Ningshuang, and God Race panicked.

Long Aotian’s Mother has a strong background, they can’t afford it, and Luo Ningshuang has a fairy king behind him, and he is equally offended.

God Race had no choice but to negotiate for a long time, and finally decided to send Luo Ningshuang and Long Zhantian to the previous session, let them deal with the last session, they dare not do any trial.

In this way, Sky Martial Continent finally used the two places in the previous session and was used by Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang. As a result, Long Aotian’s Mother can only be left here.

Since then, the passage of the upper bound and Sky Martial Continent has completely disappeared, so no one knows how God Race handles Long Zhantian and Luo Ningshuang.

It was Long Aotian mother and child, who had a good time in these years, because the God Race was so badly hurt that the future would only depend on Long Aotian, the Supreme talent.

God Race executives, whenever they think about it, they hate it. If it’s not because of this, God Race doesn’t need to act again, or even swallow the game.

So this is a taboo for the entire God Race, but everyone who knows this is a real high-level person. Those who know some insider and whose status is not high are forcibly erased. Memory, this is a shame for God Race.

So in that year, only a few people know about God Race, but this is a taboo topic, and no one dares to mention it.

Hearing here, Long Chen took a long sigh of relief, and his hands were completely sweaty. He was most afraid of hearing the news that his parents were no longer there.

Father is a heavenly genius, Heavenly Fusion ninth heavenly layer, can kill Holy Lord, and this thing does not blame Father, God Race has a low probability of disposing of him, at the very least will not kill such a powerful Talent.

Mother, with a strong background, God Race certainly can’t handle it, only send her back.

However, although I know that both of them have no worries, Long Chen is still anxious. They are in the upper bounds. They don’t even know if their children are dead or alive. I am afraid that every day will suffer. For so many years, I don’t know if they want to be What it is tormented.

Long Chen repeatedly questioned God Race several questions, including the Star Domain core, but Heavenly Punishment didn’t know much about this. I only know that God Race and other forces are just cooperative. As for who can Get the Star Domain core, see who’s skill, there is no such thing as a split.

“I asked you, how is your jade card used?” Long Chen asked suddenly.

“What do you ask this… ah…” Heavenly Punishment screamed, and soon he told Long Chen how to use the jade pendant.

“Well, you can kill me.” Heavenly Punishment.

“I still want to count me, you really want to die, I wanted to give you a happy, I don’t think you will really die.”

I killed you, your soul jade will burst, and the entire God Race knows that something is going on here. Are you as idiotic as you? ”

Long Chen sneered, reaching out to throw the Heavenly Punishment’s Primordial Spirit to Lei Ling’er, and Lei Ling’er immediately took care of it, swallowing his Primordial Spirit and sealing it in the body, so that Heavenly Punishment was tormented and could not run.

“Let’s go, I will take you out.” Eastern Wasteland Bell Road, which was originally found in the cracks of three small worlds, where there is more than one exit.

“No, I have to kill from here. This is the only place to enter the God Race ancestral home.” Long Chen shook his head and his eyes were cold.

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