“Hey, isn’t this the felling cry after the election? How come back?”

“I still have a smile, a look of confidence? What is the situation? This fellow will not be really crazy.”

“Who knows? Every time there are a lot of people like this, I have long been eccentric.” Some people have ridicule on their faces.

Unexpectedly, he has already told others that he has failed many times.

The team is too long to go out for hundreds of miles. If it is Sky Martial Continent, Long Chen will be arived in one step, but here, it takes a little half an hour.

And walking fast, Long Chen obviously feels a little out of breath, his chest is faint, and he has to slow down.

He just flew to the fairy world, the aura in the body has not been transformed, inhaled too much of the spirit of the fairy, the body began to appear uncomfortable.

But soon, Long Chen looked at a huge sign in front of the arrived. It was a jade card with a height of three feet. The streamer flashed and Long Chen slowly pressed the big hand on the jade card.

This is the jade card that the Lingxiao Academy recruits for the discipline. All the standards are on it. Just press your hand on it and you will get all the information.

This is Long Chen who accidentally saw a person and asked the person how to sign up. The person told the existence of the jade card.


When Long Chen’s hand was pressed on it, a lot of messages poured into Long Chen’s mind, and there were countless words that were branded in his mind.

“I still teach Immortal Language, and it’s free? This is a handwriting.” Long Chen can’t help but feel that in Sky Martial Continent, this soul transmission requires a lot of energy loss.

Generally, only in the important inheritance, this kind of soul transmission will be used to avoid some omissions, but this kind of transmission will make the general Sects go bankrupt.

Here, this soul transmission is just like no money, just read it, not only can understand the registration rules, even the basic Immortal Language is free of charge.

Immortal Language is very different from Sky Martial Continent’s Ancient Immortal Text, which evolved from Immortal Language. Every Immortal Language has a rhyme of fairy tales. When a large number of Immortal Languages ​​are recognized, Long Chen even feels that the body is slowly adapting to the surrounding spirits, and the magic is amazing.

However, these Ancient Immortal Texts are some basic, so they are free to be given, which can let people know the history, heritage, inheritance and rules of Lingxiao Academy.

However, these introductions are relatively general. Only the registration rules are very detailed. The admissions assessment here is 30 years, but those who are under three hundred years old and whose cultivation base reaches the peak of the situation can be assessed.

Long Chen didn’t know what it meant to be, but when I looked at those who lined up, most of them were awarded Heavenly Fusion. I thought it would be the Heavenly Fusion of Sky Martial Continent.

“Yu Fan Cheng Xian, flying up the last session, it should be like this, the spirit of the spirit here, if it is the Connecting Underworld Realm Powerhouse, the impact of the spirit of the spirit, I am afraid will die immediately.” Long Chen heart.

The age of three hundred years old is simply unbelievable for Sky Martial Continent, but in the fairy world, it seems normal.

But think about it, Heavenly Fusion, Sky Martial Continent is already a top-of-the-line Powerhouse, but here, it can only do the entrance level assessment, it is relieved.

Ling Xiao College’s assessment, divided into entrance examination, grade examination, special examination and other dozens of assessments, after screening through layers, only qualified to become the discipline of Lingxiao College, it can be said that the assessment is very strict .

Long Chen looked back at the team that couldn’t see the end, and looked at the slow progress. He couldn’t help but play drums. The queued time seemed too long.

“This beautiful sister, may I ask, how long have you been here?” Long Chen came to the side of the team and asked a gentle woman.

Perhaps because Long Chen’s mouth is sweet, the woman is very happy to say: “I have been here for three months, and it is estimated that for another half a month, I can take my turn.

Brother, you are the ascendant of the lower bounds, you are flying up, certainly no fairy, if your sister lends you, you also go to the queue to sign up. ”

The woman’s kindness is also good, and it is clear that Long Chen’s body is so heavy that he should not be born in the fairy world.

The people who are flying in the lower bounds are particularly poor. The stuff that comes up with them are not worthwhile. She saw Long Chen wearing a very shabby dress, and there were many places where the clothes were damaged. I couldn’t help but feel the heart of the concealment and wanted to help Long Chen. .

The woman said this, suddenly caused a lot of people to look at it, to know that Ling Xiao College’s assessment fee is not low, the woman and Long Chen did not know, would be willing to send him a large sum of money.

“Many thanks my sister, the younger brother just asked, I have no plans to participate in the assessment.” Long Chen is grateful.

“You don’t have to take part in the assessment. If you are a virtue, you can’t pass the assessment, or don’t ruin those fairy crystals.” One sneered.

I don’t know if it is jealous, or I can’t look down on the people in the lower world. This person is extremely unfriendly to Long Chen.


The woman’s face was slightly sunk, she was willing to help Long Chen, but was interjected, can not help but feel angry.

“Sister, forget it, you will lose your identity with such garbage people.” Long Chen smiled and advised, for this idiot, Long Chen saw more, too lazy to care about him.

Only the waiting time of these three and a half months is going to be a life. He can’t waste it at that time. Long Chen thinks about the way to go directly to Lingxiao Academy.

“You said who is rubbish, you are the next kind of scorpion…” The man was stunned, suddenly furious, pointing to Long Chen yelling.


Long Chen had almost no hesitation. He went up to a big mouth. The man was sucked in a slap, half of his face blasted, blood splashed, and he was shot more than ten feet away. Half of his teeth were scattered in the void.

The people around him were shocked. Long Chen looked to get up Sven, and it looked so sloppy. This take action was awkward.

“The people in the fairy world are different. Just worried that a slap would kill him.” Long Chen himself was shocked. This slap was instinctively pumped, only to recover half of his strength.

But even then, the power is amazing, but this person is the face is broken, the teeth are off, the bones on the face are still intact, not broken, which makes Long Chen have to be surprised at the people of the world, fleshly Body is really powerful.


The man roared and stood up and rushed to Long Chen, but just stood to get up, a spin and fell, and a blood spurted out.

Long Chen’s slap, shocked him with internal injuries, and he angered and attacked his power, and the blood rushed down, almost fainting.

“Who is here?”

At this moment, two dressed in silver armor, holding the spear’s Lingxiao College discipline came over.

Long Chen has a heart, and the two men are full of aura, even if they are more than the middle-aged men of the nine hunters.

The goalkeeper’s discipline has such a strong cultivation base, and this Lingxiao Academy is really powerful.

“I asked about things, he scolded me, then I gave him a slap in the face.” Long Chen spread his hand and rushed before the man opened his mouth.

The man wearing the armor frowned slightly, looked at Long Chen, looked at the man again, and said coldly:

“You two are deprived of eligibility for assessment.”

“This is not fair,” the man roared.

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