“It’s really unfair. It’s obvious that he is picking things up. This little younger brother is innocent. You shouldn’t deprive him of his qualifications.” The woman spoke for Long Chen and felt that Long Chen was innocent.

Long Chen shrugged instead: “No, no, I think it’s good. There are no rules, no fairness, fairness, openness, effectiveness, and in place. Hehe, I don’t plan to sign up anyway.”

Long Chen hehe smiled and turned away. The man was dumbfounded. Long Chen didn’t care, but he couldn’t do it. He had been waiting in line for more than three months. He had a lot of relationships and he had a good future. How can he be buried here? ?

“This big brother, my name is Pan Mingxiong, you certainly don’t know me, but you must know my big brother, his name is Pan Mingying, it is the nuclear core disciple of the shrine…” The man hurried.

The academic discipline is divided into apprentice discipline, outer sect disciple, inner door disciple and nuclear core disciple. Now they are qualified for the trainee discipline, and the nuclear core disciple is selected from the hundreds of millions of disciples. .

This Pan Mingxiong was because he had a brother in the academy, and he felt that he was superior to others. During the queue, he was ridiculed by many people, which was extremely repugnant.

However, because it is forbidden to scream loudly when it is queued, it is easy to be deprived of qualifications, so no one cares about him.

As a result, he was guilty of arrogance, and he was arguing with Long Chen. Not only did he have a big mouth, but he was also deprived of his qualifications. At this time, he quickly reported the name of his eldest brother.

“Pan Mingying? Who is the 47th in the Shinto list?” The disciples looked at Pan Mingxiong up and down, and some unexpectedly.

“Right right, it is.” When he learned that the discipline knew Pan Mingying’s name, he suddenly became proud to get up.

“And then?” asked the discipline.

“What then?” Pan Mingxiong stunned.

“What does this have to do with disqualification?” The discipline is faint.

“You…” Pan Mingxiong was dumbfounded, and the people next to him almost laughed.

“The rules are the rules. Just now the kid said it. There is no rule.” He is just a ascendant in the lower bound. He doesn’t understand the name of Lingxiao Academy. It is difficult for you to be born in the fairy world.

The rules of Ling Xiao Academy will change because of the list of people. You are so naive, too lazy to talk nonsense with you, and get out of the way. “The disciple sneered.

“Good, good, good.”

Pan Mingxiong gritted his teeth and left indignantly, but looking at him, it seemed that there was no fear, and one pair wanted to retaliate against the appearance of the discipline.

“It’s really enjoyable. When I was in the temple, I was influenced by Pan Mingying’s bird. Now I can finally export the gas.” The disciple saw Pan Mingxiong leave, hehe could not help but smile.

“Unfortunately, he did not resist, or we can just beat him in a proper way.”

“It is estimated that this fellow has gone to the relationship, but even if he can’t get rid of him, at least he can queue up again. I think it is very happy, haha…”

The two disciples laughed and left, letting the people around the line look arrogant and their expressions were extremely weird.

Long Chen didn’t know what happened later. He went all the way, not far from the crowd, there was another place in the queue, but there were very few people waiting in line, only a dozen.

Here is the handiwork assessment office. There are many disciplines in the Lingxiao Academy. It requires a lot of manpower and resources to manage, and the lowest level is that it requires a lot of people.

However, Ling Xiao College’s requirements for the chores are also very high, and the elimination rate will reach 90%. Long Chen came here to line up and saw many people shook their heads out. Looking at the dejected appearance, it should be eliminated.

In front of Long Chen, the interviewer, the interviewer looked at Long Chen with a blank expression. He seemed to feel the common temperament in the inner Long Chen, and he could not help but frown:

“how old are you”

“Forgot” Long Chen shook his head.

“Are you a fool? I don’t even remember my age… Forget it, there is a bone age test, you can test it.” The interviewer was furious, but just as he was holding Long Chen, Long Chen looked With a glance at him, he suddenly burst into the pores and could not help but startled.

I don’t know why, at that moment, he seemed to see the endless sacred sea of ​​blood, his heart full of fear, and quickly re-export.

“many thanks”

Long Chen went to the other side and secretly warned himself not to be angry. Since the eyes of Purgatory awakened, Long Chen found that his self-control ability was even worse.

Before I took Pan Mingxiong’s slap in the face, I was just stunned by the man, and my anger rose for a moment. I almost slammed it on his nose. Long Chen didn’t know if he opened the eyes of purgatory, so his heart was full. Helium, the fire is on the way, there is even a kind of impulse to shoot the man.

The fellow was also acquainted with him, and he did not continue to be embarrassed. Otherwise, one could not control him, let alone enter Lingxiao College, I am afraid to be chased by Lingxiao Academy.

“Bone age thirty one”

Long Chen is out of bones, Long Chen looks like this bone age seems to be a few years older than Sky Martial Continent. Is it different from Sky Martial Continent?

Soon, Long Chen took a few assessment forms, and with those candidates all the way forward, Long Chen suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable.

After the immortal world, his body always felt strange, and now there was a rush of water in the stomach, and he hurriedly asked people, but fortunately there was a shack nearby.

Long Chen rushed in and suddenly flew down, stinking, and he was so dizzy.

“How come so stinky.”

Then Long Chen understood that the ambiguity is to retreat from the vulgarity of the body. When there is no other method, the vulgarity is discharged in this way.

However, since entering Innate Realm, Long Chen has not been in the huts, and is not used to it for a while.

Finally solved the problem, the refreshing Long Chen came out, but when he reached a corner, he suddenly stopped and heard two people talking.

“There are two left in the number of miscellaneous jobs, one is what Sun Sange wants, the other one you look at the arrangement, you can scrape the oil and water, and then scrape the oil.” One whispered.

“Okay, I understand.” The other person was a male duck, as if his neck was caught, and he was a little uncomfortable.

I went there, there are more than 80 people outside, there are two places left, one is still set, and one, but also to scrape oil? It’s really corrupt.

After the two people said a few words, they disappeared. Long Chen dared to conclude that one of them must be an auditor.

After Long Chen came out, he continued to line up and soon arrived him. The appraisal officer was a middle-aged man with a square face. He didn’t look at Long Chen and said:

“what is it call?”

It was the male duck, Long Chen knew it all at once, just admitted one, it should be the default, and now there is a quota.

“Long Chen” Long Chen responded.

At the same time as the response, Long Chen’s eyes turned around, and soon he looked at the stuff on the arrived table, and a smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

The man looked at Long Chen and saw Long Chen dressed in shabby clothes, without concealing the indifference and impatience in his eyes.

“I have read your information, it is too old…” The male duck cockroach refused directly.

old age? Are you sure you are not blind? Just after the interview, they are all over 80 years old. Daddy is only 31 years old. Do you actually say that you are too old? Long Chen almost didn’t laugh.


Long Chen smiled and turned away, but as he turned around, the sleeves “inadvertently” touched a delicate teapot on the arrived table.

“Be careful……”


In the exclaimer of the drake, the teapot and the teacup were smashed, and the drake was angry:

“Loss money”

“No money, or else, you deduct it in my work.” Long Chen said helplessly.

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