In this way, Long Chen became a trainee, received the identity Token, and the three-day adaptation period of the chores used to learn the rights and duties of the chores.

Long Chen strength of Soul is powerful, and after half an hour, everything is completely remembered.

After becoming a trainee, there were nine welfare benefits for each person. Maybe it was a newcomer, but Long Chen didn’t get it. Because of the deduction, Long Chen had a good eye and knew that the pot was good. All, he succeeded. Come in.

In the college, the chores can only do some rough work, and the scope of activities is limited.

After understanding the basic situation, Long Chen quickly discovered an opportunity, that is, the chores here, there will be a promotion every five years.

Through the assessment, you can get the High-grade chores title, and High-grade chores, qualified to participate in the discipline assessment, if the results are excellent, you can become a discipline.

“hehe, chances are coming.”

Long Chen looked for the arrived assessment office and went in. Long Chen just went in, suddenly a dozen people, stood to get up, looked at him nervously.

Long Chen was a glimpse, and then they understood that they were all dressed in chores, and his clothes were obviously different. Looking at their nervous expression, he should be misunderstood that he was the examiner.

“Sit down, don’t be nervous.” Long Chen waved and gestured for everyone to sit down.

These people immediately sat down, but they were all sitting in danger, with serious faces and nervous expressions.

Long Chen said: “In fact, you misunderstood me. I am not the examiner, but the deputy examiner.

The examiner Master suddenly has something to do, let me inform you that today’s assessment is temporarily cancelled. As for when to assess, you will be notified separately. ”

These people listened and suddenly relaxed a lot, and this went with Long Chen and went out.

After everyone went out, Long Chen sat down and sat down. Less than a fragrant time, a middle-aged man with a fat body and a fat-filled man came in.

When I saw the whole audience, I couldn’t help but say: “Why are you alone?”

“I don’t know.” Long Chen shook his head.

The fat man saw no one left and no one, and said: “Since you are alone, then I will open the door and see the mountain. Before you come, the rules will tell you alright.”


Long Chen nodded, although he didn’t know, but that was not the point.

“Well, there is a vision, unlike the idiots, the mouse is in the light, although you take ten years of salary, but possess the opportunity to become a discipline.

If this opportunity is caught by you, it will be ready in the future, just around the corner, boy, I am optimistic about you. “The fat man looked at Long Chen, and his eyes were full of encouragement.”

At this time, Long Chen finally understood why those people were relieved when they left. The assessment of feelings is a pit.

Ten years’ salary, that is to say, promotion to High-grade chores, it is necessary to work for ten years. Needless to say, the income of this decade is probably owned by this fat man, and in exchange for an assessment opportunity.

And those servants are older, talented, jokes, good talents, who will do the chores? Talent is not good, can pass the assessment to become a discipline? This is a big joke.

Long Chen deceived these people, and there were some flaws in my heart. Now I found out that he saved these people.

Presumably, these people, even if they don’t want to go up high-grade, they will rise. It depends on who is bad luck. It is fancy by this fat man. Once you become a high-grade servant, the salary within ten years will be owned by this fat man. .

It’s no wonder that this fat man is so fat, his feelings are the one who can’t eat bones. Long Chen doesn’t know how many years there are, and he hasn’t touched the underlying dark battle. The battle of feelings is more shameless and shameless than the battle of the cultivation world.

“Hehe, that is, they are short-sighted and do not understand the importance of opportunities. This can’t be bought for money.” Long Chen hehe smiled.

“Yeah, they are stupid, little younger brother, you are the smartest, let’s go, I will go through the formalities for you.

In the next ten years, your salary will come to me, but you can rest assured that I will not treat you badly. If you are tight, you can tell me that interest is definitely the cheapest for you. “The fat man is generous.”

Long Chen greeted the whole family of this fat man all the time, not only the people, but also the loan shark, taking money from you, it is estimated that life is still not clear about alright?

Not to mention, this fat man is really big, Long Chen opened his mouth, he directly borrowed Long Chen two thousand fairy crystal.

High-grade The salary of the miscellaneous service is one hundred cents a month. This fat man borrowed two thousand directly. As for his so-called interest, Long Chen came directly: I can trust you and directly flower the face of the fat man. .

He didn’t know that Long Sanye borrowed money from the company, and he wouldn’t pay back. The fat man was very enthusiastic about the relationship, so Long Chen quickly took the award to evaluate the jade card.

The next time, waiting for the assessment schedule, three days later, Long Chen finally entered the examination room.

Into the examination room, Long Chen was completely dumbfounded. One person had a small square table, a piece of cloth, and a vaious kinds of questions appeared on the crystal wall.

When I saw those questions, Long Chen’s head was awkward, and all the confidence before it disappeared.

Those topics are the time of ancient wars, the location of the war of the gods, the characters who reversed the war, etc. Long Chen will not, it is all happening in the fairy world, how can he know?

“Cheating, peeping at others with strength of Soul, deprivation of qualifications.”

Suddenly a cold drink came, an examiner, dragged a tester out of the examination room like a chicken.

Long Chen’s sweat on his forehead came out. He just wanted to secretly use strength of Soul to see other people’s answers. As a result, someone was taken away.

There are dozens of categories, such as history, geography, musical instruments, Casting Item, formation, cultivation, Alchemy, Soul, medical, etc., which makes Long Chen speechless and divination. Long Chen is going crazy, Ming, feng shui, etc.

Many types, Long Chen have submitted a blank volume, only slightly in terms of cultivation, Casting Item and phenotypes. Fortunately, the Alchemy class has the confidence to get the full score, so he is completely relieved.

After the assessment, Long Chen went back and waited for the news, because even the High-grade chores, but the scope of activities is slightly larger, the income is higher, Long Chen still can not enter the real college.

However, Long Chen is already very satisfied. His path is already much faster than others. I think that those people are still waiting in line, he has completed the assessment, and he has a little money in his hand.

High-grade servant, can’t enter the college to buy stuff, buy stuff, can only buy fat, needless to say, fat people must secretly increase the price, but it does not matter, Long Chen bought three 蜕凡丹, as soon as possible in the body of the dust The gas receded.

Only when the dust of the dust retreats, the spirit of the fairy spirit can enter the body more and more, and the three 蜕凡丹, exhausted all the long crystals of Long Chen, Long Chen borrowed from the fat man, before and after After borrowing five times, I bought a total of thirteen 蜕凡丹. The temperament of Long Chen’s body was only washed away, but the fat man refused to lend Long Chen money.

Perhaps he believes that Long Chen owes him enough money to work hard for three hundred years before he can return it to him.

On this day, Long Chen’s assessment results were announced.

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