Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 2852

“Wuzhou Luojia, ZTE in the Pazhou Jiangchuan era, the origin can be traced back to ancient times, because there is no significant history, so it is not traced.

Luojia Zhongxing is in the hands of Luo Changfeng. He has been a family since he was 3.17 million years old. He is one of the three hegemons of Pazhou…”

Soon Long Chen looked for an article about the Luozhou Luojia. The Pazhou Luojia was originally a very small family, but after Luo Changfeng, the fate of the whole family changed suddenly.

Originally one of the three major forces in Pazhou, it was replaced by Luojia, sweeping the enemy, but also faintly became the head of the three major forces.

The power that was replaced by Luojia was the Chu family. At the time of Luojia Zhongxing, it was once blocked by many Chu people and suppressed by blood, but it still did not stop the rise of Luojia.

Originally, Luo’s goal was to be on an equal footing with the three forces. As a result, the Chu family did not want to give Luo’s chance to kill Luo’s family in the bud.

The other two are smarter and choose to watch the fire from the other side. At that time, the Chu family was strong and extremely overbearing and arrogant. The other two strengths have always been angered by the Chu family, so they are very happy to see the Chu family down.

Therefore, they seem to support the Chu family. In fact, they secretly gave Luojia more support. This is a win-win strategy.

In the end, Luo’s family rose in adversity, overthrew the Chu family, and killed the Chu family to escape from Pazhou. All the industries were taken away by Luo.

Originally, people thought that the Chu family was badly hurt, and since then it has disappeared. After all, the bloody battle, the Chu family elites were killed.

But no one expected that in the following millennium, the Chu family was buried in the name of the name, fled to the state of Shengzhou, and began to recuperate. After the 20,000-year subversion of the Chu family, it suddenly broke out and swept all the forces in Shengzhou.

And after stabilizing everything, it no longer hides its name, restores the identity of Chuzhou Chu, and vows to kill everyone in Luozhou.

But even if the Chu family became the hegemon of Shengzhou, and after many years of development, the Chu family was stronger than ever.

Two major forces, countless years of fighting, killing blood into a river, but who can not help who, the two sides become a deadly enemy, as long as there is an opportunity, there will be a battle of death.

The double policy is on the awn, the hatred has continued in the bones, in the bloodline and deep in the soul.

Compared with the two, the Luo family is even more powerful. The Chu family has used countless scams and has never been able to shake the foundation of the Luo family.

Therefore, in order to retaliate, the chuious kinds of sinister tactics are all indispensable, but the more they are, the more they are looked down upon. In the end, the Chu family in Shengzhou became synonymous with despicable shamelessness.

Long Chen read the chronicle about the Luo family in Weizhou, but unfortunately did not find a record about Mother, but think about it, the chronicles record all the big events, it is impossible to even have some trivial things about children and children. recording.

Although I didn’t see Mother’s clues, he looked at the expected hopes, and when the situation stabilized, I must go to the Luo family.

Only before going, Long Chen must have enough strength. A family has developed for so many years, so huge, there is almost no favor.

If you want to talk and listen to someone, you have to have the corresponding strength. The fairy world is more ruthless than the world. Because there are too many life forces, countless children, family, and no inheritance. The rules here are like this. Cruelty and strength are the most important.

“Everything here is so important, the old senior is right, read more.” Long Chen said to himself.

History is the lifeblood of the whole world. It is the foundation of the entire fairy world. The more you understand, the greater the benefits to yourself.

But there are too many books here, and it takes too much time to learn a book. Long Chen’s time is very tight.

Fortunately, each shelf has a palm-sized pattern that connects thousands of books on the shelf. If the strength of Soul is powerful enough, you don’t need a copy of the book to remember it.


Long Chen’s hand was pressed on the rune, and countless runes on the entire bookshelf lit up. The rune was like a sly, rushing to Long Chen, along Long Chen’s arm, to Long Chen’s eyebrows.


When the first inflection runn poured into Long Chen’s knowledge of the sea, Long Chen took a breath of cold air, and that a rune is a book, all of which is a forcible branding. .

At the same time as the soul hurts, Long Chen feels that his strength of Soul is also being consumed. As more and more essays flood into Long Chen’s mind, Long Chen’s soul is branded with countless information.


After a fragrant time, Long Chen looked pale and stunned. If he didn’t hold the bookshelf, he almost fell.

“A book on a shelf almost consumes 90% of my strength of Soul. This stack of bookshelves, at least millions, one day, takes 10,000 years to remember this layer of books.” Long Chen demeanour was deeply weak.

Walking away, feeling the head hurts like a needle, and suddenly absorbed so much information, this is an inevitable reaction.

Fortunately, Long Chen’s strength of Soul is strong enough. If it is someone else, the information of a bookshelf is absorbed. It will seriously overstretch the strength of Soul, and immediately fainted, and did not want to recover for a year and a half.

“Long Chen instructor, there is a soul stone quiet room here, you can take a day or two to rest, wait for the strength of Soul to recover more than half, and then leave.” Long Chen wants to leave, a confused appearance reminder.

Those who entered the Shinto Ward, because of a large amount of knowledge absorbed, the strength of Soul will be damaged, and the temple set up a soul recovery room in order to encourage the disciple to read more.

There is a soul stone in the room for the free absorbable of the discipline, which is used to quickly recover the strength of Soul. Otherwise, like Long Chen, it consumes 90% of the strength of Soul. It does not borrow external force. It can’t be fully recovered without ten days and a half.

And this good thing, Long Chen thanked the discipline, the miscellaneous discipline came to the quiet room with Long Chen, there are hundreds of quiet rooms, many of them have people, some have a quiet room Several people.

The quiet room that Long Chen entered was a special quiet room for the instructor. Only Long Chen was alone. There was a spar with a diameter of a small size in the middle of the static room.

After Long Chen entered, I felt the spirit of the earthquake. The discipline opened the Formation Law for Long Chen. The powerful soul aura came in, which is the best energy to repair the soul.

Long Chen once again thanked the discipline. After the discipline exited, Long Chen knew that the gods in the sea were wide open. The Divine Obstruction Star inside trembled like a long whale, sucking energy and nourishing soul.


After two hours, Long Chen took a long breath and felt a great spirit. The strength of Soul was completely added back.

“It’s a fetish, it’s back so soon.” Long Chen looked at the soul stone, and couldn’t help but be surprised and delighted. There are so many treasured objects in the college. Such a good stuff is free to use.

What Long Chen doesn’t know is that even if someone else has the help of the soul stone, it needs three or five Talent to recover, and his possessive Divine Obstruction Star assists, so swiftly swallow the power of the soul.

“carry on”

With the soul stone, Long Chen ran into the interior of the cabinet, chose a bookshelf, and began to absorb again.

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