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Chapter 2,919




A burst of sound, the four light groups behind the Chu mad like a star, burst out of the golden rays of light, the earth trembled a bit, even the outside world, the demeanour Arena shook a bit.


Chu mad location, golden light Wandao, Ruixia spurting, surging power, the formation of hurricanes, so that the giant pit rapidly spread, the fear of the power of Shinto, radiating.


“The power of Shinto, Chu Fan, has left the Tao in the next session, began collecting Power of Faith?”


“Impossible, he hasn’t ignited the fire, how to collect Power of Faith?”


“That’s not necessarily true. Some ancient families have secret recipes to plant the Shinto species in advance with some seedlings.


In the next Taoist system, as long as the imprint of the soul mark of Chu mad, then the next person does not know, when worshipping the statue, Power of Faith naturally belongs to Chu.


Power of Faith can be used as long as the strength of Soul can withstand the impact of Shinto power. ”


For a time, people looked at the four light groups behind Chu’s madness. Everyone’s heart was shocked. Chu Family poured a lot of effort into Chu’s madness. So he laid the road of faith to him so early.


In the academy, the seminary and the immortality are not awkward. One of the main differences is the cultivation way of the Xianyuan discipline to despise the seminar.


Make a portrait of the gods, worship, form Power of Faith, for yourself absorbed, whether using Power of Faith cultivation or fighting, will tick the results for half the effort.


And the more believers, the more powerful Power of Faith, there are some cultivators who will replenish Power of Faith to their followers and educate believers on the right path to cultivation.


But this kind of person is just like as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns. Most of the gods are like vampires. The Powered Faith of absorbed believers, who do not say anything, also transmits to the believers some extreme thoughts and orders them to resort to any means. Expand your own number of believers to draw more Power of Faith.


For example, Long Chen has contacted many Shinto heritages, such as the god of wealth, the inheritance of Wine, never actively expanding his beliefs, can correctly guide people’s cultivation path, and get away from suffering.


Some gods like Evil God, Slaughter God, Great Brahma, Fallen Heaven Night, etc., only know that expansion and demand are typical deceptive believers, extracting their Power of Faith and acting as a fool, it is despising.


And the sorcerer, feeling Heavenly Dao, taking the heavens as the mirror, taking the path as the ruler, taking the law as the foot, measuring Heaven and Earth, finding the secret of Wandao, step by step by their own strength to improve the cultivation base.


Therefore, in front of Xian Xiu, Shen Xiu is a group of ridiculous liar, one is to work hard on their own, the other is to rely on others to sneak, so that the sacred self-sacrifice will naturally despise the gods.


For Shenxiu to get Power of Faith, you must have a strong background, possess your own territory, and imprint your faith through the Wall of Praise in the next statue.


This says that to get up is simple. In fact, it takes a lot of resources. To put it bluntly, Shen Xiu is basically a rich man, and there is no money. Many helpless people choose Xian Xiu.


In this way, Shen Xiu was despised by Xian Xiu, and Xian Xiu was ridiculed by God. It is a poor ghost. Therefore, in any force, Xian Xiu and Shen Xiu are basically unfriendly.


Of course, there are also the existence of fellow initiates of the gods, but they must have both money and savvy. They must cultivate the secrets of the gods, and they must understand the Heavenly Dao. The energy is fundamentally insufficient. Both fellow initiates will start. When you are, you will lose to others.


The fellow practitioners of Sangwu are really strong, but the progress is slow. Who will give you the opportunity to grow up in the crisis world? Many times you are killed when you are still weak.


The first rule of the cultivation rule is to ensure that no one is killed. Therefore, fellow initiates are feasible, but basically no one chooses.


The disciples of the Xianyuan saw that the Chu madness could use the Power of Faith so early that it ignited the fire of the Shinto. The heart was contemptuous and jealous. It can be said that the Chu mad is the money.


“ka ka ka ……”


Chu mad body power burst, pushing Long Chen slowly upwards, the body of the two, actually slowly left the ground, Chu mad body, there is a sacred flame, there seems to be infinite power.


Looking at Chu mad began to counterattack, Luo Ning clenched his fist, gnashing teeth Authentic: “Chu mad road, has been paved, everyone has been cheated by him, he is hiding too deep.”


After this battle, Luo Ning realized what rigorous schemes and deep foresight, what is play the pig to eat the tiger, before the battle of the lava cave, they always thought that Chu mad strength is slightly stronger than them.


However, after the war, they understood what was called the gap, but after the Long Chen medicine pill, their Sister Spirit Blood was activated and the strength soared.


Luo Bing Luo Ning two Sister confidence surge, although I dare not say that I can beat Chu crazy, at least there is a 40-50% chance.


But now Chu Chuan is forced by Long Chen to break out his own cards. Those cards are more amazing than one, and now even the Shinto heritage is used. They understand how innocent they were before.


“Not everyone has been deceived by him, letting him pretend that he never misses Long Chen’s eyes.


Hey, Long Chen is younger than us, but no matter whether it is strength, knowledge, means, or strategy, it is thousands of times stronger than us. Compared with him, it is really demeanour. “Luo Bing has a sense of authenticity.”


At first she was worried about Long Chen, but with the fierce battle to the present, she found that Long Chen’s eyes were always calm, it was a kind of strategizing and winning a thousand miles.


Now that Chu’s madness broke out again, she was not as shocked as before. Instead, she admired the man who was smaller than herself but was as powerful as the evildoer.


“elder sister, if you want to make it hard, let Long Chen enter our Luo Family.” Luo Ning whispered with a smile in Luo Bing’s ear.


Luo Bing pretty face A red, stunned Luo Jing, and continued to look into the field, only to see the Chu crazy robes in the field without wind, pushing Long Chen slowly rising, his face is full of smiles:


“Long Chen, I have one hundred and ninety-one of all the boundaries, the gods are five hundred and seventy-three, and there are countless believers.


Their Power of Faith is the source of my strength. My strength can be said to be endless. What do you fight with me? ”


At that moment, he seemed to be incarnate in the gods, invincible and the world.


“There are pride in this year’s scammers? Can you blatantly flaunt your scammers?”


What do I fight with you? It’s a big joke. After all, external force is external force. Is it worth arrogant? Let you know today that your strength is truly yours. ”


Long Chen sneered, his hands were printed, and suddenly 108,000 stars in the star map behind him were lit at the same time. The power of 108,000 stars was unreserved, the foot was forced, and the slowly rising body of Chu was smashed by Long Chen. To the earth.




A loud bang, dusty, and a bit of a several li on the ground, but the bottom of the well.


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