On the Gold invitation, specific information on the dates, processes and venues of the Nine Province Congress was given, and the Court was requested to complete and return to each other in order to arrange for the other.

“Two more months, so fast?” Long Chen startled.

Time is always running fast in tension and unintended, unintended, and two months is about to start, and time is a little more urgent for Long Chen.

“Very soon, your cultivation base has been upgraded too slowly, so far as cultivation base, honestly, we don’t suggest that you participate in the game.” The East teacher will look at Long Chen tomorrow, microwave.

Nine Province Congress, Supreme talent clouds, when all Supreme talent was raised to the Marshal Peak, and only two months later.

Long Chen is still in the fire of God, not even first heavenly layer, and the power of warfare will change dramatically every promotion of the first heavenly layer.

After all, the Nine Province Congress, where evildoer passes, the Supreme talent is countless, even awakening first generation, Long Chen Realm, has suffered too much, and, after all, Nine provinces have fought like Zhao, thanks, Lu Sung and the others, and can only be listed as the second wave of Powerhouse.

Even white poetry is now listed only as an episode, and only by awakening the first generation of the bloodline can it be the top Powerhouse, and Long Chen will not be able to catch up with cultivation base for the two months.

Let Long Chen be comfortable in preparing for the Grand Games, as the East Master will say tomorrow.

“Eastern tomorrow, if you say so, watch war God Palace find you in trouble.”

Tomorrow, the East is embarrassing and rushing to Long Chen Chan: “Of course, I’m just suggesting, and it’s up to you to make a decision.”

Obviously, Tomorrow’s master thought he was a little improper, and, after all, war God Palace arranged, he persuaded Long Chen to give up, that war God Palace might be unhappy, and he didn’t want a backpack.

Long Chen lightly smiled said, “Senior rhetoric is heavy, Junior has a number in his heart, but it cannot be missed since it has arrived.

The victory will prevail, and the failure will fail, and if it is defeated, it will be possible to see more of its shortcomings, not necessarily bad things. “

“Well, you can have such a mentality, and we’ll be relieved.”

“By the way, Cloud Senior, would you please introduce me to the senior who treated me the wounds, and I’d like to thank her well, and I’d like to ask her something.” Long Chen was on the cloudway.

The senior sister, who treated Long Chen’s wounds, seemed to be very high in the yard, reluctant to appear, and she would not be treated if she was not a cloudman’s face.

the person was a powerful Wood Element Powerhouse, and Long Chen thought that Great Brahma’s spiritual will could not be extinct, but she didn’t think it was easy for her to touch it.

And among her Wood Element, Long Chen felt the most original Wood Element force, and Long Chen wanted an eventual possibility, so he wanted to introduce the cloudman.


cloudman came to a Cave mansion with Long Chen, informing him that Long Chen was allowed to enter Cave mansion.

The woman in the middle of the year looked at Long Chen, with a smile in her eyes, seemed to be able to look at people’s minds:

“What? Do you want anything to do?”

Long Chen was said to have worn his mind, and then said, “Junior thinks that senior wood power should be a Heaven and Earth tree force of Origin Source, so ask Senior whether there is a possibility of getting something of this origin.”

The woman lightly smiled said, “You’re great, and you can feel the difference in the power of my wood through a therapy.

My wooden power is the strength of the day to come, when it comes to a strange encounter, and when it comes to a tree tree, it is led by its brilliance, it has transformed the bloodline and wakes up the glory of the wood, so my power is different from the other Wood Cultivator. “

“How come you are an initial generation?” Long Chen was surprised and woke up, and only the first generation could do it, and it was not possible to imagine that this man was an initial generation.

The woman said nodded and said, “It’s hardly the beginning of the day after that, by the way, after my absorbed, I kept the fruit.

Though there are four species of fruit in the fruit, with an elite, one in uniform, life and death, and if you want, I can give you one more, I can’t give it. “

“One is enough.” Long Chen is happy, and I don’t think this senior is so big, giving him a direct seed of wood.


trees of the trees, which were made up of Antiquity’s generation, were hard, harder than gold iron, in Antiquity’s generation, and the trees made by the trees of the trees were the most commonly used weapons at that time.

Only if the trees grow very slowly, three countless years flourish, three countless years come as a result and three countless years mature.

From birth to outcome, it will take nine countless years to build trees in the contemporary, almost invisible, extinct outside, and some of the remaining trees are considered treasures, protected to get up, clandestine.

Long Chen got a peanut size, looks like a waist seed, spreads life, takes it in hand, makes life fluctuations, makes people feel comfortable, surrounded by Shutai, as life force grows, which is the seed of a tree tree.

Long Chen left after that senior grace, returned to his place of residence and cultivated seeds carefully in Chaos Space.

template: Weng

Long Chen 108,000 stars have flown, and the sources of power are constantly injecting Chaos Space, Chaos Space’s treasures, crazy growth, quick flower results, flowering, and it seems that time has been slowed down by tens of thousands.

After being able to control the power of God, Long Chen can finally catalyse Primal Chaos, so that the treasure in it grows rapidly, and after a time, Long Chen’s forehead has seen sweat, so much as Primal Chaos’s jewellery, which is depleted.

Long Chen was pleased that the fruit of the trees was finally rooted in the seed, and that a small bud, like a chopstick, grew up straight up, as a arrow, and that, when it grew up, it had a crude egg, it was always a big one and had no leaf.

Long Chen broke this tree, but found it heavy in hand, and if steel, it was extremely tenacious, you know, it was just the most vulnerable seed, and it was so powerful that Long Chen had a surprise.

Long Chen broke them into a stick about half feet into mud, and after half an hour, Long Chen’s face showed a brilliant smile, because a little tree came out of a stick.

After all this week, Long Chen keeps growing wooden trees, working all night, and Long Chen’s Chaos Space, has been planted with trees.

Damn it, this time it’s not afraid of getting hurt, and when they grow up, who else am I afraid of? ”Long Chen, once he shakes his fist, is all excited in his eyes, and Long Chen, when they spend their fruits, is equal to the title Body of Undying.


trees have been built, and Long Chen’s hands have added a detailed root, which is the god of the Goddess of the Caesar, the most precious divine medicine.

“hehe, for two months, it’s time to upgrade cultivation base.” Long Chen took Pill Furnace out, and got busy again.

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