Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 3234

hong hong hong

Two consecutive explosions, two Loung Wu and Loung Wen, each in front of a Totem Pillar, were swept out of purple blood, one sword fell and two Totem pillars were broken.

Lo Long Wen and Lou Wu are the top Powerhouse of the Lords, and once full force erupts, Chu Family’s initial generation Powerhouse has no capacity to block them. They also know that the altar must be removed or Major Events will be bad.

So once he takes action, the fire opens, and there’s nothing to do with it, straight to the altar.


One explosion, Long Chen one blade, extinct by blade, surrounded by a blade blade, blocked by Chu Family Powerhouse in front of him, broke out, one blade was irresistible, reopened on that Totem pillar, blocked by Chu Family Powerhouse’s life, which had cut most of its power, but one blade had broken, and the Totem pillar was still split, and then the altar began to bleak.

Long Chen looked at Long Luo and Lou Lu Long Wei and saw only two of them heading towards another altar, Luo Family Other Powerhouse, while escorting them all the way forward.

Long Chen immediately turned around and ran away from another altar, and as long as the altar was destroyed, Chu Family’s plan would be completely defeated.

“Stop them…”

There was Powerhouse yelling in front of arriving Long Chen, and suddenly he had a surge in aura, and Long Chen freaked out.


The old Powerhouse of Divine Sovereign Realm broke himself in front of him, terrifying’s blood force, and the volcano eruption.

Divine Sovereign Realm’s first generation Powerhouse broke out, and the power of life was released immediately, which was the strongest hit in their lives, Long Chen was shaken back by the forces of terrifying, and his legs plotted a big ditch on the ground, blood surgeup, almost a mouthful of blood.

Long Chen didn’t expect Chu Family to have fierce person to delay time with its own life.

pu. “

At that time, another Divine Sovereign Realm’s initial Powerhouse was pointing at Long Chen, Long Chen one blade, and one blade smashed him before he had not come to an emergency.

“bang bang bang bang Bang…”

The same is true for Lou Wu and Luo Family Powerhouse, where Chu Family Powerhouse was forced to retreat if he was insane, crazy.


Great Elder yelled at him, and he was dragged to the forefront, and then he was dragged to death.

“Chichi chi…”

It is at this point that the rocket rains, the recovery arrows again, a small team of arrows killed and, after a wave of rainfall, hundreds of Chu Family Powerhouse landed.

The fact that other people were under the command of Typhoon Qin to resist Chu Family in support of Powerhouse saw a critical situation in this area, and a hundred people were dispatched to support it as a matter of urgency.

the move was very effective in killing Chu Family Powerhouse, a completely unprepared because, without preparedness, it was a major loss, Lou Wu and the others’ pressures were drastically reduced, with the support of the archers, and they hit the road.

“Fuck you.”

Chu Family Powerhouse killed red eyes, and a part of Powerhouse went crazy towards those Lords’ Archers, and it was imperative that the fellow people who were obstructing them should be killed.

Long Chen had a cold heart, and he knew that those Luo Family Disciple were over and that now no one could save them, and that he and Loung Wu had to destroy the two remaining altar as soon as possible, and that Qin faced countless Powerhouse over there had gone back after the festival and could not last much longer.

Those Luo Family Disciple, in the face of the death face, remained calm and long bows were shaking, firing a path of arrows.

They know that they are no longer fortunate, but they make an effort to kill more than one before they die.

“Go to hell.”

Chu Family Powerhouse yelled, and many of them had been killed, but a few had struck an arrow camp.

pu pu pu… “

Hundreds of archers, several breathing rooms, were killed, but none of them said, the Lords disciple, each of them was unyielding warriors.

Long Chen bites his teeth, killing intent in both eyes, holding black blade, shaking ahead, floating under his feet, right and right, and every time he wakes a knife, Powerhouse will be cut and quickly approached to the altar.

At this point, any major adultery is useless and depends on the most basic number of bids, and if there is no sign of Lower Wakawa, Long Chen will have to eat a huge loss under such status.

But now, in front of so many early generations, Divine Sovereign Realm Powerhouse, Long Chen continues to fight together, kill people all the way and move quickly towards the altar.

Chu Family Powerhouse’s former servant went on, went crazy, blocked Long Chen from moving forward, Long Chen had no chance of fighting summon, long knife dancing, and was getting closer to that altar.


Suddenly, on Long Chen, a dark shadow began, Lei Linger flew away from Long Chen, went straight to the altar, and everyone’s attention was focused on Long Chen, and they didn’t even expect anyone else to kill.

This distance, when they reacted, Lei Linger had taken a black sword in her hand, a sword on the altar, a blast, a shrapnel, a shrapnel of the altar, and a rolling dust.

Long Chen had to smoke his mouth, and he forgot that Lei Linger had been decapitated, that he could be completely free from fighting, and if it wasn’t Lei Linger’s reminder, he’d forgotten it.

Miss Lei Linger incarnation Thunder, a sword Kill altar, was transformed into a single flow of light to another altar.

pu pu pu… “

But whoever blocks the Powerhouse in front of her, whether in the first generation or in general Divine Sovereign Realm Powerhouse, explodes into powder.

“Stop her…”

“Bomb Bang…”

Chu Family Powerhouse went crazy and formed a large number of ripple in front of the altar, although Lei Linger was flash incarnation and was still shocked.

At this point, a dragon roar rings, Long Chen has a gold armor, a gas bleeding, and finally after Lei Linger was attracted to it, he grabbed an empty spot and summon came out of Golden Dragon.


Long Chen stepped on Void, an explosion, the vast area of Void collapsed, and people like a meteor went forward, one blade fell, and went straight to the last altar.

Even if Chu Family Powerhouse exploded and space collapsed, Long Chen, in disregard of space law, was brutally oppressed, killing Heaven and Earth.

The space collapse of those Powerhouse from the outbreak did not affect Long Chen, one blade, which was the essence location of Long Chen Knife taught by Lowerhouse.

Look at Long Chen one blade, and suddenly Void twisted, a Pill Furnace came out of the air, a blast, and black blade in Long Chen broke up.

Long Chen also came out of a mouthful of blood fanatics and flew out, and Long Chen felt that the body almost broke up, and Gods Prestige, on Pill Furnace, was terrifying.

On Pill Furnace, there was an endless deity mark shift, and Long Chen saw the tattoo on Pill Furnace, and there was a sense of familiarity.

“Night stove.”

Long Chen cry out of surprise, he wants to think about the Divine Artifact of arrived Sky Martial Continent Pill Valley, which, although not identical in shape, has similar similarities, and aura is much closer.


Then Pill Furnace slowed down, divine light loose, a silhouette appeared on Pill Furnace, a dry old man, like a dry body crawling out of a coffin, in his eyes golden rays of light, cold looking at Long Chen:

“I don’t think you can recognize the history of Pill Furnace.”

His voice is dry, send cold shivers down ones spine, Lou Shivers, Lou Long Wen saw that Pill Furnace couldn’t stop complexion significantly changed:

Not good, that’s a King Artifact. ”

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