Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts Chapter 3235

King Artifact, who is the exclusive Divine Weapon of the Crown Prince, is qualified only for the construction of the King’s clergy, formidable power Heaven Destroying.

Luo Family had been fighting Chu Family for so many years and never heard of Chu Family having King Artifact, and suddenly a Pill Furnace so terrifying.

When you see that Pill Furnace, Lou Wu and Louvian heart sinking down, Treasures at this level, can only be dealt with by Luo Family’s purple knife, but Violet knives have been taken away from Lower Wakawa.

Even if there are ultraviolet knives, and without Lower Wakawa’s own performance, it is equally impossible to play its formidable power, and it is equally impossible to confront this King Artifact Level Pill Furnace.

The most untrue thing is that Lou Wu Young brother is that they are now out of the way, and they can only fight hard.

They regret that they should heed Long Chen’s words, bring together all the forces of Luo Family to attack Chu family together, not to do anything to test, but now it’s too late.

If we leave now, then Chu Family attack, what does Luo Family take to resist? Now they’re already if you ride a tiger, it’s hard to get off.

– [Laughs]

The divine light on Pill Furnace, the old man on Pill Furnace, is Chu Family’s contemporary Patriarch.

At that time, Yukio, behind the natural phenomenon, in the endless divine light, a silhouette faintly discernible.

Fallen Heaven Night! Long Chen recognised that silhouette, and then look at that Pill Furnace, Long Chen got it, and this fellow is Fallen Heaven Night.

Looks like Great Brahma and Fallen Heaven Night wore a pair of pants, and even the faithful left me, Long Chen dumped his arm, bleeding his hand and recovered.

“Get Lovegawa out of here!” Chu Yoshi is on Pill Furnace, two eyes like Eagles, all around, coldly shouted.

“A small Chu Family, with no need for patriarch Master to take action personally, we have a few left behind to destroy you Chu Family.” Long Chen lost his sword, but the twin divine light remains strong, with no panic.

On the contrary, looking at Pill Furnace, like starving wolves looking at arrived blood meat, is running into the drain, and Pill Furnace of King Artifact was used for Alchemy.

“Hand Pill Furnace over, I’ll leave you a whole body, okay?” Long Chen’s hands behind, look at that Pill Furnace, screaming loud.

Long Chen, what’s the kid talking about? It’s time for them to make decisions.

The battle was led by Long Chen, who did not know what Long Chen had to do, but watched it quietly, and did not move Chu Family Powerhouse.

Only far away, the Qin wind is still killing Luo Family Powerhouse, and here everyone holds the weapon and stands ready to take action.

“This is a big joke, and since Lobby Kawakawa is unable to come out, I will kill you all and see if he can’t come out.”

template: Weng

Suddenly, in his hands printed behind his back, divine light, the idol became clear to get up at once, and that man was Fallen Heaven Night, Fallen Heaven Night, and Fallen Heaven Night, the Pill Furnace had a tremendous shock, and he ran away from Long Chen.

Lo Long Wen, Lo Long Wu and the others know King Artifact terrifying, ready to work together to fight Chu Ho, but Long Chen laughed:

“What’s the big tail wolf? The altar was extinguished and Chu Family’s son was killed, and you were like coward, hiding in the back, and your prayer ended, and sent down the glory of God to come out.

Do you think there’s Fallen Heaven Night to protect you? Who told you that Pill Furnace used that? ”


the face of Pill Furnace, Long Chen’s hands behind his back are open, and every hand is on top of it, and a Lotus Flower case emerges.

Long Chen’s hand shot, two pearls, flowers spit, a path of fire chains, and walked around that Pill Furnace.

“a Mantis trying to stop a chariot, overestimates one’s capabilities.”

See Long Chen’s hard takeover of Pill Furnace, all ironic colors on his face, so he hit Long Chen directly.

template: Weng

Just before that huge Pill Furnace crashed in front of Long Chen, Long Chen’s flame chain was on Pill Furnace, and at that point, space distorted behind Long Chen’s back and formed a huge black hole.

“Give it to me.”

Long Chen broke his drink, Chaos Space opened, and when the flame chain was on Pill Furnace, he pulled Pill Furnace, he was going to Chaos Space.

Just in the instant of Chaos Space’s opening, Pill Furnace, who returned from tiger to rabbit, and shiver coldly to get up, Long Chen’s flame chain, seemed to be afraid to open.

On Void, only one black hole is being sucked with that Pill Furnace, as if he was going to swallow it.

At a time when half Pill Furnace was not in darkness, he felt that he was gradually losing control of Pill Furnace.

“Come back here.”

Chu Yi is in a hurry, Pill Furnace, but Fallen Heaven Night gave Chu Family Supreme Treasure.

But to get this gift, on the assumption that Long Chen must be killed, now he’s just borrowing it.

If Pill Furnace is lost, Long Chen has not yet been killed, the whole Chu family is equivalent to having committed a great crime of deception, and the whole Chu family will be wiped out with relentlessness.

In order to obtain this Supreme Treasure, Chu Family carefully arranged this trap, dragged Luo Family and Long Chen from the sea of Demon, and then vanished, without any loss, it was unexpected that Long Chen was charged at the time of the critical point.

Long Chen came too suddenly, and Chu was afraid of Hirokawa hiding in the dark, and he dared to come out directly, but prayed to Fallen Heaven Night to put power within the miracle of Faith complete on his own.

Chu Family Powerhouse, so hard, because they know that if this failure fails, Chu Family is dead and has to be killed.

But now Long Chen is going to take this Pill Furnace, and Chu’s scared and green, without this Pill Furnace, how does he deal with Lower Wave?

“Kaka Kaka…”

Chu Chu was angry, and he was all hailed, the gods, and the threats belonging to the gods were brutally released. On Void, there were countless tornadoes, and the world seemed to have broken out.

Chu Xiaojung’s hand grabbed a pill Furnace’s ear, crazingly pushing back, while Long Chen runs Chaos Space’s power and sucks it crazy.

Because half of Pill Furnace has been absorbed into Chaos Space, leading Chaos Space to have a strong absorption and to the outbreak of the full force of Chu Yongo, which would be more powerful with Chaos Space.

But Chaos Space is so huge that even Chi Chi Chi, with the strength of the God, has not been able to pull it out, and Long Chen and Chu Chi Chi Ching are still deadlocked.

“Completely, you’re fighting!” Long Chen’s hands are crafting back, but still felt that Pill Furnace was being dragged out slowly, and he couldn’t talk about it.

If Pill Furnace dares to release pressure, provoke Chaos Space, Long Chen believes that Chaos Space will take action to pick it up.

But Pill Furnace went on with the rabbit that was frightened by arrow, and he couldn’t even fight any resistance, even escape, and made Long Chen angry and urgent, so he could go on.

“Good chance, come on!”

Lou long versus sound transmission to people, Ka-Cha in all the population, the medicine pill hidden in their mouth was bitten, and at that moment, they blew out, Purple Qi hit the sky, and the power of blood increased several times in the instant, killing Chungxi.

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